the insurance companies should clarify their warranties

A clarification that does not put an end to the debate. On 22nd June, prudential supervision Authority and resolution (ACPR), which oversees both the bank and the insurance sector, has developed a state-of-warranty “operating losses “at the heart of the controversy between the insurers and the companies. For the past several months, the use, often worn by restaurateurs, are multiplied together to obtain a compensation of the operating losses incurred during the confinement.

The insurers, Axa in the lead, have opposed the more often one end of a demurrer, arguing that the contracts did not cover the losses related to an epidemic. It “can affect all sectors and have an impact on overall economic activity, making its economic consequences uninsurable “as again referred to the French Federation of insurance in a press release of 18 June.

Exclusion of the Covid-19 in the overwhelming majority of cases

The opinion of the ACPR, was, therefore, expected. The regulator estimated that only 3 % of the policyholders have contracts covering explicitly the pandemic, while this coverage is excluded in 93 % of cases.

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On the other hand, for 4 % of the policyholders, the contracts contain clauses that “do not allow to conclude with certainty the absence of warranty “. Only an interpretation of the judge will be able to remove the uncertainty “if insurers do not interpret the contract in favor of the insured “. The ACPR has started to check “the appropriateness of the level of provisions “ corresponding to these contracts.

For the future, the regulator “invites professionals to review the drafting of all the contractual clauses ambiguous and to clearly inform the insured of the exact extent of their guarantees “. A transparency, which also requires a response “within a reasonable time “ the demands on the extent of the guarantees, and the explanation of the refusal.

Conflicts of interpretation persistent

At the same time, the front of the litigation is changing. The restaurateur parisien, Stéphane Manigold, who had obtained in may a conviction noticed, of Axa to indemnify for the period of closure, has announced that it has reached an agreement with the insurer on June 22. He will provide an allowance close to 25 % of the turnover, putting an end to the prosecution. Axa has indicated that 1 700 clients, over 20,000 have signed up to a contract operating losses, have a similar contract, and that “600 agreements have already been found “.

“A compensation to the tune of 25 % of the turnover covers correctly the losses of the period “, judge Laurent Fréchet, for the national Grouping of independents (GNI). The organization, “that does not require the insurers to pay whatever the contract signed “, is seeking “an interpretation in favour of the customer as soon as the terms of the contracts are questionable “. For Laurent Fréchet, of the “gestures business strong “ would be welcome, otherwise customers will remember d’“a lack of solidarity “.

In several recent cases between restorers and insurers, the justices hearing injunction returned the case on the merits. This is the case of the dispute between the owners of the Bacchus (Beaujolais region) at Axa, on which the court of Lyon agreed to deliver the 1er July. Another judgment is expected at Bordeaux on the 6th of July. Despite the opinion of the ACPR, and on the actions of insurers, the series of the interpretation of contracts is not yet completed.


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Audi broke the contract with Sobchak for her posts in Instagram

Amid mass protests in the US against police violence against blacks in early June, Ksenia Sobchak published in Instagram video with the caption “Minneapolis, I’m with you. To watch with sound”. Against the black screen there was a song “Killed a Negro” group “Forbidden drummers”.

  • Then, according to Deutsche Welle, the German car company Audi decided to terminate the advertising contract with the presenter. The company said that Audi is “strictly rejects all forms of racism and discrimination”, and publication in Instagram Sobchak is unacceptable.
  • Sobchak did not comment on the breach of contract, but in his Telegram-channel lashed out at Business Insider. “The German edition was published with the title “Ksenia Sobchak called black people stupid and lazy” and accused me of racism. This is a direct lie,” she said, promising to demand an apology from the publication through the courts.
  • Sobchak said that it did not support the protests, violence, and does not divide people “into black and white, Caucasians and Asians”. “But people are divided into smart and stupid. For those who have an opinion and those who follow the crowd,” she said.

The operators of inspection asked the authorities to revise the rules THAT

About 120 operators of checkup urged the authorities to reexamine last year, the principles of reform, writes “Kommersant”. These rules allow not to pass THE new cars to four years, and cars four to ten years — every two years and only ten years older every year.

  • The letter’s authors point to several shortcomings of the new rules: now insurance companies have the ability to allow cars on the road without the conclusion about the possibility of its safe use; within four to five years of operation, the machines may have a serious malfunction that may lead to fatal accidents because of “optional” THAT reduced the flow of cars coming to the diagnosis that leads to the ruin of the operators.
  • “Operators have to operate at a loss, condemning your business to bankruptcy, the letter said.
  • To change the situation, it is proposed to repeal the law that allows you to get a insurance policy without proof of inspection, but also include the industry THAT the list of victims of the pandemic and to set tax holidays.

