Celaya security elements are trained in tactical medicine

Derived from the nneeds that are presented in the Secretariat of Citizen Security of the municipality of Celaya, elements of Civil Protection and Firefighters were trained on the subject of tactical medicine.

Total benefited 22 items of staff orof Civil Protection and Firefighters that received this training, which was given by Gerardo Manuel Hernández Chávez, director of the InsDegree for Police Training (Infopol).

Within this training, the different technical elements of the application of bandages in case of hemorrhage, the use of tourniquets and prehospital care such as cardiopulmonary respiration (CPR) and Heimlich maneuver.

The main objective of this was so that the security elements are better prepared and can serve citizens quickly in risk situations such as car accidents, fires, construction collapse, among others.


Putin shows his chest for his Covid vaccine and offers it free to the UN

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, He put his chest out before the UN on Tuesday for the rapid development in his country of a coronavirus vaccine and offered it free of charge to the organization to protect all its employees.

In his video message to the General Assembly, Putin He pointed out that his Government is ready to offer the United Nations all the necessary assistance, which includes free vaccination for all staff who want it.

He also said thatYour country is open to supply other nations with the so-called “Spútnik V”, which, as he highlighted, has been proven “safe” and “effective.”

Putin insisted that citizens around the world should have free access to a Covid-19 vaccine and He also underlined the Kremlin’s willingness to work with other governments to share diagnostic methods. and treatment of the disease.

In addition, in contrast to the United States, he defended that the World Health Organization (WHO) should have a central role in coordinating the response and said that Russia is working to strengthen the capacity of the Geneva-based entity.

On the other hand, Putin warned of the long-term economic effects that the current crisis will have and defended the need for the entire international community to work board to drive growth.

In this context, he stressed the importance of eliminating barriers, restrictions and, above all, “illegitimate sanctions” in international trade.

In the geopolitical and military sphere, the Russian leader He assured that he wants to cooperate with the United States to extend the strategic arms reduction treaty and hoped that there will be “restraint” when it comes to deploying new missile systems.

Too reiterated interest in a binding treaty to ban weapons in outer space and opted for more cooperation in cybersecurity.

Coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the United Nations, Putin defended the work of the organization and, although he recognized that it is necessary to adapt it to the reality of the 21st century, he made it clear that his country opposes major changes in the Security Council, where it is one of the five permanent members and has veto power.

According to him, for the Council to continue being the “pillar of global governance” it is essential that these five countries, nuclear powers and victors of World War II, retain the privilege of the veto.


7 anti-Covid vaccines expect to carry out their Phase 3 in Mexico

Mexico adds more than 700 thousand infections by Covid-19; however, it is already eight weeks in which the record is going down. File photo: Cuartoscuro


The Secretary of Foreign Relations (SRE), Marcelo Ebrard, reported that there are seven vaccines against Covid-19, from different nations, seeking to extend their tests to our country.

In a conference, the foreign minister explained that due to the work with governments and companies of other nations, there are drugs that are in the process of carrying out Phase 3 tests in Mexico, so they await the approval of Cofepris and the Ministry of Health.

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The vaccines that seek to carry out their tests in Mexican territory are: Janssen and Novavax, from the United States; Sputnik V, from Russia; Cansino, from China; Curevac, from Germany; Sanofi Pasteur, from France; and Reithera, from Italy.

“There are already seven vaccines from different countries that have expressed interest or are in the process, before Cofepris and Ssa, to carry out phase 3 in Mexico or its equivalent,” he said.

According to the information presented, the tentative period for the start of Phase 3 of the Janssen, Novavax, Sputnik V, Cansino and Curevac vaccines is next October; while for Sanofi-Pasteur, it is for January 2021 and for Reithera there is still no fixed date.

The Foreign Minister also indicated that this week Mexico will formalize the agreement to participate in the multilateral mechanism around the world on coronavirus vaccines, which is led by the UN and is called COVAX.

“It would be the first binding contract in Mexico for access to vaccines against Covid-19,” he said.

