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China celebrates national day of mourning on Saturday

China has declared an official day of mourning for this Saturday. Coinciding with the celebration of the Qingming festival, similar to All Saints, the country will dawn with the flags at half-staff. At ten in the morning, its citizens will keep three minutes of silence that will be broken by the deafening sound of anti-aircraft sirens. The horns of vehicles and the horns of boats and trains will also be added. The Asian giant wants to pay tribute to the 3,322 deaths from the coronavirus, whom the official Xinhua news agency refers to as “martyrs.”

However, Wuhan, epicenter of the pandemic, will experience its saddest Qingming. Because those close to the dead will not be able to go to cemeteries to sweep the graves, as tradition dictates. Although the capital of Hubei is recovering normality, before allowing the free movement of its residents, next Wednesday, the restrictions on the congregation of people remain in place. Some in the city complain that they have been unable to properly honor their loved ones because of the hasty manner in which their cremation has been decreed, although the ‘South China Morning Post’ collects the testimony of a woman who claims they have received 3,000 yuan (400 euros) in compensation.

Direct | This is how the fight against the coronavirus progresses

In any case, the Government recommends using different mobile applications to pay virtual homage to loved ones. Cemeteries have been built throughout the country, although each city establishes its own rules, and many do allow physical access. In Shanghai, for example, family members will be able to visit graves and niches in small numbers and with prior online registration. From March 28 and until the next day 12, 685,000 people will visit the 54 cemeteries of the economic capital of China. Of course, they must come protected by masks and gloves, record their body temperature and provide their mobile phone so that the authorities can contact them in case any contagion is detected.

Thirty-one new infections

In this regard, China reported on Friday that 31 new SARS-CoV-2 infections were detected on Thursday. Twenty-nine of them were imported from other countries, and the two locations were registered in the provinces of Liaoning – northeast – and Guangdong – southeast. The number of deceased increased by four people. They are, without a doubt, hopeful numbers, and epidemiologist Zhong Nanshan is convinced that the country could claim victory in the first battle against the coronavirus later this month. For her part, the spokeswoman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hua Chunying, assured that the Asian giant is being transparent and has dismissed as “rascals and immoral” the accusations of having lied in the official figures released by the United States.


Italy confirms 756 deaths, less than this Saturday

GovernmentItalian announced this Sunday that 756 people have diedin the last hours in the whole country by the coronavirus up to a total of 10,779 deaths and that the number of new cases has decreased slightly compared to Saturday, 5,217 compared to 5,974, for a total of 97,689 infections.

Heupturn in fatalities is less than that registered from Friday to Saturday, when 889 new deaths were recorded.

The count that Civil Protection has provided also details that13,030 people have been discharged, 646 more since Saturday, and that the number of active infections in the country, discounting the deceased and recovered, is 73,880. A total of 3,906 affected are in intensive care.

The balance of this Sunday is distinguished by the decrease in new cases in Lombardy: 1,592 compared to 2,117 yesterday, for a total of 41,007 affected in this Italian region, the most shaken by the virus, where 416 people have died in recent years. hours, up to a total of 6,360 fatalities – with everything below the balance of Saturday and Friday, with 541 and 542 dead -.

Either we are at the top of the curve or we are very close. For the third consecutive day, the numbers remained constant. We no longer see the growth that has accompanied us in recent weeks, “said the president of the Lombardy region, Attilio Fontana.” I do not want to say it out loud, but right now I have one more hope, “he added.


someone won 20 million euros in lotto on Saturday night

Saturday evening, someone had checked off the correct Loto numbers for the Lotery. Namely 22, 23, 26, 32, 35, as well as the lucky number, 5. He won the very nice sum of 20 million euros. Something to jump for joy even in times of confinement. On the other hand, he or she will have to wait a little before going to recover his gain, containment measures oblige. Exceptionally, la Française des jeux has also given 60 additional days to those who have won since the confinement was announced (March 16), i.e. four months in total, to go to a point of sale or a payment center, precise The Parisian.

Those who had registered their bet between January 17 and March 16 will be entitled to three additional months, or five months in all, to come forward.

Many internet players

This is the twelfth time that an individual has earned at least 2 million euros in 2020, but this sum of 20 million is a record for this year, reports the site. Winning draw. The last very big jackpot won dates from the Saint Valentine’s Super Loto, the winner had won 13 million euros in Saône-et-Loire in Salornay-sur-Guye.

