Early opening and free of charge: this is how the Santiago Metro will work during the Plebiscite | National

Sebastián Beltrán | UNO Agency


Metro de Santiago announced this Wednesday that extend your hours of operation across the network, with the aim of facilitating passenger transfers in the context of Plebiscite for the constituent process.

The information was delivered after the Government confirmed the free provision of three services: the Santiago Metro, the Central Train (Santiago-Rancagua section), the Valparaíso Metro (Merval) and the Biotrén (in the Bío Bío region).

In this way, the start of the service will be advanced one hour with respect to the regular opening hours on Sunday, that is, it will start at 7:00 am; while the closing time will remain until 9:00 p.m.

Due to the free Metro service announced by the Government, passengers must validate their entry with their bip card! and the system will mark zero rate. If you require assistance in entering the network, you can approach Metro staff at the stations.

Likewise, they will be providing information on the status of the service through their different available communication channels, such as sound in stations and trains, screens in stations and on platforms, social networks and website.

It should be noted that since March the subway train has developed preventive plans against covid-19 that consist of the daily sanitization of the surfaces of trains and stations with quaternary ammonium, in addition to the application of a long-lasting product based on biotechnology, the which eliminates various pathogens such as coronavirus for 90 days.

They also carry out an educational campaign with self-care messages through all their communication channels to passengers that reinforce, among others, the correct use of the mask, avoid talking during trips, keep train windows open and frequent washing of hands before leaving and arriving at destination.


Concussion in Mexico: wrestler dies in ring of cardiac arrest

Pain and shock in the world of grim fighting. Last Saturday the fighter Mexican ‘Príncipe Aéreo’, in the middle of a fight held at the San Juan Pantitlán Arena. The athlete fell melted on the canvas after receiving two ‘machetes’ in the chest. Moments later, doctors reported his death.


Ladislav Dušek, a representative of his grandfather Kodery |, went to acting Street | Shows AZ Nova Plus

Another departure of a great actor and colleague hit the street. Ladislav Dušek, whom you saw in the series as Vojt’s grandfather, died on Friday, October 16, after a serious illness. Long-term member of the FX Theater in Liberec

Another departure of a great actor and colleague hit the street. Ladislav Dušek, whom you saw in the series as Vojt’s grandfather, died on Friday, October 16, after a serious illness. A long-time member of the FX Šalda Theater in Liberec, he first appeared in the Street as a slightly trampled Koder only last year, but his character immediately gained your attention. “The departure of Ladislav Dušek hit us a lot, especially in these difficult times. We counted on him in the future as well, because he was a wonderful colleague who immediately fit in with us. We will never forget him in the Street, even though he was only a part of our team for a short time, ”Jana Maršíková, the producer of the series, reacts to the death of the representative of Vojta’s grandfather.

Mr. Dušek, we were honored to work with you. Honor your memory, sincere condolences to the family.


They launched Correo Compras: there are already more than a thousand products and free shipping the first month

At the head of the presentation of ‘Correo Compras’ at the Kirchner Cultural Center, the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cafiero affirmed this Friday that “the solution of Argentine problems is based on production and employment”.

Together with the Minister of Productive Development, Matias Kulfas, and the president of Argentine Mail, Vanesa Piesciorovski, Cafiero formally presented the portal www.correocompras.com.ar, what offers a comprehensive solution to “buy products in an easy, fast and secure way, at lower costs than those on the market and with delivery service throughout the country”, as reported.

For the president of Correo Argentino, “with this new platform we seek to bring the entire country closer together in a single click. We are going to build the mail of the future, to keep up with technological changes and respond more and better to the needs of each and every Argentine”.

“The platform will have all the benefits that the national government incorporates for the promotion of internal consumption: we will begin with the Now 18, Now 12 and Now 6 program,” said Piesciorovski.

Kulfas, for his part, stressed that “We are convinced that SMEs, cooperatives, producers, are the great productive heart of Argentina and that they form a network together with the country’s large companies”.

The head of the Productive Development portfolio emphasized in this regard that one of the benefits of the initiative is its federal nature, “because it ensures that Every Argentine, no matter where they are born, has access to the same quality, quantity and diversity of goods and services they need and at the right prices“.

At the closing of the act, Cafiero said that the National Government seeks to “generate greater connectivity and greater federalization in public policy and throughout the national territory,” and added: “There is no more place here for these dichotomies of companies or state They are fights that are part of the past. There is no state without entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs and without a state”.

The Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers also stressed that The Government “works for everyone because the solution to Argentine problems is based on production and employment”.


