In Poland, the hope rising from the opposition prior to the presidential

“Rafal, Rafal ! “ The applause filled the air. Rafal Trzaskowski, in blue jacket on white shirt, no tie, appears on stage. With its old brick houses with facades covered with vine, the market square of Olsztyn, a city of 600 000 inhabitants in the former east Prussia, is teeming with people. Under the flags Polish and european, a thousand people flocked to see the candidate in last-minute to the presidential election of Sunday 28 June.

In Poland, the hope rising from the opposition prior to the presidential

Rafal Trzaskowski, the mayor of Warsaw, brings hope to the Polish opposition to a few days of the election. He was replaced at short notice the candidate Malgorzata Kidawa-Blonska, who collapsed in mid-may in the opinion polls, in favor of a postponement of the election because of a pandemic Covid-19. Centrist candidate of the Coalition civic (KB, liberal), is that it threatens the immediate past president, Andrzej Duda, from the conservative nationalist Law and Justice (PiS), in power since 2015.

In a few weeks, it has risen to the rank of leader of the opposition, bringing together more than 28 % of the latest voting intentions for the first round. Duda, himself, is credited with 41.5 %. Rafal Trzaskowski, however, could prevail on the 12th of July in the second round, narrowly, the other voters of the opposition, left, right, or far right, preferring to mostly defer their vote on him.

A promise of change

Rafal Trzaskowski is fully playing the card of protest. “Enough “, ” We are fed up ! “, one reads on the placards. “Tired of the hypocrisy, the propaganda, of the Church that meddles in everything “, lists Alina Szydlowska, 71 years, professor of EPS in retirement. “And the autocracy of a sick man “, referring to the leader of PiS, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, who for the past five years, pulling the strings without interfering directly.

The government majority will remain acquired to the PiS after the election. But in case of victory, Rafal Trzaskowski has promised to serve “counter-power” by capturing the full “right of veto and legislative initiative “ conferred on the president of the Republic. In the assistance, Tomasz Rozycki, 39, boss of the restaurant of a luxury hotel, do not expect anything. “I would hope that things change, that Poland is to be known for reasons other than the challenge to democracy “, he confides.

The mayor of Warsaw knows how to touch his audience. “The power wants to divide us, to oppose the towns, villages, countryside “, launches himself from the stage, while avoiding the subjects clivants in which the majority would like to lock him up. “Did you want to talk of migrants, the euro in Poland, the catechism at school or LGBT ? Is that what are the important issues, currently ? No ! This should concern us, these are the health services, the economy at the end of the pandemic, the education. “

Seduce campaigns

After Olsztyn, the centrist candidate goes to 40 km from here, to Biskupiec, in a large village of 10 000 inhabitants. Among the 200 people waiting under the scorching sun, Aneta and Wiktoria, two high school students 18 years of age. “Rafal Trzaskowski is the only one to be able to dislodge Duda. We do not want a president-puppet who sign it just submits “, explains one. On the societal level also, they defend the candidate who has signed a charter against discrimination and stigmatization of LGBT people in Warsaw. “For us, the young people, it is very important, all men are equal “, continues the other.

A position that is far from being consensual in Poland, especially in towns of less than 20,000 inhabitants where Law and Justice scores. But then again, Rafal Trzaskowski integrates it into his speech. “I will not be president of the opposition total “, he promises, with the intent of supporting “positive proposals for the economy” or advanced on the “european budget “.


In Bangladesh, the Rohingyas without hope of return

They remain almost a million in camps between Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh, and Burma, the countries they have fled to 800 000 of them during the fall of 2017, subject to the exactions of the burmese army. Not to mention the other, those who arrived there nearly twenty years, who still live here, under their shelters of the fortune.

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This month, the buses put at the disposal of the Rohingya by the government of Bangladesh to bring them home in their native land remained empty. These muslim refugees, officially stateless, do not count leave before the burmese authorities to grant a legal identity.