To support the Pension Fund will need more than 20% of the Federal budget

According to the project main characteristics of the budget of the Pension Fund, seen by RBC, in 2021, nearly 21% of all Federal spending will be directed to the FIU. For comparison: in 2019 the Fund was transferred 18% of budget expenditures.

  • Federal support for FIU next year will increase by almost 1 trillion rubles and amount of 4.12 trillion In 2022 and 2023, this amount will grow even more and will amount to 4.3 trillion annually. The share of Federal transfers in the revenues of the PFR reaches of 42.6% of the maximum from 2017.
  • On the state of the RPF has influenced the anti-crisis government decisions on business support: the only reduce the overall rate of insurance contributions from 30 to 15% of salaries above the minimum wage for small and medium business FIU will miss this year 350 billion rubles, and in the next approximately 387 billion rubles. But there are other initiatives that will affect the status of the Fund.
  • The need to increase budgetary revenues associated with the reduction of the national payroll of coronavirus. In 2020 the salary Fund from which insurance premiums are calculated employers to the pension Fund will be reduced by 1.3 trillion roubles.


The Afer wants to diversify the life insurance

A nice action can be a good deal “says Gérard Bekerman, president of the French Association of savings and retirement (Afer), the first group of investors in France. Created in 1976, the Afer has more than 760 000 members, representing a savings invested 55 billion euros. The key to its success has been to offer, in partnership with Aviva, a collective contract of life insurance that allows members to build up capital at a pace, with payments free.

Re-elected for a fifth term by a very large majority, Gérard Bekerman can boast of the arrival of 30,000 new members by 2019. Challenges persist, however : during the containment, the insurance-life (1 700 billion in total) has seen its collection decrease of 2.1 billion euros in April, after a decline of 2 billion in march. During the same time, other investments, allowing easier access to the funds, such as the booklet Has experienced strong growth.

Diversify the investments

On the € 55 billion of the savings of the members of the Afer, 45 are assigned to the general fund (or ” euro funds “). Within the latter, the obligations predominate, in particular the borrowings of the State for the performance to be very low, or even negative (– 0,4% at the beginning of march). The remuneration of the general fund of the Afer, is established at 1.85% in 2019, either” a good level in a context of very low interest rates “according to the association. While recognizing that these yields have declined continuously, Gérard Bekerman judge that it is not necessary” turn back to the general funds, which have been proven for decades “.

In addition, the Afer offers “units of account “ (CPU), that is to say, media is not guaranteed that you can use to invest in the Stock market. Now the number of 16, these CUS have drained the 10 billion euros of savings remaining. More dependent on the fluctuations of the market,” ethe girls were all positive in 2019, 7 of them have even exceeded 20 % increase “stresses Gérard Bekerman. Careful, he reminded that these investments are not intended to all members and that it is necessary to take account of the age pyramid : in the Afer, 100 000 are aged over 77 years, and will be less concerned.

To give meaning to the savings

On the other hand, the Afer intends to develop its offering by focusing on the purpose of savings, in order to meet the numerous requests from the members on the subject. This new state of mind, which is to” prefer the meaning of performance “lead the Afer to offer CPU-focused” towards the transition to more eco-friendly, socially responsible, la French Tech, the development of SMES “lists, Gérard Bekerman. One of the resolutions passed by the general assembly aims to complete the offering by these new CPUS, in real estate (Afer Stone), the green economy and new technologies.

The Afer has also launched since January, his own retirement savings plan, following the vote of the law Covenant. The text has further opened opportunities for the funds in advance,” that fact that the plan no longer appears as a product of “tunnel” “welcomes Gérard Bekerman. This retirement savings plan, it will be possible to purchase online in the near future, could hold the attention of the French, anxious to build up reserves. By offering the possibility of a free management, or management under mandate with several profiles : prudent (30 % of shares at the maximum), balanced (between 30 % and 60 % of shares) and dynamic (the majority of shares, up to 100 % of the portfolio).


How to get a discount when making car insurance

Drivers who have not violated traffic rules and was not involved in an accident, you can count on preferential terms.

Photo: the insurance policy, source:

The introduction in Russia of a regime of self-isolation, which significantly impact on people’s lives, has led to a drop in demand for new and used vehicles. In turn, this phenomenon has led to lower demand for CTP policies and hull, which in the foreseeable future, may decrease the cost of the insurance certificate for motorists, annually insuring their vehicles.

