Lisbon and Central Portugal return to Belgium’s red list

The Belgian authorities on Wednesday slightly eased the restrictive measures in the framework of the pandemic of the covid-19, despite the increase in the number of cases, and put the metropolitan area of ​​Lisbon and the central region of Portugal in the “red”.

Among the amendments to the measures adopted this Wednesday by the Belgian authorities after a meeting of the National Security Council is the end of the ban on travel from the “red zones” – classified as high risk of contagion -, which is replaced for a recommendation to “strongly advise” these destinations, accompanied by a seven-day quarantine, with a test on the fifth.

With the reinclusion of the Lisbon metropolitan area and the central region in [nova] “red list”, which will take effect on Friday, September 25, anyone who arrives in Belgian territory from these regions – and intends to stay longer than 48 hours – will have to perform a screening test and be quarantined .

Belgium was the only Member State to ban travel from high-risk areas within the EU, having decided to abolish this ban this Wednesday in the name of “harmonizing rules at European level”, at a time when the European Commission is trying to Member States to adopt common and harmonized rules on everything that affects free movement within the Community.

The most visible change to the current rules in Belgium to contain the spread of covid-19 announced on Wednesday, however, is the fact that the use of a mask is no longer mandatory outdoors in the Brussels region.

In force since 12 August, the obligation to wear a protective mask at all times is only applicable to closed places (such as commercial establishments, cinemas and public transport) or outdoor areas with a large number of people. .

The new rules appear paradoxically at a time when cases of covid-19 continue to fire in Belgium, which recorded an average of 1,374 daily cases in the last week (60% more than in the previous week), and witnesses a continuous increase in hospitalizations , with 18 consecutive days of climb.

In the last 14 days, Belgium recorded an average of 132.3 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants, which represents the sixth highest rate of positive in the EU, surpassed only by Spain (314.8), Czech Republic (218.6) , France (197.8), Luxembourg (169.7) and Malta (144), according to data from the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention.


Doctor of the Center for Medical Prevention told how to distinguish influenza from ARVI – Kaliningrad News

Influenza, unlike SARS, is characterized by an acute onset of infection with a sharp rise in temperature, chills and headache, as well as a dry hacking cough. It is for these symptoms that doctors distinguish it from acute respiratory infections. On Wednesday, September 23, on the air of the radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda – Kaliningrad” said the doctor of the regional Center for Medical Prevention, Candidate of Medical Sciences Lyudmila Perminova.

“As for the external clinical manifestations, the acute onset is characteristic of influenza, in contrast to ARVI, which are caused by other pathogenic viruses. That is, a person knows exactly when he fell ill: at work he still felt good, came home – chills, pain in the muscles, in the eyeballs, headache, and the temperature rises sharply. It reaches 38-39, and sometimes 40 degrees, – said Perminova. – <...> With flu, for example, there will be no runny nose and temperature 37.2 – most often these are symptoms of rhinovirus or other infection. ”

In addition, according to her, flu is characterized by a dry, excruciating, hacking cough, accompanied by pain in the chest. “Influenza viruses have a certain ‘favorite’, let’s say the place of localization – they infect the trachea,” the specialist explained.

Influenza, Perminova noted, “comes” to the region in a certain season – they start to get sick in late December – early January, and the maximum incidence occurs in February-March.

“All viral infections in our country are treated in approximately the same way – mainly pathogenetically and symptomatically. And only for the flu, we have drugs that have a direct antiviral effect. If a doctor suspects a patient’s flu, then, of course, he has the right, without waiting for the results of the analysis, to prescribe an anti-influenza drug, ”the specialist added.

Let us remind you that an influenza vaccination campaign is underway in the Kaliningrad region. Vaccination can be done at the clinic at the place of residence, as well as at one of the mobile teams that work in a special graphics in different parts of the regional center until September 30.


Ambulance driver raped a patient while transferring her

Great indignation caused in India the rape of a patient with coronavirus when she was taken to the hospital by ambulance.

It happened in the state of Kerala and the driver of the vehicle was arrested.

The authorities reported that the driver picked up two women diagnosed with Covid-19, whom he had to transfer to different medical centers.

After leaving one of the patients in a hospital in Aranmula, the defendant went to a deserted place, where he raped the 19-year-old girl.

According to local media, before leaving the victim at the medical center, the ambulance driver apologized and told him not to tell anything.

Upon arrival at the destination hospital, the woman reported the abuse to the staff of the medical center, who in turn reported the event to the Police.

According to police sources, the victim managed to record part of the conversation with the aggressor.

Local media also reported that, at the time of the rape, there were no other medical workers in the ambulance because the condition of both patients was stable and the nurses accompany the sick only when their lives are in danger.