A quarter of the aid workers may work in camps

The Rohingya, like the millions of afghan refugees or syrians, are not close to to revise their land. The report of the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) published Thursday, June 18, two days before world refugee Day, Saturday 20, note that three-quarters of those who have had to leave their country “are trapped in situations of prolonged movement “.

In Bangladesh, the Rohingyas without hope of return

Then the international solidarity was organized. With its NGOS and un agencies. The annual budget necessary for the refugees the Rohingya is estimated at 850 million euros, “with only 20 % for the moment are covered “, estimated Ram Das, assistant director of Care in Bangladesh.

His NGO is present in the distribution of drinking water, sanitation, and solar energy production. “In normal times, the 300 NGOS active in the camps near Cox’s Bazar employ 20, 000 aid workers. Currently, only 5 000 are authorized to work because of the containment measures taken to combat coronavirus. “ Only essential activities, such as health services and distribution of food and water are provided.

Since the beginning of the epidemic Covid-19, we in the west are stigmatized. Jean-Pierre Becue, which the Committee supports since 1972, the bangladeshi NGO GK Paralysed, explains : “Our partner operates 12 health centres in the camps for the Rohingya. He has found that Westerners were virtually prohibited from entering the camps, which can be understood, because the disease’s arrival by workers in bangladesh income in Italy”.

“The situation is under control “

Since, the whole country lives under containment, public transport is limited, the textile mills are closed. In Dhaka, GK savar lives has put in place of distributions of food parcels to several tens of thousands of families without resources.

The area of Cox’s Bazar is in the red zone since 6 June. The official figures are 1, 600 cases tested positive for the region, 38 in the camps, where we don’t account for the moment that two people died. “The situation is under control “, summarizes Ram Das, who enumerates the measures taken : regular testing, a centre mounted isolation for cases requiring quarantine, measures of distance imposed to the distributions of food or water, travel between the camps banned…

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The refugees, therefore, learn self-management. The instructions have been passed by the imams of the camp and by 2 000 Rohingya trained by the relief workers of bangladesh. The phone and Internet can be a relay to inform the refugees, because the government of bangladesh has reduced the use to avoid the rumors.

“Several NGOS, we have forwarded a request to the authorities to recover the phone so that the instructions and information on the epidemic arrive more quickly to the refugees “, explains Rama Das. The health crisis have had the effect to isolate a little more the refugees Rohingya. They accept it, aware of the risk of getting epidemic in this place, confined and overcrowded.


“It will be free of charge, first for the elderly and health-care workers”

L‘Italy will be in pole position for the distribution of the vaccinor against the coronavirus once it will be approved. The the minister of health Hope it is said to be positive about it, speaking also of encouraging data about the spread of the virus, while confirming that the guard should remain high because it is still in circulation.

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In an interview with the has talked about a possible second wave in the fall, then on the redo or less everything that has been done, he added: “I don’t know honestly. There will be a way to think about it all, and I will make with the utmost seriousness. What is certain is that I have always acted, having at heart the health and life of the people.” The vaccine is then clarified, which will be paid by the State and will be free from people considered most at risk: the elderly and health care workers.

“We’re talking about the vaccine ahead of all the human trials is the game in April. A piece significant of the production process will be realized by us, thanks to two important realities of Pomezia and Anagni,” he clarified.

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the fans caught the spirit from a photo of Natalya Podolskaya in underwear

Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov were married for ten years. They have a son Artemy. Not so long ago, celebrities have celebrated the first anniversary of boy – June 5 he was five years old. Looking for 38-year-old singer amazed – so beautiful she looks like. The actress impresses the audience with his youth and sense of style. Recently, the star published a blog recent photo that has caused quite a stir.

Natalia Podolskaya is incredibly beautiful. In a new photo she appeared with short hair. The hair color remained the same. Natalia for many years, prefers red shade. The singer posed in lingerie.