Come on, Login www.pln.co.id, How to Get Free PLN Electricity in October, Can Via WA

MY SEMARANG – PT PLN (Persero) provided a stimulus electricity free PLN October to the lower class.

Stimulus token electricity free can help the underprivileged community caused by the economic crisis during the pandemic.

Therefore, household customers with a power capacity of 450 and 900 VA and small businesses with a power of 450 VA were targeted by the government to obtain tokens electricity free from the government.

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Token subsidy assistance electricity free from PLN it had been a few months before and in October it has reopened and the public can enjoy the services electricity free from the government.

As for how to get tokens electricity free The month in October can be passed in two ways, namely through the website PLN by logging in www.pln.co.id and via WatshApp to 08122-123-123.

Hence, parties PLN extend the stimulus electricity free until December 2020. This means that the community will enjoy the service electricity with free or cheap price from PLN as a result of a pandemic.

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Technology: Among Us | 2020.9.9 | How to download the latest version on your PC | Act

How many people have you asked to join ? Well, here we tell you more details. Its game mode is quite easy: the main purpose is to discover the impostor within the group of crew members. But not only that, you will also have to perform the missions that are entrusted to you on the three maps.

Although the version for Android and iOS smartphones is free, for PC it is the opposite. If you want to get the video game, you must download it officially for a sum of approximately 11 soles.

LOOK: Among Us: the trick to always play as an imposter

However, the real problem is not in the costing of the game, but in that , platform where the official version will be downloaded, does not update the InnerSloth.

Know the trick to play Among Us on your computer or PC without paying! (Photo: Mockup)

In order that you can have the version 2020.9.9 of on PC, web has shared a Mediafire link so you can download it without problems. You will only have to perform these steps:

  • The first one is to enter the next and download Among Us for PC.
  • Then copy said file to the desktop of your PC and unzip it.

LOOK: How to download Among Us on PC or laptop for free: step by step

  • When you do, you will see that inside the folder you will find a series of files, among which is Among Us.
  • After that, click on the Among Us icon and click Run.
  • After that you will see that Among Us runs on your computer without problems.

It should be noted that the version 2020.9.9 of it tends to take a while to recognize the rooms on the maps. We recommend that, while it loads, you can change the language of the game.


Currently has up to 3 maps, the same ones that are called The Skeld, Mira HQ and Polus. Although these are expected to be much more in the second season of the video game, you should be attentive to all the tasks that you must complete in the game.


Do you want to know all the tricks of the Among Us maps?  Look now at all the missions.  (Photo: Mag)
Do you want to know all the tricks of the Among Us maps? Look now at all the missions. (Photo: Mag)

It is the first map and it is the one that most choose since It launches it automatically, without choosing another. This has a series of missions compiled by various youtubers:

  • Reactor: There you must start the reactor and unlock a variety of collectors.
  • Upper and Lower Engine: In this room you have to align the motor output and divert the energy to them.
  • Security: In this room you can see if the imposter is doing his thing through the surveillance cameras.
  • Electricity: In this room you must divert the energy from the upper engine.
  • Cafeteria: Here you can not only empty the trash, but also upload data to keep others attentive.
  • Warehouse: In this section recharge the engines.
  • Administration: Go to the head table and swipe the card.
  • Communications: Here you can also load data.
  • O2: You can not only divert energy, but also clean the O2 filter.
  • Armory: One of the most used rooms since you can operate the reactor to explode meteorites.
  • Shields: Fire up the shields and deflect their full potential.
  • Navigation: Here you can see all the missions on the map and who is currently in each room.


Know all the tricks of the Polus map.  (Photo: Among Us)
Know all the tricks of the Polus map. (Photo: Among Us)

This map is considered the smallest of all, but it comes loaded with a series of missions that we will explain below:

  • Launching: Here you can divert energy and make a diagnosis of them.
  • Reactor: In this room you can turn on the reactor and unlock a series of collectors.
  • Laboratory: Do not forget that here you can divert energy to the laboratory, assemble a device and order a number of samples.
  • Corridor: If you see that something is wrong, then start fixing the wiring.
  • Communications: Divert all the energy you can.
  • Medical wing: Send the full room scan to the Medical Wing.
  • Office: This room is full of information, you can process it.
  • Greenhouse: Divert the energy to the greenhouse and clean the O2 filter.
  • Administration: Turn on shields, navigation map, divert power to management and enter the ID code.
  • Warehouse: You can only water the plants.
  • Cafeteria: You can buy drinks and even empty the garbage can.
  • Balcony: You can measure the weather in addition to shooting asteroids.


