The six Olympic Qualification Tournaments are postponed – Fil Info – Equipe de France

Handball will be no exception. Like almost all sporting events in recent days, the six Olympic Qualification Tournaments have been postponed. Thus, the three women’s tournaments, which were to take place from March 20 to 22, and the three men’s, originally scheduled from April 17 to 19, have been postponed to June. “The International Handball […]

Les Bleus lose in Scotland after a disappointing match

Published on : 03/08/2020 – 17:57 Awkward and feverish, the French were largely dominated Sunday by the Scots who signed a great victory (28-17) in front of their audience. The Blues, who have long been outnumbered, have failed to counter the aggressiveness of the XV thistle. The Scots showered, Sunday, March 8, the hopes of […]

the Blues find Portugal, shock Belgium-England

Published on : 03/03/2020 – 23:17Modified : 03/03/2020 – 23:17 France inherited from Portugal, the title holder, from Croatia and Sweden, as adversaries for the second edition of the League of Nations, following the draw carried out on Tuesday in Amsterdam. The draw for the second edition of the League of Nations on Tuesday March […]

the Blue ones want to start off on the right foot

These are games that we forgot a little. With four victories, friendly against Spain (2-0) and Iceland (4-0) and in the eliminatory phase of Euro 2021 against Serbia (6-0) and Kazakhstan (3-0) , last fall should have been comforting for the Blue after their disappointment at the World Cup. But the world of sport is […]

Paris snatches draw at Nantes, 29-29 – Fil Info – Division 1

In front of 28-29 less than two minutes from the final whistle, the Parisians had to settle for a draw (29-29) in the H Arena in Nantes because of a last achievement by Olivier Nyokas (58 ‘ 46), top scorer from Nantes (6 goals) with Nicolas Tournat. At the end of this 17th day of […]

Faced with the Welsh, a character victory for the Blues

Good fortune must end up changing sides. How many confrontations in recent years with these Welsh devils, who remain uncertain for a long time, and play nothing in favor of the XV of Leek? A single victory for the Blues over the last nine oppositions, not the least success in Cardiff for ten years and […]

Émilien Jacquelin, a new golden star in the blue sky

These are rare moments in sport. The fourth, excluded from the podium, who ignores his personal disappointment to fall into the arms of his caddy and possible successor. The defeated Martin Fourcade, commander of the world biathlon for almost ten years, therefore fell into the arms of the kid Émilien Jacquelin, who won the first […]