Zībarts resigns from the position of the head coach of the Latvian women’s basketball team

Latvian women’s basketball suffered a loss in the eighth final of the European Championship in Riga on Monday, thus continuing the fight for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic qualifying tournament.

The Latvian national team in the eighth final with the result 62:77 (14:23, 9:22, 17:14, 22:18) gave way to Sweden, which will meet with Serbia in the quarterfinals on Thursday.

Zībarts took the helm of the Latvian national team in September 2015. Under his leadership, Latvians won sixth place in the 2017 European Championship and won a ticket to last year’s World Cup, in which they lost in all three subgroup tournament games.

In the summer of 2017, the board of LBS offered Zībarts to extend the contract until 2019, but last year it was extended until the end of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games cycle.

Currently, the 45-year-old Zībarts started his coaching career already in 1996 in the basketball club “Kolibri”, from 1998 to 2008 he worked with girls born in 1990-1991. He has worked with Latvian youth teams and in 2010 won a bronze medal in the European U-20 Championship.

In professional club basketball, he has worked with both men’s and women’s teams, training for the “Barons” / LMT, “University of Latvia”, “Ventspils”, Vladivostok “Spartak-Primorje”, St. Petersburg “Spartak” and Kursk “Dinamo” teams.

In the 2016/2017 season, Zībarts, as the assistant to the head coach Luka Mondelo, helped Kursk’s “Dinamo” team to triumph in the FIBA ​​Euroleague.

Last year, he became the head coach of the Latvian women’s basketball flagship “TTT Rīga”, last season the Rigans reached the FIBA ​​Euroleague quarter-finals.

The Latvian women’s national team competed in the European final tournament for the ninth time, including the eighth time in a row (1999, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019). The biggest achievements were the fourth place in 2007, as well as the sixth position was won twice (2005, 2017).

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Islanders, Stars and Golden Knights are victorious to the conference finals

The Islanders defeated the Philadelphia Flyers 3: 2 (0: 0, 1: 1, 2: 1) and took the lead 3-1 in a series of up to four wins.

The first play-off game since 2016 was played by Islanders goalkeeper Thomas Grace, who handled 36 of the 38 shots, repelling a total of 94.7% of the show.

The New York team revealed the result of the game in the seventh minute of the second period, when the puck was intercepted by Josh Bailey in the opponent’s defense zone and was quickly delivered to Brock Nelson, who scored the first goal with one touch. The second third, however, ended in a draw 1: 1, as about four minutes before the end of the period, the direction of flight of the puck in front of the goal was corrected by Sean Cutourier.

The New Yorkers won the final 20 minutes in the final. Initially, Jean Gabriel Pazo threw exactly, but already in the third minute in the 12th minute Nelson reached 3: 1. One minute before the end of the duel, Ivan Provorov regained one goal, but the Flyers gave up and lost to the end of the season.

Also an important victory was the Stars, who defeated the Colorado Avalanche 5: 4 (3: 0, 0: 2, 2: 2) and took the lead 3-1 in a series of up to four successes.

In the seventh minute of the game, the stars were led by Jon Klinberja’s accurate shot, but by the end of the period, the majority was still realized by Jamie Ben and Radek Fax. In the second third, only the Colorado team scored, with Valery Nichushkin and Keil Makar helping to keep the result to a minimum.

In the third period, Rupp Hinch and Denis Gurijanov reached 5: 2 in half a minute, but until the final whistle in the Avalanche ranks, Nichushkin was again accurate, while his compatriot Vladislav Namestnikov scored four seconds before the end of the duel.

“Stars” defender Miro Heiskenen earned one pass in this game, which was enough to become the club’s most successful player of all time in the playoffs. The talented Finnish defender has already accumulated a total of 16 performance points since August 1.

The Stars can already secure a place in the next round of the playoffs tonight, due to the resignation of the Avalanche.

The Golden Knights, on the other hand, won the Vancouver Canucks 5: 3 (2: 1, 0: 2, 3: 0) and are leading 3-1 in a series of up to four victories.

