Nokia to install 4G on the moon for NASA

(Agence Ecofin) – As part of its Artemis program which aims to return humans to the moon by 2024, NASA – the agency responsible for the United States’ civil space program – has entrusted Nokia with the mission of it install 4G on the Moon.

The Finnish telecoms equipment manufacturer explains that the technology will constitute ” the essential communication fabric for data transmission applications, including controlling lunar rovers, real-time navigation of lunar geography and high-definition video broadcasting ».

Nokia specifies that its 4G network, which can later be upgraded to accommodate 5G functions, will be designed to withstand the extreme conditions of launch and moon landing, but also to operate in space. The telecoms company received from NASA the sum of 14.1 million USD to carry out this mission.


With two penalties and a strong appearance for VAR, Volcano renaissance qualifies for the Confederation Final

The Moroccan team, Nahdet Berkane, beat Hassania Agadir of Morocco 2/1, and qualified for the final of the African Confederation Championship, which will be held next week.

The Nahdet Berkane team took the lead from a penalty kick by Mohamed Aziz in the 20th minute, after the referee used video assistant technology after a foul by Hassania Agadir.

Hassania Agadir was able to adjust the score through Emad Kimawi in the 30th minute, and before the end of the first half, the referee canceled his decision to count a goal in favor of RS Berkane due to an offside.

In the second half, the referee counted a penalty kick in favor of Nahdet Berkane, and Hassania Agadir’s players asked him to return to the fugitive, but he insisted that it be counted, so that Nahdet Borkan won the second goal.

Nahdet Berkane is expected in the final match, the winner of the Pyramids and Huria meeting of Guinea, which will be held on Tuesday evening.


Is physical exercise recommended for cancer patients?

We all know that practicing sports on a regular basis is, along with balanced nutrition and avoiding toxic habits such as smoking or the consumption of alcohol and other substances that are harmful to our body, one of the fundamental pillars to enjoy good health. Thus, we can affirm that sport is beneficial for both the body and the mind, without reaching extreme cases in which the situation is reversed, since all physical activity taken to the limit can cause some type of disorder.

For several years now, the relationship between the sport practice with certain pathologies, such as cancer. The doctor. Guillermo López Vivanco, Head of the Medical Oncology service at the Quirónsalud Bizkaia Hospital, explains that it has been shown in studies carried out in very large population groups that, in some tumors, the practice of exercise or sport has a preventive effect on their appearance. In fact, “it is especially beneficial to the breast and colorectal cancer and, it appears, it could also be effective for lung and endometrial cancer. “

We start from the basis that any person with a positive mental and physical situation will have a better chance of recovering from any disease, including any type of cancer, than a person who is not in the same condition. “A better physical condition it is usually accompanied by a good psychological situation and helps us face the disease and the challenge posed by treatment. “In addition, generally, people who practice some physical activity or sport tend to lead healthy lifestyles and have a better condition for cope with this type of disease.

But how do we get it started? It should be noted that a cancer patient You can do physical exercise, but it should always be a controlled activity that is based on your clinical situation, your disease and your treatment. “We are not talking about putting on a pair of shoes and going out for a run”, emphasizes Dr. Vivanco, “but about doing a series of exercises that are monitored, regulated and monitored by professionals in this specialty.

Presurgical physical activity has been scientifically proven to help alleviate the negative effects of surgery

For years, a follow-up and regular regimen of the chemotherapy has been carried out, mainly in patients undergoing chemotherapy. practice of aerobic activities three days a week, combined with resistance exercises, and it has been found to improve the quality of life of patients. “Improvements are observed in subjective toxicity, that is, it reduces fatigue and loss of appetite, for example. What does not improve is the toxicity of drugs on the blood, leukocytes or red blood cells”, explains the specialist. This practice is fully incorporated into the care activity in cancer patients in countries such as Australia, where programmed exercise is prescribed during treatment and once it is finished.