And if so ?

Fans of the idol Ghost caught. They began to discuss the sudden change in the image of a pet, and also her courage. Until recently, Podolsky allowed himself rare footage in mini bikini. But in revealing lingerie, perhaps never posed.

“Younger by 20 years”, “Fatal girl! “”That’s”attitude”had become only prettier”, “Motherhood obviously, you’ve decorated”, “Pretty woman”, “Crazy mom”, “Natasha! Stop doing that!”, – writing followers.

Recall Natalia Podolskaya and Vladimir Presnyakov met in 2005 on the set of “the Great race”. The birth of a son Artemy they waited 10 years. The singer never hid how hard-won for them with her husband was their first child. They went to the Holy places in hopes of begging a baby God. And when the Topic came to light, the parents were overjoyed. Now Natalia and Vladimir fully immersed in taking care of the child. They often argue over how to raise the boy. According to singer, the husband allows too many child. “Dads – they are aliens, they have their own lawsand sometimes I have my eyes on the forehead climb from the fact that the husband allows the son. But on the other hand most importantly – the active participation of dads in child’s life. It is much worse when the father is like and like a baby” – summed up Podolsk.


Amazon shut US police access to face recognition technology :: Business :: RBC

US police during the year will not be able to use technology of recognition of persons Rekognition Amazon. During this time, Congress should develop laws toughening rules of use of such technologies, demanded in the company

Photo: Lindsey Wasson / Getty Images

Amazon has introduced a moratorium on police use U.S. technology face detection Amazon Rekognition. This is stated in the statement published in the company blog.

“We are introducing a one-year moratorium on police use of face recognition technology Amazon,” — said in a statement.

The government should develop more stringent rules regulating the use of face recognition technology, think Amazon.

“We hope that this one-year moratorium will give Congress enough time to develop appropriate rules, and we are ready to help if we are asked,” said the company.

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The Vatican, France called to ” give, and dare to hope “

The secretary of the pontifical Council for integral human development, Archbishop Bruno-Marie Duffé, chaired, Wednesday, June 10, the traditional mass for France in the basilica of Saint Peter.

Due to the sanitary measures imposed by the pandemic Covid-19, this mass did not take place in the chapel of Sainte-Pétronille, too small to accommodate the hundred or so followers and twenty priests present, but to the altar of the Chair of Peter, at the bottom of the vatican basilica, where it had been brought to the reliquary of the holy regarded as the adopted daughter of st. Peter.

The VIIIe century, the popes had placed the kingdom of the Franks under the protection of st. Petronilla, giving them a chapel built next to the basilica of Saint-Pierre and won the France claim the title of ” eldest daughter of the Church “.

“We have nothing else to offer but our hope “

In the NINETEENTHe century, Leo XIII entrusted to France the care and maintenance of a votive lamp in the chapel, an event recalled in his homily by Archbishop Duffé, which called the country to “don’t let extinguish the flame of hope which the world so badly needs “.

The prelate of lyon has, in fact, insisted on the meaning of martyrdom and witness in a world where christians are “called to live a tension between a community solidarity, social, “worldly” and a communion of faith with the one who initiates the Kingdom.”

“What we learn from the witnesses and the martyrs, st. Petronilla, Peter, all those who have written the history of our country until the anonymous witnesses of these last time, is that we become one holy communion in Christ, a community “, a-t-he explained.

“In the Face of the development model that we feel, experiencing our world and life itself, we have nothing else to offer but our hope “, he stressed, calling on French catholics to “give, and dare to hope.”

“To share not only what we have, but what we are “

“We must dare to speak of anything that is beyond our convictions, dare to offer our lives because we can’t live without to share not only what we have, but what we are,” insisted Bishop Duffé.

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Despite the limitation of the rallies is still in force to Rome and the Vatican, a lot of French people of Rome, lay and priests, were present at this mass, and many of the members of the diplomatic corps who had held to mark their friendship with France, represented by its ambassador to the Holy see, Elisabeth Beton-Delègue.

