The inventor of the “I love New York”logo died

Mehr New York, Milton Glaser probably not: The Designer invented the world-famous “I love New York”Logo, was a co-founder of the “New York Magazine” and designed the logo for the Brooklyn brewery. In the Bronx Glaser was born from his home city to one of the world’s best-known and most celebrated Designer. In 2009, he received the National Medal of Arts, the most important art award of the American government. On Friday, Glaser is on his 91. Birthday in Manhattan died as the New York Times reported, citing his wife, Shirley. The cause was a stroke, in addition, Glaser did not suffer from kidney failure.

Until recently, Glaser had worked in his office near the Empire State Building – and after decades on the drawing pad on the Computer trying, however, with the help of. “The Computer work is something that I never thought that I would make it time,” he said at an event in the spring of 2018. “I’m not touching the Computer but never. These hands have never touched a Computer.“ Instead, he had an assistant who sat next to him on the Computer and its instructions followed. “This is a very unusual Work, but the results are good.”

Glasers of the world happened more breakthrough in the 70s. The state of New York – not the city – commissioned Glaser thus, the Slogan “I love New York” to visualize. Just 2000 dollars, the young Designer got. “I submitted something Typographic, which was then accepted, but a few days later, I was in a Taxi and thought it should do better,” said Glaser once the German press Agency. “I made a small sketch and the guy again called. He don’t trouble me said: “that is already accepted”, but I insisted to show it to him. So I went into his office, he liked it, and the Commission then rejected what they had already assumed, and the new accepted. The Logo would have seen almost never see the light of the world.“

The Design icon is now an integral part – however, Glaser said: “It was a Job like any other. I know this is a superficial complaint, but I wish that some people knew that I have also done something else, and that if you look at it from the big perspective, the Logo is not a banal work.“ Among other things, theatre, Bars, dishes, fabrics, dozens of corporate logos, posters for the hit series “Mad Men” and a world-renowned Bob Dylan poster, to see the singer in the profile as a black Silhouette with brightly colored hair, designed by Glaser during his long career.

Was born of the Designer 1929 – of course, in New York. “It’s a fantastic city, the only place I want to be.” Already as a small Boy, Glaser began to take drawing lessons. Later, he studied at the Cooper Union University in New York and put in between stays abroad in Italy. Together with friends he founded a Design Studio and got the first orders. Later, he made his own Studio independently.

Again and again, Glaser said in interviews that they would prefer to forever continue to work. “I always say that Retirement is not a terrible conspiracy, made to allow people to remain alive. My God, who invented that?“ he asked, 2019 at the age of 90. Birthday in the “New York Times”. The newspaper, he also said that all his designs would not have served the primary of advertising. It is much more so, that he himself gave the design of all the designs force. The viewer of his works should take away a simple message from it: “to make things keeps you alive.”


Trump said on Polish support in the fight against Communist tyranny :: Policy :: RBC

According to the American President, the Germans prefer to buy from the Moscow gas and not spending money on protection from Russia

Photo: Evan Vucci / AP

The President of the United States Donald trump at a meeting with Polish President Andrzej Duda said about long-standing allied relations between the two countries. “Poland and the US fought together with the Nazis during the Second World war, and the Americans and poles fought shoulder to shoulder in the struggle against Communist tyranny,” said the American President in his welcoming speech.

Trump said that the overall objective of Poland and the United States was the victory of Western civilization. “We will defend these values together,” said trump.

The American President also added that Warsaw is investing heavily in the NATO budget. According to him. Poland is one of the eight NATO countries that spends money on their defense.

Trump and Duda confirmed the preparation of a Treaty on the NPP project in Poland

On the question of the transfer of additional U.S. troops from Germany to Poland, trump said that Warsaw is ready to pay for it. “This is a serious signal for Russia. But more important point, I think the fact that Germany spends big money to buy energy from Russia instead of spending it on a defense against Russia. I think that the Germans are displeased, but it is their choice,” added the American President.


