new rules at the Belgian border, the consequences of Bridgestone, TNT cuts

Belgium: we are “strictly advised against” but no longer allowed to cross the border. After the decision of the Belgian Foreign Minister to lift the ban on Belgians traveling in the red zone, there are many questions. Here is what we know.

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Bridgestone Béthune: Xavier Bertrand denounces “an arm of honor” of European management. After the announcement of the closure of the Bethune site, the president of the Hauts-de-France region Xavier Bertrand appealed to the Prime Minister to try to open a dialogue with the Japanese management of Bridgestone.

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Why was the reception of TNT channels disrupted? Several inhabitants of the region have informed us of TNT channels being cut in recent days. From Tourcoing, Denain, Valenciennes and Wasquehal in particular. A transmitter failure in the Valenciennes region as well as a wave propagation phenomenon are involved.

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Among Us is again busy, here are the ways and the rules of the game


Among Us is an online multiplayer game that was launched in June 2018. The Among Us gameplay is unique and different from most other games. The players must be able to cooperate and be able to convince each other.

Games Among Us This was created by game studio Innersloth. In the game there are two different roles namely Crewmate and Impostor. The crewmate player is in a good position so the imposter will act as a traitor and try to destroy all crewmate members.

Reported in Bluestacks, the way to play the game Among Us online is that you are one of 4 to 10 players on a spaceship. One of them is Impostor (Impostor) whose main purpose is to kill other people. The rest of the cast was part of the regular crew trying to escape unscathed.

To do this, they must complete several tasks or better yet find an Impostor and choose the Survivor style. If they are successful, the Crewmate wins. If Impostor kills them all, he wins.

When the game is in progress, crewmate or impostor players can take advantage of the map which is located on the right side of the screen. The map shows the player’s position and some yellow exclamation point pointers. This indicates the location where the crewmate must carry out the mission.

One of the missions of this game is to fix broken power cables to open password access using an ID Card. In addition, players can also use the Admin Map and Security Camera which functions to show the location of each player.

A crewmate killed by an impostor will turn into a ghost and leave behind a corpse. The ghost of this crewmate can watch the game progress but cannot communicate with other players who are still alive.

If a corpse is found, players can discuss to determine who is the suspected impostor. The system will give players approximately 75 minutes to have a discussion.

The impostor must also be good at acting so that crewmate players do not suspect him. If he is accused of being an impostor, he will be removed from the plane.

How to download the Among Us games on Android:
– Open the Play Store application
– Find the ‘Among Us’ application
– Install the application
– Players can immediately play the Among Us games for free

Besides being able to download games Among Us on Android, you can also enjoy this game on iOS and PC. However, specifically on PC, while PC players can get games via Steam for around IDR 40,000.

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Buying a new car: 10 point buying guide

Buying a new car can be a pleasant experience, but it can also hold bitter surprises if you don’t pay attention and carefully ponder your choices. A buying guide with all the elements to evaluate

Andrea Tartaglia


Buying a new car is not a trifle: unless you are a “scrooge” without wallet problems (and regrets) before facing an experience like this, it is good to prepare yourself to have to agree the emotional side with that rational, both of those who buy and of the members of the family unit. It is an indispensable requirement to find the right purchase: on the market there are several thousand variants of cars, including brands, models, engines and fittings, worth several tens of thousands of euros and with very different characteristics. Whether it is to replace the family car or the second “fancy” car – for example a convertible for the summer or an off-road vehicle to satisfy the “offroad” passion – it is important to follow a real purchasing process, to avoid hasty choices or choices not able to satisfy the real needs of the motorist. In order not to fall into error, it is sufficient to follow a clear and linear handbook, designed precisely to guide those who are preparing to buy a new car.


Before starting the search for a new car, it is good to focus on what needs it must meet and what essential characteristics it must have. Not a bad idea write a proper checklist containing the features you want to find on the new car, so that you can check them during the evaluation phase. Attention also to the budget, better to establish it a priori.


Directly connected to the previous one, the second point – often overlooked – by motorists is anything but secondary: do you need a load capacity of a minivan or is a medium sedan enough for your needs? Are you orienting yourself on the SUV because you are facing bad roads or to follow fashion? In any case we must take into account where the car will be parked, because buying a new garage may not be a viable option.


