Russian tuners have created a “wild” image of Toyota Land Cruiser 200

SCL Global has restyled the Japanese SUV.

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser 200, source: SCL Global

Russian tuners from the studio of SCL Global, engaged in the restyling of luxury cars, created a 200 body kit for Toyota Land Cruiser, which gave the Japanese SUV an unrivaled look and a “wild” look. Now Kruzak looks at least spectacular.

Specialists called the body kit for the “Two Hundred” Hakama. The tuning kit includes: hood, front and rear bumpers, wing extenders, side skirts, upper and lower trunk lid spoilers, and a radiator grill.

The front of the car has changed and began to stand out. Bulging forward grating at the same time resembles both the jaws of a wild animal and the smile of a fantastic whale. The beams of the decorative grill smoothly pass into the headlights and share the lighting unit with daytime running lights. The front bumper of the tuned Toyota Land Cruiser 200 got laconic bottom splitter and enlarged air intakes on the sides and distinct wrinkles appeared on the hoodthat extend all the way to the windshield.

On the wheel arches of an SUV are installed overlays, which add even more angularity to a multifaceted body and smoothly pass into the thresholds, clearly emphasizing the lower part of the car.

Behind the Toyota Land Cruiser 200 appeared a pair of spoilers and a unique diffuser with exhaust holes on the sides. In the center of the bumper, an LED reversing light was installed, which is not noticeable at first glance, because it harmonizes with the smooth lines of the rear of the car.

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser 200, source: SCL Global
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The “pumped” Land Cruiser 200 looks so “wild” that there is a desire to see the car on the road. It’s only a pity that improvements are expensive (minimum 500 thousand rubles) and happened only in the exterior of the car, but did nothing with the power unit and suspension. Under such a body kit, it’s not a sin to develop something sporty to delight motorists not only in appearance, but also in power.


Presented the “charged” Toyota Land Cruiser 200 body kit Warrior

The Japanese SUV began to look dynamic and modern.

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser 200, source: Instagram afisha_irk_

Common tuning Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is the body color in gloss. It is the least expensive and will not take much time. But for those who want to stand out from the General flow and to collect the views of passers-by, the channel afisha_irk social network Instagram presented “charged” variation of the tuning of the car.

The main element that turns the SUV from the standard “aggressive adventurer”, was a massive Warrior body kit. The front part of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 has received a new sportier bumper, which, in addition to the fog lights, is the “point” daytime running lights. The rear bumper has got a diffuser under a bifurcated exhaust system.

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser 200, source: Instagram afisha_irk_

In addition, the SUV received a medium-sized spoiler on the tailgate. It is not easy adds style but also protects the rear glass from dust and dirt due to the modified aerodynamics. The wheels were replaced by 20-inch with black color, the color of the body and low profile “rubber”. New bodykit has made the SUV more mundane and modern.

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Hinged parts are installed in standard places and do not require improvements that can be considered a good solution because you don’t have to “saw” the body, as happens in most cases.

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser 200, source: Instagram afisha_irk_

These improvements Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is not the first time meet on the Internet. Thanks to the popularity of “Japanese”, for it is available a wide variety of components for the needs of the driver and the operating environment — be it city trips or absolute “offroad”.


Composed of the TOP 3 tuning Toyota Land Cruiser

Craftsmen finalize how modern “dvuhsotki” and the classic Land Cruiser 70.

Stock Toyota Land Cruiser 200. Photo: Toyota

Russian drivers love to tune their “swallows”, and they love “Kruzak” — national recognition to the SUV does not dry out with age. The editors of the portal “let’s Roll!” made the TOP 3 tuning Toyota Land Cruiser.

Toyota Land Cruiser 70 with air suspension

Classic “Kruzak”, which was issued in 1984, has a fairly simple suspension — front and back, and solid axles on leaf springs. This technology is already somewhat outdated, but because the tuners showed Toyota Land Cruiser 70 with air suspension.

