Carapaz answers Movistar: “I was not disloyal”

The last winner of the Giro, now in Team Ineos, blames the “lack of confidence” on his departure from the Spanish squad.

Carapaz, during a time trial of the 2018 Tour.

“I don’t want an unfair uncle on my team.” The six chapters of the documentaryHe gives less thought(Netflix), which narrates from within the experiences of the Movistar team in the three great rounds of 2019, allow us to meet the different personalities that coexist in the Spanish squad. One of the clearest conclusions is that, among sports directors under the command ofEusebio UnzuThe most frontal is Pablo Lastras, the one who bites the tongue the least. And in no scene is that trait so evident as in the one that speaks of the decision ofRichard Carapazof leaving for Ineos: “His future does not worry me, he has not shown loyalty.”

A few words that have reached the Ecuadorian cyclist, who in statements to ‘ESPN Bike’ has denied the greatest. “I have not been disloyal in any sense. I gave more than what I was asked. As a runner I did my best, and if they do not value me, each one will draw their conclusions,” said Carapaz, adding a new chapter to a conflict. that changed, who knows if forever, the Movistar team.

This story begins more than a year ago, when Movistar negotiated the renovation of the corridor, which it considered one of its greatest exponents for this season, already assumed the marches of Quintana and Landa and the arrival ofEnric Mas. At one point, Ineos appeared with a million dollar offer and Carapaz accepted it. But that was not what bothered the telephone squad, but that the Ecuadorian and his agent concealed the agreement with the Ineos to, presumably, not penalize their hierarchy in a Giro that would end up winning. “You feel worse because things have not been told to you when perhaps they were already resolved well in advance,” says Unzu, always restrained, in the documentary.

“I was 25 years old, I wanted to experiment”

“I did not want to be in the shadow of anyone, but always thought about making my own way. I never had a confidence that perhaps was never transmitted to me, or was transmitted to me very little. I said that I was 25 years old and wanted to experiment new things and, if I am wrong in making the decision, I prefer to be wrong now and not later, “Carapaz has now explained, despite the fact that in that same documentary the implication of the entire team to achieve the ‘pink jersey’, including the fromMikel Landa, who goes to the Giro as the first sword.

Movistar then made the drastic decision to stop working withGiuseppe Acquadro. The cost of this break was high, since the Italian has a wide portfolio of Spanish and Latin American cyclists, the usual fishing grounds of Unzu. In fact,Imanol ErvitiandSergio Samitierthey changed agent to continue blue this year andDavid de la CruzHe saw how his signing by the telephone set was frustrated. Forced by the circumstances, Movistar has fished in the European market as it has never done before.

The conflict flared up in August. Carapaz was going to be, along withMarc Soler, the team leader in the Vuelta. However, he went to the Netherlands to run a critrium without the Movistar knowing it and there he suffered one each. He did not take the start in the Vuelta and then ended a relationship that, months later, continues to write chapters.

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British tension over deaths and lack of equipment

The figure on Friday morning of Covid-19 deaths in the UK in the past 24 hours was 980, higher than the daily highs for Spain (969) or Italy (919) in recent weeks. The data created the expectation that the United Kingdom addsl highest number of fatalities in EuropeBecause the trend in the mortality curve suggests that it is one or two weeks behind the most affected countries.

The figure is not exact, because does not include deaths in homes or nursing homes. The conclusion that the British now pay the consequences of a parsimonious initial response from their government cannot be demonstrated. Italy decided to confine its population when there had been 800 deaths, United Kingdom, 335, Spain, 200, France, 175, China, 30.

The population of the United Kingdom, 67.8 million, is greater than that of Italy, 60.5, and that of Spain, 46.7. As the number of deaths in the United States seems to confirm, there is some correlation between the number of infected and deaths and the size of the population. In the United Kingdom, 9,875 people have died and in the United States, with almost five times the population, double. The correlation exists but is weak.

The daily number of deaths in the early hours of Saturday in the United Kingdom was 917. cases – which is also not the total number of infections in the population because the tests are restricted to hospitalized and health personnel – it was 4,600. In the last ten days, the minimum number of cases has been 3,600 and the maximum, 4,900, a week ago. There is no exponential curve.