The range of power supplies for cars has never been so vast: petrol, diesel, hybrid, electric or gas, but there is not one that satisfies all motorists. There are also to keep in mind the limitations that some administrations impose to vehicles with diesel fuel engines, as well as the availability of charging stations for battery-powered cars. Those who do little road and aim to save even on the purchase cost can orient themselves on petrol, the hybrid is great for the city and if you can spend a little more there is the electric. Diesel, on the other hand, remains the most convenient solution for those who grind kilometers on the motorway.


Once the necessary assessments have been made regarding the needs, the useful features and the type of use you intend to make of the new car, you can move on to the evaluation phase of the car considered interesting. Rather, better to identify at least two or three, a kind of short list on which to make the final choice, not before further evaluations.


Not everyone is aware of the strengths and weaknesses of the countless models of cars on sale: in particular the painful notes are certainly not the elements that dealers like to highlight. It is therefore very important to be aware of it and to arrive prepared in the showroom, knowing all the pros and cons of the car you would like to buy. There are many journalistic magazines – print and online – that carry out test drives and tell in detail about the models on the market, as there are many forums and blogs of enthusiasts where you can read the experiences of motorists. In addition, a large number of dealers also offer test-drive. While it is true that it is difficult to get a precise idea by driving a car for a few kilometers (especially on fuel consumption), it is also true that you can have quite precise feedback on the starting point of the engine and on the quality of the interior finishes.


Other points to be meticulously considered are the future value and the resale of the car. Evaluating the frequency of car replacement is important: a low-cost or end-of-career model will have complicated future resellability and a value that will decrease more rapidly than a model just launched on the market. But if you don’t change the car often, it can be a good deal.


A trap in which many motorists fall is that of very high maintenance costs, typical of high-end models or cars not very common, for which it is difficult to find spare parts. The management also involves the costs of insurance and car tax, highly variable, to be evaluated with the calculator before making the final decision.


Once all the previous points have been evaluated, it is time to ask one or more dealers for a quote. If desired, before physically going to the showroom – better to make an appointment – you can use the configurator present on the websites of car manufacturers and have both the descriptive card and the list of options with prices. Evaluate the necessary ones and exclude the useless ones, which would only increase the final price.


When the seller draws up the quote it is possible that he offers the customer a car ready for delivery, with very short delivery times and greater willingness to negotiate on the price. These are cars already in stock at the dealership, on which it is possible to save as long as accept the available settings and colors. The configurations of these newly registered cars are many and even in this case the price can vary from one dealer to another.


Often, those who buy a new car opt for an installment payment, a now extremely widespread method that avoids committing the entire cost of the car immediately by diluting the payment over time, obviously paying interest. However, the final cost, which in addition to the capital to be repaid includes the interest rate, the costs of opening the file and – often – credit insurance. Sometimes it may be worthwhile to choose a more affordable model and save a lot of money.


Will you lose 10 kilos in 14 days if you follow the rules of the Scardale diet?

Like so many other miracle diets, Scardale diet assures you a weightloss large and in a short time only if you follow the guidelines designed by its creator, the American cardiologist Herman Ternoveru.

For 14 days, the Scardale diet regulate your diet based on the nutrients you consume, which should be distributed as follows: 45% protein, 35% carbohydrates and 20% fat.

The Scardale diet helps you lose weight fast.  (Logan Weaver for Unsplash)
The Scardale diet helps you lose weight fast. (Logan Weaver for Unsplash)

It is divided into two phases, the first lasts two weeks and is highly restrictive. The goal is to consume 1,000 calories dailyTherefore, it is considered a hypocaloric diet. The second would be maintenance and in it you can expand doses of allowed foods.

Scardale diet rules

As it is a very strict diet, to achieve the promised results it is essential comply with their rules to the letter. One of the first is that they are only performed three meals up to date. There is no place for mid-morning lunches or snacks.

To avoid starving between main meals, he recommends only taking infusions, which also provide fluids. This is another of the rules that he establishes, take at least two liters of water daily, Although this is a healthy rule to incorporate even if you do not follow any crazy diet, simply for health.

By drinking eight glasses of water throughout the day we will be helping our body to eliminate fluids, thus preventing them from accumulating and making us feel bloated.

Avoid fluid retention by drinking water and infusions.  (Priscilla du Preez for Unsplash)
Avoid fluid retention by drinking water and infusions. (Priscilla du Preez for Unsplash)

Another rule is: no oil, neither for cooking nor for dressing. It is not the only food that it prohibits, but it is the most surprising. Others are alcohol or sugary drinks that are not usually recommended in any diet, healthy and progressive or miracle.

