In Montenegro, renewed tension between the Serbian Orthodox Church and the State

In the streets of Niksic and Pljevlja on Wednesday evening May 13, tear gas jets responded to the anger of the demonstrators. More or less tense gatherings took place in several cities of Montenegro after the detention for 72 hours of Mgr Joanikije and seven other priests of the eparchy of Budimlje-Niksic, which belongs to the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) .

They are accused of having organized the gathering of several thousand people on May 12 on the occasion of Saint Basil of Ostrog, an extremely popular festival among the Orthodox faithful in the region. The SPC synod and many of the faithful present on Tuesday said the rally was spontaneous and demanded their release.

The return of the controversial religion law

“It seems that we can prepare for a new opposition between the Church and the government”, commented the political scientist Ljubomir Filipovic on the social network Twitter. The SPC and the Montenegrin government have been clashing since last December over a new law on freedom of religion. The Serbian Orthodox Church, the country’s main religious organization, and tens of thousands of worshipers see the text as an attempt by the state to usurp SPC properties.

Last winter saw unprecedented protests in the country, independent from Serbia since 2006. But the arrival of Covid-19 and the measures taken to limit the outbreak of the epidemic in the country (officially 324 cases and nine dead as of May 13) ended these rallies. The demonstrators renewed this week’s movement this winter, chanting in particular: “We are not leaving our sanctuaries. “

Impatient devotees and politicians in the countryside

Jovana Marovic, executive director of the Montenegrin NGO Politikon, says that citizens are showing “Loss of patience”, while the dialogue started in February has also been interrupted by the pandemic. “Even if we can debate the relevance of organizing such a gathering of faithful on this date, it should be noted that during the crisis caused by the coronavirus, neither the opposition nor the government announced the resumption of negotiations around the law when conditions are favorable “, she notices.

Montenegro is above all in an important electoral year. “The government is using pandemic measures to choose the date that best suits it for the vote, while part of the opposition is using mobilization around this law for its campaign”, says Jovana Marovic, who is concerned about an atmosphere that is not conducive to democratic elections.

In the town of Pljevlja on Wednesday evening, participants threw stones at the police. Several dozen minor injuries were counted on both sides. New rallies were announced Thursday, May 14 in the evening.


Between twin sisters, unconditional support

“We are one person divided in two”

Olivia, 22

“With Julie, my twin sister, we were raised alone by my mother and separated from kindergarten, at the age of 3. Physically. The only thing that sets us apart is its dimples. In the extended family, we are often confused at first. However, we are of different characters, we do not have the same musical, artistic or food tastes.

My sister has a more sociable temper than me. She is cheerful, easy going. I admire her because she says what she thinks. Above all, she says what I think. But since she is also a bit shy, I speak for her or tell her what to do. I protected her a lot while sometimes being demanding. She is not very organized, I am calm and pragmatic. There was never any jealousy between us. I stood up for him, I helped him to assert himself. Julie is grateful to me for playing this big sister role. Even today, as she doesn’t like to make appointments, I pretend to be her, on the phone, changing my first name. Or else I make her a list of what she should put in her suitcase. She brings me her zest for life, her good humor that rubs off on me. We are like one person divided in two.

However, I would not want to have twin children, because of the eyes of others. We are considered twin, not as a whole person. At school, some classmates even asked us: “If I pinch you, does your sister feel it?” “ Prejudices persist. The twins are neither superheroes nor magicians. This strong bond between them comes from the fact that they developed at the same time, receiving the same education. “

“When one has a problem, the other will support it”

Lucie, 19

“After almost six months in Australia, in a family where I took care of the children, I returned to France, just before confinement. I found my parents and my twin sister, Marie, who is preparing for the medical entrance exam. It was the first time that we had been separated for so long. We were in contact, two or three times a week. Already, before, each had their own life. We are not alike, but we will think the same thing at the same time.

As a child, I often relied on my sister. She was much more serious, more committed than I was. For example, in my calendar, in elementary school, I didn’t write anything down, because I knew she was going to do it. In college, we gained autonomy. We were left to decide to be in separate classes. Grandparents, more distant family, parents of friends tended to put us in the same box, saying “you”, and that annoyed us. As if we had a character for two. We rebelled a little against that. We wanted to be differentiated. Going abroad was a way of asserting myself.

