Ismail Kadares prose tape “Born of stone”

Nnor has Ismail Kadare (born 1936) ever received the Nobel Prize in Literature. The readers can be happy that a new volume of autobiographical prose has been published by him: prose in which the writer describes his childhood and adolescence in the southern Albanian town of Gjirokastra – the place where Enver Hodscha was born. […]

Cécile Coulon, hussar on the roof

Cécile Coulon is a blonde who pierces the eye as much as the screen. A blonde who shoots the strange. So white that it sometimes turns blue spectrum depending on the light and mood of the girl. If she hadn’t grown up a bit, we would see the kid in the credits of Village of […]

Old new house

Energy saving and cows on the grass. In the Sierra de Guadarrama, north of Madrid, halfway between nature and asphalt, this country house has been renovated to accommodate a large family. .

What our readers are looking forward to after corona isolation

Haarwuchs does not abide by exit restrictions. Our readers, whose heads may currently look like cabbage and beets, must also find out. Because when we ask what they will do first, should the strict corona rules be relaxed, many write: go to the hairdresser. A great blonde without a yellow tinge, only her hairdresser can […]

Caregivers: “I think Covid, I eat Covid, I sleep Covid”

They evoke a “enemy”. Sometimes see themselves as “Infantrymen”. They have much more “Fear for others” that they do not fear falling ill, without playing the heroes: “This is our job”, they say. Nurses, interns, emergency physicians, resuscitators, hematologists, psychiatrists… Their lives are now entirely dedicated to saving patients from the coronavirus. What is their […]

National volleyball coach Andrea Giani on the Corona crisis in Italy

VNational volleyball coach Andrea Giani worries about Italy. “The big problem next to this virus is simply the many, many dead,” said Giani of the German Press Agency in an interview. In addition to his association job in his home country, the former world-class player oversees the Italian top club Leo Shoes Modena. The 49-year-old, […]

Marina Frenk’s debut novel “Forever ago and not true at all”

EReal Dionysians are rare, and probably that is a good thing. Our artists, especially the young wild ones, usually make a good pilgrimage to the Temple of Apollo. They receive their consecration in the sign of the “Gnothi seauton” – and there is nothing wrong with that either: “Know yourself” as the basis for all […]

Delivery Hero boss Niklas Östberg: the cross-country skier

Niklas Oestberg, CEO of Delivery Hero, next to his company logo at the company’s headquarters on Oranienburger Strasse in Berlin-Mitte. Picture: Andreas Pein It is not only since the Corona crisis that more and more people order food at home. Niklas Östberg has built one of the largest supply groups in the world. EThere are […]