The figures that the Government looks at on the increase in cases in the country

He also pointed out: “It is not a quarantine, it is an isolation mechanism for some and social distancing for others and little by little we are opening activities. Let’s not get confused and we understand the seriousness of the situation.”

Currently, the new cases of coronavirus are concentrated in 74.2% in the provinces while in the AMBA 25.8%.

“We are stabilizing at a plateau of 15,000 daily cases but we see that the interior of the country has spread the virus beyond the cities,” explained Alberto.

Screenshot 2020-10-23 164608.jpg

It should be noted that in the 21st week of isolation, 92% of the cases were located in the AMBA and only 7.9% in the rest of the provinces. In this sense, the head of state explained that “the virus is no longer only in cities, it is also in small towns.”

Screenshot 2020-10-23 164137.jpg

In order to chart the spread of the virus through the different provinces, the Government released the following map:

Screenshot 2020-10-23 163635.jpg

The AMBA records eight consecutive weeks of falling cases. Accordingly, the President stated: “We are going to continue in the same conditions in the AMBA where even though there is a clear drop we are still not in a position to say that we can stay calm because there are a number of important infections. If you compare it with 8 weeks ago, it is half the number of infections there were, but it is still an important number “

Screenshot 2020-10-23 164324.jpg


UNNE resumed the free face-to-face medical attention service for students

Both the Secretary General for Social Affairs, Dr. Eduardo Cibils, and the Director of the UNNE Student Affairs area Marcelo Cáceres, stated that these free medical care actions that are reactivated within the UNNE area are part of a progressive plan of opening of activities in the area, agreed, worked on and promoted by the rector Delfina Veiravé.

Just as the University Canteens service at UNNE is institutionally thought of as a basic student service, the university health and care system also integrates this category along with recreational activities (which began at Campus Deodoro Roca), designed to sustain the physical and mental health of the students of this university.

From the SGAS they reported that all the medical and administrative personnel of the area who are working in person in these sectors, comply with strict biosafety protocols for student medical care. The entire building of Belgrano 1045 was adapted to comply with the health security regulations recommended by the UNNE Health Committee. Students who are summoned by medical professionals for face-to-face care, must comply with the protocols and security measures to enter the offices.

Professionals, hours, days and forms of attention

These are the data of the professionals of the University Health Directorate of the UNNE available – in person, by telephone and virtually – for the medical attention of the UNNE students.

The shifts will be assigned by the professionals listed below, after telephone or video consultation:

Dr. José Giménez –– Contact: Go to

The service is carried out through the DoqChat platform

Hours of operation: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4 to 8 pm and Friday from 9 to 12.

Dr. Hugo Temporeti – Contact: 3794-681532

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday from 9 to 12

Distance Medical Consultations

The care of remote medical consultations are made by telephone or by telecommunications platforms, they are coordinated by the following medical professionals:

Dr. Luis Oscar San Lorenzo – Contact: 3794-610896 or through the DoqChat platform Go to

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday from 9 to 12

Dra. Liliana Díaz – Contact: 3794-225132

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Dr. Marcelo Ojeda – Resistance

Office hours: Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. – Phone: 3624-694417

Gynecological Care

For the PRESENTIAL ATTENTIONShifts will be managed by professionals after telephone or video consultation.

Dra. Silvia Knoll – Contact: 3794-608896

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday from 9 to 12

Distance Consultations

Remote gynecological consultation is carried out by telephone and by telecommunications platforms, which are coordinated by medical professionals.

Dr. Carolina Romero – Contact: Go to

The service is carried out through the DoqChat platform –

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday from 9 to 12

Kinesiology Care

For the PRESENTIAL ATTENTIONShifts are assigned by the professionals listed below, after telephone or video consultation.

Lic. Susana Palacios – Contact: 3794-287567

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday from 9 to 12

Lic. Mariano Leiva – Contact: 3794-783710

Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday from 9 to 12

Dental Consultations

Attention to dental consultations from distance they are carried out by telephone and by telecommunications platforms coordinated by medical professionals.