Experts portal Naavtotrasse told how to get a discount when applying for insurance on the car. According to analysts, in case of extension of validity of the insurance policy motorist benefits in the amount of from 5 to 15% of the cost of the hull. The discount is provided only for those drivers that do not violate the regime of isolation and did not commit an accident in this period of time. Such measures will allow insurance companies to retain customer loyalty.

As noted by the experts Naavttotrasse, other countries invented different approach to addressing this question. Foreign authorities suggested motorists to get the money back that they spent on the issue of insurance. But the representatives of the Central Bank emphasize that the Russians can not wait for such benefits, as the country does not exist the necessary conditions, so motorists will have to settle for the discounts offered by insurance companies.

Photo: Hyundai, source: Hyundai

The police said that in the first days of the regime of self-isolation decreased significantly the number of accidents, but after the lifting of restrictive measures the drivers again began to violate traffic rules. This in turn can cause failure to discount the issue of insurance to individuals who are guilty of committing a traffic accident or other traffic violations.


Lille and its metropolis prepare for a bicycle boom

Faced with the first signs of a development of the bicycle with the deconfinement, Lille and its metropolis have fitted out the public space to give pride of place to soft mobility, with a view, in the longer term, to perpetuate practices.

The deconfinement, on May 11, will not change the situation: everywhere in France, forecasts exclude any return to normal for short-term trips. Ilévia, the public transport network of the Lille metropolitan area, only expects a return of barely 40% of its users.

People are afraid to take the bus“, Which circulate”especially on major routes, so there will probably be more bikes“, Says Lucie Vaudet, 22, with her hands on the handlebars of her V’Lille – the self-service rental service. Jean-Paul Laplace, 70, in V’Lille too, dreads “a rat race” in the transports.

While the government has announced a plan of 20 million euros to support the practice of cycling, specialized shops, them, already feel the thrill of demand. “The phone keeps ringing“, Says Renaud Verahaeghe, co-manager of the self-repair workshop”Hands in the handlebars“, in Lille.

After a loss “huge“Shortfall,”everyone expects a big flowAdds Régis Przybylak, manager of the Cyclable store. “We feel that there will be a big demand for commuting, but also for leisure

Like Paris, Nice, Rouen or Nantes, the municipality and the European metropolis of Lille (MEL) have therefore developed 15 km of temporary cycle paths in recent days, both on “the main axes“And”entry points” in the city.

We do not want people to take over the car over the weeks, including those who no longer took itExplains Jacques Richir, deputy mayor in charge of public space, to AFP. Gold, “Lille has many advantages for being a cycling city, flat with major routes (…) We therefore said that we had to take the opportunity to accelerate the ecological transition

Towards a “transient»Sustainable?

Beyond Lille, the 90 municipalities of the MEL have initiated discussions in this direction, with work notably in Roubaix and Tourcoing. The idea is also to promote travel between the different municipalities, which generate most of the road traffic.

In the mainland, 2% of daily trips are made by bicycle, on average with other cities. The objective is to reach 10% within 10 or 15 years“, Announces Alexis Marcot, mobility director at MEL. “Even if we do not know what the world of tomorrow will be like, it is a great opportunity to direct people to other modes of travel than the car.

Will certain facilities be maintained in the long term? “We hope that this transient can last“, Martine Aubry, PS mayor slips, who has to contend with a growing environmental vote and has already doubled the number of cycle paths in six years.

For Jacques Richir, anchoring over time will depend on two criteria: “gain security“By working on behaviors and with”major redevelopments“, but also “check that it meets an expectation“, so that “thousands of people change their mode of travel

In front of this “acceleration“, The Association Droit au vélo (ADAV) is satisfied to see the outcome of proposals”formulated for a long time“, And hopes for the birth of a”new mindset” But the transition also presents new challenges.

Today, we feel that there is also a need to support neo-cyclists who need to be comforted on routes, positioning on the road, etc.“But also of”secure tracks“, Explains to AFP its director, Michel Anceau.

The association is working on an online platform to promote exchanges between users, will publish an updated map, and plans to develop and adapt its practical advice workshops. “We already have training requests from certain municipalities“Notes Mr. Anceau.


Crédit Mutuel and CIC to take over operating losses linked to Covid-19

Are we witnessing the birth of “pandemic insurance”? Crédit Mutuel Insurance and CIC Insurance are preparing to pay 200 million euros to their professional insured, victims of operating losses due to the coronavirus epidemic.

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Each company will receive a sum relating to its turnover, with an average amount of € 7,000. For example, a restaurateur with an annual figure of € 240,000 will receive € 11,500. A hairdresser with an annual turnover of € 90,000 will receive € 7,000. Each insured person concerned will be contacted in the coming days by their account manager, with the aim of paying the first premiums at the start of May.