The oncologist continues: “it has also been scientifically proven that presurgical physical activity can help alleviate the negative effects of surgery, thus maintaining normal functional capacity and muscle strength as much as possible. In this way, it is possible to reduce pain, depression and fatigue. “It can also help reduce postoperative pulmonary complications and the time of hospitalization of the patient.

After finishing the treatment, Dr. Vivancos stresses that “it is common, especially in patients who have undergone chemotherapy, that at the end of the treatment they lose cardiorespiratory function and one way to recover it is to carry out a programmed and progressive exercise according to your possibilities. This will improve your cardiorespiratory capacity and reach a range of normal practice in regard to this vital function for our body. What’s more, it also serves as a beneficial effect because they will feel better physically and emotionally. “

In this sense, there are programs that focus on raising awareness about the importance of sports practice while viewing a pathology that affects more people in the world every day. It is the case of Pelayo Life Challenge which, since 2015, brings together every year women willing to give hope to all those who are in the same struggle that they successfully went through, facing different sporting challenges. This year, the five participants in this adventure will sail around the Iberian Peninsula in three stages. They left Bilbao on October 12 and will finish in Barcelona on October 26, after two intermediate stops in Malaga and Valencia. A challenge in which the Quirónsalud Group repeats for the fifth consecutive edition as an official medical provider, after having participated in the Trasatlántica 2016, Polar 2017, Annapurna Bike 2018 and Los Andes 2019 editions.

In conclusion, we can affirm, without a doubt, that sport can prevent the appearance of cancer, in addition to helping to improve during the treatment period and maintain a good health once this disease has been combated, thus avoiding the risk of relapse.

* El Confidencial, in collaboration with Quirónsalud, presents a series of articles with practical information, advice and recommendations for practicing sports that improve our health and well-being. If you have any questions about this topic or want more information, you can contact him Quironsalud Bizkaia Hospital.


the bet of a Guinean entrepreneur

(Agence Ecofin) – Guinean entrepreneur Nfansoumane Bangoura has created Yankady, an online market dedicated to African crafts. The one who feeds the great ambition to challenge e-commerce leaders including Amazon, hopes to improve the image of Made in Africa internationally.

If in the past Made in Africa faced consumer challenges, today it is increasingly managing to attract customers. This new interest in original items made in Africa is the result of multiple initiatives by African governments and entrepreneurs for the enhancement of local wealth. This in order to have a positive image of the continent, but also to contribute to the growth of local economies.

In this perspective, several initiatives promoting local products are emerging, including Yankady, an online market dedicated exclusively to African crafts. Founded by Nfansoumane Bangoura (photo), a Guinean entrepreneur established in France, Yankady works for a better visibility of made in Africa.

On the platform, shoes, jewelry and fashion items with African motifs. There is also a whole range of food products, cosmetics and literary works from the continent. Its objective, to enable customers to participate in the development of Africa. According to the founder, it is above all about supporting African entrepreneurship, in order to increase the income of entrepreneurs and artisans.

By offering their products on Yankady, entrepreneurs can save on the costs of running a website. The platform is also responsible for marketing and customer relationship management. In addition to these advantages, it also makes it possible to find in one place different types of local products, which prevents consumers from sending money to Africa to obtain a product. To ensure its profitability, the start-up takes a commission on the items offered.

Founded in 2018, Yankady’s promising beginnings reassure Nfansoumane Bangoura, which nurtures the great ambition to challenge world leaders in e-commerce like Amazon.

Aïsha Moyouzame


South Africa plans to adopt a gas code

(Ecofin Agency) – The South African government has announced its goal of becoming a major player in the gas sector around the world. To this end, he is working on a bill on gas which will serve in particular to attract more investment, both national and foreign, in this segment.

Gwede Mantashe (photo), South Africa’s Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy, has announced that the use and monetization of natural gas has become a priority for the country. To do this, the authorities plan to put in place legislation to regulate their gas ambitions.

“We are in the process of repositioning South Africa so that it becomes a serious player in the world gas market”, he added.

