Khaberni website: Elham Shaheen: Morsi asked to meet me

Tell me – Egyptian actress Ilham Shaheen revealed that the director of the office of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi threatened her to agree to meet him, but she refused.

Shaheen said during a television interview, that she “decided to confront the battle with the terrorist Brotherhood on behalf of the artists.”

She added: “The Brotherhood fabricated pictures of her and put her face on scandalous photos, and it was later proven that they were rigged.”

She pointed out, “She obtained a historical ruling to close the (Al-Hafiz) channel for a period of 6 months, and a precedent took place for the first time in the history of Egypt, which is the closure of a channel by court ruling, after she filed more than one case on the channel for insulting her on the channel’s screen, pointing out that the broadcaster who had insulted her accompanied A number of veils on the channel’s screen showed her some forged images that were falsely claimed to be a professor at Al-Azhar, but Al-Azhar University sent to the court evidence that he was not a faculty member and was imprisoned during the Morsi era.

She stressed that “Mohamed Morsi tried to attract the artists and act with politeness with them, but it did not succeed, stressing that the director of Morsi’s office tried to contact her a lot to inform her of Morsi’s desire to meet her.”

She explained that the director of Morsi’s office threatened her, saying: “If we want we, we will answer you,” adding that she said to him, “If you talk to me again, he will report about you,” and his response would be, “You are reporting about who, O Madam, we are the state.”

She stated that she had told Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi after the success of the June 30 revolution, that “she was about to commit suicide” at the time of Chancellor Adly Mansour taking over the country after the Brotherhood was overthrown, pointing out that the Egyptians dazzled the world on June 30.

Mohamed Morsi had assumed his duties on June 30, 2012, and he was removed from his position on June 30, 2013 after demonstrations invaded the country calling for his departure and imprisonment since the date of his isolation, until his death on June 17, 2019, after several charges were brought against him, including communications with Qatar, Hamas, and disclosure. National Security secrets during his presidency


“There will be no second wave. We are in a constant wave ”-

There will be no second wave of the coronavirus, the German virologist Hendrik Streeck of the University of Bonn suspects. The virus will flare up to a greater or lesser extent, he says to Frankfurter Allgemeine.

“I don’t think there will be a second or a third wave,” it sounds. “I think we are in a constant wave. A wave that goes up and down all the time. ” The weather plays an important role in this, according to the virologist. In the fall, the number of infections will increase again, it is expected.

Streeck advocates an international intervention force. “We see more than ever today the need to strengthen the World Health Organization,” he told the German newspaper. “There should be a WHO emergency team. A unit that can be deployed worldwide against the virus. ”


they learn from friends how to use tools –

Dolphins are among the savvy of the animal kingdom. They even use tools to collect food. They just learn the trick from their friends.

It is called ‘shelling’ when dolphins collect fish in the large empty shell of a sea snail. They take the shell to the surface and then shake it empty in their mouth. Dolphins usually learn everything from their mother, but they get this trick from their friends, just like apes can.

“This is an important milestone,” says evolutionary biologist Michael Krützen from the University of Zurich. “It shows that cultural behavior of dolphins is much more like that of great apes than previously thought.”

Twenty years ago it was first observed that dolphins can use tools. Then it became clear that the animals are sliding sea sponge over their snouts to protect themselves when collecting food. This allowed them to search for food in deeper water. But this behavior was passed on from mother to daughter. This is called vertical transmission.

There is also another way of learning, namely from animals in the environment. This is seen as a more complicated learning process and is mainly known from great apes.

Now a team led by ecologist Sonja Wild of the German University of Constance has discovered that dolphins also master this way of learning. Before that, they studied over a thousand dolphins for ten years.

The animals probably developed the trick because of a decrease in fish and an increase in shells. “We can only speculate whether it is the declining fish population that has encouraged dolphins to learn new behaviors,” says Wild. “An abundance of dead sea snail shells may have helped.”

Bron(nen): Science Alert


“In time, our approach will prove to be the right one” –

Anders Tegnell, the virologist who came up with the Swedish approach to Corona, does not accept anything. The world thinks that the Swedish model (hardly a lockdown, as much as a meter and a half) has failed: per 100,000 inhabitants, Swedes have died five times more than Danes. But Tegnell says it is way too early is for conclusions: the virus is far from gone. The Swedish approach can be maintained for much longer than what has been done in the Netherlands and other Western countries. Normal life was halted there for two months, while much remained common in Sweden.

Tegnell predicts that the other countries will move from one crisis (and lockdown) to the next. That will destroy the economy and ultimately erode support, he predicts in a podcast. And the Swedish model, on the other hand, can be maintained even if it is going to take a long time.

Tegnell argues that the world is only in the first phase is facing a long and uncertain battle with Covid-19. That’s why the Swedish approach – keeping a large part of society open, but teaching people to keep their distance – is the only realistic way, he says. The lockdowns also come at a price, he says. He mentions domestic violence, loneliness and massive unemployment.

He is looking forward to assessing the differences in approach if all this is ever over.