Classic Toyota Land Cruiser 70 is “pneuma”. Photo: Instagram, suv.4×4

This decision will make “Kruzak” more aimed at off-road, that will have to pay more careful care, which requires “pneuma”. Suspension vulnerable to contamination, and if damaged repair nodes can not be.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 “for the rally”

The following “Kruzak”, is the modern Land Cruiser 200, also fine-tuned for conquering harsh off-road conditions. On cars fitted with a huge bumper for off-road, which are hidden in itself by the winch.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 refers to the segment of premium SUVs, but because the damage to the body panels on the off-road is fraught with expensive repairs. That is why the owner of this “Kruzak” decided to install the massive panels that act as protection of the body.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 off-road body kit. Photo: Instagram,


In hastahah for a photo in Instagram provided that this SUV-oriented rallies, but these cars require a protective frame, which in the car is not visible.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 “simple and tasteful”

Often to create a stylish image of the car is not necessary to give light weight spoilers and LED elements — only a couple of impressive details. A vivid example of this Toyota Land Cruiser 200.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200 with special wheels. Photo: VKontakte

The owner of “Kruzak” set of custom 19-inch aluminum wheels, and extended wheel arches inconspicuous panels. Complements the image of customized bumper another form, equipped with led “foglights”.


In Australia fined the owner of a Toyota Land Cruiser because of the huge kengurâtnika

The driver had to pay 133 dollars.

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser, source:

Yesterday in Australia was seen Toyota Land Cruiser with a giant bumper. June 18, employees of the traffic police Morgana stopped a strange car, which attracted the attention of an unusual addition to the front of the “Kruzak” attached dimensional supporting rack.

The owner of the car was 31-year-old morgnec. As the police found out, the diameter of the rod is excellent quality 73 mm, while the approved standard size is 50 mm.

Under the law, if the supporting rods are not used, they must be removed in order to interfere with the driver’s vision. In this case, the owner of Toyota Land Cruiser used bumper, so was fined 133 dollars and lost one point for driving a vehicle fitted with additional equipment not in accordance with the standards of the car.

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It is worth noting that in Australia refinement machines should meet the established standards, namely ladder racks, external cross frames and vertical supports can be positioned behind or in front of A stand-up windshield, but their diameter must not exceed 50mm. Also, the equipment must be removed when not in use.


In the US, selling Toyota Land Cruiser with “heart was” Cummins

On “Kruzak” established a powerful turbodiesel.

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62, source: HotCars

Somebody had to change the engine in the car, know what “svap”. Sometimes tuners have resorted to replacing the motor to increase the performance of the machine, and this “Kruzak” is no exception. In USA sell Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 1989 with “heart was” Cummins.

Turbocharged diesel engine 3.9 liters was installed in “Kruzak” in 2011, and since then the SUV drove 8,000 miles (12 874 kilometers). This novosedly mileage for 9 years, allowed the owner to put a car for sale.

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62, source: HotCars

A couple of the engine is 5-speed box gear shift, which sets in motion all the wheels. Also on the Japanese SUV mounted two-speed “transfer case” and locking rear differential PowerTrax.

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Interior sold Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62 corresponds to its year of manufacture and looks “Spartan”. The lounge has a CD player the Toyota.

Externally, the SUV features forged steel wheels with all terrain BF Goodrich tires and a lift kit Old Man Emu. On “Kruzak” installed my bumper and winch, which gives it a harsher look.

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser FJ62, source: HotCars

Sell this car at a price 9 $ 500 (657 thousand). Until the end of the auction there are seven days.


Presents the TOP 5 chic tuning Toyota Land Cruiser

“Kruzak” put on a amazing skirts.

Photo: tuning Toyota Land Cruiser, source: “VKontakte”

Toyota Land Cruiser — a sleek car, a real conqueror of off-road and the legend of the Japanese car industry. Sometimes you can “breathe” a little tuning “Kruzak” and make it more beautiful. We present a selection of the TOP 5 elegant modified Land Cruiser.

In the first place was the SUV with the airbrush on the side of the body. In addition to the image of a lion, the car received new wheels, a mesh grille, redesigned front bumper and bumper guard. Also emblazoned on the hood called “fly swatter” protection from headlight glare.

Photo: tuning Toyota Land Cruiser, source: Instagram @cruzak_camry

The second place ranking is “Kruzak” with a stylish front part. The car was given a revised grille, new headlights, reworked bumper with larger air intakes and fog lamps.