Direct | This is how the fight against the coronavirus progresses

A scientist who would be involved in government policy against the epidemic, and who is quoted anonymously in the ‘Financial Times’, estimates that the transmission ratio of infection at this time would be 0.6. When an infected person transmits the virus to a number of social contacts below one, the epidemic is on the decline.

Other positive information can be added to the stability in the number of infections. A group of researchers at the University of Oxford advances in “the fastest growing clinical analysis ever performed” of hospitalized patients, trying medications against the existing virus, and another group is convinced that the vaccine they have designed will be able to reach the public in September.


There is however tension before health personnel complaints for the lack of adequate equipment. At least 19 employees of the National Health Service (NHS) have died and the Government has stated in its daily press conferences, or has given the impression at least twice, that the problem has already been solved. The discomfort of a week ago due to the slow increase in tests now resurfaces with the equipment.

The Minister of Health, Matt Hancock, has had to apply the same explanation to this problem that he gave about the tests. The epidemic caught the UK without an inational gown industry, gloves or goggles, and you have to source abroad by competing in a saturated market or wait for production to increase from British companies that have joined the effort.

The main problem, according to Hancock, is however logistical. The civil administration had to ask for help from Army experts to organize distribution. They are more than two hundred hospitals and, in addition, residences and social assistance centers, with nearly two million employees, outpatients and pharmacies. It seems like a typical case of government with big plans that it cannot later execute.

Isabel II: «The coronavirus will not defeat us»

Queen Elizabeth II of England

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom has acknowledged that the Christian Easter feast “will be very different” this year due to social distancing measures but invited the British to maintain the tradition and said: “we know that the coronavirus will not defeat us” .

The 93-year-old monarch broadcast an audio message to the nation recorded on Good Friday in Windsor Castle (south of London), where she remains isolated in compliance with the restrictions imposed by the pandemic. In what is considered her first speech around this time, the Queen, who is head of state and head of the Church of England, says that, despite the current challenges, “Easter has not been canceled” and indeed “is more necessary than ever ».

The monarch, who turns 94 on April 21, urges the celebration of Easter, although respecting the distancing that allows “keeping others safe”, and urges to feel hope remembering the resurrection of Christ. “As dark as death can be, particularly for those who are grieving, the light and life are greater,” he noted in his short speech. “May the living flame of Easter hope be a firm guide to the future,” he declared, before congratulating Easter to people of “any creed.”


Apple’s 0% credit extended to refurb

Until May 7 you can take advantage of the 0% credit from the Apple Store on the new equipment but also on the reconditioned. For a few days, Apple has relaxed the conditions of use of this financing offer which works for all Macs, iPads, iPhones, Apple Watch and peripherals like the HomePod, since the minimum expenditure is € 249.

Previously this payment – without interest – could be spread over 6 or 12 months, now it is 12 to 24 months. Then, the materials of the refurb become accessible to this financing – which is not unforeseen habitually. The financing proposal is made at the time of payment.

At the moment we find on the refurb some iPad Pro 2017 reconditioned like new from € 429 for 10.5 “and 12.9” from € 559 (read also Refurb: iPad at € 379 and price reduction on the iPad Pro 2017).

Laptop side, not MacBook Air 2019 today but many 16 “MacBook Pro from € 2,289 (-410 € on the price of new) or even iMac Pro from € 4,669

Normally this offer of funding must end on May 7. Apple has already extended it twice – thing she always does – but this new postponement was more exceptional.


An affordable Wi-Fi 6 router from D-Link

Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax) compatible routers were until now the future of wealthy homes, so these products could represent a big investment. D-Link launches into the price fight with the AX1500 (DIR-X1560) and AX1800 (DIR-X1860): the first provides a speed of up to 1,500 Mbit / s, the second 1,774 Mbit / s.

Both models combine barbaric acronyms: support for MU-MIMO, OFDMA and 1024QAM, but also integration of power amplifiers and beamforming functions to enhance the signal range in order to limit white areas. Routers are also compatible with Google and Alexa assistants to enable or disable Wi-Fi by voice or reboot the system.

The most interesting thing about these products is the price. If D-Link unfortunately does not give any price for the DIR-X1860, on the other hand the DIR-X1560 will be sold at a price of € 129.90.


