Blue dollar today: how much it fell this Monday, August 10

Anyway, the blue registered its second consecutive week with accumulated fall. Between July 27 and 31, it recorded a decrease of $ 3 (it went from $ 139 to $ 136), the same negative variation that it showed in the first week of August (it fell from $ 136 to $ 133).

With these new numbers, the The gap with the wholesale dollar shortened to 79.60%, after touching 95% at the end of July, and reaching a maximum of 104% in mid-May.

It should be remembered that, last July, banks had blocked bank accounts in dollars due to “unusual movements”, carried out by the “digital coleros”, who then used the informal market to carry out the “pure” (buy in the official and sell in the parallel taking advantage of the existing exchange gap).

Since the quarantine began, the blue accumulates an increase of $ 45.50 (from the $ 85.50 of March 20), product, among other causes, of greater restrictions, not only in the Single Free Exchange Market, but also for operations with the CCL dollar and the MEP.


Tuners presented a low Toyota FJ Cruiser

Filipino craftsmen have deprived “Kruzak” the main benefit, but made him faster.

Photo: Understated Toyota FJ Cruiser from Atoy Customs. Source: Street 63.

Car tuning like “Kruzak” often ends in preparation for the harsh “peresechenke” due to the suspension lift and install larger diameter wheels. But tuners from the shop Atoy Customs in Manila did the opposite and presented the understated Toyota FJ Cruiser, which is actually turned from SUV into a city car. About it according to the portal Street 63.

Sanityth “Kruzak” managed with a set of Endura Pro Tein dampers and springs Plus KYB Xtage with a diameter of 40 mm, and also the appropriate fit, and trim details. These improvements were enough to significantly change the appearance of stock FJ Cruiser and “press” him to the ground, but the tuning is not over.

Photo: Understated Toyota FJ Cruiser from Atoy Customs. Source: Street 63.

The idea was made by the owner of tuning Studio Atoy Customs Ton Llavewhose “Kruzak” 2014 release and fell victim to the experiment. Having also in possession of the frame Toyota Hilux pickup, the motorist thought that the two SUVs are not necessary. And so along with a team of tuners have prepared for yourself understated Toyota FJ Cruiser.

But the understatement “Kruzak” craftsmen from the Philippines decided not to stop along the way increasing the capacity of a regular 4-liter engine 1GR-FE V6 to 238 horsepower and 343 Nm of torque due to chip-tuning, installation of exhaust system type Catback and the new long headers.

And to the Toyota FJ Cruiser has shown its strength in all its glory, the car “shod” in suitable for urban roads the tires Stealth Custom Series F5 and removed from the rear door spare wheelby reducing the weight of the SUV. So “Kruzak” has become a compact SUV that just quickly goes through the city and the highway — a decision completely opposite tastes of most drivers consider auto publications Motor1 and Carscoops.

Photo: Understated Toyota FJ Cruiser from Atoy Customs. Source: Street 63.

Production staffing Toyota FJ Cruiser began in 2006 at the plant of Hino Motors in Japan. Since then, the model is valuable not only for a fun retro exterior, but for reliable all-wheel drive, the high terrain and liquidity in the secondary market where used “Kruzak” age 1-2 years is worth 4.5–5 million rublesand 5-7 year instance from 2.5 to 3.5 million rubles.


What is Range Rover 3 capable of under 400,000 km?

The low price of a used Renzhik is due to the fact that in most cases it has problems above the roof.

The peculiarity of this car is that in the secondary market of Russia, the third generation Land Rover Range Rover can stand for years, even if they are sold at a minimum price tag. And it’s far from the fact that the car is so bad – just the notoriety of the “American” goes ahead of him.

Dozens of years ago, Land Rover Range Rover 3 was bought by those people who were sick of Japanese pomp and wanted an American gloss. Such a car is bought, if not for life, then for an impressive segment of it, because in terms of reliability, the new “Range” will not yield even to various Toyota Land Cruiser models.

At the same time, if it comes to used cars, then everything is not so favorable. On the “secondary” there are enough models with mileage of 400,000 kilometers, which are sold at the price of LADA Priora, therefore it is important to know what such a car is capable of. First of all, you need to understand that the margin of safety of the Land Rover Range Rover 3 is already coming to an end. With a 4.4-liter engine with 283 horsepower, problems rarely occur, unless the car has been operated on rough terrain for years, which in general is a fairly common situation.

