DECISION 2018: Gillum Grants Governor Race; Senate too close to call

For the results of the complete 2018 elections, click here. After months of campaign, millions of political announcements and thousands of miles traveled among the candidates, Election Day came with decisive competitions since the balance of power in the United States government rests partly in Florida. voters are choosing a US senator, a new governor […]

Need a lift to the polls? Uber, Lyft and others offering deals for voters

NEW YORK – Ride-share companies are capitalizing on voter enthusiasm ahead of Tuesday's midterm elections by offering free or discounted rides to the polls in shared cars, bikes and scooters. They say they are aiming to remove what many consider a barrier to vote: lack of transportation. Midterm elections are often marked by low voter […]

Brazil’s polarized elections enter the last day of the campaign

BRASILIA (Reuters) – The candidates began their last campaign day on Saturday for the most polarized presidential race in Brazil in the decades that a former army commander could elect who promises to repress corruption, facilitate legislation and defend family values christian A supporter of the Brazilian presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro is seen next to […]

Back to the wall, Cruz calls the challenger O’Rourke as the left october

DALLAS (Reuters) – Ted Cruz is in the political struggle of his life and he knows it. FILE SHEET: US Representative Ted Cruz (R-TX) and US Representative Robert Francis "Beto" Rourke (D-TX) appear in this photo combination in Houston, Texas, United States on September 20, 2018 and in McAllen, Texas, EE. U., August 18, 2018 […]

The right-wing candidate Bolsonaro increases the lead in the Brazilian presidential race: poll

BRASILIA (Reuters) – Right-wing candidate, Jair Bolsonaro, gained ground for its rivals in the first round of presidential elections in Brazil on October 7, revealed a new poll on Thursday, although it is unclear who will face a scheduled meeting, out of vote on October 28. FILE Photo: Presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro takes a selfie […]

Brazil’s Bolsonaro still has a presidential race, Haddad jumps according to a poll

BRASILIA (Reuters) – Support to the Brazilian leader of the extreme right-wing presidential border, Jair Bolsonaro, advanced ahead of the election next month, as Labor's candidate Fernando Haddad (PT) yesterday reported the second knife and the neck in a probable runoff. FILE FILE: Presidential candidate Jair Bolsonaro attends a concentration in Porto Alegre, Brazil on […]

Closed surveys on primary subjects – The Boston Globe

Massachusetts voters dropped polls on Tuesday to hear their voices in a series of primary elections that will ask who represents the 6.9 million residents of Massachusetts. The polls closed at 8 in the afternoon. On the ballot: racing for governor, secretary of state, district attorney, state legislature, congress and more. (Click here to find […]

The farewell spaces of the Massachusetts Congress face democrats from New York – Reuters

BOSTON (Reuters) – A 10-day Democratic deputy will try to move away on Tuesday a challenge by a Boston councilor who could become Massachusetts's first black loudspeaker in a career parallel to the discomfort of New York that shook the party in June. Representative of the United States Michael Capuano. REUTERS / via Handout The […]

2018 Yorkshire Life Food and Drink Awards – short lists – Yorkshire Life

New PUBLISHED: 09:18 03 September 2018 | UPDATED: 10:01 03 of September of 2018 Yorkshire Life 2018 Food & Drink Awards Archant Here is the long list of debates that impressed us most this year Send this article to a friend To send a link to this page you must be logged in. Sponsors and […]