Trump’s travel ban on Coronavirus deepens tensions with European allies

The announcement of President Trump to ban travel to Europe, beyond the surprising European capitals, increases the tensions between the transatlantic allies whose ties are already tense on trade, security, climate change and what Europeans say is the inability of the United States to consult them. European governments have complained that the announcement, made early […]

Should you get travel insurance amid Coronavirus concerns? – NBC Chicago

Many travelers remain in doubt as to whether or not they should travel after fears of the hijacked coronavirus titles. On Tuesday, in the lively O’Hare International terminal, some travelers said they considered canceling their travels, while others said they didn’t think twice. Many of the travelers who went out of town on Tuesday booked […]

Mass. Man left the cruise due to coronavirus fears, refused reimbursement – NBC Boston

A February Caribbean cruise was something Yi Zhao and Greg O’Brien from Provincetown, Massachusetts were really looking forward to. “About a week before departure, we received an email from the shipping company saying that if anyone had been to mainland China within 14 days of sailing, it will not be possible to embark,” said O’Brien. […]

Thierry Breton: “It is false that Europe is falling behind” | Economy

The confidence in the economic and industrial strength of Europe is called Breton. Thierry Breton The European Commissioner for the Internal Market is firmly convinced that the planet has entered an era of post-globalization where competition will not be state but continental. “And therein lies the miracle and strength of Europe because we are a […]

United States 2020: a referendum on billionaires | U.S

The slogan of the presidential campaign of Michael Bloomberg It is concise and astonishingly eloquent: “Mike will.” Removing Donald Trump from the White House is the priority of about half of Americans facing the November elections, and the Democratic candidate says he will “do it.” Why? Because he has 64.2 billion dollars to do it. […]