The front of the SUV is made of aluminum. Not to say that the car rotted too quickly because of this, on the contrary – most of the problems of Land Rover Range Rover 3 with corrosion are associated with the rear bumpers and wheel arches, under which dirt and the first “mushrooms” like to accumulate. If the “American” with a mileage of 200,000 km does not have rust from the inside of the rear, then there are two options: either “bodywork” was changed, or it was also changed, but at the same time the car was in the garage for years.

The former gloss is felt around the car interior: the plastic holds perfectly, if you do not take into account the elements that are made of wood, the seats have long been worn away, nowhere without covers, but behind all the problems with the interior and exterior of the Land Rover Range Rover 3 the car is hidden which is capable of driving another 100,000 km with adequate maintenance. On any off-road or even shallow reservoirs – not in vain because the Range was called the American dream.

Alexey Lopatin

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PORTRAIT. Philippe Bas, multifaceted and talented actor

In the fiction rebroadcast on TF1, the actor Philippe Bas camps the one by whom love arrives. Marc’s character may not be his biggest role. He is nonetheless proof of his talent. The opportunity for a portrait of one of the leading actors in French fiction.

Love at first sight in Bora Bora will probably not remain in the filmography of Philippe Bas as the work that must be seen absolutely. Fiction is part of a cycle of romantic comedies launched in 2016 by TF1 with Love at first sight in Jaipur, and whose next components, Love at first sight in Mauritius and Love at first sight in Bangkok, will be released soon.

Served each time by a new distribution, they want to be beneficial, exotic and light. But the actor does not forget that the shooting was very pleasant and that giving the reply to Laëtitia Milot, his partner in this love story, was at least just as much.

Desires for theater and cinema

“There are things that remain. Others do not. Significant experiences. Others less. But I’m not the type to spit on the productions I’ve been in. I try to do my job well. And I take responsibility for what I do, Love at first sight at Profiling passing through theater and cinema… ”, he told us at the launch of season 10 of the famous detective series of TF1.

Of course, he would like to play more in the theater, where he started in 1994, and this in a staging by Francis Huster. Of course, he would like to be offered more movie roles. “I sometimes regret that so many people are sectarian, including in this environment, which on the contrary should be open to everyone and in all areas. But it’s like that. And I’m lucky to have Profiling, he will say again.

The roles of cops stick to his skin

Lover of series, even if he watches little for lack of time, and past master in the interpretation of the characters of cops (Skate or Die, The Assault…), He has been Commander Thomas Rocher in the thriller of TF1 for almost ten years. “I never tire of the series or my character,” he concludes. Its rhythm, its team, its arches, its writing, my successive partners are all reasons to experience the same pleasure with each restart. “

It is true that the role suits him rather well … We are waiting for the rest of season 10, unfortunately deprogrammed due to Covid-19. And we hope to soon announce the start of production in season 11.

Love at first sight in Bora-Bora, at 9:05 p.m. on TF1


Dawn Manicures in Times of Pandemic | International

There are permanents that give away, and the one Munia is wearing is one of them. Hit the metal clasp with the back of your right hand so as not to damage the still fresh red enamel on the nails. “Yala, yala” (IM coming, in Arabic), answers a male voice on the other side. The metal squeaks and a hand opens a crack through which Munia emerges. More than a month ago, the Lebanese government ordered the closure of hairdressers and barbers, as well as restaurants or schools, to stop the spread of covid-19. Last Sunday he warned that the confinement will last at least until May 10.

Despair has gripped a handful of neighbors in Sodeco, the central Beirut neighborhood and capital of a country where body worship is a national sport. Not for nothing are his women considered the most conceited in the region. The pressure of the employees has finally convinced the owner to reopen the beauty salon. “We haven’t been paid for a month and we need the money,” argues one of the four workers who swarm around the room. Without the cases of deaths and infections having skyrocketed, with 677 infected and 21 deceased, the Lebanese begin to relax in the respect of the preventive measures and pushed by the pressing economic crisis.

“I couldn’t spend another day locked up, gaunt and with pinned hair,” Munia sputters as she smiles approvingly as she looks in the mirror. Despite having crossed her sixties, this woman does not seem to care about the risk of transmitting the virus. Before crown that simple It seems to be the maximum in a country that has become a mecca for cosmetic surgery.

A housewife and mother of four, Munia’s confinement has brought her anxiety back during the 15 years of civil war, still recent three decades after it ended. “I would not let my children go out on the street for fear of shootings and as adults we hardly ever did it once a day to buy what we could find for food.” “Even then the bars or the hairdressers did not close,” one of the salon employees intervenes. Unaware of the illegality of the situation, Munia drops the closing forcefully behind her, startling those present with the din.