You do this because you want to minimize your intake of fats, regardless of whether they are healthy or not. It also prohibits butter, margarine, avocado … and only allows lean meats and poultry, without skin.

During the first stage, a set menu must be followed. In addition, during the 14 days that it lasts, it advises against physical exercise. Having such a low caloric intake could put your health at risk.

During the second phase, which is maintenance, it is recommended incorporate some aerobic exercise.

Does it really work?

With the Scardale diet you will lose weight, but pay attention to the rebound effect.  (Yoann Boyer for Unsplash)
With the Scardale diet you will lose weight, but pay attention to the rebound effect. (Yoann Boyer for Unsplash)

Actually, that is not the question you should ask yourself, it is more important know if it’s good for you. Its author defends that it does not compromise health and that it achieves visible results, but also points out that it can only be carried out by healthy adults.

Therefore, it is best put yourself in the hands of doctors and nutritionists before taking the step of starting a diet that make a change so great in your routines. Especially since a diet so rich in protein It can overload your kidney and cause short-term weakness, fatigue and bad mood. in the long run better not think about it.

In general, experts recommend that to lead a healthy life the best thing is to balanced diet and physical exercise. Don’t be in a hurry, With the right habits you will end up reaching your healthy weight.


They ask for rules for devices that replace cigarettes | Economy

The multinational Philip Morris International (PMI) calls for a debate in Colombia on the need to set differential rules of the game -even taxation- for cigarette substitute devices.

(Lea: Our ultimate goal is for the cigarette to disappear: Philip Morris)
This, in connection with a recent decision made by the US food and drug authority, which can be taken as a reference. This is how it is stated by Carlos Guzmán, vice president of Corporate Affairs for the company’s Andean Cluster.

(Lea: Philip Morris, manufacturer of Marlboro, closes its plants in Colombia)

What is FDA approved about?

On July 7, the US Food and Drug Administration – FDA (for its acronym in English) authorized the marketing of IQOS as a modified risk tobacco product in the United States. This is a historic decision as it is the first time that the FDA has granted this authorization to an innovative electronic alternative to cigarettes, the result of more than 15 years of research, development and science by PMI. IQOS is the only heated tobacco product that has this authorization.

In practice, what does this imply?

Taking into account the above, the commercialization of IQOS in the United States can be carried out with the following information: this system heats the tobacco, but does not burn it and this significantly reduces the production of harmful and potentially harmful chemicals. Additionally, scientific studies have shown that completely switching from cigarettes to IQOS reduces the consumer’s body exposure to harmful or potentially harmful chemicals.

What does this mean for other countries and for Colombia, in particular?

From a legal point of view, it is binding on the United States, but naturally the decisions of North American authorities become a reference for the rest of the countries in the region and Colombia, of course.

The idea is that the governments and authorities of other countries are encouraged, at least, to give a technical and scientific debate that points to two things. First, that there is a differentiated regulation compared to conventional cigarettes as the FDA did, with institutional rules of the game. And since it is treated as a differential product, it should have a tax treatment, according to the nature of these products. Those are the big implications we expect from the FDA’s decision.

How is the market?

Today in the world of tobacco there are two large categories.
The first is the cigarette that we all know that is consumed by burning tobacco and inhaling the smoke.

And the other category is that of non-combustion products where tobacco is not burned and in that category there are two options: heated tobacco (ours) and electronic nicotine administration systems that are what we know as electronic cigarettes .

What standards apply to these products?

Today there are no rules of the game and there is no applicable regulation. We must have a suitable regulatory framework for this type of product. We are in favor of the company that there is an absolute and total prohibition of its use for minors, for pregnant women and for people with problems associated with diabetes, heart or blood pressure problems.

The company defined that these products are only for adult smokers. We are in favor of this regulation and the definition of different graphic warnings that are communicated to the user.

And of course, our postulate is that any discussion is made on scientific evidence. We must be clear that this is not a risk-free product.

What would be the ideal tax structure for that portfolio?

The good news is that this is already invented. What we are proposing is that, based on a tax structure that exists today, we set taxes on these products.

Do these products today pay the same taxes as conventional cigarettes?

The current tax framework does not include a tax structure for heated tobacco products, or electronic cigarettes. Since June 2018, Coltabaco made the decision to pay for its Heets product the consumption tax rate contemplated for cigarettes. The foregoing, because we consider that while a tax structure for these products is defined by the Government, acting in another way goes against our principles and is not sustainable over time.