I can tell everything to my twin. She doesn’t judge me. We live the same things, at the same age, on an equal footing. When one has a concern, the other will support it. If my sister is wrong, in front of the others I support her and we explain ourselves afterwards. Between us, the arguments do not last. It’s fortunate to have a twin sister. “


Agreement between deputies and senators on the state of health emergency

The text, which extends the state of health emergency until July 10, must now be validated today Saturday, May 9 by the Senate and the Assembly, whose vote will be worth final adoption.

The deputies and the senators found a compromise on the penal responsibility of the public decision-makers as private, brought to take measures to allow the exit of confinement. The Senate had voted at the beginning of the week a device to adjust this responsibility, by invoking in particular the concerns of certain mayors, who fear being implicated in the event of transmission of the coronavirus during the reopening of the schools from Monday.

An amendment to the public health code

But the Assembly had unraveled this device, recalling that this question was already taken into account in the Fauchon law. The new version of the Assembly was contested by the opposition, who saw it as a way of “Disempower” the government, in the event of procedures on its management of the crisis. And each side accused each other of organizing a form of“impunity”.

Finally, the compromise proposes an amendment to the public health code to take account of “Skills, powers and means” available “The perpetrator”, in “The crisis situation which justified the state of health emergency”.

Data that will only be kept for 3 months

Deputies and senators also agreed on the other sensitive point of the text: the establishment of a follow-up of patients with coronavirus thanks to a “information system”, a follow-up file linked to Health Insurance.

The parliamentarians limited the backup of the data in this file to 3 months, different from the Inria StopCovid application project, about which questions of anonymity arise in particular. It is a population tracking system, by means of a very short distance exchange of information by radio waves, which is still in the testing phase.

The president of the LR group in the National Assembly Damien Abad estimated that “Two red lines have been lifted”, and announced that his group would vote the text thus modified in the day of Saturday.

For their part, PS deputies and senators indicate that they will vote against, “Even if there is progress”: “Our main criticism is that there is nothing in the text on social emergency”.

The bill extending the state of health emergency also provides for the possibility of quarantine or isolation upon arrival on national territory in certain cases.

President Emmanuel Macron has already announced that he will seize the Constitutional Council to verify the legality of the text, while the oppositions have expressed their concerns.

Stop Covid: anonymity, efficiency … What you need to know about the tracking app


a platform for cooperation between companies


Grenoble CCI

The CCI of Grenoble, like other CCIs, offers a mutual aid exchange, which puts companies in touch to cooperate and preserve their economic activity.

Specially designed for the crisis period linked to the COVID-19 coronavirus, this mutual aid exchange identifies the needs and offers of local businesses.

As part of its mutual aid grant, the Grenoble Chamber of Commerce and Industry presents the requests and offers of companies from South Isre likely to make a contribution from other companies on all subjects: raw material, under -treatment, supplier, logistics, transport, maintenance, IT, service, product, staff
A descriptive sheet allows companies to send the necessary information to the Mutual Aid Exchange platform. These are the sole responsibility of the company.
The requests and offers put online must concern the district of the CCI of Grenoble, namely the South of Isre.
The mutual aid exchange opened by the CCI of Grenoble has for only ambition to allow companies to make known their needs and to find contacts likely to bring them a help in the realization of this request. It does not intervene in any way in the conclusion of relations between companies, and disclaims all responsibility for the outcome or not of the present request.
Companies can submit their request or offer directly online.

More info on:–54190.kjsp?RH=CCIG



Jawa 350 – whom to fear and who not to?

The eternal dispute between “Java” and “Izhi” after the race is not closed: “made” “Planet 5” – “do” and “Jupiter”.

The most popular motorcycles of the Soviet era were “Czechs” “Java” and domestic “IZhs”. Jawa was a dream as a comfortable and pretty foreign car with a more revving engine, which still needed to be “pulled out”.

Those who did not have Java rode the line from the Izhevsk plant, assuring themselves and the rest that Planets are no worse, and in many ways even better than “Yav” – more powerful, high-torque, more durable.

Soviet motorcycles such as IZH Planet-5 were designed “With a margin”. “Planet-5” with the indicated “maximum speed” with a stroller of 80 km / h is capable of accelerating along a level road to 93 km / h, and without a stroller and 130 km / h “go” – in principle, like the Jawa 350 without a stroller.