“If the police catch us, it is a fine of 10 million pounds (6,100 euros),” he says, clicking with his tongue Dala, the fictitious name of the owner of the hairdresser. “But we only let two clients enter at the same time to avoid contact,” he defends.

Three of the four young women who work there come from the impoverished suburbs of the Lebanese capital. The fourth is from the Philippines and says that she has decided to re-paint her nails despite her dread of the virus because she needs to send $ 200 each month to her mother, who has been left in her native country by her two-year-old daughter. .

But the Lebanese pound is going through its lowest moments and this woman has to buy dollars at the exchange houses for 3,100 Lebanese pounds (LBP) for each greenback, double the parity set by the Central Bank of Lebanon . The World Bank has warned that half of the 4.5 million Lebanese will fall below the poverty line.

More than 220,000 people have lost their jobs since a wave of protests erupted across the country on October 17, demanding the bloc of the political economy. Most of the unemployed belong to the hospitality sector which, according to Maya Bakhazy, general secretary of the Union of Restaurant, Bar and Club Owners “fed more than 150,000 families”. The pandemic has surprised Lebanon in the worst economic crisis in its history, compounded by social unrest.

While waiting for a new client, the women kill time talking about the rise in prices and those imported products that have disappeared from the shelves. “There are no contraceptive pills left in pharmacies,” one of them blurted out, unleashing laughter from the rest. “They can’t ask us to stay in our houses if they don’t give us aid,” continues Nur, the youngest, 21 years old. The Government announced this week aid of 400,000 LBP (245 euros) for the neediest families, but has not disclosed the selection criteria or the number of beneficiaries. “In some lists made public, names of people who have been dead for two decades have appeared,” adds jocosa.

It has been precisely the chronic corruption of politicians that has sparked popular outrage, and it is the drastic economic deterioration that promises to beat the virus in the streets with new protests called for this week. Aware of the health risk, they urge social networks to form a convoy of cars and saturate the central roads of the country.

Like her Lebanese roommates, Nur’s salary home is no longer a supplementary income to that of men in the household who have progressively lost their jobs. Now it is a vital entrance for the subsistence of the family. Add nine people between siblings, parents and elders at home. As the curfew approaches, which begins at eight o’clock in the afternoon, the young women cover their hair with their veils and, after making sure that there are no police patrol in sight, they shoot out from under the closure to lose themselves between the alleys.


New York discovers that death rate is lower than previously thought

New York has just provided the world with one of the first samples of Covid-19 antibodies that forces to review the spread and mortality of the pandemic coronavirus. With a universe of 3,000 individuals, arbitrarily chosen among supermarket and grocery store customers in 19 counties across the state, 13.9% tested positive for antibodies, which substantially lowers the death rate which was attributed to the disease.

The percentage is much higher in the New York City, the global epicenter of the pandemic, where tests show that 21.2% of the population has been exposed to the virus. “They were infected three, four, five, or six weeks ago,” Governor Andrew Cuomo explained in presenting the results, “and they have fully recovered.”

That was the good news, in a state where almost 1,400 daily hospitalizations and more than 400 deaths. «The curve is flattened, but the number of new hospitalizations does not decrease. That is the bad news, ”he reported.

Direct | This is how the fight against the coronavirus progresses

According to new hospitalization data, the John Hopkins Institute estimated mortality in New York State at 7.4%, having buried nearly 20,000 people. The new data allows us to include the factor of how many were infected without knowing it or without suffering symptoms to go to a hospital, which drastically reduces the mortality rate to 0.5%.

That figure will still have to be revised upwards when the death balance is updated, which until recently did not include those who died at home. Among the dead that will allow the epidemic to be put in its place is Patricia Dowd, a 57-year-old woman who lived in San José (California) and died alone at home on February 6, of what was then classified as a heart attack. . The woman was healthy, practiced sports and did not take any medication, but she traveled a lot and in the previous days had suffered from flu symptoms. The analysis of his tissues has established the true cause of his death and concluded that, by then, the coronavirus was already circulating silently in California. Until now, the first Covid-19 death in the US was believed to have occurred on February 27 in Seattle.

The most chilling feature of the coronavirus remains its incredible contagion capacityTherefore, diagnostic tests will be the main instrument to control the epidemic when the economy reopens. The World Health Organization (WHO) calls for the results of antibody tests to be taken with caution, because it is still unknown whether they offer immunity to those who carry them.