Do you expect the taxes for this portfolio to be lower?

The State establishes said tax in order to increase its cost and thus discourage consumption. While the new alternatives are not safe, their consumables must be subject to this tax, but in a different way than cigarettes. The physical characteristics (volume and weight), techniques and the externalities generated are different from those of a cigarette.

Your tax treatment must consider such differentiation. Precisely in the same way, the FDA in the United States recognized the differentiation of these products from cigarettes. Without a doubt, we are in favor of these products paying the taxes that they must pay.

How has the migration to new options been?

In Colombia, we have around 80,000 IQOS users, compared to a nationwide smoking population ranging from 2 to 2.5 million people. The data depends on the source. In the world, there are 15.4 million IQOS users and of that total more than 70%, that is, 11 million, have completely stopped smoking and have made their complete transition to IQOS.


“He was at an event with 80 people”

The Irish Minister of Agriculture, Dara Calleary, resigned today after his participation in a golf event emerged followed by a dinner attended by about 80 people in violation of the anti-Covid measures launched in recent days by the Dublin government in the face of the resumption of the curve of contagions. “This event should not have taken place like this after last Tuesday’s government decision,” said the premier Michael Martin defining the participation of the now former minister in the event on Wednesday “wrong and an error of assessment”.

The investigation is underway

The Irish police, reports the Adnkronos agency, today announced that they have launched an investigation into violations of the rules imposed. For his part, Calleary said the prime minister was “right to be angry and disappointed”. Different the attitude of Phil Hogan, the Irish Commissioner of Commerce of the EU, who says he took part in the event “in the clear belief” that it was in compliance with anti-Covid measures.

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Hogan’s explanations

The spokesperson for the European Commission, Dana Spinant, explained that Hogan participated “in good faith, if he had known that the rules were not respected he would not have gone”. Restrictions reintroduced by the Irish government include those banning meetings within groups of more than six, while the previous limit of 50 has only been maintained for events such as weddings and religious ceremonies. Now Prime Minister Martin will have to find the third Minister of Agriculture in two months, since he had resigned before Calleary Barry Cowen after being stopped driving while intoxicated.


Corona virus rules have been forgotten on Istiklal Street!

Istanbulites, who took advantage of the hot weather in Beyoğlu İstiklal Street, intensified in the evening.

Some of the citizens on the street ignored the corona virus measures. Citizens who do not pay attention to the mask and social distance rule created an uneasy image on the street.

Despite all the warnings of some citizens from the authorities, he continued to wear the mask under his chin. DHA

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Electric scooters, speed, age and helmet: what you need to know to use them

The rules for use in the city: prohibited under 14 years, the Indian queue is mandatory and without the transport of objects – Favorite /CorriereTv

Provided by the Toninelli decree, the testing of devices for electric micro mobility is extended by 12 months, until July 27, 2022. A law of February 28 establishes it, which also regulates its circulation. Electric scooters can only be driven by anyone over 14 years of age, below are prohibited. Up to 18 years of age, however, an approved helmet must be used. The vehicles must not exceed 500 watts of power. 25 km / h cannot be exceeded. The speed limit drops to 6 km / h in pedestrian areas. They can circulate on urban roads with a limit of 50 km / h and on extra-urban ones, only if there are cycle paths. It is mandatory to proceed in single file. You can stay side by side, but never more than two, if the traffic permits. It is forbidden to transport people and objects on scooters. From half an hour after sunset and up to half an hour before sunrise, you have to wear a reflective vest. Required to keep the lights on. These obligations are triggered even in case of poor visibility


In companies, the rules could be relaxed

The reopening of schools to sign the massive return of workers to businesses ? One of the brakes to the recovery is in any case lifted. The kids go back to school and the pattern of activity (partial custody is to be removed this Monday, June 22. More than a million employees were still concerned at the beginning of the déconfinement, may 11, according to the estimates of the OFCE.

Protocols lightweight

The acceleration of the recovery of activity in the next few weeks should lead to new adjustments in the business. To accompany these developments, the government board on sanitary protocols as lightweight. “We are aware of the need to re-establish physical contact in a company “says it in the cabinet of Laurent Pietraszewski, secretary of State responsible for the protection of health of employees against the epidemic of Covid-19.

→ DEBATE. Déconfinement : need to speed up the return to normal ?

