On video | Van Damme: 60 years of life, martial arts and excesses

The image of the Belgian actor Jean-Claude Van Damme performing a split (lateral opening of the legs) on any surface became a great reference in action cinema and martial arts. Its elasticity allowed him to create fantastic blows such as the flying kick with 360 ° rotation or helicopter kick, in which he mixed techniques of karate and classical ballet, something that aroused the interest of fans of this type of martial choreography.

In order to achieve world recognition, he had to migrate to the United States in 1982 with the illusion of venturing into Hollywood cinema. While that was happening, he made a living as a taxi driver, pizza delivery man, carpet installer, security guard and sparring partner for Chuck Norris, another action movie great.

His first role was as an extra in the 1984 film Missing in Action (known in Colombia as Prisoner of War), thanks to a recommendation from Norris. Two years later he begins to emerge after becoming the antagonist of the film Never Back Down, Never Surrender.

His first leading role was in the film Bloody Contact (1988), a tribute to Frank Dux, the greatest exponent of martial arts in Canada and the United States.

That movie co-starred Bolo Yeung, a Chinese bodybuilder also skilled in karate-do and kung fu. Bolo was a great friend of Bruce Lee and his success in the cinema is also due to Jean Claude Vandamme, with whom he still maintains a good friendship.

Among his most remembered films are: Kickboxer, Lawless Fighting Lion, Double Impact, Universal Soldier and The Colony.

Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg (his first name) celebrates 60 years of life today. He knows very well what it is like to reach the top, but also due to his excesses of liquor, hallucinogens and women, he headed towards a dark alley from which it is difficult to escape. “He spent up to $ 10,000 a week on cocaine,” said Steven De Souza, director of the film version of the video game Street Fighter, which Van Damme starred in in 1994.

For others, especially people of the new generations, the image of Van Damme is only referenced in their conversations on WhatsApp and social networks as a meme, a funny character who dances in a very peculiar way in a scene from Kickboxer, while drinking in a canteen.

Beyond that, in his film career he had to defeat great rivals like Tong Po in Kickboxer, but he also found great allies such as basketball star Dennis Rodman, his fellow adventurer in The Colony.

His name is still valid as an actor, producer and director. In this last aspect, he has stood out for films such as The Quest or Full love. Another successful film in which Jean Claude Van Damme starred is The Indestructibles 2 (2012), in which he is the main villain. A constellation of stars from the action movies led by Sylvester Stallone participates in this film. They are followed by: Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris, Terry Crews, Randy Couture, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Liam Hemsworth.

Julio Lara, teacher, critic and public educator, pointed out that Van Dame is a reference of the great exponents of martial arts in the film industry, and although he is not at the height of Bruce Lee or Yuen Woo-Ping, he remains in the Top 10.

“The first reference I had of him was from the movie Bloody Contact, from there I began to notice that his career coincided with certain directors who suddenly sowed some kind of seed in Hollywood. A memorable film in his career is Universal Soldier, which marks the debut of German director Roland Emmerich, who later made Independence Day, Godzila, The Day After Tomorrow, among others ”.


Beheaded professor, Valls: “The cartoons on Muhammad at school and in the newspapers, we don’t give in to self-censorship”

PARIS With the beheading of the teacher Samuel Paty, the level of the battle returns to rise again? “Yes, because Islamic terrorists, organized or not, have always pursued the goal of sowing fear by attacking the symbols of France and freedom: they have done so in the past with journalists and cartoonists, the police, the French Jews, a priest, young people and the crowd in Paris or Nice. Friday in Conflans they took it out on another symbol: the school, the transmission of values, the beating heart of the French Republic for centuries. The noble figure of the teacher, the one who educates students to be true citizens and to think freely ».

Mr. Valls, you were Prime Minister of France in 2015, in the days of the attacks on “Charlie Hebdo”, the Jewish supermarket and then the Bataclan. What has changed since then?
«The spirit of 11 January 2015, when millions of people took to the streets to say“ Je suis Charlie ”, unfortunately did not last long. Already after the attack on November 13 in the Bataclan there was no demonstration, the country was stunned. Then, the defeat of the Islamic State in the Middle East led to believe that the threat had diminished ».

A few weeks ago, the tribune of the populist left Jean-Luc Mélenchon attacked “Charlie Hebdo”. Is France more divided than it used to be?

“It is true, national unity does not exist, at least in parties, although I think it is different in French society. For this reason, already in 2016 I spoke of “two irreconcilable left”, a serious problem because the democratic field is divided. But after what happened on Friday we have to move on to another type of answer ».

What are you thinking about? Who will have the courage now, in class, to risk Samuel Paty’s fate?

