Ukrainian biathlete Žuravoková interrupts her career. She’s pregnant!

It will not interfere in the upcoming new year of the Biathlon World Cup, which is scheduled to begin on November 28 in Kontiolahti, Finland. Ukrainian representative Julia Zhuravokova interrupts her career. The reason is prosaic: the 25-year-old competitor is expecting a child!

“I want to share with you a wonderful and very important news for me: I will be a mother! I’m incredibly happy that our family will grow into a baby, but that doesn’t mean I plan to quit the sport. I have motivation and I am already looking forward to being able to represent again. Enjoy life and enjoy every moment, “she wrote to her fans on Twitter.

The junior world champion from 2015 and the junior champion in the mixed relay one year earlier from the European Championships in Nové Město na Moravě started more last year in the IBU Cup, where she took the podium three times. At last year’s World Championships in Östersund, she took 14th place, her maximum in the World Championships being 10th place from Östersund in 2016.


Condemned and Triggering World Anger, Mother Throws 2 Children into the River from the Bridge on CCTV, Dad Cries for His Heart, Revenge is a Trigger, Netizen: Kinds of Disposing Trash

Suar.ID – A despicable act of one mother CCTV captured on her two children.

An Iraqi woman was arrested after throwing her two children off bridge ke Tigris River.

The action was referred to as revenge on the ex-husband who had divorced her.

The woman’s actions ended tragically with a second child who was found drowned.

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The two victims were 3 years old (male) and 2 years (female) respectively, according to an Al Jazeera report on Monday (19/10/2020).

CCTV footage shows the incident that occurred on Saturday (17/10/2020), and went viral on social media, sparking anger among Iraqis and the world.

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the truth emerges after months

Eight times Emma Osborne, a mother from Beechdale, Great Britain, took her little Elisabeth to the hospital and was sent home eight times with the same diagnosis. For the doctors, the six-year-old girl had nothing, even going so far as to imagine that she was pretending to be unwell to be taken to the hospital and then “rewarded” with a gift after the visit. But Emma knew that something was wrong. He could hear his daughter screaming and knew she wasn’t pretending. A maternal instinct that led her to insist until a doctor discovered the truth: Elisabeth has a rare cancer of the lymphatic system, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, for which she started chemotherapy in October after the illness for seven months. it had never been diagnosed.

In March Emma took Elisabeth to Queen’s Medical Center A&E in Nottingham for excruciating pain in her hip: after blood tests and an X-ray, her mother and daughter were sent home. “About six weeks later she woke up screaming again, but this time with a pain in her left leg, and we had to take her back to the ER. They visited it and sent us home. This situation went on for weeks, until a doctor told us that the little girl was pretending because she expected a reward after her visit to the hospital. I felt really frustrated because deep down I knew something was wrong. “

The parents continued to go to the hospital until Emma noticed a lump on her daughter’s body in June. Taken to the hospital, the little girl was subjected to more in-depth examinations, including an MRI that revealed an anomaly, bringing the tragic truth to the surface. Last 6 October, the child was diagnosed with cancer and now an ordeal has begun for the family that will last two and a half years for chemotherapy.

“It was terrible and I hope that no other parent has to experience what happened to us – continued Emma – Thinking that your daughter has had cancer for seven months and that she has not undergone any treatment is horrible. Trust your instincts as a parent because you are the ones who know your children best. I am so angry that I fought for seven months without anyone taking me seriously. But we must always keep fighting. I am grateful to the doctors who noticed that something was wrong. Now we can act to make her feel better ».

Last update: Saturday 24 October 2020, 16:29



They serenade a child who gave his savings to mariachis for a song for mom

The little boy won the hearts of many for his noble action. Photo: screenshot


Yesterday we told you the story of a little Colombian boy who won the hearts of many people for having given his savings and toys to serenade her mom.

In Ciudad Bolívar, in Bogotá, Colombia, little Santiago gave them 1000 pesos (equivalent to 5.5 Mexican pesos) and her marbles for the musicians to dedicate a song to her, a situation that made the woman burst into tears with emotion.

Today something very special happened to us, a boy looked for us and offered us $ 1,000 pesos (5.5 Mexican pesos) to sing a song to his mother, who did not want to come to where we were. Our partner from the guitarrón convinced her to come and it was so exciting to see how this boy wanted to show his love with his little money that he carried in his pocket along with some marbles. Mommy burst into tears and we were filled with emotion. These moments make our profession more beautiful ”, they said.