But the most notable in this new Loto millionaire is that he becomes the second biggest internet winner in history, and the sixth biggest Loto winner since 1976. Since the confinement, the site confirms a “massive” influx of players: ” most of the grids are thus played on the digital platform of la Française des jeux


Beat the Star: Elton Outraged – “Wouldn’t Have Anything to Do With It”

Beat the star: Moderator Elton outraged – “I don’t want to have anything to do with it”

Presenter Elton presents “Beat the Star”.

Photo: Imago Images / Hartenfelser

What a show on Saturday night! This has never happened before beat the celebrity (ProSieben). Because there were several unfamiliar situations.

First, the show was held without viewers due to the corona virus. Second: And then a star had also canceled shortly before. Cathy Hummels dropped out. Her uncle and aunt had recently been infected with the corona virus. The gambler wanted to be with her family.

For her, Blümchen alias Jasmin Wagner took over against Dagi Bee. And provided a lot of trouble beat the celebrity.

We accompanied beat the celebrity in the live ticker. You can read everything about the show here:

Beat the star (Prosieben): Our live ticker for reading

Sunday March 22nd

10.20 a.m .: Cathy Hummels is actually in coronavirus quarantine, so she could not compete against influencer Dagi Bee on Saturday. But now this story is coming out >>>

Saturday March 21st

11:58 p.m .: Dagi Bee wins the game and thus the show!

11.42 p.m .: The candidates have to drive a race track against each other with a tri-scooter.

11.38 p.m .: A match ball game. It’s called a tri-scooter. So we are for Dagi.

11.36 p.m .: And the victory goes to Dagi.

11.33 p.m .: Now the two words have to feel. Means: In front of them are hidden wooden letters that make up a word. The ladies have to feel this.

11.20 p.m .: Even Elton is annoyed: “I don’t want to have anything to do with it anymore”.

11:15 p.m .: Slowly it gets really exhausting with flowers. Also find the fans:

  • I don’t know what Cathy Hummels is. But I would have preferred it to florets
  • I love @MagicRon for all this teasing against flowers
  • The jasmine also keeps saying things that we don’t want to hear
  • Blümchen doesn’t have a filter when talking.
  • Please flowers, shut up!
  • I find flowers arrogant and arrogant. More appearances than be
  • Floret is so embarrassing

11.10 p.m .: “I’m going to be really good, I’m going to be a basketball player,” Blümchen calls. Certainly…

11.05 p.m .: Let’s continue with basketball. On a rotating platform. Not that easy.

10:52 p.m .: Bienchen wins against flowers: The butterflies are probably Dagi Bee. It catches more insects from the air and decides the game for itself.

10:38 p.m .: Little rosy prospects for flowers: Dagi Bee wins “disgrace or cash”. The last question: When was the Equal Pay Day in Germany? Dagi Bee calculates the answer, Blümchen then states: “I don’t even know.” The day draws attention to the unequal pay in the job for men and women.

10:26 p.m .: 21: 7 – Dagi Bee extends her lead. And Jasmine finds flowery words why she also loses the game “shoot”. The gun fired too quickly the first time, yes.

10:08 pm: Next win for influencer Dagi Bee: she increases 100 percent in karting and draws flowers.

9.48 p.m .: Blümchen emphasizes several times that the game “dancing” is no fun at all. What does she say when the game is over? “I want that for at home”. She lost anyway. Dagi Bee leads again.

9.42 p.m .: Eurodance is back: Can Blümchen benefit from their 90s dance moves?

9:29 pm: For the first time, Blümchen takes the lead: she often misjudges her pitch, but she wins the game “estimate”.

9:26 pm: We are a little worried about Dagi Bee. She didn’t have …

… a normal cold?

9:21 pm: A quick look over to Twitter. There, the commentators surprisingly agree: Dagi Bee sympathetic, Blümchen up to now, well, talkative, turned up and extroverted. So the criticism is still nicely packed.

21.08 p.m .: “Blümchen is back!” – she wins the third game: women’s football. She made Dagi Bee look old.

8.44 p.m .: Easy win for blogger Dagi: she also wins the second round. She knows her hairstyles. What hasn’t really worked out so far is the technology in the studio.