On the side of the Vatican, cardinal Domenico Mamberti, prefect of the supreme Tribunal of the apostolic signatura has, also, attended the mass.


In Brazil, agroecology between hope and suffocation

At Barra Funda, a popular district in the centre of Sao Paulo, the Armazem do Campo, one of the six shops of the city who resells the products from the Movement of the landless (MST) at cost price, can only accommodate four customers at once. Precautionary measure against the sars coronavirus requires.

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“But the deliveries have attracted 30 % of customers more “, accurate Ademar Ludwig, coordinator of the network. This new dynamic is to take the production of small farmers has quickly found its audience, during the crisis, with the middle class, already accustomed to consuming these products.

Small producers are indispensable

Orders of eggs, for example, have increased by 100 % in recent weeks, to reach 2,400 units in April. “People buy from us because the profits go directly to producers and not to the high street “commended Ademar, who explains that the crisis reinforces the idea that you should buy close to home what is produced close to home. “But there is still much to do to the inhabitants of the peripheries have also access to a power supply without the use of pesticides “, says the activist.

From the beginning of the pandemic, the sales of 7 000 farmers of the green belt of São Paulo State have plummeted by 80 %. However, according to the brazilian Institute of geography and statistics (IBGE), these family structures produce half of the coffee and bananas consumed in the country, 80 % of cassava, 69 % of pineapple, and 42 % of the dry beans, food key in the plate of the Brazilians.

In the Face of this new situation, small-scale farmers were willing to recycle their production for fertilizer. A mess partly avoided thanks to the Foundation Banco do Brasil, which has decided to invest 1 million reais (178 000 €) to distribute 100 tons of food to 5,000 vulnerable families of Mogi das Cruzes, a city 40 km away from Sao Paolo.

But the absence of public policies weighs heavily on the small producers. The ” program of acquisition of food from family agriculture “, established in 2003 under the first government of president Lula in the context of the policy of ” zero Hunger “, saw its resources decline steadily since 2013.

Agroecology against agribusiness

Result : according to the IBGE, family agriculture, which accounts for 23 % of the arable land, is melting like snow in the sun as it extends the powerful agronégoce. “In Brazil, 100 % of the agribusiness is subsidized, so that there is no credit for the family farmers. It is David against Goliath “, grieves Ademar Ludwig.

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The crisis of the sars coronavirus has also dug a little deeper inequalities already evident. Between march and April, 1.1 million jobs in the formal sector have been removed and more than 8 million people have suffered salary reductions. “In this context, malnutrition increases for the poorest, with more and more industrial foods, and with it obesity, particularly in children “, describes Paulo Petersen, executive coordinator of AS-PTA, an association which supports the transition agro-ecological small-scale farmers.

With 600 reais (100 €) emergency assistance monthly granted to the most fragile, it’s impossible for these families to choose a healthy food, ” says activist : “This aid only allows you to buy from large supermarket chains, fed by the agronégoce, even if the organic products are not necessarily more expensive. “


With cure plasma mortality reduced to 6% – Last Hour

(ANSA) – MILAN, MAY 11 – Mortality of treated patients
with hyperimmune plasma it has fallen from 15% to 6%: this is the
result of the experimentation conducted by the Policlinico San
Matteo di Pavia with the Asst of Mantua and presented today by
Lombardy Region conducted on 46 patients. “In the beginning the
mortality in patients in assisted ventilation admitted to
intensive care was between 13 and 20%, about 15% on average,
while with hyperimmune plasma treatment it has dropped to 6%, “he said
explained Fausto Baldanti, San’s virology joint director
Matteo di Pavia.

“This morning I had an interview with Minister Speranza
which confirmed to me that
the government also has a particular interest in pursuing this
initiative “: so the president of Lombardy Attilio Fontana
commented on the result of testing the cure.