Since the announcements of Emmanuel Macron on Sunday 14 June, the employers ‘ organisations calling for a revision of the 60 protocols put in place in early may. “The health authorities show that the déconfinement takes place positively. While remaining cautious, easing matter of common sense “, says Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, president of the Medef.

A relaxation that must be “ reciprocal

In particular, the limit of 4 square metres per employee, determined at the end of may by the government” needs to be lifted “insists François Asselin, president of the Confederation of small and medium-sized companies (CPME). He calls for measures decreased, limiting themselves to wearing a mask and washing hands with a hydroalcoholic gel.

For the trade unions, the easing should be reciprocal. The 4 square meters, you can go back on it. But employers must be flexible. In the paris region, I understand the concerns of employees who take the public transport. The 22 June will not be back to normal. The real recovery must be done by September “said Michel Beaugras, Force ouvrière.

Companies, the second place of contamination

Common sense, therefore, and prudence. Because, according to the weekly report of public Health France, June 16, 219 contamination outbreaks – three cases of confirmed or probable that belong to a same community – have been reported since may 9. And among them, 16 % of them from business, the second place of contamination after the health facilities (28 %). If these figures reflect asignificant increase in diagnostic capabilities, reminds us of the health Agency, they cannot be taken lightly.If an employee proves that he has caught the coronavirus within his company, he can make an appeal to the judge. But the construction of a case law will take time, advance Michel Beaugras.

The health issue will not be the only challenge of this new phase. The unions fear a psychological shock for the employees still confined.Back in the activity will not be simple, said Francois Homéril, president of the CFE-CGC. The challenge will be to reassure those who are worried and do not demobilize those who are not.


to a relaxation of the sanitary rules in school

Designed two months ago, which came into force at the beginning of the déconfinement, as we dreaded still the speed with which the second wave of the epidemic, the health protocol applied to the school, is it still suitable ? Is it really necessary to continue to impose a limit of 15 per class the number of students in elementary and even to 10 in kindergarten ? To prevent children from coming within a meter of each other ? To forbid them to exchange the lesser game, the smallest book in the playground ?

→ ANALYSIS. Children and coronavirus : should we relax the constraints on health imposed on the young ?

These are some of the questions at the heart of the “defense council” which will be devoted to the health crisis this Friday, June 12. Even before this new meeting of the president of the Republic and leading members of the government, the minister of education, Jean-Michel Blanquer has been suggested that a relaxation was considered.

Be able to accommodate more students per class

“I’m the first to want it, and I don’t demand it “, he said to the microphone of RTL, Wednesday, June 10. Referring to this appointment, he has advanced : “It is on this day that we will be able to take, I hope, the relief measures which will have vocation to apply in the month of June “perhaps as early as next week. This relaxation, if it is decided, will involve primarily “a point of protocol “, namely, the rule that limits the number of students in primary school, he said.

→ FOLDER. Déconfinement and family life, children back in class

It must be said that the rules are extremely restrictive that apply today at the school have helped to significantly reduce the impact of the reopening of the facilities, both from a pedagogical point of view as the possibility for parents to return to their place of work. Jean-Michel Blanquer forward the figure of 50% of the students who were able to regain their class (they were barely more than a fifth a week earlier), but many of them have visited a single day… And if a lot of families do not seem eager to send their children back to school, others are beginning to seriously lose patience.

The justice sought to hasten the reopening of schools

Groups of parents have filed, sometimes with success, through legal action to obtain a home more wide children. The Condition, also, addressed to the administrative law judges to compel certain local authorities to re-open their establishments.

Each day, the pressure is stronger. Wednesday, 10 June, including 17 mayors in the ile-de-france of the left, who with one voice have called on the government to increase the flexibility of the health protocol in the schools. “In effect, cut our pupils too long for their presence at the school will have serious consequences for them, either in terms of socialization, school work, or even fight against the inequality of fates “, argue they.

A consensus seems to be draw

If a consensus today seems to be drawn in favour of more flexible rules, it is that the situation on the front lines of the epidemic is experiencing a clear improvement, with in particular a reflux constant the number of patients with Covid hospitalized in resuscitation. In addition, recent studies conclude that lower infectiousness among children.

Of the elements which led the president of the scientific committee Jean-Paul Delfraissy to a radical change of position in a few weeks. Him that, in a first time, was advised not to reopen the schools prior to September suggests now, in a recent interview granted to the Sunday newspaperto adopt a protocol as lightweight, in any case for “the meals, recess, or sport “.