Od. Maria Del Carmen Verrastro – Contact: 3794-806721

Hours of operation: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 1 to 4 p.m. and Thursday from 8:30 to 12

From. Cesar Gutiérrez – Contact: 3794-776602

Hours of operation: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 16 to 20 and Wednesday from 8.30 to 12

Od. Elida Fages – Contact: 3794- 003078

Hours of operation: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 16 to 20 and Friday from 8.30 to 12

From. Marcela Lucena – Contact: 3794-338146

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday from 9 to 12

In ResistanceOd. Juan Pablo Lotero – Phone: 3794-698233

Hours of operation: Monday to Friday from 9 to 12

For other inquiries, contact the Social Affairs Directorate at 3794-4427012 from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 12.30.


Ayurveda cosmetics and wellness as a constant search

Advances in research on the benefits of Ayurveda and the public’s interest in ancient cultures rescue the essence of this medicine, which is approved by WHO and is gaining more and more followers. Ayurveda regarding beauty follows the same line of thought: unites body, mind and spirit in balance to achieve deep beauty. Beauty is well-being, so to look good we must feel good. So much so that the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, recommended at the beginning of this pandemic that we use tools such as meditation, rest and healthy eating as bastions to strengthen the immune system and be able to cope with this context.

In this sense, Ayurveda sees the world in the light of three constitutional principles or Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Each person has an Ayurvedic constitution that is specific (although he also has part of the others, one is the preponderant). It is key to know what element is increased at a certain time for a person, in order to make more conscious choices from food and physical exercise to even when buying cosmetic and hygiene products.

It is undeniable that the role of the consumer has changed and Ayurveda came to provide answers in various fields, including cosmetics, with the development of products based on natural elements originating in India such as turmeric and neem, free of parabens, free of animal cruelty and gluten, thought from a logic and integral view of the body, elaborated by people who meditate during their workday and oriented to reinforce the learning that the post-pandemic world will leave us.

Executive Director of Sri Sri Tattva


Here are the top jobs rising and falling in the labor market (World Economic Forum)

(Agence Ecofin) – The World Economic Forum (WEF) has published its survey on forecasts for the evolution of the labor market between 2020 and 2025. In the report for the year 2020 entitled “The future of jobs report”, figure a list of occupations with increasing or decreasing prospects.

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has been following for 5 years the evolution and short and long term trends in the labor market, as well as the growing impact of new technologies in companies. This year, its report entitled “The future of jobs report” was based on data collected at the level of companies and private data, to show forecasts of jobs rising or falling likely to influence the coming five-year term. .

According to the data in the report, employers expect that by 2025, conventional occupations will give way to emerging ones. The WEF estimates that in 85 million jobs, humans could be replaced by machines, while 97 million new skills could emerge, more suited to the new division of labor between humans, machines and algorithms, in the 15 industrial sectors and 26 economies covered by the study (including South Africa).

From this survey, it appears that the top 10 professional skills on the rise are dominated by technology, and concern the following jobs: data science analyst, specialist in artificial intelligence and machine learning, specialist in Big Data, marketing and digital strategy specialist, process automation specialists, business development professional, digital transformation specialist, information security analyst, software and application developer, specialist in the internet of things.

The first 10 skills in decline concern the conventional professions, namely: data entry clerk, administrative or executive secretary, accounting, bookkeeping and payroll clerk, accountant, employee. assembly and plant, head of business and administration services, information and customer service worker, general manager and operations manager, machine mechanic and repairer, registrar and conservation of material.

Jobs of the future are listed in emerging sectors such as cloud computing, content production, big data and artificial intelligence, engineering, marketing, human resources activities, product development, and the sales.

The World Economic Forum’s report on labor market forecasts aims to provide an opportunity to plan and strategize for a better future of work.

For more information, click here.

Aïsha Moyouzame


13 suspicious deaths following a vaccine

(Agence Ecofin) – A seasonal flu vaccine is causing growing concern among South Korea’s population, following the recent deaths of at least 13 people vaccinated.

These tragic outcomes occur even as the Asian country has boosted its stocks, to avoid a “twindemic”, a double epidemic of Covid-19 + Flu, which would clog its hospitals.

However, the South Korean authorities have refused to suspend the (free) vaccination program, despite growing calls to do so. According to Seoul, no direct link has been found between these deaths (including that of a 17-year-old boy), and the vaccines administered.