“Economically, the state does its job and does it pretty well, exhibited on April 21 Nicolas Théry, president of the national Confederation of Crédit Mutuel, at Le Figaro. It is also up to us to do our job. “We have a moral responsibility (…) Let us get out of the theological debates. We act and above all we act quickly “, he added on France Inter on Wednesday. “We are not going to quibble about the law (…) If we quibble for six months, the clients will have disappeared and in the end everyone will be the loser”he hammered, calling on other insurers to follow suit.

A first in the insurance sector

This is a first for the first time: like all French insurers, Crédit Mutuel and CIC do not sell such operating loss guarantees. “Almost all contracts covering companies […] excludes the epidemic event. Indeed, depending on its duration and scale, an epidemic can affect all sectors and have an impact on overall economic activity, thus making its economic consequences uninsurable ”, said the French Insurance Federation (FFA) in a statement released on March 19. Crédit Mutuel and CIC will therefore draw on their own funds to compensate their policyholders. It will cost them around 200 million euros.

“Crédit Mutuel’s announcement is fully in line with the exceptional solidarity measures announced by the French Insurance Federation in recent weeks (…) Some concerned the entire sector, others were in the hands of each member “, assures AFP Florence Lustman, patron of the insurance lobby.

A first step towards insurance against pandemics

The initiative is welcomed by the Confédération des PME, which brings together 150,000 SMEs and 3 million employees. But it goes against the recommendations of the Supervisory Authority and Resolution (ACPR), responsible for monitoring the activity of banks and insurance in France. She recalled on April 22 that “That the financial means available to insurers […] can not […] be used to cover events explicitly excluded from their contracts ”.

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However, the majority of the industry is unlikely to follow this example. “The management of total operating losses in the context of a pandemic is not sustainable for the insurance sector, do we react at AXA. This would represent a burden of around 20 billion euros per month. “

A beginning

But this may be just the start. In Bercy, discussions began on Wednesday April 22 to develop a “Insurance coverage for exceptional events, such as pandemics”. What prepare insurance companies for the next crisis: “It’s a diet for the future, explained AXA France director Guillaume Borie to La Croix. By definition, it will not be able to operate for today’s operating losses. ” This idea had been raised at the beginning of April by the director general of AXA Thomas Burbel, who proposed the creation of a “Pandemic insurance plan inspired by the one that already exists for natural disasters”.


Despite Covid-19, health insurance for all remains a distant dream in the United States

Will Covid-19 accelerate the United States’ path to health insurance for all? The question divides. Joe Biden, the presumed Democratic candidate for the presidential election on November 3, does not want it. But supporters of his former rival, “Socialist Democrat” Bernie Sanders, believe that the pandemic has made him unavoidable.

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Before the Covid-19 burst into the presidential campaign, this historic reform, supposed to prolong the effort to cover the entire American population undertaken by Barack Obama in 2009, already divided some timid Democrats at the prospect of another defeat facing Donald Trump.

27 million people without insurance

The left wing of the party presented it as a necessity in a country where 27 million people remain without insurance, while the centrist candidates questioned its funding and the impact it would have on private insurance. Donald Trump and the Republicans cheerfully exploited this project to show their constituents that the Democrats had become dangerous Communists.

The pandemic has changed public opinion. According to a recent survey by the Marist Consult / Politico institute, support for “Medicare for All”, the name of the reform project, reached its highest level in nine months. And, for the first time since June 2019, a majority of independents (52%), key voters not affiliated with the two traditional parties, are in favor.

One reason for this is the fact that 164 million people in the United States, or about half the population under the age of 65, have employer-sponsored medical coverage. Deprived of employment due to the pandemic, many new unemployed workers find themselves brutally without medical coverage.

“The coming months will be a referendum on Donald Trump”

For Robert Blendon, professor of health policy at Harvard University, it’s all seen: “Joe Biden does not support health insurance for all, and neither does Democratic leadership in Congress. The coming months will be a referendum on Donald Trump and his management of the economic crisis, not on the disruption of the healthcare system. ” To be closer to Bernie Sanders’ voters, Joe Biden proposed on April 11 to lower the age of eligibility for Medicare public health insurance from 65 to 60 years of age.