This is the local protocol to limit the contact of health workers with people infected with COVID-19, explained a representative of the local Department of Health.

After the arrest of the defendant, the Police announced that the man was already facing a charge for attempting to murder since 2019.


A light version of the coronavirus vaccine will be released in Russia

Scientific Center. Gamalei will release a vaccine against the coronavirus in two categories. For the vaccination of children, a lightweight version of the drug will be developed, told in an interview with radio Sputnik by the head of the center, professor Alexander Butenko.

Only people over 18 years of age participate in the test vaccination, but the final product should be suitable for children as well. “For children, it will be more gentle and less reactogenic (it will cause fewer side effects, – ed.). Children have less body weight than adults, so their dosage will be reduced. In addition, a child’s immune system may not be as developed as that of an adult. One way or another, all vaccines have gradations – for children and for adults, ”said Butenko.

On September 8, the first batch of the Sputnik V coronavirus vaccine entered civil circulation, the Ministry of Health reported. According to the Minister of Health Mikhail Murashko, vaccination of people will begin this week. Vaccination of most of the population of Russia can take place within 9-12 months, according to the center. Gamalei. The registration of the world’s first vaccine against COVID-19 was announced on August 11 by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The drug is also being developed by the State Center for Virology and Biotechnology “Vector”. His clinical trials will end on September 30th.


Mysterious gas bubbles found in the center of the Milky Way

He universe still has many questions to answer for the human being and constantly discovering phenomena that challenge the knowledge we have of it.

Now an international team of astronomers has discovered some mysterious clouds of dense cold gas that come from the center of the Milky Way, our galaxy, and have been shot “like bullets.”

According to the researchers, who have published a study on the matter in the scientific journal “Nature”, This finding has important implications for understanding how can be the future of our galaxy.

Unknown origin

“The wind in the center of the Milky Way has been the subject of much debate since the discovery a decade ago in the called Fermi bubbles“explains astrophysicist Naomi McClure-Griffiths of the Australian National University in statements to Science Alert.

“If you lose enough, the galaxy loses its ability to form stars,” they warn

These structures are two gigantic orbs of hot gas, emerging from the center of the galaxy, perpendicular to its plane, and that emit radiation from different cosmic rays.

These bubbles have been a puzzle since their discovery, because it is not clear what caused them, several million years ago, but could have important consequences in the future.

Those clouds of cold and dense gas that come from the center of the Milky Way and that escape are necessary for the formation of stars

“When you run out of a significant amount of mass, you lose some of the material that could be used to form stars,” adds McClure-Griffiths. “If you lose enough, the galaxy loses its ability to form stars“.

Black hole or star formation

In this way, according to astrophysicists, “being able to observe evidence of how the Milky Way is losing its ability to form stars is exciting, and makes you wonder what will happen next“.

“We are still looking for the definitive evidence, but the matter gets more complicated as we learn more about him.”

The research theorizes about two possible causes of these gas clouds. It is possible that periodic star formation over the past 50 million years could partially explain the volume of gas that is expelled, but models suggest that such clouds are fairly short-lived and it is unclear how long they would survive high acceleration, especially in a hot wind.

It is also possible for cold, high-velocity gas to form directly within the outflow by mixing slow, cold clouds and fast, hot winds. This would solve several problems, but current simulations have been unable to replicate the entire process.

“We are trying to find out if what produces this phenomenon is a black hole or star formation“says Enrico Di Teodoro, director of the study and researcher at Johns Hopkins University (United States).

“We are still looking for definitive evidence, but the matter gets more complicated as we learn more about him“, he concludes.


This is the child from Kupang whose photo is on a new Rp75,000 banknote – Bank Indonesia together with the Ministry of Finance, Monday (17/8) today officially launched a new Rp. 75,000 denomination to commemorate the 75th independence of the Republic of Indonesia.

The launch of this new collection edition brings happiness and pride to Tely Saubaki, a resident of Oebobo, Kupang City, East Nusa Tenggara.

Tely was proud because the face of his son, Ananda Saubaki, who was only eight years old, was emblazoned on the newly launched banknote.

He told reporters that in 2019 the East Nusa Tenggara Bank Indonesia Representative Office asked him to send a photo of his son wearing traditional clothes, to be forwarded to Bank Indonesia at Jakarta to be selected.

“Bank Indonesia asked us to send photos of traditional clothes, so that they would be forwarded to the head office for selection,” he said.

Tely did not expect that her son Ananda Saubaki was chosen to represent the Bank Indonesia Representative Office for East Nusa Tenggara in a photo shoot.