The Russians began to return currency to the banks :: Finance :: RBC

The same opinion analyst at BKF Bank Maxim Osadchy. According to him, in previous months, the citizens formed a “canopy” of cash, which is now converted into account. The main contribution to the growth of deposits in foreign currency in may has made Sberbank, which raised $381 million, says Osadchy. He does not exclude that some players still recorded the outflow of foreign currency savings. The majority of Russian banks have not published their balances on 1 June.

“It is possible that some customers bought the currency. This is supported by the fact that the rouble share of deposits of physical persons has decreased,” — said the Director of analytical group Fitch of financial organizations Anton Lopatin. According to him, citizens also have no reason to open new deposits in foreign currency due to low interest rates. These two factors confirm the version flow of ruble savings in foreign exchange, says the interlocutor of RBC.

Sberbank lowered interest rates on deposits in US dollars

Ruble deposits in may decreased slightly: their volume decreased by 0.4%, or 92,14 billion rubles, follows from the data of the Central Bank. As noted by the regulator, the outflow in may was associated with long holidays and lower incomes. In June, the situation has stabilized: retail customers accounts increased by 0.5%, growing balances in rubles and in foreign currency.

See what the banks themselves

  • VTB in may recorded a growth of foreign currency deposits by 17%, said the representative. In ruble terms the increase amounted to 28 billion rubles. More than 25% of new deposits in foreign currency were opened with the newly received Bank funds.
  • May the flow of money in foreign currency deposits and current accounts in Sovcombank considered insignificant. “About the trend or change it to speak while early”, — says the Chairman of the Bank Alexei Panferov.
  • Tinkoff Bank has observed the growth of foreign currency deposits in may and in April, says the representative of group “Tinkoff”. “This is not a flow of funds from one account to another — in April and may we capture the increase in the total balance of attracted funds of physical persons”, — he said.
  • The amount of funds in foreign currency deposits remained stable and foreign exchange savings in current accounts in may have ceased to decline, said the Director of the Department of design and savings products PSB Natalia Voloshin. “On the eve of the summer season, the population returned to the currency that is in checking accounts, not to keep their savings at home,” she said.

  • Bank “Zenith” has not fixed the flow of funds on foreign currency deposits and demand accounts, said his spokesman.
  • Raiffeisenbank declined to comment. Other major banks did not respond to a request RBC.

What happens to the profitability of deposits

On customer behavior could be impacted by the falling yield on ruble deposits, noted a senior analyst at Moody’s Semyon Isakov. “The renewed decline in interest rates on ruble deposits, the sharp appreciation of the ruble against the background of still low oil prices and the announced tax on deposits — all of this dramatically reduced the relative attractiveness of ruble savings. Given the new balance real rate of return in rubles and potential risks, the increased part of investors prefer foreign currency,” he explained.

By June the average maximum rate on ruble deposits in the largest banks renewed its historical minimum, having fallen to 5.01% per annum. Central Bank has not yet disclosed information on the profitability of foreign currency deposits in may. According to the latest data, the average weighted rate for deposits in dollars in April, was 0.63% for deposits up to one year, including demand, and 0.85% on deposits from year to year. The yield on dollar deposits fell from the beginning of last year. The weighted average rate on “long” deposits in Euro have risen sharply in January 2020, to 0.72%, and in April fell to 0.24% per annum. The yield of deposits in euros before the year in April, on the contrary, returned to growth — the weighted average rate rose to 0.08 percent, but still remains at a very low level.

Central Bank warned of losses of banks from investments in the Euro

Photo: Sergei Karpukhin / Reuters

Banks began to stop accepting deposits in euros last summer. Market participants explained that in the conditions of negative rates in the Eurozone are savings products become unprofitable.

In March 2020, some banks have excluded from their rulers deposits in dollars due to the sharp decline rate of FRS of USA. But in may some of our players have improved on savings products in foreign currency, according to reports in the portal

Mitigation of sanitary measures and government support will increase savings activity of the population in June, predicts VTB. In Tinkoff Bank believe that talking about a trend growth of currency savings early. “Markets are still waiting the development of the situation with the virus and the pandemic”, — said the representative of the group.

