Pediatrician starts his own e-health platform

Jan Falkenberg E-health for children and their parents. (Photo: private) Frankfurt The medical expert Jan Falkenberg already knows long-distance advice from patients from his many years of work for the Tropical Institute in Hamburg. And even as a resident pediatrician, he has been advising parents for a long time via video consultation. The 42-year-old is […]

Go to the couch

Psychiatrist and researcher at Inserm, Serge Stoléru offers a guide to living in harmony with his unconscious. .

Candied bodies # 1: shaking with David Wampach

Is it because this enthusiastic Cévenol practices every day, and sometimes for an entire hour, the whimsical and too little-known art of body shaking that David Wampach has become the best dancer in the world (or at least in the Gard community)? His “shaking“Bypassed the” booty “zone to wake up the whole body and prepare […]

Letter to the French since their future – Liberation

I’m writing from Italy, so I’m writing from your future. We are now where you will be in a few days. The curves of the epidemic show us embraced in a parallel dance in which we find ourselves a few steps ahead of you on the timeline, just as Wuhan was compared to us a […]

Everyone at Home – Liberation

My children finally stayed at home, in their respective student rooms. However, I insisted on Thursday evening March 12 in a barely exaggerated SMS: “We’re going to war!” Virological, you get along. Come quickly. It may last until May-June, you will be better at home than moping in a room. ” But they did not […]

Cynicism, another virus

We can, like you and me, want to kill this damn crowned virus that eats our lives and grieve all of the thousands of deaths it does on its way, without refraining from recalling – and think about it further since, our race stopped, the lack of time can no longer be an excuse – […]

Monday poetry: today there is no more Spring (but the books remain)

We were first delighted that no poetry event or almost no more than 100 people, the Spring of poets was not going to be affected by the restrictions that affected the world of entertainment. Alas, now it’s everyone at home, and everything is canceled. From Spring, there are only the two anthologies published on the […]

COVID19 infant contracts: what you need to know if you are pregnant

In all cases where newborns tested positive, mothers were also infected, but it is not known whether the children were exposed to the virus while in the womb. A newborn baby from London was diagnosed with a positive coronavirus on Saturday, which raised several concerns about the nature of the virus. While officials confirmed that […]

Are you panicking? Then the coronavirus comes to you!

I could take this interview by phone. Which, incidentally, was suggested by my interlocutor, one of the most respected virologists in the country, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, doctor of medical sciences Alexander Lukashev. But I, to his obvious surprise, asked for a meeting. EVERYTHING AT THE INSTITUTE IS QUIET … Five […]