The mariachis sang ‘Songs to the mother’, made famous by Pedro Fernández, while the mother hugged her two children.

But the story does not end there. Santi has a birthday and to celebrate it, thanks to his noble action, he ‘Mariachi Palenque ‘prepared a big surprise for him.

Through social networks they shared a video where all the musicians are seen dedicating a few words to him while they go home to now serenade him.

Many people who have sent you many greetings, from Colombia, from all over the world. They want to congratulate you on that wonderful act because you taught us that for love you don’t need to have a lot of money but a very big heart ”, they told him as they handed him a cake and a bicycle.

To little sister also got a giftWell, they brought him some dolls.

To end they sang the classic mañanitas.

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A sharp surge of coronavirus in Volgograd: plus 130 cases

The region’s covid hospitals are already overcrowded.

A photo: Ivan MAKEEV

By October 18, 2020, a sharp surge in coronavirus patients has been observed in Volgograd. Over the past day, a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 was immediately confirmed in 130 people. Such data “KP-Volgograd” reported in the regional operational headquarters. And this despite the fact that one of the laboratories where testing was carried out in the city, has suspended its work due to congestion.

The number of covid patients in Volgograd and the region is growing exponentially. The gain is daily and significant. The coronavirus is spreading and growing. Over the past day, new cases of COVID-19 have been recorded immediately in 18 districts of the Volgograd region. The situation is now the worst in Gorodishchensky district: per day there the increase was 16 patients. Six more new covid patients were identified in the Serafimovichsky district, three in Dubovsky. In another six districts – two cases each (in Nekhaevsky, Oktyabrsky, Kotelnikovsky, Kumylzhensky, Kotovsky and in the city of Mikhailovka).

Surprisingly, over the past day in Volzhsky, only one resident was added to the list of cases. Also, one case was recorded in Ilovlinsky, Staropoltavsky, Danilovsky, Kamyshinsky, Kalachevsky, Nikolaevsky and Surovikinsky districts.

New cases of covid were recorded in 18 districts of the region.

New cases of covid were recorded in 18 districts of the region.


By the way, after the schoolchildren were sent on forced holidays, the number of children with a new viral infection became much smaller. So, per day, the diagnosis of COVID-19 was confirmed in one baby (up to a year), in three children of kindergarten age and in eight schoolchildren (4 children aged 7 to 14, and 4 teenagers). But there are more elderly covid patients – 52 people were added per day.


Dubai, newborn baby grabs the doctor’s mask: the photo goes around the web

“We all want a sign that we will soon take off our masks.” It is the caption of this wonderful photo, which in a few hours went around the web. The shot immortalizes Dr. Samer Cheaib, a gynecologist from Dubai, who he holds in his arms a newborn baby struggling with his mask. The photo was taken at the exact moment when the child grabs a flap of the doctor’s mask. A simple gesture, but which in full health emergency for the Covid pandemic, takes on a funny tone: the child almost seems to want to tear the mask from the doctor’s face.

The shot of Dr. Samer Cheaib, who uses his Instagram profile @ dr.samercheaib and his Facebook page “Dr samer cheaib, obstetrics & gynecology, pregnancy care in Dubai” to tell about his work in a clinic in the United Arab Emirates, has traveled around the world and was shared by thousands of people. Her photos, which portray all the children she gives birth with her work and her experience, become a message of hope in these months of health crisis. “Social media should make people smile – he says – I was holding the baby in my arms to show it to the father and the baby suddenly grabbed my mask and I asked the father to take a picture of me. He immediately gave me the idea of a gesture of hope and positivity and I hope it is somehow a sign that we will soon take off these masks that we have to keep ».

And on the use of Instagram and Facebook to tell about his work, he says: «Instagram is a channel to spread positive messages and to chase away the fear of having children. I think social media needs good vibes right now and to make people smile. “

October 17, 2020 (change October 17, 2020 | 13:35)



Predicting pregnancy complications thanks to a blood test, soon possible?