See all the activities you can do on the Mira HQ map.  (Photo: Among Us)
See all the activities you can do on the Mira HQ map. (Photo: Among Us)

Finally the third of the three maps but not the least important. What can you find in Polus?

  • Outside: Here you must repair the climate GI / IRO / PD / TB / CA / MLG.
  • Medical wing: Inspect all samples.
  • Warehouse: In this room recharge all engines.
  • Armory: You can destroy asteroids and upload data.
  • Communications: Here you can restart the WiFi.
  • Electricity: Fix all wiring and upload data.
  • Laboratory: Repair the drill, align the telescope
  • Boarding ship: Insert the keys.
  • O2: Don’t forget to upload your data and throw away the trash.
  • Office: Use the card and the boarding pass.
  • Boiler room: Replace the water jug.
  • Specimen Room: Unlock collectors and store artifacts.

Among Us: the cheat to always play as an imposter

Are you already enjoying with your friends? This is the new hot game on PC and mobile. If you already have it on your smartphone or on your laptop or computer, now we will show you a trick so you can always use it. Do you want to know how to always play the role of impostor? Here we tell you how to do it with this simple trick.

The objective of is that you can discover who the impostor really is within the game. To do this, if you are chosen as a crew member, you must keep your eyes open to really know who the intruder is inside the ship.


Thus he achieved fame Among Us and defeated Fall Guys

Amongs Us breaks it on PC and mobile



Mobile cinema: Bogotanos will enjoy Mobile Cinema in Simón Bolívar park – Bogotá

The District Institute of Recreation and Sports (IDRD) in an alliance with Royal Films, it will take for three months, that is until December 24, joy, entertainment and fun for citizens through the Mobile Cinema.

It’s free and It will be running from this Friday, September 25 with its premiere function and for the public from Saturday, September 26.

The chosen setting is the events plaza of the Simón Bolívar Metropolitan Park, lPlace that will host people in two functions from Tuesday to Sunday: 6:30 pm and 9 pm

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The entrance enabled for entry will be goal number four of the park, located at 60 street # 57-65. The capacity allowed per function will be 102 vehicles, each with a maximum capacity of four people and the minimum age will be two years and older and will be subject to the classification of the billboard.

Vehicles may enter from 5 pm, for the first performance in order to avoid crowds and traffic jams on the roads near the stage.

The ticket office will be digital and free, the process to acquire the ticket will be through the website and social networks of Royal Films that will carry out contests so that people acquire their entry at no cost.

The process to redeem the digital ballot will be carried out through the Royal Films website (https://royal-films.com/). Then you must select IDRD-Simón Bolívar Mobile Cinema, click on the ticket office and choose the day of the performance, the time and the movie.

Then the word ‘Successful’ will appear and the registered email will receive the ballot with the QR code for entry.

For these first days, visitors will be able to enjoy large-format films such as: Bohemian Rhapsody, Black Panther, The Called Wild, United, Captain Marvel and The Lion King.

There will be food sales in the park, prior to the start of the function, in two ways. A digital one, entering the Royal Films website, in the confectionery icon you can make the purchase. The other option is in the park. For this, users must turn the direction of their car and will be attended by authorized personnel.

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There will also be a public toilet service.
In this case, the vehicle must travel to the park administration.

The events area of ​​the Simón Bolívar Metropolitan Park will host the Mobile Cinema, with a montage that It includes a 20X10 meter screen, Dolby Digital Surround sound, for the best experience in the city.

Attendees must tune the 99.5 dial to the FM frequency of their car radio to be able to have the sound of the movie and enjoy all the emotions.


In order to be part of the Mobile Cinema, citizens must comply with regulations, biosafety recommendations and established protocols to prevent the contagion or spread of covid-19. Remember it is for your health and that of others. The use of face masks is mandatory at all times.

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• Anyone with symptoms associated with COVID-19 or respiratory must refrain from entering. Also if you have had suspected or positive cases.

• Upon entering the park, the temperature of each person inside the vehicle will be taken. If any of the attendees exceed 38 degrees Celsius, entry will not be allowed.

• Upon admission, attendees must disinfect their hands with glycerinated alcohol inside the vehicle.

• The use of a mask is mandatory during the entire performance.

• You must stay inside the vehicle during the entire function, you can only make trips to use the public restrooms.

• The vehicle must remain in the indicated place throughout the function. Remember that location is on a first come, first serve basis. A differentiation will be made between cars and trucks, which will go to the back of the stage.

