Abide by preventive measures, the only medicine against COVID-19: Governor

Presidents determine to join the contingency plan of the State Government. Writing Information All the preventive measures applied in the municipalities represent the only medicine that currently exists against COVID-19, said Governor Silvano Aureoles Conejo. “Coordination between the state and the municipalities is extremely important to follow the health recommendations, to prevent the number of […]

China gives green light to bear bile medicine against Covid-19

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in China, work has been done to find a cure against this virus. Stock Photo: AFP BEIJING China gave the green light to a bear-based bile drug to treat patient victims of Covid-19, fueling controversy over plantigrades bred for this purpose. For a long time, environmental associations have […]

Zoom, one of the trendy video calling apps, has serious security flaws

J.M. SanchezFOLLOW Updated:04/01/2020 15:26 save Suddenly, the known world changed. Normality was transformed into a new global dimension where teleworking and social isolation have become established in the lives of millions of people. In the midst of this unprecedented health crisis, a series of digital communication tools have been erected in recent weeks that try […]

López Obrador calls ‘conservatives’ to unity

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador at a conference in the National Palace. Image: Video Capture MEXICO CITY. In the face of the health emergency caused by the Covid-19, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador called his “adversaries” and “conservatives” to unity, as well as “to lower the hairline” of the campaign against the federal government. At […]

Cyber ​​criminals build spamming and phishing infrastructure |

COVID-19 has left an unmistakable trace in the domain namespace in the past two months. The large certificate authorities have registered a significant increase in SSL certificates – for domain names that contain “Corona” or “Covid”. […] Domains such as corona-virus-map.net or corona-map-data.com are actively linked to malware downloads and can thus be clearly assigned […]

Girona companies ask for a tax moratorium and three months without paying Social Security

Les chambers of commerce in the counties of Girona see “measures” taken by the government as “inadequate” Spanish, in order to help companies in the coronavirus crisis. All three – Girona, Sant Feliu de Guíxols and Palamós – have claimed one widespread tax moratorium. In fact, they consider this an “essential” measure to deal with, […]

“The people who matter in the office” # 11: The confined!

The confined has a very special place in this chronicle: it is the only profile which, at the moment T, corresponds to the immense majority of French workers. Containment and confined are the two words that everyone has in their mouths. When we hear from a colleague or loved one, we no longer ask: “How […]

macOS 10.15.4 tightens the screw on obsolete kernel extensions 🆕

macOS 10.15 continues to strengthen the security of the Mac dedicated system, notably with a change in size: DriverKit. This new mechanism allows system extensions provided by third-party apps to be installed in user space rather than at the kernel level. The ” kexts Will therefore disappear with Catalina’s successor, in favor of user extensions […]