The Russians for a month took deposits $5 billion

Photo: Alexander Demyanchuk / TASS

“The total volume of foreign currency deposits still substantially below the level of the beginning of the year, and rapid recovery of this figure is to be expected,” said Proklov from the Agency of the NKR.


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Source: JHU, Federal, and regional overstay anti-virus


In Australia fined the owner of a Toyota Land Cruiser because of the huge kengurâtnika

The driver had to pay 133 dollars.

Photo: Toyota Land Cruiser, source:

Yesterday in Australia was seen Toyota Land Cruiser with a giant bumper. June 18, employees of the traffic police Morgana stopped a strange car, which attracted the attention of an unusual addition to the front of the “Kruzak” attached dimensional supporting rack.

The owner of the car was 31-year-old morgnec. As the police found out, the diameter of the rod is excellent quality 73 mm, while the approved standard size is 50 mm.

Under the law, if the supporting rods are not used, they must be removed in order to interfere with the driver’s vision. In this case, the owner of Toyota Land Cruiser used bumper, so was fined 133 dollars and lost one point for driving a vehicle fitted with additional equipment not in accordance with the standards of the car.

New insurance rules: How to change life of Russians after the reforms

On the subject

New insurance rules: How to change life of Russians after the reforms

2020-06-23 09:08:16

It is worth noting that in Australia refinement machines should meet the established standards, namely ladder racks, external cross frames and vertical supports can be positioned behind or in front of A stand-up windshield, but their diameter must not exceed 50mm. Also, the equipment must be removed when not in use.


The head of the FUND told about the past stage of “denial” investors :: Business :: RBC

Investors for a pandemic have already passed at least three stages, according to Kirill Dmitriev: “denial”, “salvation portfolios” and “investment readiness”. The economic recovery he expects in 1.5-2 years

Kirill Dmitriev

(Photo: Alexei Nikolsky / TASS)

As told in an interview with RBC head of the Russian direct investment Fund (RDIF) Kirill Dmitriev, during a pandemic, investors have gone through several stages. “The first phase was “denial”, and it’s actually a normal human reaction, when faced with something unusual, — says Dmitriev at the end of the regular in the last months of communication with the funds from 20 countries. — Many funds felt that somehow everything will pass quickly and not have the same effect”. The second phase he calls — “save portfolio”: “everyone saw that three or four months many companies there is turnover, and this is a very powerful blow to their economy.” Finally, the third is “let’s think, where could we invest, including together”.

The head of the Russian direct investment FUND — RBC: “the vaccine I was one of the volunteers”

Kirill Dmitriev

According to Dmitriev, is now “a very interesting global investment pattern: printed a lot of dollars, a lot of money, and the question arises about the value of the dollar, the value of money”. According to him, in “the relationship of the value of money and assets are now trying to understand, including the largest investors in the world.” “On the one hand, the printed money, raised the nominal value of the assets, on the other hand, all assets must fall in value because of economic problems — on average, global GDP could fall by 7-8% for the year. Thus we see that the recovery will be, it will take 1.5–2 years”, — said the interlocutor of RBC.

RDIF will begin to invest in projects without foreign investors

Kirill Dmitriev

Assessment Dmitrieva, the world has made “great progress in understanding the virus.” “But that doesn’t mean that you can forget about the virus and he flew away. He did not fly away. The waves will be. We see new centers in Beijing, United States, he said. Accordingly, it is very important to go prepared and follow a very precise algorithm — early diagnosis of infection, treatment. I think we have passed the halfway mark for the virus.”


Corona-Patient to pay for treatment is a Million dollars

NOh, about two months of treatment his serious Covid-19-disease has presented to a clinic in the vicinity of Seattle, a 70-year-old Americans a bill of over a Million dollars. His heart had remained “almost for the second Time to stand”, as he had received the 181-page bill in the amount of 1.122.501,04 dollars (about 997.000 euros), said Michael Flor on Saturday, the “Seattle Times”.