• The number of people allowed per vehicle must be respected, four companions maximum.

• Vehicles must remain with the engine and lights off.

• It is not possible to interact with other vehicles in the event plaza, nor get off the cars to group with other people.

• Vehicles must carry road equipment and fire extinguisher.

• You are responsible for the proper handling of the waste.

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Epic Games Store: RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Complete Edition is free this week, upon release!

Epic Games did another strong last week by offering Watch_Dogs 2, Football Manager 2020 and Stick it to the Man!. This time it’s only one title, but officially released today, which is therefore offered upon launch. It is RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Complete Edition, the remastered version of the cult theme park management game, which is available from September 24 to October 1.

Here is how it is described on theEpic Games Store.

RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Complete Edition

  • Your park. Your way
    • No matter what you want to build, RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 gives you the tools and the freedom you need to build the theme park of your dreams.
  • Run your business like a pro and rise through the ranks
    • Control park finances, stores, services, and staff to tackle dozens of scenarios. Become a true theme park baron and embark on your thriving new career, or create the park of your dreams without worrying about financial matters in sandbox mode. Meet the needs of your visitors and keep your park running smoothly for success.
  • Prepare for Wild Distractions and Aquatic Delusions!
    • The Complete Edition includes all content from both Aquatic Delights and Wild Distractions expansion packs. Take on the unprecedented challenges of creating and managing spectacular water attractions and animal habitats.
  • Improved PC version
    • For the first time, play RollerCoaster Tycoon 3 in widescreen mode and 1080p, and enjoy better support for recent computer hardware.
  • Take a ride on your roller coaster
    • Try out your creations with RollerCoaster Tycoon 3’s iconic on-board camera.
  • Tons of content
    • Fill your park with more than 300 attractions, 500 pieces of scenery, 60 shops and services, and 20 species of animals to keep.
  • Character editor
    • Create your own visitors and see your creations through their eyes.
  • MixMaster
    • Amaze your visitors with personalized fireworks and lasers shows that will delight and dazzle them.

The following week, it’s cute Pikuniku which will be offered free of charge.

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Putin shows his chest for his Covid vaccine and offers it free to the UN

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, He put his chest out before the UN on Tuesday for the rapid development in his country of a coronavirus vaccine and offered it free of charge to the organization to protect all its employees.

In his video message to the General Assembly, Putin He pointed out that his Government is ready to offer the United Nations all the necessary assistance, which includes free vaccination for all staff who want it.

He also said thatYour country is open to supply other nations with the so-called “Spútnik V”, which, as he highlighted, has been proven “safe” and “effective.”

Putin insisted that citizens around the world should have free access to a Covid-19 vaccine and He also underlined the Kremlin’s willingness to work with other governments to share diagnostic methods. and treatment of the disease.

In addition, in contrast to the United States, he defended that the World Health Organization (WHO) should have a central role in coordinating the response and said that Russia is working to strengthen the capacity of the Geneva-based entity.

On the other hand, Putin warned of the long-term economic effects that the current crisis will have and defended the need for the entire international community to work board to drive growth.

In this context, he stressed the importance of eliminating barriers, restrictions and, above all, “illegitimate sanctions” in international trade.

In the geopolitical and military sphere, the Russian leader He assured that he wants to cooperate with the United States to extend the strategic arms reduction treaty and hoped that there will be “restraint” when it comes to deploying new missile systems.

Too reiterated interest in a binding treaty to ban weapons in outer space and opted for more cooperation in cybersecurity.

Coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, Putin defended the work of the organization and, although he recognized that it is necessary to adapt it to the reality of the 21st century, he made it clear that his country opposes major changes in the Security Council, where it is one of the five permanent members and has veto power.

According to him, for the Council to continue being the “pillar of global governance” it is essential that these five countries, nuclear powers and victors of World War II, retain the privilege of the veto.


We tested the knowledge of Přemek Forejt and Bára Basiková: Do they know the lives of their models? | Your face has a familiar voice Shows AZ Nova Plus

Dance training, singing lessons and acting lessons. Competitors go through all this with your faces so that their numbers are without mistakes. We put them on a short quiz. How Bára Basiková and the guest managed it

Dance training, singing lessons and acting lessons. Competitors go through all this with your faces so that their numbers are without mistakes. We put them on a short quiz. How did Bára Basiková and jury guest Přemek Forejt manage it?

Watch the fourth part of the seventh series of the show Your Face Has a Famous Voice on Saturday, September 26, from 8:20 pm in Nova!