Photo: tuning Toyota Land Cruiser, source: “VKontakte”

Next in the TOP 5 tuned Land Cruiser is the SUV body kit Invader. This machine is remarkable for the abundance of led lights in the front of the body, modified bumpers and grille. Individual attention, exclusive wheels of the vehicle.

Photo: tuning Toyota Land Cruiser, source: “VKontakte”

In fourth place was tuning Toyota Land Cruiser 200, which looks no worse than a luxurious Lexus. This car is available with two add-on packages — standard and extreme. The first involves aggressive bumpers with skirts, a rear spoiler and LED lights. The second package also includes extended wheel arches with integrated Parking lights.

Photo: tuning Toyota Land Cruiser, source: “VKontakte”

Finally, the leader of the rating becomes “Kruzak” with “toy” kit. A feature of this car are alloy wheels of black color that contrast with the white body. The body kit of the SUV really gives it a “toy” look. Modified thresholds, bumper, white grille and plenty of LEDs — it looks stylish and attractive.


Hengtain sells in China copy of a Land Cruiser

The technical part of “clones” is not far behind from the original, but the appearance betrays the trick.

Toyota Land Cruiser 100. Photo: Wikipedia

Today, the Chinese auto industry is associated with the brands of Haval and Geely, which have ceased to copy the design of world models and pulled the bar. 20 years ago things were different, but some brands are still “stamped” forgery.

A vivid example is the founded in 2011 the brand Hengtain, which produces a model If Yueli — SUV is a replica of the Toyota Land Cruiser. Moreover, the model receives a restyled options and different configuration.

Hengtai Yueli. Photo: Cartoq

Hengtai Yueli seen in 2016, is a copy of legacy at the time, Toyota Land Cruiser 100. About the “clone” is little known, but the brand still sells it in China.

Under the hood “Chinese” is situated 4.6-liter V8 engine that is able to give a solid 286 “horses”. The most powerful motor of the original “Weave” developed only 234 HP to accelerate a massive copy of Toyota Land Cruiser 100 can up to 196 km / h as the original.

But Chinese imitators did not stop and decided to repeat the success of Toyota Land Cruiser 200. In 2019, dealers of China Hengtian appeared L4600 — copy “Kruzak” costs 199 800 yuan, equivalent to about 1 800 000 rubles.

Toyota Land Cruiser 200. Photo: Toyota

With a budget copy of Toyota Land Cruiser 200 decided not to stand on ceremony — in the engine compartment went the same 4.6-liter engine.

It’s funny that “Chinese” repeats Toyota Land Cruiser 200 not only in terms of design — they copied the design of the side members, cross members, location of units and other technical stuff. Took care of the plagiarists and trim — almost “Kruzak” offered with five seats and a family 7-seater version.

If L4600 and Hengtai Yueli look like the typical fake goods from AliExpress, similar to the original. But on closer examination, such “Kruzak” give themselves some form of headlights, radiator grilles and the rear.

If L4600. Photos: Autohome

Why is idle Toyota and Hengtai still produces copies with impunity “Kruzak”? The case in Chinese law. Of course, the Japanese can sue the plagiarist, but the maximum that can achieve — model Hengtai can’t sell in Japan, North America and Europe. And there are “clones” of the Land Cruiser already not sold.

The role of “celestial” mentality. Chinese generally do not consider it shameful to produce a copy that would be no worse and cheaper than the original, and therefore even the local courts are “sympathetic” to the plagiarists.


Three-door Toyota Land Cruiser 200 is shown in the render

A shortened version of “Kruzak” would attract not only a reduced price tag, and improved maneuverability and dynamics.

The iconic SUV was introduced in 2007 and regardless of the version, has always stood out in the line of “ATV” Japanese brand luxury in tandem with gloss chrome elements of the exterior. However, what if the manufacturer decided to release a “budget” modification of the flagship? The portal fantasized about this, resulting in the shown rendering showing three-door Toyota Land Cruiser 200.

It is noteworthy that the Japanese have released a three-door “Kruzak”, example – model Toyota Land Cruiser Prado, which in several versions has cropped body. However, none of them has the 249-strong “diesel” or 309-horsepower gasoline engine as the 200-th, and our idea is to focus TLC 200 in power and affordability.