Max Pachioretti realized the numerical majority in the tenth minute of the first period, but less than two minutes later, Elias Pessalon managed to do the same on the other side of the field. The Vegas unit went to the locker room with one goal advantage, as Chandler Stefenson also threw another “goal”.

In the second third, after Bo Horvat and Tyler Tofoli’s accurate shots with a 3: 2 lead, the Canucks were already in the lead, but in the final 20 minutes, the Golden Knights scored three unanswered goals in less than six minutes. The team was defeated by the gates of Miss Schmidt, Pacioretti and William Carlson.

Croatia with eight “goals” is the best sniper in the playoffs.

It has already been reported that the NHL, joining the other leading North American professional sports leagues, did not play the games of its tournament – the Stanley Cup – on Thursday and Friday.

Toronto and Edmonton first saw a 24-team elimination tournament, with the Stanley Cup continuing with 16 units. First, the teams qualified for the series up to three victories in the “play-off” round, but then switched to the traditional series format for up to four victories.

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People from Latvia live in the town of Visarion, the leader of the detained sect. The number of their supporters has grown tremendously here

Embassy on Rumpāne’s situation: relatives must understand that she has committed a criminal offense

Singer Samantha Tina is again a free girl


Merzlikins becomes the first Latvian hockey player to be included in the NHL debut team

The first symbolic selection of the season also includes defenders Queens Hughes (Vancouver “Canucks”) and Keil Macar (Colorado’s “Avalanche”), as well as strikers Dominic Kubalik (Chicago “Blackhawks”), Victor Buffalo (Buffalo “Sabers”) and Nick Sazaki (Montreal). “Canadiens”).

Makars was recognized as the best debutant in the league by receiving the Caldera Award.

In his debut season, Merzlikkin conceded an average of 2.35 discs in 33 matches and repelled 92.3% of the litters, remaining “dry” five times. Among the debutants, he was the league’s best goalkeeper in these stats, but overall the NHL was in the top five in all three.

In January, Merzlikins won eight games in ten games, averaging 1.72 puck in the match and repelling 94.8% of opponents’ throws, as well as defending his “fortress” three times. This month, he also claimed the title of best player in the league.

After a great performance in January, the goalkeeper was the leader in the “dry” games for a while, being able to protect his goal intact five times.

During the eight-win series, he conceded an average of 1.00 puck in the game and defeated 96.7%. He is only the sixth goalkeeper in NHL history to score five “dry” wins in eight or fewer games.

Last time, one of the Blue Jackets hockey players was included in the symbolic top five three years ago, when Zek Verensky earned the honor. Merzlikkin is the second goalkeeper of the Columbus team to be in this team – in the 2008/2009 season Steve Mason was voted.

Merzlikkin received 92 votes in the vote of the Association of Professional Hockey Journalists. Among the goalkeepers, McCenzy Blackwood (Devils of New Jersey) had 75 votes, and Ilya Samsonov (Capitals of Washington) had three votes.

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Rail Baltica high-speed trains will run every two hours between the Baltic capitals

“Rail Baltica high-speed trains from Tallinn to Warsaw and from Tallinn to Vilnius are expected to run up to four times a day in each direction on each route from the time the line is opened and up to six times a day in each direction on each route after 10 years of operation. In addition, up to 10 trains a day will run on the Vilnius-Kaunas-Warsaw route, which will provide Rail Baltica with a fast rail connection between the Baltic capitals every two hours, “RB Rail said.

At the same time, the plan also includes two night trains: Tallinn-Riga-Kaunas-Warsaw-Berlin and Vilnius-Kaunas-Warsaw-Berlin, enabling passengers to reach further destinations in Europe.

It is also planned that passengers will have the opportunity to get from Riga Central Station to Riga International Airport every 30 minutes. This trip will take 10 minutes.