It would seem that the race on the Jawa 350 and IL Planet 5 of the same, 1991 model year, with wheelchairs was supposed to put an end to the dispute. However, motorists explained the advantage received by Java, that she “Mistaken” by the “Planet”: the P-5 has 22 power, while the Jawa 350 has 26 hp. Java itself is lighter, and its stroller is much lighter. A different picture can be observed if you arrange a race not with Planet 5, but with IL “Jupiter-5” – It just corresponds to the power and speed of the engine.

“Hacking” with the enemy “by forces” “Java” will “swallow dust”, sure lovers of Soviet motorcycles.


LIVE – Coronavirus: France enters its 46th day of confinement

⇒ 8:30 a.m .: [DANS LA NUIT] The latest news in France and around the world

The United States has recorded 2,053 additional deaths in the past 24 hours linked to the new coronavirus, according to Johns Hopkins University count. After a brief dip on Sunday and Monday, this marks a third consecutive day with more than 2,000 deaths and brings the American death toll to 62,906 deaths in total since the start of the pandemic.

♦ The Mexican singer, actor and composer Oscar Chavez, known for his social and political commitment, is died Thursday in Mexico City at the age of 85 after showing symptoms of Covid-19 infection.

Containment in place in the State of Rio de Janeiro to stem an extremely disturbing progression of the coronavirus will be extended until May 11, authorities in Brazil’s second most affected state announced on Thursday, taking on the positions of far-right president Jair Bolsonaro.

More than 130 therapies are being studied as part of research against Covid-19, the International Federation of the Medicines Industry (IFPMA) said on Thursday. Unprecedented collaborative efforts in the pharmaceutical industry have dramatically accelerated the search for safe and effective treatments for the new coronavirus.

♦ Arrived on March 30 in New York, when the Covid-19 pandemic was in full explosion, the American military hospital ship USNS Comfort left Thursday, without ever running at full speed.

♦ The president of the Republic of Congo, Denis Sassou Nguesso, announced Thursday evening the extension until May 15 of containment to stop the spread of Covid-19. Equatorial Guinea also extended containment measures fifteen days.

⇒ 8:00 a.m .: [ÉTATS-UNIS] Donald Trump still attacks China

Again Thursday, April 30, the President said that China, and more specifically a laboratory in Wuhan, was at the origin of the pandemic. In retaliation, Donald Trump threatens to tax the Asian giant.

♦ Red, orange or green, the first map of the departments has been revealed by the Minister of Health Olivier Véran. It will serve to adapt the deconfinement “ to local realities According to the wish expressed by the Prime Minister last Tuesday.

♦ Containment will result a real economic shock with ” bankruptcies and job destruction assured Bruno Le Maire during his hearing by the economic affairs and sustainable development committees. The hardest part is before us he insisted while INSEE indicated 5.8% drop in GDP for the first quarter of 2020.

♦ While resumption of worship will have to wait until June 2 despite the requests of Mgr de Moulins-Beaufort, president of the Conference of Bishops of France, places of worship can reopen in Germany, under conditions.

Final whistle for Ligue 1 and Ligue 2. The PSG is crowned champion, Marseille and Rennes are qualified for the Champions League. At the bottom of the table, Toulouse and Amiens are relegated to Ligue 2 while Lens and Lorient are promoted to Ligue 1.

♦ The Covid-19 pandemic made more than 230,000 dead around the world (and some 3.2 million people infected) including more than 62,000 in the United States, nearly 27,000 in the United Kingdom, where the peak of the epidemic has passed, according to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and 24,376 in France.

Hello everyone, welcome to this live dedicated to the coronavirus pandemic.

Let’s start this day with a virtual getaway. Direction India and more precisely the Taj Mahal. This white marble mausoleum is today inaccessible due to confinement. However it is possible to discover it in every detail thanks to the Airpano site.


Covibox, born between Roubaix and Tourcoing, protection against the virus in Parisian hospitals

It is a heavy act, but essential to save the patients most affected by the coronavirus. When they need to be ventilated for several weeks, ICU patients are given air through a hose, but which can damage the larynx and trachea over time. The only solution is a tracheostomy, an opening in the trachea. Gold, ”
it’s one of the most contaminating acts because Covid-19 lodges in the respiratory tract
“, Details Professor Yann Nguyen, ENT surgeon at Pitié Salpêtrière in …


Confined Easter, a new opportunity to exchange between us

A special thank you for your meditation pages of April 10: we have read with our daughters aged 18 and 20 this Way of the Cross whose thoughts as witnesses to the life of Jesus are very accessible and complementary to the reading of the Gospels. We finally lived these confined Easter as a new opportunity to exchange between us about life, faith, death … which has not been the case with our young people for a long time.