Universal health coverage divides American Democrats

Managed by the federal government, this very popular system, which covers 97% of American seniors, served as a model for the reform advocated by Bernie Sanders. ” There are other measures that can be taken quickly to help the uninsured, without going through an overhaul of the health system which, moreover, would not pass Congresscontinues Robert Blendon. This does not mean that the subject of health insurance for all will not return to the table in four or five years. Young Democrats, More Progressive, Push the Party in the Direction of European Countries.


An abysmal drop in oil, a small drop in gas prices

LE FIGARO INFO – From 1 May, the regulated gas prices applied by Engie will drop by 1.3%.

Since January 1, 2019, Engie's fares have dropped 23.2%.
Since January 1, 2019, Engie’s fares have dropped 23.2%. Jean-Christophe MARMARA / Le Figaro

These days, the consumer is hanging on to the slightest good news. This is one of them: from 1 May, according to our information, the regulated gas prices applied by Engie (ex-GDF Suez) will drop by 1.3%. For a long time, Engie’s administered prices have been linked to oil prices. But that is no longer the case, which explains why the next move does not reflect the incredible downward spiral of crude oil seen in recent weeks. Regulated gas prices now stick to changes in gas market prices. However, their decline is significant: since January 1, 2019, Engie’s prices have dropped by 23.2%.

3.7 million French households are still subscribed to gas with regulatory tariffs. A figure which recedes regularly. In 2023, there will be none left

Currently, some 3.7 million French households are still subscribed to gas with regulatory tariffs. A figure which recedes regularly. In 2023, there will be none left: the law stipulates on that date the end of regulated prices for natural gas, after several decades of a well-marked system. This means that the customers concerned will have to choose a market offer from the supplier of their choice by this deadline: this can be Engie, at market price, or one of its many competitors (EDF, Total Direct Energy, Eni, ekWateur…). In the meantime, the legislative system provides for the dispatch by Engie of five regulatory letters advising of the new deal, as well as information and awareness-raising actions.


caregiver vacations

The Heroes’ Rest“: Initiatives are multiplying in the tourism sector to offer caregivers fighting the Covid-19 stays or”happy holidaysTo use for their summer vacation.

At our level, we wanted to join in the surge of gratitude: a lot of initiatives are helping caregivers today and we wanted to offer something that comes after, when they can rest and get together with family“Summarizes Quentin Schaepelynck, Managing Director of Homair Vacances.

This player in the camping sector, specializing in mobile home stays, offers 10,000 vouchers, worth 250 euros each, valid throughout the summer season in the 130 destinations offered by Homair, including 104 in the ‘Hexagon.

We have already received more than 8,000 requests from caregivers, it is a huge success, and we will most likely extend the device. What we regret is not being able to offer a voucher to all caregivers“Quentin Schaepelynck told AFP.

At the end of March, the Pyrénées-Atlantiques department was the first to launch a solidarity operation, called “The Heroes’ Rest“, By providing 200”happy holidays“Of”minimum value»500 euros for stays in Béarn-Basque Country.

Other departments have followed suit, including the Var which provides 1400 lots (stays, weekends, visits, gastronomic and wine discoveries) offered by hotels, campsites or restaurants, to “Var hero– caregivers but also police, gendarmes, cashiers or cleaning agents.

“Ssupply capacity

It is clear that we will not have a big summer season, so there will be an overcapacity of the offer, as much to take advantage of it for those who have been on the front line and who will need a vacationExplains Jean-Pierre Nadir, founder of the EasyVoyages portal, to AFP.

In a column published last week on the site, he proposed to all tourism stakeholders “to develop a project“From”happy holidaysFor caregivers this summer.

It is not just solidarity, we create a virtuous dynamic: the State, which has largely contributed to the preservation of working tools, could see a fair return on its investment. And the caregivers all having RTT and overtime stocks that we can never pay them, this would be an opportunity to discharge this debt“, According to Jean-Pierre Nadir.

The associative network of Gîtes de France – which has some 70,000 labeled accommodations, located mainly in rural areas – also asked its guests to offer summer vacations to nursing staff.

This project is being developed, but everything is subject to government announcements and a date for resumption of tourist activities“, Indicates Solange Escure, director of the Gîtes de France, who recalls that currently, 1,300 lodgings, near hospitals, are already made available to doctors, nurses or nursing assistants.

VVF Villages, one of the pioneers of social tourism in France, said it was launching the operation “Heroes’ vacation” For health personnel working in the medical sector as well as emergency services, such as firefighters engaged in the crisis for example, VVF will offer “the equivalent of free for each of the + heroes + within a family stay“, VVF told AFP.

The company with associative status, which offers 100 destinations in France, specifies that these caregivers “can go on vacation from July 2020 to the end of October 2021, subject to availability and openings” sites.

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