He also commented that this Tuesday President Andrés Manuel López Obrador will participate in the UN General Assembly, in which he will address the issue of the effort to guarantee universal access to vaccines against SARS-CoV-2.

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They suspend a driver for driving the wrong way in Panamericana

Following the events, the offender will have to undergo a new psychophysical examination to determine if he is fit to drive again.

For his part, the Minister of Transport Mario Meoni, said: “Reckless driving, lack of awareness of risks and non-compliance with regulations are the main reasons why road accidents occur in Argentina”.

“We know that education is one of the main pillars to make the road safety a state policy that saves lives, but also we need to tighten the controls of transitadded.


The driver’s arrest was carried out this Sunday while a traffic control and inspection operation was being implemented to prevent bites.

Road safety

The arrest of the driver was carried out this Sunday while a control and inspection operation for bite prevention carried out by the National Road Safety Agency, together with the Federal Police, Gendarmerie, Prefecture and Campana Transit.

During the day, the vehicle documentation and the correct use of the helmet were controlled in Panamericana km 72 at the height of Campana. In addition, preventive patrols were carried out in the area and traffic was ordered.

As a result, 124 infraction records were drawn up and 23 driver’s licenses, 23 motorcycles and 20 automobiles were withheld.

To conclude, Meoni emphasized: “As a State, we have to be there to enforce the laws and punish those who do not. That is why we are working with the team of the National Road Safety Agency in coordination with the National Ministry of Security, authorities of each municipal jurisdiction and security forces, because we believe in road safety as a State policy ”.

After the operation, Pablo Martínez Carignano, executive director of the ANSV, highlighted: “We are going to repeat it, because it is the only way to face this type of risky behavior. We ask local governments to make the greatest possible effort to carry out controls, because we must not forget that nothing kills more young people in Argentina than road insecurity ”.


12-year-old girl shoots a 42-year-old woman; she escapes and they are already looking for her


A 12-year-old girl who is nicknamed “La Güera” shot a 42-year-old woman who was taken to a hospital in Mexico City.

The events were recorded at dawn on September 16 when the celebrations for the national holidays were taking place.

The injured woman named Claudia was present in a fight in a house within the perimeter of the Iztapalapa mayor’s office, at one point the minor took the firearm and shot her.

The 12-year-old girl is being sought by authorities from the Secretariat of Citizen Security and the Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City.

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Until October 21, the closure of the Mexico-US borders will continue


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Santa Marta reopens its beaches after six months of pandemic

As of this September 18, Samarians and visitors can make use of the different Beaches for recreation, yes, saving biosafety protocols as the distancing between people, because the Covid-19 it remains latent and we must not lower our guard against disease.

Manuel Ravelo Gómez traveled 16 hours on a motorcycle with his son from Cucuta toward Santa Marta And after filling out the form on the reserva.santamarta.gov.co portal, he was from 7:30 am on Friday to be the first to go into the sea after six months.

“The main motivation was to take a dip after six months of confinement, which stressed many Colombians”, commented. After removing his mask, he walked into the crystal clear waters and threw himself with his back into the Caribbean Sea.

Barranquilla Shirly Arellano experienced a similar situation. Although the journey was much shorter, the woman left with her husband at 5:00 am yesterday from Barranquilla towards the capital of Magdalena.

“This is a delight after spending a semester locked up. I wanted to enjoy the beach again, I came to relaxAlthough my husband is working, I came to enjoy the day, ”she commented.


Deemed “sexist”, the title of the new encyclical dedicated to fraternity creates controversy

“All Brothers”, the quote from Saint Francis of Assisi, means that the text is accused by some of excluding women.

