Power supply restored after Norilsk fire in substation :: Society :: RBC

In Norilsk, electricity was restored to residents and to the observator after a fire at a substation. This is stated in the operational report of the Ministry of Energy.

“At 19:06, after drying and repairing the equipment, the 35 kV substation GPP-36 was included in the work. At 19:27, voltage was applied to all consumers, ”the department said.

Earlier, the Ministry of Energy reported that on the morning of June 28, the roof of the building ignited at the NTEK energy company, which is owned by Norilsk Nickel.

Some residents of Norilsk and the observatory were left without electricity

Calculations of the Ministry of Emergencies and the departmental fire department of Norilsk Nickel arrived at the scene. As a result of the fire, the substation equipment was flooded. As a result, the residents of the city and the observatory were left without power supply, where citizens arriving in Norilsk are placed in quarantine.


Some residents of Norilsk and the observatory were left without electricity :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Kirill Kukhmar / TASS

In Norilsk, there was a fire in the roof at the NTEK energy enterprise (77% – at Norilsk Nickel), as a result of which some of the local residents and the observer were left without power supply. This was reported by the Ministry of Energy of Russia.

According to the report, the fire occurred at 10:50 (06:50 Moscow time) on June 28. The EMERCOM of Russia and the departmental fire department of Norilsk Nickel were called in place. The fire was eliminated at 11:17 (07:17 Moscow time).

In Norilsk there was a discharge of waste in the area of ​​the Norilsk Nickel factory

Photo: Maxim Bogodvid / RIA Novosti

“There were no injuries and no damage to the equipment,” the department noted. The observatory for conducting quarantine events with people arriving in Norilsk, as well as some household users, were left without electricity.

During the extinguishing of the fire, the equipment with which voltage is supplied to consumers of electricity was flooded. Its drying will last until approximately morning of June 29th.


The blogger explained why Renault Sandero Stepway inferior LADA XRay Cross

Unlike Togliatti competitor, “French” and not nearly pulls for the price of one million rubles.

Photo: Renault Sandero Stepway, source: Renault

Raised hatchbacks — a controversial form factor for the car. Let the machine in such a body and increased ground clearance, it has no space in the cabin, nor patency of the crossover. However, cross-hatchback continue to come out, and the French Renault Sandero Stepway loses LADA XRay Cross, which he explained to the blogger YouTube channel Autospot.


The cost of the basic “Stepway” starts from 830 000 rubles, the top package costs 1 000 000 rubles. XRay in the “base” is cheaper than “French” — 784 900 rubles, but the maximum grade is also costs about a million. As prices on the best equipment of both cars together, it would be logical to compare them to the “maximum speed”.


In the top-end performance and “Sandero” and “Iccrea” there is one and the same 1.8-liter engine producing 113 HP, which residents have borrowed from the French. Despite one motor car traveling in different ways: due to the fact that the LADA is heavier, its acceleration to “hundreds” comes in 12.5 s, 0.5 seconds slower than the Sandero Stepway. Models also share the same CVT for two, produced by Jatсo.


The third detail you share with each other the “Stepway” and “Cross” — platform B0. However, for the running machines are much stronger than the motor or transmission, as the engineers of “AVTOVAZ” to seriously work on suspension XRay. With the front suspension the manufacturer has installed an L-shaped levers, which improve the controllability of the machine.

On the rear wheels of the Russian cross-hatch are disc brakes, while the Sandero — “drums”, despite the fact that he, too, is worth a million rubles in the “top”. Plus French cars in this sense the softness of the suspension. The only thing that can bring inconvenience to the driver — wheel, which fly strikes on the irregularities in the rest of the suspension gradually “eats up” all holes.


Comparing the equipment of two cars, the Frenchman losing almost everything: no heated steering wheel, armrest, sub-floor in the trunk, rear view camera etc. the Only thing that can boast the “Stepway” four, and not two as Lada, airbags and remote engine start.


The expert noted that neither the LADA XRay Cross, nor Renault Sandero Stepway does not show any dynamics. The difference in driving characteristics is that improvements in the suspension of “Lada” went in her favor, so that the machine is operated much better than “French”. In addition to the suspension, this helps MDPS and more accurate feedback on the steering wheel. The “Sandero” same wheel just heavy and does not give any connection.

Photo: LADA XRay Cross, source: AVTOVAZ

Thus, it becomes evident that Renault Sandero Stepway is not competitive even in comparison with the best model of “AVTOVAZ”, but it shares the same engine, transmission and platform.


Features of Toyota Fortuner with mileage

For those who do not have enough money for a Land Cruiser, but I want the patency and functionality.

Photo: Toyota Fortuner, source: Toyota

Frame SUV Toyota Fortuner was originally released only in Thailand. Late production models was established in South Africa, Colombia, Indonesia, Singapore and other countries. Due to changeable climatic conditions the car received a “savvy” technical part and the equipment. The main features of the car shared by the owners of the thematic forum Drom.ru.