“So Perum Peruri came personally to Kupang and immediately made the cuts, on August 7, 2019,” he explained.

Because it is still a secret, Tely and Ananda were not informed of the purpose of the shoot by Perum Peruri. “I also do not know where to take the photo or where it will be held, only they say it is still secret,” said Tely.


He was shocked when he found out that his son’s photo was beautifully plastered on the new Rp75,000 banknotes, when it was launched today.

“Today I just know that a year ago it was to fill in the picture of the 75th anniversary of Indonesia’s independence,” added Tely.

So that as a parent, Tely admitted that he was proud that his son Ananda could be seen in the Rp75,000 bill, which of course would be widely circulated in the country.

“This will be historical evidence from generation to generation. Very proud and too grateful, because my son was elected and there is a photo of him in the denomination that was launched, in commemoration of independence,” he concluded. [ded]


Hazem Imam reveals the status of “the resounding deal that Zamalek contracted with”

Former Zamalek player Hazem Imam revealed the position of the deal “the super and the dream for white fans” as described by the club club Mitt Okba.

The Zamalek channel announced the conclusion of a “Super” deal for the club’s first football team, and it was described as a dream for the fans of Zamalek and one of the Egyptian football stars was the dream of contracting with a wide sector of white fans.

For his part, Hazem Imam said through his radio program on “On Sport FM” As for the strong deal that Zamalek will sign with it, it is said that it is an attacker … but I will not say its name because it is blamed on people. “

Zamalek did not disclose the player’s name, but was satisfied with it as being very big and it would be a resounding deal in soccer in Egypt, which is the fifth deal, where four other deals preceded this.


the chances that Perm Region will be lifted are high

On June 30, a meeting of the operational headquarters should be held in the Perm Territory, at which the possibility of removing a number of restrictions will be discussed. Two consecutive days – June 28 and 29 – the distribution coefficient of coronavirus in Prikamye is 0.79. This is one of the important indicators of the phased lifting of restrictions – for the second stage, it should be less than 0.8.

In addition, over the past three days, 510 beds were additionally re-profiled for COVID-19 treatment in the province. The indicator “availability of free bed fund” amounted to 67.7 percent.

– Over the past two days, key indicators have been kept in the Kama region at the level of standards for moving to the second stage of lifting restrictive measures, – said Sergey Nikiforov, Deputy Prime Minister of the Perm Territory, in charge of healthcare. – This allows us to discuss the draft plan for the transition to the second stage.

At the second stage, street cafes, museums and exhibition halls, shopping centers up to 800 square meters, children’s clubs, public organizations, research institutes, playgrounds and kindergartens, including private ones, will be opened.

As a source in the operational headquarters told Komsomolskaya Pravda, the chances are high that the second stage in the Perm Territory will begin on July 1.


“No need to hide from the virus in a cocoon!” – Perm epidemiologist about the current situation


CIS Anti-Terrorist Center: recruiters urge the spread of coronavirus

The head of the CIS antiterrorist center, Andrei Novikov, said that recruiters of terrorist groups urge sick members of organizations to distribute coronavirus in public places. According to him, the COVID-19 pandemic facilitated recruitment due to lower living standards in countries from the “bottom lines of economic ratings”. However, due to the closure of borders, the movement of weapons and drugs was limited.

“While states are fighting for medical and epidemiological safety … recruiters of international terrorist groups not only use the already difficult situation, attracting new“ jihad soldiers ”, but also spread calls for the maximum spread of COVID infection by sick members of the organization in public places, government institutions etc., ”said Mr. Novikov in an interview with TASS. In his opinion, the statements themselves create “an independent cluster of information and psychological threats to the population.”

Mr. Novikov said that all the special services of the CIS countries during the pandemic noted the confusion of terrorist organizations “in matters of their traditional material support.” Due to the closure of the borders, “the supply chain of drug corridors, the retail distribution of drugs, the international arms and explosives trade” were disrupted. According to him, intelligence agencies also observe a shift in the focus of terrorists. “They went online. Media centers have been activated that combine the spread of the ideology of terrorism and extremism, the involvement of new members, ”said Mr. Novikov.

Recall that in the last decade, global indicators of peace have been steadily declining. Last year (estimated period from March 2019 to March 2020) was no exception. Among the reasons are the rise of terrorism, the intensification of conflicts in the Middle East, the growth of regional tensions in Eastern Europe and Northeast Asia, the increase in the number of refugees, and political tensions in Europe and the USA.

For more information on the index of peacefulness, see Kommersant’s article “There Is No Peace for the World, Especially in a Pandemic”.


The long-awaited warmth will come to Perm Territory – Komsomolskaya Pravda – Perm

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