Two IL-76s with equipment for the fight against coronavirus arrived in Serbia :: Politics :: RBC

Photo: / Facebook

The second Russian Aerospace Forces aircraft arrived in Serbia as part of agreements to assist in the fight against the spread of coronavirus infection, reports TASS with reference to the Ministry of Defense.

Earlier, the Ministry of Defense reportedthat the first Il-76 aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces arrived in Serbia. The VKS board landed at the Bataynitsa airfield; he brought to Serbia a team of military specialists and medical equipment for epidemiological diagnosis and disinfection.

Russia will send military doctors to Serbia to fight against coronavirus

Total Defense Ministry will send eight teams of specialists to Serbia to help contain the infection, it is planned to transfer them execute 11 flights. According to the military, soared already four sides.

Aircraft of Russia will deliver to Serbia only 87 military personnel, including military doctors and virologists and 16 units of military equipment, as well as VKS will transport medical equipment and protective equipment.


Marc and Álex Márquez donate medical equipment for patients with coronavirus

The motorcycle riders of Cervera (Lleida)Marc and Álex Márquez have donated to the Arnau University Hospital of Vilanova de Lleidaequipment for the control of semicritic patients affected by coronavirus.

The Márquez brothers have donatedportable digital radiology devices and gas analyzers, The Arnau de Vilanova has reported this Wednesday in a statement.

According to the reference hospital of the Lleida health region, these deviceswill allow for bedside monitoring of patients with lung involvementserious.

Marc and Álex MárquezThus, they join other companies and individuals who have shown solidarity with the Hospital Universitari Arnau de Vilanova these days, either through financial contributions or through the delivery of protective material. “From the Territorial Management of ICS Lleida, Alto Pirineo y Aran and Gestión de Servicios Sanitarios, we are grateful for these samples of solidarity that help professionals continue to carry out their work in the best possible conditions during these difficult times,” assured the medical center.


Adepaf wants to create a team with wheelchairs to expand its range

The Adepaf Figueres Basketball Club is proud to offer basketball from the age of five to sixty-five. In fact, counting from the smallest in the CEBA, the Adepaf School Basketball Championship, to the eldest of the veterans team, the club fulfills this premise. If that wasn’t enough, next season we want to expand the basketball supply by creating a wheelchair basketball team, thanks to our collaboration with MIFAS Girona. “With his chairman, Albert Carbonell, we agreed that we were interested because they, too, wanted to be in a basketball club for a long time,” says Adepaf President Oriol Rabert.

Although MIFAS already has a team that competes at the state level, Figueres will be interested in a team, which already has seven or eight players, “who train one day a week and participate in club events, as one more team. “Says Rabert. If the project was successful, “in the medium term, we could participate in a Catalan league”. Because the club wearing dark blue is to “offer basketball to anyone who wants it, and especially to those groups that might find it harder. Thus, the social mass of the club coexists with the reality of its environment, and it becomes its own, “says Oriol Rabert.

Despite all the crippling management due to the coronavirus, if the team goes ahead, the club will have more players, “now we have about 300,” says Rabert, which will mean having more courts to train, ” our great handicap, “says the president. “We know it will accelerate because every season we have more teams. For the next two men and one more female, “resigned Rabert, who added:” We are disintegrated between the pavilion, the Cusí, Peralada, Pont de Molins … And we are thinking about the possibility that next season we play the senior and junior games on Saturday afternoon in Peralada. We are very sorry, but it is a track where they can train harder and better. “

The base widens

The base teams of the Figueres club are becoming more and more. “However, over the years we would like to complete all the categories, for example, this season we have no pre-school teams,” says Tete Quirante, sports coordinator of the club. Exactly from the bottom are players that “help us rise through the senior team without any pressure,” says Rabert, always trying to play as high as possible “based on their qualities and you want, “Quirante compliments.

If the base is expanded, it is thanks to the CEBA, which in its fifth season has ten teams and more than one hundred boys and girls. Carles Pujol, the head of this exciting project, explains that “we are very happy not only on the sports side, but also on the social and educational side. CEBA is basketball, but it is much more: they are values ​​and healthy habits that we somehow want to complement the learning experience of children from P5 to 2nd. ” And the little ones in the club work very well in hygiene, nutrition, hydration, companionship and respect, among others, with activities that go beyond basketball.