The governor of New York, where these tests began on Sunday, admitted that it is preliminary results They will be reviewed as they expand, but he considers himself satisfied with the first snapshot that allows us to assess the true extent of the virus in its state. “These were not people who have become isolated in their homes, and therefore you could say that the rate of contagion is lower among them, nor essential workers who could have a higher rate, but people who were buying food,” he explained.

When extrapolating the results to the entire city of New York, it can be deduced that 1.7 million residents in that city would have been exposed to the coronavirus, despite the fact that currently there are only 138,000 confirmed cases. If the aggressiveness of the virus could be less than previously thought, also that of Donald Trump. The executive order he signed Wednesday night to suspend immigration has turned out to be less stringent than his tweet anticipated, as it won’t affect those who live legally in the U.S. and are in the process of applying for a green card. Of course, it ends the famous world lottery of “green cards” that the President has frequently criticized.


Amazon Web Services makes Cape Town, South Africa, the hub of its Africa region

(Ecofin Agency) – Amazon Web Services (AWS), a subsidiary of the American Internet giant Amazon, announced on April 22, 2020 the opening of its regional hub in Africa in Cape Town, South Africa. Through this continental presence, AWS Africa Region aims to offer its low latency digital services and its wide range of technologies to players in various sectors, including government organizations.

Peter DeSantis, senior vice president of global infrastructure and customer support for Amazon Web Services, said the company – which has a long history in South Africa and would like to continue supporting the growth of the local tech community – chose the country because builders, developers, contractors and organizations requested it.

“Today, we are responding to these requests by inaugurating the Cape region. We are eager to see the creativity and innovation that will result from setting up African organizations in the cloud ”, he said.

According to Amazon Web Service, the Cape Town AWS Africa region has three Availability Zones, like all AWS regions. Each Availability Zone includes one or more data centers, which are located in separate and distinct geographic locations with enough distance to significantly reduce the risk of a single event affecting business continuity, but close enough to provide low latency to guarantee high availability of applications. Each Availability Zone has independent power, cooling, and physical security, and is connected via a redundant, ultra-low latency network.

With the launch of its African hub, AWS now totals 23 geographic regions around the world. The company, which wants to conquer new markets, intends to open four additional regional centers which will be installed in Indonesia, Italy, Japan and Spain.

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11/11/2019 – Amazon announces the installation of its Cloud unit in Kenya next year


The Netherlands Supreme Court endorses euthanasia in cases of acute dementia

The Supreme Court of the Netherlands has ruled on Tuesday in favor ofdoctors euthanize in cases of acute dementiaas long as the patient has given his consent in a living will when he was lucid.

The Supreme’s decisionthus extends the law passed in 2002, which allows euthanasia to be applied if it is practiced by a doctor, according to information from the local newspaper ‘De Volkskrant’.

The legislation previously stated that euthanasia was only legal if the patient was in a “terminal” state,suffered intolerable painand he could clearly express his wish to die.

The ruling now issued by the court is related to the case of a geriatrician who helped the death of a 74-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s in 2016. The Prosecutor’s Office, which thenhe filed murder charges against the doctor, has not filed an appeal on Tuesday.

After being acquitted in 2019, the Supreme Court has now stressed that the doctor acted properly and made no mistake in interpreting the patient’s wishes, whichhe had signed his petition to dieonce he suffered severe pain and was unable to communicate.

The judges have insisted that said action was legal only because the patient expressly gave her written consent when she was lucid and suffered “excruciating pain due to her illness.” It is estimated that in 2019 some6,300 people were euthanizedin the Netherlands.


Massive Mask Distribution Campaign Turns Against the Government of Japan | Global World Blog

The revelation that some face masks sent by the Japanese government to citizens are stained, have human hair and even insects, has damaged the popularity of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his measures to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. Abe announced on April 1 that it would allocate 400 million euros for the Japanese administration to buy and send two washable face masks to 58 million homes. He was trying to cope with the shortage of these hygienic products, which are usually found in supermarkets and pharmacies for about three euros for 50 units.

The promised shipment began last week, with 19 million face masks destined for homes with senior citizens and another half million targeting pregnant women. Immediately, complaints began to arise about the low quality of the products and their questionable hygiene. According to the Asahi newspaper, 1,901 complaints have been registered to date, including one for finding human hairs and an insect inside one of the packages.