This encyclical was matured by Francis (here September 2 in the Vatican) over months of confinement as St. Peter's Basilica and its plaza were closed, all of the pope's public hearings and his trips canceled.
This encyclical was matured by Francis (here September 2 in the Vatican) over months of confinement as St. Peter’s Basilica and its plaza were closed, all of the pope’s public hearings and his trips canceled. VINCENZO PINTO / AFP

Will the Pope have to write his next encyclicals in inclusive language? This writing which foresees the masculine and the feminine everywhere so as not to exclude women? The next, and third, encyclical of the pontificate of Francis dedicated to “fraternity”, which will appear on October 4, has indeed sparked a controversy in several countries, including the United States, for its title deemed too… sexist! In Italian, the reference language in the Vatican, the encyclical will be called “Tutti fratelli”, that is to say “all brothers”. It is true that in English, brother is strictly male. It does not have the same universal, male-female connotation that the word “brother” may have in French or Italian depending on its context.

Faced with the risk of disqualifying a text by its title alone even before its content is known, the Vatican had to put things right. Vatican Media Editorial Director Andrea Tornielli said on the official Vatican News website: “As this is a quote from

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IMSS Tamaulipas meets children with cancer, they will have their medicine!

The Tamaulipas delegation of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) did fulfill its promise to guarantee medication for the treatment of children with cancer; This was after the demonstration carried out by the mothers outside the General Hospital Number 6 in Ciudad Madero, who demanded that the authorities guarantee the administration of the drug cardioxane in chemotherapies.

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Roxana Camargo, who directs the volunteer work “Group of Friends, moms helping other moms”, explained that this weekend Josuecito attended his chemotherapy at the IMSS Clinic 25 in Monterrey, Nuevo León, where for the first time, After more than a year and a half, the complete drug scheme with cardioxane was applied, which has a cost of 6,200 pesos in the market and that they had been solving before the shortage.

The interviewee mentioned that the administration of the injectable solution was due to the steps taken by “Ms. Garibaldi”, with whom they maintain communication on the instructions of the delegate in Tamaulipas, Velia Patricia Silva Delfín; this after the protest made on September 7 that opened the dialogue between managers and mothers of the affected children.

He indicated that they hope that this coordination situation will last because the drug prevents cardiac arrest during the chemotherapy process and, presumably, the lack of it has already caused the death of three infants in this southern area.

“There is still mistrust in the system, we believe it was because of the demonstration, but there is mistrust. It is good that shipments are made to Monterrey, but the medicine is being given through the process that the IMSS Tamaulipas did, they have not been given it to children who are from other entities, that is the problem. They told us that Tamaulipas did because of a list with names that was sent reserving the medicine, but the others have been denied care because they are told they don’t have the medicine. ”

He added that they are willing to demonstrate again if the children scheduled in the coming months do not have the medicine, pointing out that “a chemo that is lost is one more opportunity for the child to heal, it is good news that after the protest they have attended to our first shipment, we want this to continue ”.

According to the information, there are four children who are referred to Monterrey for chemotherapy from the IMSS Regional General Hospital N ° 6 in Ciudad Madero: Josué, 3 years old, Jonathan, 11 years old, Ivanna, 8 years old and Hannia, 5 years old. each requires between one or two doses of cardioxane.


Alberto Fernández announced that they will regularize the salaries of the security forces

“I have already given the order that we begin to regularize the income of the officers and non-commissioned officers of the Security Forces so that in a time not exceeding 18 months all the income that is non-remunerative and non-contributory, is laundered,” said Alberto Fernandez.

Alberto Fernández salaries of the federal security forces.mp4

Kindness: @alferdezprensa

“I know that for many years they were not well treated, as well as the armed forces and the national public administration. The time has come to start getting your wages in order“, said the president in the act in the Churruca hospital of the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Parque Patricios.


Works at the Churruca Hospital

President Alberto Fernandez led this Friday at noon the act of presentation of the works of refunctionalization from the sector Surgery and Intensive Care Unit of the medical complex of the Federal police Churructo Visca, located in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

The mandatary also delivered ten state-of-the-art ambulances, five of them of high complexity and the others of low complexity, which required a investment of $ 89,028,255.

The improvements in the Intensive Care and Surgery Unit will allow significantly expand the response capacity to the Covid-19 pandemic.