The team is growing

The base of the Figuerencs club is male only, as the women’s teams are part of the UCAP, the Adepaf Club Association and Peralada. “Two and a half years ago we thought about bonding, and the first official season and everything went well, we formed an ideal communion. The club grows in quantity and quality, ” says Oriol Rabert. UCAP started the season with three teams, but “we split the prize in two, because there were many. For next season, we have five teams, which is great for a second season, “says club coordinator Guillem Pascua. “As a male, we can also exchange some players between sets, which is great,” he adds.

Who is already going for the second season is the mixed senior of Adepaf, made up of players from the Leisure Center the Dolphin and the ALTEM Foundation. “This season we have been able to make two teams, one with new players, who have evolved a lot with the campaign. We are very happy with the project, we have to train on Saturday at nine o’clock in the morning due to lack of tracks, but we are fine, “says Joan Amoedo, coach of the two mixed teams.

The older ones also do not stop

Finally, the club’s biggest players don’t stop there: “The Federation Veterans League could not be created this season, but we continue to train every Tuesday to avoid losing good habits and sharing good times,” he says. the coach, Paco Mumbrú.


Trump announces the shipment of teams to Spain, Italy and France to alleviate their “big problems”

The president of United States,Donald trump, assured on Monday that the North American country has received supplies from several countries, including China and Russia, to respond to the coronavirus crisis, and that, in turn, it will donate equipment that it “does not need” to Spain, Italy and France, who are going through “big problems”. “China has sent us several things, which has been great. Russia has sent us a very, very large plane loaded with things, medical equipment that is very good, “said Trump.” Other countries have sent us things that have surprised me a lot, “added the president during a press conference in the White House.

Trump has defended thecapacity of America’s healthcare system and industriesto respond to the emergency, assuming that the country has enough key equipment such as fans. Thus, he has promised to “send things” to “other parts”.

Trump, who spoke with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte on Monday, has explained that the United States will send supplies valued at $ 100 million to the transalpine country. “We will send to France. We will send to Spain, they have big problems, and other countries as far as we can, “he explained.

Rule out total confinement

On the other hand, Trump has indicated that his Administration has considered the possibility of decreeing confinement throughout the country as some states have done, including New York, but he has ruled it out specifying that“It is quite unlikely at the moment”.

“If we do that, we will make it known, but it ispretty unlikely right now“He has indicated, also referring to the fact that a national confinement would be something” difficult “to enforce. However, he has affirmed that it will allow the governors of the states that do want to establish confinements to carry them out.

On the other hand, the US president has announced thatmore than a million tests have been performed in the United Statesto diagnose Covid-19. “This Monday we have reached a historic milestone in our war on coronavirus. More than a million Americans have been tested, more than any other country by far,” he said.

Trump on Sunday extended social distancing measures in the United States to try to reduce the number of coronavirus infections until April 30. In this sense, the US president has insisted that the next 30 days are “vital” to flatten the contagion curve. “Each of us has a role to play to win this war. Every citizen, family and business can make a difference by stopping the virus, “said Trump, who considered that” this is the shared patriotic duty “of the Americans.” Difficult times are ahead for the next 30 days, “he warned.

The United States recorded a total of 502 deaths Monday, the highest number reached in a day since the outbreak broke out in the United States. The death toll almost reaches 3,000, while those affected exceed 161,000, the country with the highest number of infected.


Bara’s first football team reduce salary by more than 70%

FC Barcelona announced on Monday that reduction of the salary of the first football team will be greater than 70% initially raised by the club. With this additional contribution from the workforce and the contribution that the club will make, the entity assures that “100% of the salaries of all non-sports staff will be guaranteed,” which will be submitted to a Temporary Employment Regulation File. (ERTO) this week. Through a statement, the club wanted to thank the players for their “involvement” in a situation “so exceptional”. Barça also announced that the board had reached an agreement with the squad members of all professional sports and most basketball teams to reduce their salaries.


Refurb: the return of the 16 “MacBook Pro at € 2,289