8:37 pm: Dagi Bee wins the first game and balances the books more skillfully and above all faster than her opponent on the head.

8:18 pm: Despite her absence, Cathy Hummels made it onto the show. It is activated via video chat and sends a few words to the viewers at home. When Elton asks who’s fingers crossed, she replies diplomatically: “Both”.


This is “hit the star”:

  • Schlag den Star (SdS for short) is a game show at ProSieben that is produced by Raab TV and Brainpool
  • It is a variant of the former ProSieben show “Schlag den Raab”
  • On the show, two celebrities compete against each other in up to 15 games
  • Cathy Hummels should have been up against Dagi Bee on Saturday
  • However, Hummels had to cancel due to illness


Friday, March 20:

14:38: Cathy Hummels has to cancel, Blümchen jumps in

Cathy Hummels must the ‘beat the celebrity‘Cancel episode scheduled for tomorrow’s Saturday.

The reason for the short-term cancellation is that the uncle and the aunt of Cathy Hummels are infected with the corona virus. On Instagram, Cathy Hummels said: “Since we all have very close contacts in our family, I had a bad feeling leaving Ludwig with grandma and grandpa and my sister. That’s why, as difficult as it is for me, I decided to cancel ‘Beat the Star’. ”

Cathy Hummels has to cancel ‘Schlag den Star’

Hummels was already on the way to Cologne, she continues. But it was the other way round, will now go into a 14-day quarantine and be tested on Corona.

Cathy Hummels: “I just don’t want to be so irresponsible and infect anyone. It can be easy that I carry the virus because we are very close to my family. ”

However, a short time later, a video appeared that really excited the Munich fans: Cathy Hummels while shopping! >> Read more about this here. (dg / mb)


Waiting for the virus at Moctezuma’s banquet | Blog The Feathered Serpent

Kisses elbow, nervous smiles: “No, no, now better without hands, that virus is there,” says one of the first to arrive in the room. It is Saturday, two in the afternoon. The heat is tightening in Mexico City as guests to Moctezuma’s banquet begin to fill the dining room. More than one reaches out and immediately picks it up, perhaps aware of a change in the norm that is being imposed; of a memory, that of the last epidemic, that of H1N1. In Mexico, where there are greetings that look like operas – handshake, hug, clash of hands, pat on the back – the coronavirus has not yet arrived, although there are already responsible citizens who are beginning to become aware of the matter.

About 25 diners gradually enter the banquet hall, in the upper part of the Cultural Center of Spain in Mexico. It is a renovated house in the center, overlooking the cathedral and a handful of other churches, next to the plinth and the ruins of the Templo Mayor Mexica. Everyone comes up with the same idea: to approach the menu of the last tlatoani before contact with the Old World. A sumptuous, ceremonial menu. Do it here, so close to the core of old Tenochtitlan.

While waiting for the menu, attendees drink lemon water, Malinalco mezcal and Cortés beer. From the terrace, in the dome of one of the churches, it can be read: “Deliver us lord of all evil”. Beer, explains Miguel Utray, director of the center, is made by a businessman in Amecameca, a municipality in the State of Mexico, not far from the route taken by Hernán Cortés 500 years ago, on the way to Tenochtitlan. The label is the face of the Extremaduran.

Once the arrival is over, the elbows on the table calm, the historian Federico Navarrete talks with the ideologue of the feast, Rodrigo Llanes, cook and historian. Remember the passage from the True History of the Conquest of New Spain, where soldier Bernal Díaz del Castillo narrates the first meeting between Cortés and the sovereign of the Mexicans, Moctezuma. It was in November 1519. Cortés, excited, jumps off the horse and goes to greet the tlatoani. When she wants to hug him, her entourage prevents her. Five centuries later, the table is filled with laughter. Not that Cortés will infect you with coronavirus.

With tousled and ashy hair and a half smile on his lips, Llanes works with the cook on the last details. On some tables there are dozens of little bowls with dried fruits and further back, as many bowls with green tomato salad. “There are no reports that say exactly what Moctezuma ate,” explains Llanes, who mentions tortillas, tamales and atole. “We knew that he ate alone. They presented him the dishes, ten dishes from each stew, which were 30, and he, with a wooden wand, pointed to the dishes he wanted.”