Virtual prototype looks like “field for the rich”, because it is devoid of chrome parts, cropped and off-road, but definitely doesn’t cost half a million rubles. Anyway, this “Kruzak” the interest of the Russian motorists, because it combines practicality and off road capability. Utility cropped Toyota Land Cruiser 200 provide unpainted bumpers, plastic protection of the wings and doors. The dynamics and patency of the car would improve due to reduced weight and shortened the wheelbase.

Three-door Toyota Land Cruiser 200 would be more interesting not only for off-road enthusiasts, but also for services that require reliable transport. Shortened “Kruzak” has come to be inspectors working in remote regions, for canine services and so on.


Tuners presented a low Toyota FJ Cruiser

Filipino craftsmen have deprived “Kruzak” the main benefit, but made him faster.

Photo: Understated Toyota FJ Cruiser from Atoy Customs. Source: Street 63.

Car tuning like “Kruzak” often ends in preparation for the harsh “peresechenke” due to the suspension lift and install larger diameter wheels. But tuners from the shop Atoy Customs in Manila did the opposite and presented the understated Toyota FJ Cruiser, which is actually turned from SUV into a city car. About it according to the portal Street 63.

Sanityth “Kruzak” managed with a set of Endura Pro Tein dampers and springs Plus KYB Xtage with a diameter of 40 mm, and also the appropriate fit, and trim details. These improvements were enough to significantly change the appearance of stock FJ Cruiser and “press” him to the ground, but the tuning is not over.

Photo: Understated Toyota FJ Cruiser from Atoy Customs. Source: Street 63.

The idea was made by the owner of tuning Studio Atoy Customs Ton Llavewhose “Kruzak” 2014 release and fell victim to the experiment. Having also in possession of the frame Toyota Hilux pickup, the motorist thought that the two SUVs are not necessary. And so along with a team of tuners have prepared for yourself understated Toyota FJ Cruiser.

But the understatement “Kruzak” craftsmen from the Philippines decided not to stop along the way increasing the capacity of a regular 4-liter engine 1GR-FE V6 to 238 horsepower and 343 Nm of torque due to chip-tuning, installation of exhaust system type Catback and the new long headers.

And to the Toyota FJ Cruiser has shown its strength in all its glory, the car “shod” in suitable for urban roads the tires Stealth Custom Series F5 and removed from the rear door spare wheelby reducing the weight of the SUV. So “Kruzak” has become a compact SUV that just quickly goes through the city and the highway — a decision completely opposite tastes of most drivers consider auto publications Motor1 and Carscoops.

Photo: Understated Toyota FJ Cruiser from Atoy Customs. Source: Street 63.

Production staffing Toyota FJ Cruiser began in 2006 at the plant of Hino Motors in Japan. Since then, the model is valuable not only for a fun retro exterior, but for reliable all-wheel drive, the high terrain and liquidity in the secondary market where used “Kruzak” age 1-2 years is worth 4.5–5 million rublesand 5-7 year instance from 2.5 to 3.5 million rubles.


The network has evaluated the elegant tuning Toyota LC Prado

The SUV gave a spectacular kit.

Photo: Instagram, @land_cruiser_prado120

Who but the Japanese are better at tuning their own cars? The proof was image “pumped” Toyota Land Cruiser Pradorecently appeared on the Internet. Photos posted on Instagram, where they gathered a lot of user ratings from all over the world.

“Pradik” put on exclusive rim large diameter, making it not only more stylish, but passable. Elegant body kit attracted no less attention – the car was equipped with modified bumpers, a new grille in the style of Lexus and revised headlights with led lights.

Photo: Instagram, @land_cruiser_prado120

Body Toyota LC Prado covers the abundance of chrome-plated elementsthat adds to the car’s premium. With the radiator grille has missing label “Toyota”, instead of plates there is a plate tuning shop who had done the revision.

The side of the SUV decorated airbrush patterns. Unfortunately, the photos do not allow us to look at “Prado” in the back, but we can assume that the modifications affected this part of the body. What happened in the car – we can only guess.

Photo: Instagram, @land_cruiser_prado120

Netizens appreciated elegant tuning Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. “Uhhh”, “Let the will of the Japanese – they will unwind any Lord of the rings. The Japanese have reliable friends who would not give offense, and to develop the technology. We’d come up 50/50”, – commented on the SUV car lovers.