Well done, you’ve brought salt into the chocolate and it’s much better!

V. G.


The eco-friendly alternative to Kruzaku. What do we know about the Hongqi E115 SUV?

The first pictures of the Chinese news leaked to the network.

Recently, spies managed to shoot a new electric SUV Hongqi E115 during road tests in China. Apparently, the car looks exactly like a concept presented in 2019 at the Guangzhou Motor Show. What do we know about this car?

Hongqi E115 equipped with large grille, thin LED headlights and has an elongated roof line with sharp C-pillars. One of the notable differences between the production model and the concept is the body part behind the front wheels.

IN back of the serial SUV is identical to the prototype – lights of a similar shape, and between them is an LED strip. During the presentation of the Hongqi E115 concept, it was impossible to look into the cabin – the manufacturer darkened all the windows. Spy shots showed what to expect in the interior of the new product.

So car equipped touch screen infotainment system, digital dashboard, as well as a touchscreen climate control system. The center console and seats of the Chinese SUV are finished in Alcantara.

Hongqi E115 will be offered in the home market with two electric motors – one is located on the front axle and the other on the rear. The power of the first will be 215 horsepower at 350 Nm, and the second produces 295 “horses” and 420 Nm.

They will eat from lithium ion battery with a capacity of 92.4 kWh, which will provide up to 600 km of autonomous travel. Acceleration to the first “hundred” Chinese SUV makes for 4 seconds.

It is worth noting that the Hongqi E115 is not only an environmentally friendly alternative to the Kruzaku, but also a super-fast SUV with amazing dynamics. There is no information about the cost of the new product, but it is unlikely to be more expensive than the Toyota Land Cruiser 200.

Julia Romanova

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LIVE – Coronavirus: France enters its 42nd day of confinement

⇒ 8:15 a.m .: [LA CROIX] The front page of Monday April 27

⇒ 8:00 a.m .: [DANS LA NUIT] The latest news in France and around the world

♦ Former socialist senator and MEP Henri Weber, major figure of May 68 and founder of the LCR, died at the age of 75.

♦ Some seven in ten French (71%) would be in favor of the creation of a government of national unity to address the coronavirus crisis and its aftermath, according to an Ifop poll for The Expansion Letter Monday, April 27.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson returned Sunday evening April 26 to his residence in Downing Street in London after more than two weeks of recovery from contamination with Covid-19. The head of the British government resumes orders Monday after having recovered at his country residence Checkers.

The United States has recorded an additional 1,330 deaths due to coronavirus in the past 24 hours, according to a count released Sunday evening by Johns Hopkins University. The country now totals 54,841 deaths, with 964,937 cases of confirmed infections.

Chef Raoni, figure in the fight against deforestation in the Amazon, launched a call for donations to help indigenous people cope with the coronavirus. “We need to be supplied with basic foodstuffs, hygiene products, medicines and also fuel to be able to transport them” to indigenous communities, said the cacique in a video released by the French NGO Planète Amazone, which is orchestrating the donation campaign. “We need financial support and I therefore turn to you to support my community”, also pleaded the iconic chef, 90 years old.

7.45 a.m .: [DÉTENTE] The crossword puzzle for the day of The cross is online

♦ Before launching the StopCovid application, the CNIL asked ” some additional guarantees “In government as well as power to express oneself ” after debate in Parliament .

♦ Initially returned to the Élysée, the report of the Scientific Council for deconfinement has been made public. We can read points of agreement but also differences with the decisions already taken by the government.

♦ The Covid-19 pandemic made more than 204,000 dead around the world and over 2.9 million people infected in 193 countries and territories. The United States is the most affected country, with 54,841 deaths. Italy (26,644) died, Spain (23,190), France (22,856, + 152 to hospital in 24 hours) and the United Kingdom (20,732).

Hello everyone, welcome to this live dedicated to the coronavirus pandemic.

Let’s start this day and this week by listening. Reach out to be attentive to the adventures of Ernest and Célestine as told by their creator, Daniel Pennac. Three years before the animated adaptation was released in theaters, the author had made a public reading of his text, recently released online by France Culture.