The cook, Rosalba González, originally from Oaxaca, takes a look at the mole, the star of the star dish: red mole with duck meat. “I roast the chilies,” she says proudly, “but like that, little by little, so they don’t burn. Then you have to wait for the smoke to go away. You let them rest for a week. And then you soak them three times. Then you already mix them with walnuts, almonds, chocolate, plantain “and the long etcetera of ingredients that the mole has.

Llanes directed the kitchen of the restaurant The revelry in Mexico for 25 years. This after studying history and graduating with a thesis on the culinary subsistence of Cortés and his men on their journey from the coast of Veracruz to the highlands. From his kitchen, Llanes fantasized about the stories of the Extremaduran and his soldier, Díaz del Castillo; the sumptuousness of the tlatoani banquet, which both witnessed at the end of that year, 1519. “At lunch, his cooks had him on thirty ways of stews, made in his own way and style,” says Díaz del Castillo. “And they had the stalls in small clay braziers underneath, so that they would not get cold, of what the great Montezuma had to eat they cooked more than three hundred dishes, without more than a thousand for the guard (sic) people.”

In 2017, Llanes teamed up with the UNAM Industrial Design Research Center to recreate the tlatoani tableware. Vessels carved in obsidian, basalt vessels for tamales, as well as more than 300 pieces, based on the archaeological findings of the Templo Mayor. Then he and other chefs, like González, began to think about the content. The first time they recreated Montezuma’s banquet was in The revelry in 2018. Each time a different chef is commissioned, who imagines what the banquet could have been.

In the room, the waiters begin to draw soups, first of pumpkin flower, then of nopal, of bean … They are small portions, the idea is to try about 20 different dishes. Later the tamales appear, some in corn leaf, others in banana leaf. Smells like holy leaf and epazote. It smells like corn, the aroma given off by this city from birth to daybreak, a path made of guajolotas, chilaquiles, enchiladas, quesadillas, sopes, atoles … Then comes the mole, which causes intense silence in the room .

On the terrace, the horizon begins to darken with clouds: there is little left for the rainy season. The sky takes on a grayish hue with brown undertones. After accounting for the mole, Llanes and González serve saucepans full of chocolate and trays with sweet bread. It is the beginning of the end.

Llanes, who has not stopped serving dishes in almost three hours, sits down and speculates on the meaning of the 300 dishes. Why did they divide the 30 stews that were cooked daily for the tlatoani into ten portions? “I think it has to do with the symbolic numbers of the Mesoamerican world,” he says. Llanes refers to the 400 stars, the sisters of the Coyolxauhqui, sister in turn of the warlike deity of the Mexica, Huitzilopochtli. According to the myth, the 400 stars and their sister attack the mother and the son. Huitzilopochtli defends himself and ends up killing Coyolxauhqui And somehow, thinks Llanes, more fun than anything else, all those stars end up becoming the tlatoani’s banquet.


Coronavirus requires public health emergency in Boston – NBC Boston

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh on Sunday declared a public health emergency due to the coronavirus epidemic and announced radical changes for bars and restaurants in the city in an attempt to protect residents.

The emergency declaration will help the city’s marshal’s resources, Walsh said on Sunday at a press conference in the town hall. The city’s restaurant regulations come after a series of South Boston restaurants and bars decided to close on Sunday after people were seen packing them on Saturday.

Walsh has also strongly urged city residents to keep social distances, the practice of interacting as little as possible with others is less likely to spread the new coronavirus, which has already killed more than 60 people in the United States and thousands abroad .

“Social distancing is not a vague and ambitious strategy. It is backed by science,” said the mayor, adding later, “it will save lives.”

During a press conference on Sunday, Walsh launched an urgent appeal for residents to engage in social distancing during the coronavirus epidemic.

Following his Friday announcement that the Boston Public School buildings would be closed on Tuesday, Walsh said two school campuses will not open on Monday due to possible exposure in their communities: the Eliot and McKinley schools.

He acknowledged the difficulties families will face when school closes and said that among the ways it could help, the city will distribute food through places established in the city’s neighborhoods.

Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has announced that the city’s public schools will close Tuesday, March 17, for over a month, in an attempt to protect students, their families and staff during the coronavirus epidemic.