A gas bill will be tabled in parliament very soon, in accordance with the appropriate legislative process. The said bill will make it possible in particular to attract investments intended for infrastructure for the import of LNG and to intensify exploration activities. In addition, it will serve to diversify the energy mix and reduce the rainbow nation’s carbon emissions.

Moreover, according to Mr Mantashe, current and future gas discoveries in South Africa will be used to supply power stations and other petrochemical installations, thus promoting the reduction of imports of petroleum products.

It must be said that a technical working group has been set up to establish a commercial business plan in order to develop liquefied natural gas (LNG) import-export facilities in the various ports of the country.

In addition, the government has also set a goal of doubling the consumption of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) over the next five years.

Lorianne Biaou


For investors: how funds that bet on technology are handled

For its part, the BlackRock Technology Opportunities Fund is another of the most profitable funds, with an annual return of more than 30%. Although its portfolio is made up of 120 stocks, its biggest bets are: Apple (4.2%), Microsoft (3.5%), Amazon (2.8%), Tencent (2.1%), Alibaba (2 %), Alphabet (1.7%), Paypal (1.7%), Twilio (1.6%), Tesla (1.6%), Square (1.4%) and AMD (1.4%) . It is managed by Tony Kim and Reid Menge and is also committed to other values ​​such as ZoonInfo. According to BlackRock, the largest exposures of industry groups were in software and the internet; These industries have the best secular organic growth prospects, driven by innovation, as well as the least sensitivity to late-cycle macroeconomics. Of course, the fund also highlights that it had a substantial allocation to the issue of digital transformation, as global companies continued to modernize their operations. Looking at the long term, the fund believes that the investment thesis is not hampered by the medium-term effects of covid-19, as many of these companies are in fact seeing increased demand as global companies rush to Invest in digitizing your operations.

Lastly, the Global Technology and Innovation Fund, owned by the manager Janus Henderson, has obtained a return of close to 25% so far this year. Its main positions are: Apple, with a portfolio weight close to 9%, Microsoft (7.84%), Amazon (4.55%), Adobe (4.24%), Facebook (4.22%), Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing (4.03%), Mastercard (+ 3.69%), (3.06%), ASML (3%) and Texas Instrument (2.91%), which account for 46.51% of the total. In addition, it invests in other stocks such as Alavara and MercadoLibre. It is managed by Denny Fish and aims to achieve at least an annual return that is 2% above the MSCI ACWI Technology Index. Invests 96% in equities, 80% in US stocks and 16% in foreign stocks. For the fund, technology stocks generally outperformed broader equity markets and all subsectors delivered positive returns, led by remarkably strong performance from internet services and application software companies.


Moja Ride, the rising figure of fintech in Ivory Coast

(Agence Ecofin) – Moja Ride is an Ivorian start-up founded by Jean Claude Gouesse, and specializing in payments for transport and trade services. Offering an app and a card to facilitate day-to-day transactions, it was selected for the Africa Tech Summit Connects.

Book a taxi, a meal in a restaurant, or even make purchases from merchants via digital technology, this is the project developed by the Ivorian start-up Moja Ride from the entrepreneur Jean Claude Gouesse. He created an app and a payment card to perform daily financial transactions.

Among its services, the Moja Carte, a prepaid and rechargeable card that can be used to pay for purchases at gas stations, transport and trade points, restaurants, etc., the Moja Wallet, an electronic wallet that monitors the transactions made. There is also Moja Pay, an electronic payment platform for merchants, and finally Moja Ride, a payment and transport service management platform.

The idea to create Moja Ride originated in 2015, when the young entrepreneur received a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to work on a solution that would facilitate the adoption of digital payments by small merchants across Africa. It then diversified its offer to reach other sectors.

Launched in 2017, Moja Ride aims to make life easier for Ivorian populations through the digitalization of the most used services. The start-up earns its income from the processing of consumer transactions and commissions on reservations from merchants, carriers, etc. In less than 3 years, it already has several hundred customers. Jean Claude Gouesse aims to expand into the countries of the UMOA zone which share the same central bank.

Moja Ride was selected in October to participate in the Africa Tech Summit Connects, a competition that gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their solution to investors and other stakeholders.