It should also be noted that this vaccination campaign has been controversial since its inception last month. It even had to be suspended for three weeks, because 5 million doses had been exposed to room temperature, when they must be refrigerated.

Already 8.3 million people have been vaccinated, with around 350 cases of adverse reactions reported. The campaign is to immunize around 19 million adolescents and the elderly free of charge.

Ayi Renaud Dossavi


The romantic kiss that confirms the romance of Jacob Elordi and Kaia Gerber

As often happens in the world of Hollywood, we have to say that everything points to the rumors being true! Well Kaia Gerber and Jacob Elordi have just been caught kissing and sharing a romantic moment that seems to be the ultimate proof that they are more than friends.

The evidence announcing the romance of Kaia Gerber and Jacob Elordi

It was in mid-September of this year when the rumors that Kaia Gerber and Jacob Elordi were having an affair, after being seen together holding hands and celebrating the 19th birthday of the model of the moment.

Weeks later, they took a getaway to the paradisiacal beach of Los Cabos, in the company of the it girl’s parents (Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber). And, from what the paparazzi let us see, they were sooo close to each other.

The photo of the first kiss of Kaia Gerber and Jacob Elordi in Los Angeles!

But despite the fact that photos of their hand had been leaked, many people still thought that they could just be very good friends, besides that recently I they both got romantically related to their bff (Kaia with Cara Delevingne and Jacob Elordi with his best friend Tommy Dorfmann, who appeared kissing and hugging, testing his great bromance).


The story behind the birthday sisters viral

Maria Eduarda Fernandes, 3 years old, and Maria Antonia Fernandes, 6, are two sisters from Pato Branco, Brazil, who became famous in the social networks after her godmother published a video in which the girls fought during the crucial point, for every boy, in a birthday party which is: blowing out the candles on the cake.

In the recording that went up Gabriela Aureluk the birthday girl, Maria Eduarda, is observed, very excited by that fact, but Maria Antonia does it first. This act unleashed that the youngest began to pull the hair of her older sister, who, with a mischievous smile, combs her hair and is not affected by the aggression.

What most attracted attention is the reaction of Maria Antonia who does not react to her sister’s anger, she only smiles. The girls’ gestures caused different reactions on social networks and memes were quickly generated, but it was also accompanied by analysis and controversy.

How did it go viral?

In an interview with the Brazilian journalist Hugo Gloss, the godmother of the girls assured that it all started when a friend asked her to put her public Instagram profile so that her relatives could see the video. However, he did not expect the images to go viral around the world.

“I don’t even have Twitter, fame came out of nowhere, no one was expecting it”, commented the woman, who also said that: “Maria Antonia (6 years old) started crying because everyone started laughing and she was ashamed.”

Gabriela Aureluk said that after the incident the sisters became friends and cut the cake together, and emphasized that: “That’s how a sister relationship is, one second they are fighting and the next they hug again. “


Coronavirus vaccines may increase risk of HIV infection


Oct 22, 2020

Experts at the University of California at San Francisco said that four adenovirus vaccines against the new type of coronavirus contain components that increase the risk of contracting HIV infection through direct contact with the body fluids of an infected person. All drugs are currently undergoing clinical trials.

The key reason for the activation of the human immunodeficiency virus is the presence of the recombinant adenovirus Ad5. It plays the role of a “supplier” of coronavirus protein to the body. It is an S-protein that binds to the ACE2 receptor and penetrates into healthy cells.
Adenoviruses by themselves are capable of causing a common cold, and adenoviral vectors do not pose a danger to humans in principle.

However, the Ad5 vector has previously been used in the art to create an HIV vaccine. Even then, tests showed that such a campaign was useless, since the drug has the exact opposite effect, increasing the likelihood of infection. The mechanism of action of this vector is still unclear. Scientists speculate that this is due to increased activation of the immune system, which provides HIV with more cells to infect.

The vaccine developers assured that they were aware of this risk, but stressed that abandoning the Ad5 vector may not be the best solution in the fight against a pandemic, since it can provide a good immune response against coronavirus infection. At the moment, researchers are trying to identify all possible side effect mechanisms.

Previously, LIVE24 reported for which groups of people the vaccine against COVID-19 could be useless… The body of each person is so individual that in some cases it will be difficult to predict how the drug will behave within a specific immune system.