Flor was on 4. March Covid-19 to Swedish hospital in Issaquah to be hospitalised. It was so bad that the nurses had to hold him one Evening the phone so he could take his wife and two children farewell. But he recovered, and on December 5. In may, the clinic under the Jubilation of the nursing staff to leave.

More than two million infections

The bill came later, and according to that he should have to pay for, among other things, 9736 dollars per day in the intensive care unit of 82,000 dollars for the 29-day use of a Ventilator and $ 100,000 for his care as an acute care Patient is at risk.

According to the “Seattle Times” is hedged by the man on Medicare, the health insurance for senior citizens in the United States. However, neither he nor Medicare for the astronomical sum will need to pay, reported the leaf and refers to the $ 100 million that the Congress will ill compensate homes for the treatment of Covid-19-patients.

Meanwhile, 734 more deaths have been registered in the United States within 24 hours in connection with the novel Coronavirus. As the Johns-Hopkins-reported University in Baltimore, have died since the beginning of the pandemic in the United States, more than 115.300 people to the consequences of their Corona-infection. The number of infections, therefore, rose to more than 2.07 million.

Every day about 20,000 new cases of infection in the United States currently as before. Both measured to the death – as well as the infection cases, the United States continues to be the most difficult of the Corona-pandemic-affected country in the world. The head of the health authority, CDC, Robert Redfield, stressed on Friday that the pandemic was not yet over. “It is important that we remind ourselves that this Situation is unprecedented. And that the pandemic is not yet over,“ he said.


In South Africa poachers have a free run

Fast two and a half months officially prescribed Lockdown gave the South Africans the course. In front of food expenditure are long queues, Doctors complain more and more cases of malnutrition, unemployment is expected to climb, according to forecasts coming up on 50%. Now the unique animal world suffers. Had a hard curfew initially led to the national parks of the country was at peace, watching Ranger is currently more cases of poaching.

Thilo Thielke

Free the Rapporteur for Africa, based in Cape town.

In the Pilanesberg national Park and the protection of Mafikeng and Botsalano areas, employees of the national Park authority and a guardian of the organization “Rhino 911” dozens of rhinos have cut off the Horn, to protect them from the poachers. The Horn consists of Keratin, a fiber protein that is also found in hair and finger nails. Exact Figures about how many rhinos poached, and how many being dehorned you were held back, in order to protect the animals. Nico Jacobs, a helicopter pilot and founder of “Rhino 911”, reported that during his flights he discover lately, almost every day the carcass of slaughtered slain rhinos.

Dead rhinos in the Safari regions

Without the valuable Horn, the animals can reach a weight of up to 2.6 tons and a body length of almost four meters, for the poacher hardly a value. For a kilo of Horn are currently being paid around $ 60,000. Mainly in the High Society of countries such as China or Vietnam, the powder is as a supposed medicine for any Suffering popular and more expensive than Gold or cocaine.

For the past three years, Rhino 911 supports “” the “Dehorning”. The method is not without controversy. The Horn grows again, however, critics argue that horn loose Rhino bulls were able to defend themselves well. In addition, it was made in the past, the observation that African poachers had slaughtered Rhino without a Horn slaughtered: out of Frustration, because they were chased for days, the traces of a worthless animal, or to prevent this from happening a second Time.

Currently, about 18,000 are in Africa-Wide and 5500 black rhinos live in the wild. Were reported to have been killed in the past ten years, about 9000 African rhinos for their Horns, however, poaching has declined slightly recently. This success is now available on the game. What is striking is that in the past few weeks, rhinos are mainly killed in areas that are in Safari-very popular among the tourists and for the animals as safe applied.

The tourists are missing

“The presence of visitors to protect the animals,” says the German Sandra Claassen, which operates in Cape town, the travel company “Elela Africa”, and on sustainable tourism has specialized. “Now, the poachers have free rein. Virtually unnoticed you can move in the national parks.“ Unlike Tanzania, which has allowed travel again, keeps the South African government for fear of the Coronavirus its borders to tourists and wants to open again until next February for tourism.