According to the representatives of RB Rail, the train schedule envisages that two to three freight trains with a maximum speed of 120 kilometers per hour will be able to use Rail Baltica every hour. The assumed axle load is 25 tons and the permissible train length is up to 1050 meters. In order to promote the development of rail freight transport, it is planned to build three large-scale multimodal terminals – in Mūga (Estonia), Salaspils (Latvia) and Palemona (Lithuania).

Representatives of RB Rail also pointed out that in the plan 80% of freight trains using Rail Baltica will be intermodal freight trains, giving logistics operators the opportunity to shift freight from road to rail. As a result, significant reductions in air pollution and road congestion are expected, as well as improved overall road safety.

Representatives of RB Rail also noted that the plan envisages regional passenger transportation from Bauska to Riga and from Salacgriva to Riga, Latvia, from Pärnu to Tallinn, Estonia, and from Marijampole through Kaunas to Vilnius in Lithuania.

The high-speed train movement interval is based on the assessment of the expected passenger demand, which was performed during the development of the Rail Baltica train movement plan for 2026-2056. The plan was developed by the German company Gauff Mobility GmbH in cooperation with the Danish company COWI and the German company Institut fur Bahntechnik GmbH.

It has already been reported that the Rail Baltica project envisages the creation of a European standard gauge railway line from Tallinn to the Lithuanian-Polish border, so that the Baltic States can be further connected to other European countries by rail. In the Baltic States, it is planned to build a new 870-kilometer-long European gauge railway line (1,435 millimeters) with a maximum train speed of 240 kilometers per hour.

The cost of Rail Baltica is expected to reach 5.8 billion euros, including the branch decided to be built between Kaunas and Vilnius. Part of the costs will be covered by European Union funds. It is planned that the Rail Baltica railway line will be ready for traffic in 2026.

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Fuel prices have “fallen” below the euro per liter

Ilze Pērkone, a representative of the fuel retailer “Neste”, said that today the price of 95-mark petrol in petrol stations has dropped to 0.997 euros per liter in some places and the price of 98-mark petrol to 1.037 euros per liter. The price of “Futura” diesel fuel is 0.897 euros per liter and “Pro diesel” – 0.997 euros per liter.

She pointed out that fuel prices at Neste filling stations have fallen by 24 cents for petrol and 26 cents for diesel since January. Including in March for gasoline and diesel by 18 cents.

Arnis Andrianovs, sales manager of the fuel retailer “Virši”, pointed out that since the beginning of March, the prices of both petrol and diesel at gas stations have decreased on average by 16 cents per liter or about 15-20% compared to the prices at the beginning of the year.

On Friday, the lowest price in the fuel retailer “Virši” network for 95th grade petrol is 0.997 euros per liter and for diesel 0.889 euros per liter. The last time the price of diesel fuel was below one euro per liter was in 2017, while the price of petrol approached the level of one euro in 2016 for the last time.

Representatives of Viada, on the other hand, informed that in this network of fuel retailers, the price of 95-mark petrol has dropped to 1.067 euros per liter in some places, but the price of diesel fuel – to 0.947 euros per liter. The average retail price at Viada filling stations for petrol fell by 13% and for diesel by 15.5% during the month.

Information on the website of the fuel retailer “Circle K” shows that in this network also in some places the price of 95-mark petrol has dropped to 0.997 euros per liter, while the price of diesel has dropped to 0.897 euros per liter.

Saudi Arabia reportedly increased its oil production last month and started a price war with Russia, and now oil prices have fallen to their lowest level in more than 15 years. The fall in oil prices is also being driven by declining demand caused by the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

In the hope of stabilizing the oil market, the group of oil-exporting countries OPEC + will hold a video conference on Monday, Azerbaijan announced on Friday. “This meeting will be held at the invitation of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia following talks mediated by US President Donald Trump,” said the Azerbaijani Ministry of Energy.