Elections 2020 | Democrats’ doubts about Joe Biden’s victory over Donald Trump – United States Elections 2020 – International

Over the last few weeks, the X-ray that has begun to emerge from the presidential elections in the United States points to a more than overwhelming victory for Joe Biden, whom the polls indicate as a favorite. But the debacle of four years ago, when Trump prevailed despite all the predictions about Hillary Clinton, causes doubts in the Democratic party.

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One after another, the polls – including those made by media favorable to Donald Trump, such as Fox – speak of more than 10 points of advantage at the national level and put it at the top in almost all the so-called ‘undecided states’, which, given the system electioneers, are the ones who are going to tip the balance in one direction or another.

Among Democrats, however, no one is celebrating. Partly because they do not want to convey an excess of confidence that affects the participation of their voters when the moment of truth arrives. But on the bottom, it is the ghost of the 2016 elections that keeps them awake.

On that occasion, as recalled, Hillary Clinton was also ahead in most polls and ended up losing when three states that were considered ‘safe’ for Democrats – Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan – preferred Trump by a narrow margin and gave him the keys to the White House.

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While Clinton won the popular vote by more than 3 million votes, ended up defeated in the Electoral College count, which is the one that counts. But according to a majority of analysts and experts, the picture is very different from four years ago and, for now, clearly favors the former Delaware senator. For several reasons. The first of these, and perhaps the most powerful, is based on pure statistics.

Since 1936, the year in which scientific polls began to be carried out for electoral purposes, no opponent for the White House – that is, a candidate who challenged the president-elect – had enjoyed such leadership at this point in the race. Biden, according to samples from Fox, The Washington Post, ABC and Reuters, he would be taking between 10 and 12 points ahead of Trump and, on average, amasses 52 percent of electoral preferences, compared to 42 percent for the president.

Only Bill Clinton in the 1992 campaign outscored his rival (President George H. Bush) by more than five points with just three weeks before the election. But even this former president never managed to exceed 48 percent of the preferences. Biden, in fact, is the first rival in nearly 100 years to reach this stretch of the race exceeding 50 percent of voting intentions.

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Donald Trump returned to his election campaign after having been infected and recovered from covid-19.

While there were times in 2016 when Hillary scored as much as six points out of Trump in the poll average, she was never able to break that mark. Which, despite what the polls said, indicated that his position was not that strong. The other big difference from the elections of four years ago is that Hillary’s leadership throughout the race was highly variable and at times bordered on the tie. In the case of Biden has consistently been ahead of Trump in the eight months since he emerged as the Democratic nominee.. And always by a difference of more than five points.

The pollsters also say they have learned the lesson of 2016 and their models are much more conservative this time, giving more weight to factors such as the white vote without university education, which was not discriminated before in the samples and ended up being key in Trump’s victory.

(Too: ‘Trump will be the first president to lose reelection since 1992’)

The second piece to this puzzle is that Biden, for a number of reasons, appears to be a better candidate than Hillary. On the one hand, Clinton came to those elections seeking to succeed a president of his own party who had been in power for eight years (Barack Obama). And that usually translates into wear and tear and a longing for change. In addition, with the purpose of becoming the first woman president in a country that still maintains prejudices against that possibility and that reduced votes among the male population.

To that should be added his own image. Clinton was not only deeply disliked by Republicans because of her controversial years as first lady, senator and secretary of state, but among independents and some Democrats, in fact, her positive image never exceeded 50 percent. Biden doesn’t carry any of those weaknesses. Conversely, is seen as an alternative after four controversial years of Trump, and its favorability has always been on positive ground with Democrats and independents.

In addition, it competes in a context in which who is on the defensive is a president criticized for handling the covid-19 pandemic, the issue that most worries Americans, and facing an economic crisis of enormous proportions.
All of these elements have resulted in a kind of ‘blue wave’ that threatens to sweep away even the Republicans in their battle to retain the Senate.

(Further: Colombia is again in the middle of the presidential campaign in the US.)

Proof of this is in the funds that the campaigns have been collecting through donations. In the last two months, Biden has received nearly twice the resources of Trump. Which shows a degree of enthusiasm among Democrats that did not exist in 2016.