Ttechnical part and throughput

Toyota Fortuner has received a frame structure, which provides stability and reliability in off-road driving. Under the hood, early versions of the SUV was located 2.7-liter petrol engine producing 163 HP, which later boosted to 166 HP. Diesel power unit has a capacity of 177 HP, and its working volume is 2.8 liters.

According to the owners, work in tandem wheel drive, 6-speed automatic transmission and downshift give the opportunity to the chassis to move easily on harsh terrain. But some motorists did not have enough power the power unit for overtaking at speeds over 100 km/h Also points to weak insulation and stiff suspension.

Photo: Toyota Fortuner, source: Toyota

The interior and equipment

Toyota Fortuner got a spacious 7-seater cabin, which is comfortable to travel both driver and passengers. The main options of the car of steel cruise control, climate control, 7-inch touch screen multimedia complex with extra USB connectors, two-piece box with cooling function, etc. In the base trim SUV has fabric seat upholstery, which is not known for quality but more expensive substitutes for leather.

The disadvantages of interior steel insertion of hard plastic, no heated rear seats and heated windscreen. The owners are travellers explain that the seat in the car is not laid out completely and not allow you to sleep comfortably.

Photo: Toyota Fortuner, source: Toyota

As for the cost, the Toyota Fortuner with mileage in the secondary market are available from 1 million rubles. for the first generation (2005-2016 year) and 2 million rubles. for cars 2016-2019 years.


The conditions of this deconfinement remain “confined” to only the material aspect

How can we not be surprised, if not really disconcerted, by certain conclusions from the Prime Minister’s message? What about the vision of the human being that we are? Certainly the economic situation is serious and no one can say how we will react in the aftermath of this crisis. But is man reduced to the economic dimension only, as the measures taken show? (…) What do we do with the deeply human dimension of a spiritual being for whom the cultural dimension and the cult dimension are essential dimensions which give meaning to life on earth. To ignore this is to ignore a whole dimension, the whole value of each human being. Couldn’t churches, mosques be opened to meet the spiritual thirst of many of us? The religious world has shown respect for the law and extreme attention since March 15; today we don’t know. The conditions of this deconfinement remain “confined” to the only material, economic aspect, ignoring what makes the value of each person. They still appear as an abuse of power. And image, once again, of our consumer world and undoubtedly of a certain secular attitude, which mark our time.

Sister Dominique Devillers


The head of WHO called one of the best means of combating coronavirus :: Society :: RBC

Photo: Alexander Avilov / AGN “Moscow”

Handwashing is one of the best remedies for coronavirus, World Health Organization (WHO) Director General Tedros Adan Gebreyesus said at a briefing in Geneva. Video recording published on Twitter.

“One of the best tools is one of the most fundamental: hand washing,” said Gebreyesus. According to him, this measure is one of the most important for protecting not only from COVID-19, but also from other diseases. He recalled that on May 5, WHO decided to celebrate World Hand Hygiene Day.

Moscow restaurants ordered to increase dishwashing due to coronavirus

Photo: Andrey Ogorodnik / TASS

At the same time, Gebreyesus added that millions of people in the world cannot practice this precaution. According to him, in the world less than two-thirds of medical facilities have equipment for washing their hands, and 3 billion people do not have soap and water in their homes.

To stop the coronavirus pandemic, you need to “dramatically increase investment in soap, access to alcohol-based water and cleaning products,” concluded Gebreyesus.


“It is early to open the restaurants, before we must protect our team and our customers”

For years it has been the loose verse of French gastronomy and Mauro Colagreco has again distanced himself from the position of the guild Gallic of haute cuisine launching a message of prudence in the face of the lack of confidence demanded by his colleagues, led by Alain Ducasse. “It is still early, there is no need to open to open, putting our customers and teams at unnecessary risk”, said the chef from Mirazur, current number 1 in the world according to the 50Best list, in an online chat with students from the Basque Culinary Center. Colagreco, who is part of the chefs association that last Monday set out his demands in a gallery of the newspaper ‘Le Figaro’, revealed that he has preferred not to sign the letter.

Mr President, help us make this terrible ordeal an opportunity to invent a better world in which living is a pleasure. Reopen the restaurants », 17 members of the French Culinary College were demanding Among which are some of the most prestigious professionals in the country, such as Ducasse himself, Éric Pras, Yannick Alléno or Anne-Sophie Pic. They also set out a series of commitments to food security and social distancing that would allow the blind to be lifted with certain sanitary guarantees.

However, Colageco believes that “if too many restrictions are put in, it may not be worth opening because it will not be attractive to customers”. In his opinion, when the confinement is finally lifted “the customer will be much more sensitive when choosing” and he maintains that “the economic factor is not going to be the only one that will guide their consumption.” In this sense, although he acknowledges that it is difficult to predict the mood of the public, he ventures that “customers will leave less, but they will prioritize quality in those outings.”