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4finance offers credit holidays and restricts lending in times of crisis

Credit holiday opportunities for existing customers

Those Vivus.lv, Ondo.lv and SMScredit.lv customers who, since the declaration of the state of emergency on March 12, no longer have the opportunity to meet their credit obligations, have the opportunity to postpone regular payments for a period of up to 60 days. Depending on the situation of a particular customer and the impact of the emergency on the financial situation of an individual, the company may also decide to defer payments for a longer period of time, assessing each customer individually.

“It is important to emphasize that AS 4finance, by postponing the repayment term of the monthly payment, also postpones the loan repayment deadline. This means that the transferred payment will not increase the amount of the monthly payment in the future, but will simply move on in the calendar, ”explains Gvido Endlers, the regional manager of AS 4finance.

AS 4finance also offers credit holidays. At the time of granting, the customer does not have to make any payments and the interest payment is added to the next month’s payment. If the customer will not be able to make the next month’s payment, the credit holiday may be extended or another individual solution may be found.

A stricter approach to assessing solvency

Due to an emergency situation, AS 4finance has introduced even stricter lending conditions. If so far about 30% of the submitted loan applications met the company’s solvency assessment requirements, then after the introduction of the new assessment criteria, only 23% of potential borrowers are approved. This means that the loan is issued in only 23 cases out of 100 applications.

“We are constantly monitoring the situation in the credit market and the economy as a whole. If necessary, we are also ready to introduce stricter restrictions on issuing loans to customers, ”says G. Endlers.

At the same time, the company points out that the volume of loans issued in March decreased by 19% compared to the previous two months of 2020, while comparing the first two weeks of March and April, the decrease is already 32%. The number of applications has decreased, as has the number of approved loans. From the volumes of lending, it can be concluded that people’s sense of responsibility is high enough and the individual’s ability to borrow is carefully assessed. Customers in these circumstances carefully assess the need for a loan.

“Our main focus, even in times of crisis, is to maintain honest and open relationships with our customers and to ensure that customers do not incur disproportionately high credit obligations. Therefore, we will focus on serving existing customers, providing an individual approach to customer service, ”adds G. Endlers.

Reduction of the amount available to the customer

At the same time, changes are being made to the company’s credit policy, applying a risk-based approach and setting a reduction in the amounts that customers can borrow. This means that the maximum amount of credit specified in the product will be available to the customer only if the customer meets certain criteria. In this case, the client’s income and expenses, previous repayment discipline and age group, the number of previously issued loans and the quality of their repayment will be taken into account.

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airBaltic resumes flights to nine destinations

From Monday, airBaltic will resume flights from Riga to Amsterdam, Brussels, Dublin, Gothenburg, Lisbon, Prague, Reykjavik, Vienna and Zurich.

In total, airBaltic currently offers flights from Riga to 35 destinations in Europe.

“We are pleased with the Latvian government’s decision to ease pre-determined travel restrictions while maintaining public safety and health as a top priority. This gives us the opportunity to operate additional flights on routes that are essential for Latvian-Baltic connectivity,” said airBaltic. CEO Martin Gauss.

The airline also noted that all passengers on airBaltic flights are provided with a free basic care kit, which includes a face mask and disinfectant wipes.

Passengers should check travel rules and airport restrictions on official websites or local embassies before traveling. The rules are changing rapidly and vary from country to country.

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Printful sets up a manufacturing center in Canada

Initially, 1.8 million euros will be invested in the establishment of the plant. This is the first Printful plant in Canada and the seventh in the world. It will work alongside plants in the United States, Mexico, Spain and Latvia.

“Printful already has a large customer base in Canada, so setting up a manufacturing and supply center is a logical step to strengthen our position in this market. We see the potential to become one of the industry leaders in Canada, ”says Dāvis Siksāns, CEO and co-founder of Printful.

Canada is the second largest market for Printful after the United States, so establishing a manufacturing and delivery center is essential to serve customers even better by reducing delivery times. Printful works closely with the Canadian Investment Attraction Agency (Invest in Canada), business consultants from Toronto Global and the Latvian Embassy in Canada to establish the Canadian center.