“One of the reasons many people did not vote in 2016 was because neither candidate met their expectations and neither did they feel that their lives could be altered by the winner. On this occasion, and after four years of Trump, there is a clear distinction between what the two options represent. And that has generated a lot of energy, especially among Democrats who want to end their presidency, “says Patrick Murray, director of the electoral project at Monmouth University.

Latino voters in the US

In Florida, Latino voters voiced their support for Joe Biden, who visited that state this week.

The third axis of this analysis, and one that explains Biden’s strength at this point in his career, is Trump himself and what his four years in the White House have been. After his surprising triumph in 2016, the president had the option of expanding his voter base by betting on a more centrist government. That, in general, is what administrations that come to power without a majority vote do. Trump, on the other hand, always bet on the same base and issues that led him to the presidency. And that has had a huge impact on his popularity and approval numbers.

The president is, in fact, the only president in the history of the United States who has never had the support of the majority. Their highest number, according to polls, is from two years ago and only reached 46 percent. A strategy that appears to have reduced support in three key segments of the electorate: the independent, the vote of the old people 65 years old and women.

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In the case of independents, and according to a study by the Pew Research Center, a majority of them ended up favoring Trump four years ago by a margin of seven points. But this time that difference favors Biden by 15 points. According to Larry Sabato, from the University of Virginia, this is a group of voters who gave the Republican the opportunity thinking that he would move to the center once he felt the weight of occupying the Oval Office but that now, four controversial years later , has begun to distance itself.

The case of the elderly is also eloquent. In the last four elections it has been a group that has always favored Republicans over Democrats. And in 2016 he did the same with Trump. But according to polls by The Washington Post and ABC, this time they are leaning towards Biden and margins that reach up to 10 points (55 vs. 45 on average). Since it is the group most vulnerable to the coronavirus, it would be billing the president for handling the pandemic.

(Further: ‘They have a president who is immune’: Donald Trump)

And then there are the women. While they tend to favor Democrats and in 2016 they preferred Hillary by 13 points (57 vs. 43), the difference in 2020 is an average of 30 points according to the most recent polls. If that distance is maintained until Election Day, your vote, alone, would be enough to give Biden victory.

Of course, the race still has several weeks to go and anything could happen. Especially if one takes into account that the elections will be defined by a group of six or eight states where the difference between Trump and Biden is narrower and small movements of the electorate could affect the results. Nor is it known whether the Republicans’ alleged efforts to suppress the vote (there are reports of this across the country) will have an impact when it comes to adding up. What is clear, at least for the moment, is that Joe Biden is the favorite and has everything served to win the next elections in the United States.

EL TIEMPO correspondent
On Twitter: @ sergom68


Pandemic Atmosphere, Pregnant Women Are Asked to Keep Checking on Gynecology & Comply with Health Protocols – Pregnant women are one of the groups who must always maintain their health to avoid exposure to the Covid-19 virus. Apart from being obliged to always implement health protocols, pregnant women are asked to routinely check their health and control their condition and the fetus.

“We can control to the doctor by face to face or telemedicine. For face to face we can do it in the first trimester at 11 to 13 weeks of pregnancy. Because the ultrasound needs at 11 (to) 13 weeks of gestation first for determining the gestational age, then for determine the location of her pregnancy, “said Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist dr. Andri Welly, in a virtual discussion broadcast live via IGTV lawancovid10_id, Sunday (18/10).

Not only maintaining their own health, it is also important for pregnant women to ensure the condition of the people around them. A healthy environment will have a positive impact on the health of these pregnant women.

“Now that’s 3M, keeping a distance from the surrounding environment, then using a mask, washing hands. Then for the nutrition of pregnant women themselves eat nutritious food, can do sports during pregnancy because exercise during pregnancy is allowed,” he explained.

Andri also said that the period of pregnancy does bring changes to the condition of the body for the mother. Therefore, if a pregnant woman is infected with Covid-19, her condition will be heavier than when she was not pregnant.

“Basically, the condition of pregnancy is that there is a change in the respiratory / respiratory system, the heart system in pregnant women who are experiencing pregnancy. So for pregnant women, they can better maintain their health. Maintain the conditions for a good pregnancy in the future. “If a pregnant woman is infected with Covid-19, her condition will be even more severe,” he explained.

Reporter magang: Maria Brigitta Jennifer [lia]