On social networks, outraged comments from couples with children abound. A meme has gone viral in which the cat and the seven family members of the popular anime series Sazae-san, They appear sharing, in single file, the two masks.

Abe, whose economic program to ward off the recession is known as Abenomics, is also the subject of meme authors. In one he appears with his face hidden with the two masks of his campaign, followed by the nickname Abenomask (“Abe’s mask”).

Meme with the characters from the cartoon series 'Sazae-san' sharing the two masks.

Meme with the characters from the cartoon series ‘Sazae-san’ sharing the two masks.

In a country where extreme hygiene has been identified as one of the possible causes of the slow spread of covid-19 – despite having been one of the first after China to register infections – official face masks, imported in part from the Southeast Asia, they generate mistrust and many people hesitate to use them.

Japan has exceeded 10,000 cases of contagion and there is a high demand for masks because for many employees it is the only defense against the virus in the crowded trains that transport them to work.

Meme with the TV image of Prime Minister Shizo Abe ridiculed after announcing the shipment of two masks per home.

Meme with the TV image of Prime Minister Shizo Abe ridiculed after announcing the shipment of two masks per home.

In addition to a fund of some 911 billion euros to deal with the pandemic, Abe announced a non-binding national emergency that leaves the decision to resort to teleworking or to stop production to the companies.

In an attempt to encourage the stay-at-home campaign, the Prime Minister has published a video that shows him playing with his dog and drinking tea, but this communication strategy has also received criticism for his lack of closeness to the population, some of which have spread with tag #abeyamero (“Abe, resign”).

According to a newspaper survey Mainichi, 53% of the Japanese are unhappy with the handling of the crisis of the prime minister, in power since 2012, compared to 39% who show their approval.

A use beyond hygiene

Made of cotton fabric in its most basic version, the mask is used in Japan by those who suffer from a cold to protect their companions from the effluvia when speaking, coughing or sneezing, a rigorous standard of civility in a society where importunate capital sin is to others.

In the spring, when pollen abounds, millions of allergy sufferers protect their airways with a denser tissue mask combined with a clear plastic eye mask that resembles a diving mask but is lighter.

Many travelers use it on the plane to avoid nasal dryness and children who help serve lunches in school canteens wear an apron and a simple mask to avoid splashing their companions’ dishes with saliva.

According to the Japan Hygiene Products Association, 5.5 billion disposable masks were manufactured in 2018, of which 4.3 billion were for private use.

The ubiquity of the mask is such that many introverts wear them to hide their shyness. Clothing manufacturers have endowed it with varied colors, designs and shapes, and have turned the mask into a fashion accessory worn even by famous actors or actresses who want to take a leisurely stroll without the siege of their admirers.

The cotton mask used in Asia is attributed to the Chinese doctor of Malay origin Lien-teh Wu, who during the Manchurian pneumonic plague in 1910 discovered airborne contagion and reinforced the masks worn by European doctors by adding gauze and cotton filters.


The Mad Cool festival confirms the loss of Taylor Swift

HeMad Cool festival,Still scheduled for July 8-11 in Madrid, confirms this Friday that “due to the Covid-19 health crisis, Taylor Swift has decided to cancel her European tour, affecting her performance at Mad Cool 2020.”

“We deeply understand and respect the artist’s decision in these moments ofhealth crisisWorldwide. Our sincere apologies to the entire community of fans of the artist, who have transmitted all their affection and love to us during these months, “remarks the statement sent to Europa Press.

And still add theorganization: “We are aware of the enthusiasm that his visit to our country had generated, after almost a decade of absence, so we are already working so that, sooner rather than later, we can have it with us again in future editions.”

The organization remarks that “although they arehard times“They have not yet thrown in the towel to be able to celebrate the festival on the scheduled dates:” From Mad Cool we continue to work to make this year’s edition a reality, always following the guidelines and recommendations of the health authorities. “

“But we also want to be sincere and transparent with all of you and, with each passing day, the possibilities of meeting to enjoy music in the Valdebebas venue are being reduced”, they admit, in any case.

The festival hopes to say “something definitive soon, when all the appropriate decisions can be taken with the health authorities. “” Always prioritizing your safety, that of the artists, technical staff, Mad Cool team and citizens in general, “they highlight.

“We greatly appreciate your patience and understanding of the dramatic and exceptional situation we are experiencing.” Finally, the statement conveys its “most sincerelove and thanksTo all those people who are working very hard to try to beat the Covid-19. “” Our gratitude and the greatest recognition to all of them, right now our true heroes and headliners, “he concludes.