Aware that the request for lack of confidence of his colleagues is also a cry for financial help For a sector that is drowning due to social distancing, Colagreco recognizes that “the economic situation is terrible, but it is even more terrible for people to become ill, first of all we must protect the people who work with us and those who visit us. In his case, the crisis comes after an epic year in which he has achieved the third Michelin star and the world number 1, which has provided him with “a cash surplus that allows us to survive for a few months assuming 100% of the salary of our template”.

The chef of Argentine origin currently manages 14 restaurants in Europe, Asia and America, of which the vast majority remain closed, except for the Au Basier du Mitron bakery, the Pecora Negra pizzeria and the Carne hamburger, which operate thanks to home delivery. In his talk with future professionals, Colagreco urged them to «To be flexible in order to react quickly to crises and to be creative in seeking new business formulas». Despite its catastrophic consequences in the short and medium term, he stated that this crisis “will bring opportunities for new gastronomic businesses.”

Meanwhile, he and his Mirazur team cook twice a week for the hospital in the border town of Menton and for the homeless in the town. “We all have a commitment in the situation we are experiencing, and the stars or the awards only increase that responsibility, because the world looks at us and we must set an example.”


Fernando Alonso explains why his cycling team project was frustrated



Fernando Alonso, “A lover of bikes”, Indurain and the time trial, explained his frustrated project a few years ago to create a cycling team. «The project was as it was. We thought about making the equipment on our own and worked properly until we reached a dead end funnel. Forming a World Tour team is not easy, it is not cheap, ”he confessed.

«To form a team you need certain riders and times that do not always correspond to the times of the sponsors. You need to file all the paperwork before June but cannot speak to any broker until August. You start paying your dues without having brokers and that is difficult to explain to a new sponsor. It was much more complicated than it should be, “he said during a live meeting on Instagram with the former cyclist and technical director of the Vuelta a España, Kiko Garcia.

During the meeting, Alonso also said that he felt “renewed energy” to face his next sports projects, although without being very clear about his future goals: “I have nothing in mind. In the short term I can be clear, in the medium term I begin to not know it well, without focusing, and in the long term I cannot see myself 10 years from now. I’m more to see how things happen, “he said.

«In 2018 when I left F1 I needed that little step behind because I had been traveling non-stop for 18 years, with stress, with the pressure of always doing it to the fullest, with the implication of being a pilot or athlete 365 days a year. These two years, 2019 with the WEC and the Dakar and this 2020 at home like everyone, I have renewed energy, it is as if I was 23 years old again and I am full. This encourages me a lot for future projects ”, he stated Fernando Alonso.

«I was a bit buff last week, with fever, discomfort and muscle pain. I don’t know what it was. I lowered the intensity of the sport I was doing, but it is also a mental thing too, ”he confessed as well, although without giving it much importance or relating it to a possible case of COVID-19.


Finally unpacking the Mac Pro wheels

Forget it, the real big news of the week at Apple is neither theiPhone SE let alone the Magic Keyboard, but the four wheel kit for the Mac Pro! These accessories, essential to transform the tower into vehicle without brake, are available at the low price of 849 €.

We will not put our hand to cut that Apple will sell whole pallets, so thank Wolffy who, on Weibo, sharing some pictures of unpacking the kit. No doubt, we are well in front of an Apple product: the packaging is neat and the manufacturer has not made fun of the world – these wheels are very pretty. As promised, we will also find a key from 4 to 6.35 mm.

We can not wait to discover more closely the pack of four feet sold € 349.


Saxophonist Lee Konitz, jazz and improvised music legend, dies of the coronavirus


Konitz has died at the age of 92 due to pneumonia caused by Covid-19

Lee Konitz.

The American saxophonistLee Konitz, a jazz legend and the last surviving member of the team that recorded Miles Davis’ “Birth of the Cool” (1957), has died at the age of 92 due to pneumonia caused by Covid-19.

The death on Wednesday of the artist, who was being treated at New York’s Lenox Hill Hospital, was confirmed by his son Josh to the US public broadcaster, NPR.

Especially known for itsimprovisation skills, Konitz (Chicago, 1927) began musically at the piano as a teenager and developed a career of more than 70 years in which he published more than a hundred albums in his name, until “Prisma” (2018), and in which collaborated in the recording of another infinity of discs with musicians likeChick Corea, Bill Evans or Charles Mingus.

Under that facet, he was one of the nine members of the band that accompaniedMiles Davisbetween 1949 and 1950, whose work led to the aforementioned and emblematic “Birth of the Cool”.

Konitz traveled the world and was distinguished asone of the parents of what is known as “cool jazz”in the 2013 edition of the San Sebastian Jazzaldia festival with the Donostiako Jazzaldia Award.

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