For many South Africans, that would be a disaster. According to the South African government are engaged in the tourism sector of the country more than 700,000 people. Thus, every tenth job depends almost on the business with the travelers. Almost 17 million tourists visited the country at the Cape in the past year. But not only South Africa is affected. In the whole of Africa, the travel industry provides for revenues of about 39 billion dollars. And also from Kenya, and Botswana Rangers in the tourist-free time to an increase in poaching.

Not only the attention due to the Safari-vacationers will be missed in the Serengeti, Okavango Delta and Kruger Park. The Rangers fear for their Jobs. “The maintenance of Rangers is extremely expensive, and to Finance without revenue from tourism is hardly,” says Claassen, who supports, among other things, on the edge of the South African Hluhluwe-iMfolozi Park, a village community. They now fear that Hunger, many people will again float in the poaching.


Police stop five-year-old who wants to buy Lamborghini

Dhe Utah police stopped a five-year-old driver on a freeway trying to drive to California in his parents’ car. The boy said he had previously argued with his mother about not wanting to buy a Lamborghini sports car for him, the Utah freeway police said on Twitter. “He decided to take the car and go to California to buy one for himself. He may have missed the purchase because he only had $ 3 in his wallet. ”The cheapest Lamborghinis cost around $ 200,000.

The police said on Tuesday that it was estimated that the boy had come three to five kilometers. Policeman Rick Morgan was actually behind a car that was driving too fast when he saw another car that had trouble keeping on track. He then decided to let the speedster get away and stop the other driver.

A five-year-old behind the wheel

A shot of the police car’s dash cam, a camera that records the front of the trip, shows the boy changing lanes uncertainly and finally stopping after the siren sounds. The police said that Morgan initially assumed that the driver had a medical problem or was under the influence of alcohol. The policeman approached the stopped vehicle from behind and wondered why he could not see the driver’s head through the rear window.

Morgan had finally found that a young child was the driver and sole occupant of the car. It was a five-year-old. The shot of the dash cam recorded how the policeman says: “How old are you? Are you five years old Wow. “And further:” Where did you learn to drive a car? “Morgan told the local broadcaster KSL that the boy had been sitting on the edge of the driver’s seat to reach the foot pedals. The child’s parents said they had never driven a car.

The boy had told him that he was on the way to his sister in California. After his arrival, he wanted to buy a Lamborghini. He was under the supervision of an older sibling when he set out. “He grabbed the keys and was gone.” The police noted that the boy turned south from the family home in Ogden on Interstate-15 – “the right way to California”.

After the story became known, the local broadcaster KUTV reported that numerous offers had been received that the boy could go with a Lamborghini. The family had already met a Lamborghini owner so Adrian could enjoy a ride in one of the exclusive sports cars.

A police spokesman told KSL that the son’s jaunt could have legal consequences for the parents. They were very happy that nobody was harmed. But that does not mean that human lives were not endangered. Parents should make sure that their car keys are not easily accessible to children.


Yulia Tymoshenko became a dollar millionaire

The leader of the Ukrainian party and the parliamentary faction “Fatherland” Yulia Tymoshenko has become a dollar millionaire, follows from the declaration of the politician on the website of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption.

In the declaration of Ms. Tymoshenko, a record appeared that on April 24, 2020, she received 148.34 million hryvnias (about $ 5.5 million) in compensation for losses incurred from political persecution. The type of income indicated is “compensation for damage caused by the political repressions of 2011-2014 received in the USA at the stage of pre-trial settlement”. The source of income is Reid, Collins, Tsai LLP, reports.

According to the publication, in 2019, revenue of $ 4.9 million from the same company was declared by the deputy chairman of the Batkivshchyna party and the lawyer of Ms. Tymoshenko Sergey Vlasenko.

Recall, from 2007 to 2010, Yulia Tymoshenko was the Prime Minister of Ukraine. In 2011, she was sentenced to seven years in prison for abuse of power when signing a gas contract with Russia in 2009. In February 2014, after a change of power in Ukraine, she was released.