“Mississippi has one of the most skilled and diverse workplaces in the world, and the city is home to many businesses. The establishment of a printful plant is a testament to the attractiveness of the city of Mississippi for international companies,” said Bison Crombie, Mayor of Mississippi.

What is Printful

Printful is a printing, sewing and delivery outsourcing company that gives online store owners the opportunity to offer customers more than 230 different products without investing in production equipment themselves. Printful’s international team in Latvia, USA, Canada, Spain and Mexico takes care of all issues related to printing, product storage and delivery, allowing customers to devote time to the most interesting part of the business – marketing and design development. More than 18 million products are currently printed. More than 350 people work at Printful’s head office and factory in Riga. Printful currently employs more than 800 people worldwide.

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Two students of Murjāņi Sports Gymnasium are infected with Covid-19

Students are isolated and testing continues at the institution. The epidemiological investigation is also continuing in the gymnasium and it is being explained what could be a possible source of infection, the representative of the SPKC emphasized.

Arāja noted that recommendations have been provided to the educational institution and all epidemiological safety measures are observed.

According to Sergejs Čevers, the acting director of Murjāņi Sports Gymnasium, the infected students took part in a one-day competition in Estonia on Sunday, last week in a training competition in Biķernieki and last Sunday in a competition in Kuldīga.

Chever said that two young people who started competing in the junior group returned to school and found a cold and fever, so the cyclists were registered for the Covid-19 test. The test results were received this morning and were positive.

In addition to these young people, two coaches who have worked with young people, as well as seven other school students who have also participated in the competition, have also passed the test to Covid-19. Chever said that so far the test results have been received for two students and they are negative.

The acting principal emphasized that there are currently no large numbers of people in the school, assuming a total of twenty. Since June 13, when the school has resumed teaching and training, all the planned safety measures have been implemented in the gymnasium.

Chever said a route map of infected young people had been prepared and handed over to specialists so that they could be tracked where they were. It is known that the infected students have been to Estonia and Lithuania, as well as participated in almost all events organized by the Latvian Cyclists’ Federation, including competitions.

The fact that the young people infected with Covid-19 were gymnasium cyclists was also confirmed by Toms Markss, a member of the board of the Latvian Cyclists’ Federation, who pointed out that an epidemiological investigation is underway and the federation fully trusts professionals and their work.

Former cyclist and coach Igo Japiņš also confirmed that among the infected are cyclists who have recently participated in competitions in Estonia and Lithuania. The disease was diagnosed after returning home.

“We found out about it only today. An epidemiological investigation is currently underway,” said Japiņš.

Athletes from other countries have also participated in the competition in Lithuania and Estonia, so it is not yet clear whether the source of infection is to be found among the athletes of Murjāņi Gymnasium themselves, or among cyclists from other countries, Japiņš said.

He also made no secret of the fact that this event led to the cancellation of the Latvian Junior Championship, which was planned in Lithuania.

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Trying to dissuade from performing analyzes – Latvian Renārs, returning from Italy, is worried about the attitude of the Infectious Diseases Center

LA writes that a man named Renārs, known to the newspaper’s editorial office, visited the exhibition in the Italian city of Milan from February 15 to 18, then returned to Latvia, and later went to Warsaw, where he met the Chinese. When he returned home to Aizkraukle on February 23, he felt the symptoms characteristic of the virus – headache, bone fracture, neck and eye tingling, so he decided to turn to LIC for concern about possible infection with the new coronavirus.

“I searched the coordinates of the Infectious Diseases Center on the Internet, saw an information banner where information about the coronavirus can be found. that it was very good that I had called, but it would be even better, “if you came to the Infectious Diseases Center and did tests.” I wondered if I would really be accepted on Sunday. ! “,” Renārs told the newspaper.

On the evening of Sunday, February 23, after 8 pm, he approached the LIC and called the already known phone again to announce that he had arrived because the door was closed. The called LIC employee asked to wait and promised that everything would be arranged immediately – the doctor would arrive, everything would be done. However, five minutes later, Renārs was called back and informed that nothing would happen, because there was no such option as previously promised. “I asked him what to do. The woman at the other end of the phone suggested going to Gailezers Hospital, where I would probably be hospitalized,” the man told LA.