Aïsha Moyouzame


Malaria: government announces response measures

(Niamey and the 2 days) – To face the health crisis that the country is currently going through due to the increase in malaria cases, the government has announced a series of measures. These provisions relate to both prevention and care.

Thus, the Nigerien executive is informing of the establishment, from October 12, 2020, of 1,773,693 rapid diagnostic tests and 1,583,789 treatments to cover the end of 2020.

To prevent the tragedy from happening again in 2021, the authorities have also announced the extension of the mosquito net distribution campaign to the entire Agadez region. Also, the chemoprevention of seasonal malaria which consists of administering drugs to children aged 3 to 59 months, will be extended to 6 new districts of Agadez and Tahoua.

In addition, future mosquito net distribution campaigns will concern latest generation mosquito nets called IG2 and PBO. These will be distributed in the districts which have recorded resistance to the insecticides used to impregnate the mosquito nets.

Also, instructions were given for the revitalization of the program for the destruction of breeding sites and mosquitoes within the framework of medical cooperation with the Republic of Cuba.

According to official sources, malaria has killed 2,449 out of 2,449,858 confirmed cases since the beginning of this year.

Mawlolo Ahlijah


Le Matin – South African Capitec Bank adopts the PowerCARD solution

Capitec Bank is the 2nd largest retail bank in South Africa.

Capitec Bank, the 2nd largest retail bank in South Africa, adopts the PowerCard solution from the HPS group. An investment that will allow the bank to stand out from the competition and the Moroccan money marketer to continue to conquer the African market.

Despite the crisis, HPS wins a new contract in Africa. Capitec Bank, South Africa’s second largest retail bank, will now use its PowerCARD solution to consolidate and modernize its card issuance and merchant management activities as well as the processing of payment transactions.
Thus, Capitec Bank will replace its old payment systems with PowerCARD, the payment platform of the multinational leader in the supply of payment solutions. “With HPS, we plan to launch new and innovative products already available and ready to be marketed on the PowerCARD platform. We can now imagine the products and services we want to better serve our customers and simplify banking. With PowerCARD, Capitec and Mercantile Bank will have the ideal ally to take their card issuing and merchant acquisition activities to the next level, ”says Wim de Bruyn, CIO of Capitec Bank. This change will allow South Africa to bring innovative products to market more efficiently and quickly, he says. “By choosing to consolidate its payment activities on PowerCARD, Capitec joins other leading South African banks which have also adopted PowerCARD, the gold standard for electronic payments on the continent,” HPS said in a statement. “We are delighted to partner with Capitec Bank to provide it with an agile, modern and scalable payment platform,” commented Philippe Vigand, CEO of HPS.
Capitec Bank Holdings Limited is listed on the Johannesburg JSE. Capitec Bank, its operating subsidiary, is South Africa’s leading online bank and largest bank by number of active customers. Through Mercantile, it offers blank loan transactions, savings and loans products to small businesses. Mercantile is a niche company and a commercial bank that meets the needs of already established businesses.


The Rio Carnival also a victim of Covid-19

(Ecofin Agency) – The famous Rio Carnival has also joined the list of postponed or canceled events, due to coronavirus. The organizers of this event, the most popular celebration in Brazil, announced Thursday that the 2021 edition scheduled for February, is postponed indefinitely.

« We came to the conclusion that the event should be postponed. We just can’t do it in February. Samba schools will not have the time, financial and organizational resources to be ready for February Said the president of the Independent League of Samba Schools in Rio de Janeiro after the leaders’ meeting.

The announcement was expected, especially since the other big carnival in the country, that of Sao Paulo, had decided to postpone its event to next year.

« It is not a cancellation, but a postponement “, Assured the organizers who say they are looking” an alternative solution, something to do when health security Will allow it.

A popular event for tourists, the carnival brings together an average of more than 12 million people each year.

With 140,000 deaths and nearly 5 million recorded cases, Brazil is the second country most affected by Covid-19 in the world.

Octave A. Bruce