«We need to help and defend professors like him. The lessons on freedom of expression must continue, the cartoons of Muhammad must be shown to children in schools, with the intelligence of a pedagogical work, of course, but it cannot be yielded. In our classes, thousands of children think that the laws of Sharia should prevail over those of the Republic, as stated in the report by Inspector General Jean-Pierre Obin. It is not tolerable. Then the plan against political Islam presented a few weeks ago by President Macron, who has the school at the center, must be implemented ”.

“It is time to eradicate Islam. We have to do it. Street by street, and association by association. This is a war, a war to be waged in a democratic state with the weapons of the rule of law and the separation of powers, and with respect for the citizens. But all these people who preach hatred on social media, all these Salafi associations, all these characters that we know well by now and who talk a lot … An unprecedented legal and political war must be waged against them, incomparable with what it is been done so far. It is a war that has had its delays, as the discussions between me and the future president in 2016 demonstrate (Macron accused Valls of “vindictive secularism”, ed). But now we must conduct it, closing the associations, and continuing to expel foreigners who threaten the Republic ».

After the new threats to “Charlie Hebdo”, on 23 September a letter of solidarity was signed by many media but not by the AFP, which feared retaliation against its journalists in Muslim countries. Is the risk still self-censorship?

“That’s the danger, the idea that the solution is not to bother. As if the attacks were our fault: secularism, the law on the veil, intervention in the Middle East … For the terrorists these are only pretexts, so much so that they also attacked other European countries. We must act, not be afraid. Of course, for a single citizen it is not easy. But I think, for example, that all newspapers should now publish cartoons about Mohammed. ”

What role can French Muslims play now?

“In their overwhelming majority they feel horror, and if we want to protect them we have to make sure that the debate takes place within Islam. It is in the name of Islam that one kills. The issue concerns not only French Islam. There is that imported from the Gulf countries, the Islam of satellite channels or conveyed by the Internet, the Islam that comes through immigration, and this is an important issue, given that the last two attacks were committed by a Pakistani and a Chechen. We must help Muslims to bring the debate into the bosom of Islam, otherwise the public very quickly confuses and puts everyone in the same bag. This is why it is important that there is no ambiguity in Islam. There are people like the rector of the Paris mosque Chems-Eddine Hafiz who immediately condemned the attack with the harshest words, and this is good, but the problem is with young people, and we must prepare ourselves for a long struggle against the possessed of god ready to kill ».

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Facebook viral: Teacher has hilarious reaction to seeing his student lying in bed listening to class Video | Social networks

A video uploaded to Facebook it has become viral and has caused thousands of laughs, after showing the funny reaction of a teacher after seeing his students lying on his bed while listening to the virtual class. This funny scene was not long in becoming a trend in different social networks.

The spread of the new coronavirus throughout the world has caused schools to close in most countries. For this reason, they had to resort to virtual classes to continue teaching their students. As a result of this, all kinds of curious moments have been seen.

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In this video that became viral in Facebook you can see how a teacher is teaching his students, when suddenly one of them turns on his camera and he is seen lying on his bed, with his body completely covered.

Seeing it, the Teacher he starts laughing and puts his hand to his face. A moment later he says: “Sebastián, but Sebastián. I thought that only happened on TikTok ”.

YOU CAN SEE: Woman risks her life to rescue puppies that were under a collapsed house [VIDEO]

This hilarious scene caused thousands of users to comment on all kinds of things about it. Most of them defended the young man and indicated that they felt identified with him, because they would also like to be like that in their virtual classes.

Facebook, latest news:


The most tattooed teacher complains about the school. They don’t want him to teach in grades 1-3

Sylvain Helaine, aka Freaky Hoody, is perhaps the most tattooed man in France. His body is almost 100 percent. it is covered with paintings – including the face, head and neck. He is also a teacher at an elementary school in Essonne in the Paris region of France.

Now the school intends to remove him from classes with children. The 35-year-old has complained to BFM TV that “the management doesn’t want him to come to school anymore.” He said he would no longer be able to teach in grades 1-3. His appearance is to disturb the parents of the students, who accuse him of “scaring children”.

As he says about himself, he thinks he is a good teacher. “My appearance is not an obstacle on a daily basis,” he says. He also argues that “one in a thousand parents complain and complaints come from the parents of children who are not in his class.”

On Monday, Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer told RTL radio that school clothing should be “republican”. He stated that the school is not a beach, a disco or a nightclub. He criticized the outfit of some French teenagers in this way.

Sylvain responded to these words. He asked the minister to define the “republican character of clothing at school” and accused the authorities of discriminating against it.