“I was not ready for such a turn. I went home and went to my therapist on Monday to start treatment. When I told my doctor the whole story, he told me:” I can’t tell you if you are infected with the coronavirus, go to Riga and check! ” That ‘s what I did, “the patient recounts.

However, when he arrived at the LIC for the second time, the staff was sluggish. “I went to the reception and asked if I needed to check if I had brought the coronavirus from Italy. At the reception I was asked what was bothering me. I said that I was in Italy, in the area where I was sick, then working with the Chinese in Poland. At first she tried to explain to me that there are different coronaviruses in Latvia all the time, but there is no last modification, “Renārs remembers the conversation with the hospital employee.

A moment later, an employee who talked to him put on his respirator and put on his glasses. “But in every sentence the staff tried to dissuade me from driving home. I was wondering if I was at the family doctor. I tried to make sure I came to the Infectious Diseases Center, I would pay for the tests. I was told that this was not possible. “Then we have to put you in solitary confinement,” I replied, as if waiting for my consent, “the patient told the newspaper.

“I was asked three times, ‘Well, we’re forming you in the hospital, and that’s it!'” But there was a feeling that he wanted to get rid of me sooner at all costs. A doctor appeared a moment later. She was standing about four meters from me, and I didn’t even hear what she’s talking in. I heard her ask, “So let’s take it?” I wondered how long I would be held in solitary confinement, it turns out six hours, I try to make sure I’m an adequate person, responsible, I don’t go to people, I’ll sit in the car and drive home. No one tried to persuade me to stay, “the patient said.

When he left the Infectious Diseases Center, he called the SPKC and told him the same thing he did before at the hospital. It was explained to him there that the virus had not yet spread there while he was in Italy. “But I know that the virus does not spread just when it is written about in the newspapers – people get infected before. Here, too, I was encouraged to go to the family doctor, and if it really turns out that I have a coronavirus, then I will send a specially equipped team that will take me to the Infectious Diseases Center, “the patient told the conversation with the SPKC employee in LA.

Later, Renar’s health improved, but he did not understand why none of the LIC employees he spoke to were even interested, as he was called, “not to mention that someone really wanted to do the necessary tests.”

Yuri Perevoshchikov, director of the Infectious Diseases Risk Analysis and Prevention Department at the SPKC, who is responsible for the epidemiological situation in the country, told the newspaper that if a person who has returned from affected countries and shows signs of illness does not call immediately In her turn, Ilga Namniece, a public relations specialist at the Riga East Clinical University Hospital, said that most likely, this case would be analyzed in order not to repeat the mistakes.

Related news

The new coronavirus was reported to be first detected on December 31, 2019 in China. Since then, it has been registered in several dozen other countries. No cases of the new virus have been detected in Latvia.

If the new coronavirus “Covid-19” were detected in Latvia, it would be possible to provide specific care to 100 people at the same time in the “first wave”, but there is also an action plan in case the number of cases is higher, Minister of Health Ilze (AP).

She emphasized that both the number of beds and the number of quarantine places should be identified in case people should be treated and isolated both in Riga and in the regions.

The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia (MoF) has identified China, South Korea, Iran, as well as the Lombardy and Veneto regions of Italy as the countries or territories affected by the coronavirus from February 24.

Experts recommend assessing the need for travel to these coronavirus-affected countries or territories, as well as following general precautionary measures and following the instructions of the local authorities.

Travelers returning from these places must monitor their health for the next 14 days. In the event of symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat and difficulty breathing, the VM recommends limiting contact with family members and others, calling 113 immediately and informing physicians of symptoms and travel to countries or areas affected by the coronavirus.

In turn, children are recommended not to attend an educational institution for two weeks. Upon return from the affected countries, parents will be issued with a two-week sick leave certificate.

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