The changes for the city’s bars, restaurants and clubs in the future are vast, including:

  • They will have to cut their capacity in half by removing tables and chairs to encourage social distancing.
  • No line can form outside.
  • Closing before 23:00, excluding restaurants offering drive-thru, take out or delivery.
  • Any restaurant that has not been allowed to make food can now do so – “basically we are allowing every single establishment that serves food in the city of Boston to take away,” he said.
  • The beer gardens will not be able to open for the season until the crisis has passed.

Violators will remain closed for 30 days, Walsh said.

He explained that he wants people to still be able to get food during the period of greatest social estrangement and does not want the city workers to suffer too much. He also thanked the 14 or more bars and restaurants that agreed to close after Saturday’s full rooms on Sunday.

On Sunday, Walsh gave advice on how best to achieve social distancing.

People arriving at U.S. airports from overseas on Saturday night reported that waiting times were online for the necessary medical visits during the coronavirus epidemic.


Ellen Adarna undergoes mental training in Bali after being “stuck in a black hole” for almost 3 years – GMA News

Ellen Adarna undergoes mental training in Bali after being “stuck in a black hole” for almost 3 years on GMA News.

The Manchester United game at LASK in the Europa League will be played behind closed doors Football news

“We are experiencing an exceptional situation across the country,” says the president of the Austrian Bundesliga

Last update: 10/03/20 18:04

Manchester United will travel to Linz in Austria to face the LASK in the Europa League on Thursday evening

Manchester United will travel to Linz in Austria to face the LASK in the Europa League on Thursday evening

Thursday’s last 16 Manchester United Europa League first leg matches on Thursday will be played behind closed doors due to worries about the coronavirus.

The Austrian interior minister said the country is banning outdoor events of over 500 people.

A post on the Linz club’s Twitter account said: “LASK has announced that the home game against Man Utd scheduled for Thursday must take place without spectators. The association will provide further information after the publication of the relative decree.”

Christian Ebenbauer, president of the Austrian Bundesliga, said: “Obviously we all prefer to watch the atmospheric games with many spectators, but we are experiencing an exceptional situation across the country.

“We fully trust the responsible experts and obviously implement measures to protect the population. Like other organizers, these measures are associated with enormous organizational and financial challenges for us and our clubs.”

Bayern’s last 16 games in the first leg of their UEFA Champions League home game against Chelsea and their Bundesliga match against Eintracht Frankfurt four days later could also be played without fans.

The German champions sit in a comfortable position going into the game as they lead Chelsea 3-0 from the first leg.

Tottenham’s last game in the Champions League of the last 16 with the RB Leipzig on Tuesday evening will see the participation of fans, but Barcelona – Naples, Valencia – Atalanta and Paris Saint-Germain – Borussia Dortmund will be played behind closed doors.

Coronavirus: key sporting developments

  • Nottingham Forest owner Evangelos Marinakis has announced he has coronavirus and is now self-insulating
  • The return leg of Chelsea’s last Champions League game of 16 against Bayern Munich at the Allianz on 18 March will be played behind closed doors, as will Barcelona’s decisive match against Napoli on the same night. PSG’s game against Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday is also played behind closed doors
  • Thursday Thursday the draw between Europe and Wolves at Olympiakos in Greece – as well as Sevilla versus Roma – will be played behind closed doors
  • Barcelona have confirmed that the match of the last return match of the Champions League with Napoli, scheduled for Wednesday 18 March at the Camp Nou, will take place behind closed doors. PSG’s game against Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday is also played behind closed doors
  • All La Liga games for at least the next two weeks will be played behind closed doors on updated advice from the Spanish authorities
  • All Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 games until April 15 will be played behind closed doors during the outbreak, the French League (LFP) said Tuesday.
  • The Republic of Ireland Euro 2020 playoff against Slovakia in Bratislava on 26 March will be played behind closed doors. Germany’s international friendly against Italy on March 31 will also be played behind closed doors
  • The Football Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has confirmed that ticket sales for this month’s Euro 2020 playoff game with Northern Ireland have been suspended
  • The France – Ireland Six Nations match was postponed on Monday. At present, the Wales vs Scotland match is the only game from the last six nations round that should continue as originally planned after the Italy-England match in Rome was postponed last week.
  • All domestic sports actions have been suspended in Italy after Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte announced in a press conference that the whole country would be blocked on Tuesday morning
  • The BNP Paribas Open tennis tournament in Indian Wells was due to start in California on Monday, but will not take place now

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