There is now a debate in the French media about what the “republican nature” of the costume really is. Pictures of naked people wrapped in a French flag and the famous painting by Delacroix from 1830, “Freedom Leading the People to the Barricades”, in which freedom is depicted as symbolizing France, Marianne with an open breast, appeared on the web. Marianne holds a tricolor flag in one hand and a bayonet musket in the other, and on her head is a Phrygian cap, which is a symbol of the French Revolution of 1789.


the father who died with his family from Bashkiria recently returned from Moscow

The couple enjoyed life and made plans for the future. Photo: social networks

The details of a terrible accident that claimed the lives of young spouses and their young children have become known. Let us remind you that everything happened late in the evening in the Beloretsk region of Bashkiria. There, at about 11 pm, on the 151st kilometer of the Ufa-Inzer-Beloretsk highway, the Volkswagen Polo car collided with an oncoming Man truck, after which the mangled foreign car was thrown into a ditch. Everyone who was in the cabin of a foreign car was instantly killed.

According to eyewitnesses of the accident, it was raining heavily that evening. The road was very wet and slippery, so the Volkswagen driver simply lost control of the bend, and therefore flew into the oncoming lane. The driver did not go for any overtaking, risking his family’s life.

A pile of twisted iron remained from the foreign car.  Photo: Regional State Traffic Inspectorate

A pile of twisted iron remained from the foreign car. Photo: Regional State Traffic Inspectorate

– It was a fatal accident. A passenger car skidded into the rain on a bend and drifted into the oncoming lane. The truck driver didn’t even have time to react. Now he is in severe shock and is waiting for a tow truck, – said a friend of the truck driver “Man”.

– Last night, we saw this family at a gas station, the girl managed to ride a scooter. Mom and son were standing next to them. When calculating, I wished them a good journey. So nice, polite, smiling. And now I came home from work, looked at the phone … Oh my god …. Before my eyes is a girl on a scooter, a doll! It was not night … Evening … They were already practically at home. We were the last ones who saw them and who took them on the road – gas station worker Almira G., who spoke with her family shortly before the accident, cannot hold back her tears.

According to the regional State Traffic Inspectorate, police officers, an ambulance and other emergency services worked at the scene. On the fact of the fatal road accident, proceedings have begun.

The truck driver is still in severe shock.  Photo: Regional State Traffic Inspectorate

The truck driver is still in severe shock. Photo: Regional State Traffic Inspectorate

The head of the Beloretsk region, Andrei Ivanyuta, also commented on the tragedy and expressed condolences to the relatives of the deceased family.

– The Ufa-Inzer-Beloretsk highway does not forgive mistakes. Even a slight speeding can turn into a terrible tragedy. Now, in the off-season, this road becomes especially dangerous. On the passes, the road, wet from rains, will begin to freeze, and drivers will need to drive cars very carefully, – the head of the district addressed the drivers.


As it became known later, a whole family died in a broken foreign car – young spouses from Beloretsk Vlad and Nina I., as well as their little children of three and five years old. All of them received injuries incompatible with life and died on the spot before the arrival of doctors. Friends and relatives speak of the dead as kind and sympathetic people who enjoyed life, made plans for the future and loved each other very much, treasured their family.

As the father of the deceased 27-year-old woman said, the wife and children were returning home from Ufa, where they went to meet the head of the family.

The children missed their father, who worked in Moscow.  Photo: social networks

The children missed their father, who worked in Moscow. Photo: social networks

– Vlad flew in from Moscow, he worked there, and the children were terribly bored, they were looking forward to dad. He brought them gifts, he wanted to please the children. These gifts all along the road then lay … – the man cannot hold back his tears.

Gifts bought for children were scattered all over the road

Gifts bought for children were scattered all over the road

– Lord, these are our neighbors. Children grew up before our eyes. How could this happen? What a grief! Children are crumbs at all! – Svetlana N., a neighbor of the deceased family, grieves.

– Timosha, such a good, well-mannered boy, went to my group in a manger. The parents are so nice, nice. May the earth rest in peace for you, – laments the teacher of the deceased boy Alia D.

The driver's wife who died was only 27 years old.  Photo: social networks

The driver’s wife who died was only 27 years old. Photo: social networks

– Sincere condolences to family and friends. A terrible tragedy that does not fit in my head. People, traffic rules are written in blood, follow them, please. After all, there is nothing to fix such a tragedy. Strength and patience to loved ones. Hold on, – regrets Nadia M.

KP-Ufa expresses its sincere condolences to the relatives of the deceased family.


USA, teacher who pretended to be African American – North America suspended for 6 months

Jessica Krug, the academic lecturer who admitted to having faux African American origins, has been suspended from teaching for the next semester, George Washington University in federal capital Uda announced.

Krug, from a Jewish family from Kansas City, teaches History of Africa and the African Diaspora as an associate. He recently published a historical essay on slavery, entitled “Fugitive Modernities”, which in the preface he dedicates to his “unknown ancestors” from “Angola or Brazil”. In his recent ‘outing’, Krug apologized for assuming “false identities to which I was not entitled”.

George Washington University writes in a statement that “Miss Krug will not be teaching” because of the “pain caused in many students, faculty, employees and alumni” and that her case is now “under consideration”.