Las Ventas makes the suspension of Easter runs official

ABC Madrid Updated:03/28/2020 14: 09h save Related news Plaza 1, the company of Sales, just made official the suspension of the two bullfights scheduled at Easter, those on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday. This is communicated in this information note: “Last Wednesday, March 25, the Government of Spain voted to extend the state of alarm […]

Chelsea transfer news and rumors Football news

Transfer news, rumors and gossip from Stamford Bridge Last update: 20/03/20 7:18 Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is connected with a transfer to Chelsea The latest transfer news and gossip about Chelsea-related players and those who might leave the club. The last players connected with a move to Chelsea … Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Chelsea have their eyes on the […]

When astronauts get sick in space, what does NASA do?

(Photo: © NASA) As the COVID-19 epidemic continues and the virus has spread around the world, some people wonder and ask, what if the virus reaches space? Rare but possible, astronauts get sick and get sick even in space. In fact, while floating above ground, these astronauts have suffered from upper respiratory infections or URIs, […]