In France, each year, it is estimated that two out of ten pregnancies are pathological. About 20% of women experience one or more complications during the nine months of gestation. Gestational diabetes, pregnancy-induced hypertension, retro-placental hematoma… these high-risk pregnancies can have consequences on the health of the mother and the baby and require special monitoring. Worse, they can sometimes lead to hospitalization.

These pregnancy complications, which come by “surprise”, often create anxiety in the mother-to-be. A stress that we could perhaps better combat if we were more prepared for these possible risks. In a study published in Epigenetics, researchers at UCLA University in California were interested in screening for high-risk pregnancies. They are now on the trail of a blood test that would predict the mother’s risks during pregnancy, before they manifest themselves, reports Top Santé.

Scientists followed many pregnant women between 2017 and 2019. They found that for those who developed gestational diabetes (towards the end of the second trimester of pregnancy), a specific DNA change in their placenta took place during pregnancy. upstream. Either at the start of pregnancy.

They therefore hypothesized that with a blood test allowing the analysis of the mother’s genetic material, they could better understand and detect the complications of pregnancy. A discovery that could change the management of pregnant women at the start of their pregnancy.


Alžběta Kolečkářová from SuperStar: She is expecting her second child!

She already has a son, Louise (2), at home, and the baby she carries under her heart will be born next spring. He still doesn’t know if it will be a boy or a girl, but he knows one thing for sure.

“During pregnancy, I will have an inseparable weight gain, but the diet will wait. It’s the way it should be, everything happens for a reason, “Bětka doesn’t shake her head with a few extra pounds, even though she managed to lose incredible weight after the first pregnancy. She boasted a laughing photo on social networks and the comments didn’t take long.


Cover up the affair, this woman hides her baby in the cupboard so that it dies

MOSCOW, – A baby petite struggling for her life after being found emaciated in her mother’s wardrobe.

Baby that, named Katya. One report said she was most recently given water and food by her 13-year-old half brother after her mother allegedly tried to keep her birth a secret.

Baby Katya has been found during her half sister’s birthday party at their house. She was discovered accidentally by a friend of the baby’s mother, who “heard muffled screams.”

Launch Mirror On Friday (9/10/2020), the 37-year-old mother who became the suspect put her baby girl in a sports bag in a wardrobe in an empty room in her flat.

Her mother “hoped her baby would die of starvation” after she was born in April, online news agencies reported Krasnoturyinsk Live, who exposed the terrible case.

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The baby, from Karpinsk, was flown to a hospital in the regional capital of Yekaterinburg, where he is now in intensive care.

The mother, who was named only in the report as “Yulia” has been detained criminal case opened by the Investigative Committee Russia with charges ” torture“son. He was threatened with imprisonment for up to 7 years.

Sverdlovsk regional police spokesman Valery Gorelykh said, “It’s hard to believe this horrendous story, but no matter how hard it is to say it, it is reality.”

Officers “went to inspect the flat after receiving information about the case,” Gorelykh said.

“They found Hungry babies and arranged his emergency transportation to the hospital where doctors were trying to save his life. “

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The child is suffering malnutrition badly, authorities said.

The baby is overheard by a friend of the mother who is attending a 13th birthday party for Yulia’s son who has secretly been feeding her younger sibling.

“He (Yulia) wanted killing babies but in the end didn’t have enough heart for it, “said a source with knowledge of the case.

“She thought maybe the baby would die of starvation,” she said.

“He was found accidentally,” he continued.

He explained that a friend asked his mother, “The mother was drinking on a birthday with a friend, who asked why one of the rooms in her flat was always closed.”

Yulia said it was used for storage.

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A young woman who was there for the party heard a very faint and barely audible cry, and asked Yulia about it.

“I thought it was just a doll over there, it just cried by itself,” Yulia replied.

One of the friends who went to smoke in the middle of a party decided to check the room after hearing the screams. She opened the cupboard, looked in the bag and found the baby.

A friend of her family said, “People who know Yulia struggle to believe that Yulia has the heart to do it.”

The son knew about the baby, but he was threatened not to say a word about it to anyone.

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However, the boy tries to feed and drink the baby from time to time.

Baby Katya was born from an affair mothers with married men after separating from their husbands, it was reported.

The mother did not seek medical assistance before or after childbirth, police said.

They claim no baby food, cribs or clothes were found in the flat.

The mother was detained, and has undergone an examination at a psychiatric clinic, law enforcement said.

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