First he goes on vacation. That will be in Sweden, because other countries have closed the door for Sweden. For fear of contamination.

Bron(nen): Bloomberg


‘British are fed up with Brexit, majority wants to stay in EU’ – – Welingelichte Kringen

  1. ‘British are fed up with Brexit, majority wants to stay in EU’ – Welingelichte Kringen
  2. Merkel: ‘United Kingdom must live with consequences of Brexit’ RTL Nieuws
  3. ‘British people are concerned about Brexit, majority want to stay in EU’
  4. British are fed up with Brexit, majority want to stay in EU
  5. British enthusiasm for Brexit is shrinking sharply on BNR Nieuwsradio
  6. View entire story via Google News


‘British are fed up with Brexit, majority wants to stay in EU’ – – Welingelichte Kringen

  1. ‘British are fed up with Brexit, majority wants to stay in EU’ – Welingelichte Kringen
  2. Merkel: ‘United Kingdom must live with consequences of Brexit’ RTL Nieuws
  3. ‘British people are concerned about Brexit, majority want to stay in EU’
  4. British are fed up with Brexit, majority want to stay in EU
  5. British enthusiasm for Brexit is shrinking sharply on BNR Nieuwsradio
  6. View entire story via Google News


‘British are fed up with Brexit, majority wants to stay in EU’ – – Welingelichte Kringen

  1. ‘British are fed up with Brexit, majority wants to stay in EU’ – Welingelichte Kringen
  2. Merkel: ‘United Kingdom must live with consequences of Brexit’ RTL Nieuws
  3. ‘British people are concerned about Brexit, majority want to stay in EU’
  4. British are fed up with Brexit, majority want to stay in EU
  5. British enthusiasm for Brexit is shrinking sharply on BNR Nieuwsradio
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Registration daily visit record in the injury Corona – toss news

Source: Reuters

The World Health Organization announced the registration of a record increase in cases of infection with MERS-CoV globally on Sunday, with a high total number of injuries 183020 within 24 hours.

According to day was the largest increase in North America and South America with the registration of more than 116 thousand new cases. The organization said: the total incidence of the global exceeded 8.7 million cases with more than 461 thousand deaths.

The previous record was of new infections 181232, was registered on the 18th of June.


experts explain why obesity “helps” coronavirus

– Has long been known that overweight people have lowered immunity, says head of the Department of endocrinology of the medical faculty Russian national research medical University. N. And. Pirogov Tatiana Demidova. Research and practice show that in these patients increases the risk of atherosclerosis sharply increases the risk of heart attacks, strokes and heart failure. Increased risk of endocrinological, oncological diseases, joint diseases, psychological disorders.

Epidemic COVID has added another item to the list of high threats to people who are overweight. It turned out that when infected with coronavirus patients with obesity more often require hospitalization, fall into the ICU, on the ventilator (artificial lung ventilation). Alas, is growing and the risk of death.

– If the original messages from China on the most severe cases COVID it was mainly about the older people with severe chronic diseases, according to the latest data from Europe and USA the risk group includes people with obesity – says Tatiana Demidova.


In what diseases most often develop complications due to coronavirus

90% of patients admitted with severe COVID-19 US hospitals, were the following comorbidities:

– hypertension — 49.7%,and

– obesity or 48.3%,

– chronic lung disease — 34,6%,

– diabetes type 2 diabetes was 28.3%,

– cardiovascular disease — 27,8%.

Thus, obesity is second among the States in which CouId be severe.


Visceral adipose tissue, that is, one that is in the abdomen, is, in fact, highly individual body, experts explain. This body affects the immune, endocrine system and metabolism in the body as a whole.

– People who are overweight fat cells are much larger. So, is synthesized in much more of various hormones and inflammatory cells. Among them, including interleukin-6, interleukin-1, tumor necrosis factor, and others, – says Tatiana Demidova. Often in the body, there is a creeping inflammation.

At the same time observed that many viral infections and especially COVID-19 amplify the effects cytokines and lead to the extension of the generalization of inflammation. “It was proved that adipose tissue serves as a reservoir for some viruses, such as influenza, HIV and cytomegalovirus. Also, according to the latest data, it can be activated and coronavirus,” adds Demidov.


Studies have shown one more feature of coronavirus. As it turned out, he is able to spread rapidly in adipose tissue surrounding internal organs – lungs, liver, kidneys, heart, etc. because Of this, developing severe damage to these vital organs and people with excess weight, excess amount of adipose tissue increases the risk of death from multiple organ failure.

There is evidence that such patients are also unable to stay longer carriers of the virus, require longer hospital stay and isolation, said Tatyana Demidova.


There is evidence and that not less than one-third of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 in China, European countries and the United States, the infection resulted in damage of the pancreas. This was confirmed by elevated enzymes amylase and lipase, and glucose levels in the blood plasma.

– This is a very disturbing circumstance. Since we talking about high risk of developing diabetes type 2 diabetes in people with the original obesity after recovery from infection, says Dr. Demidov.

It is not excluded that after the break the pace of the epidemic COVID, we will see a worldwide surge in the incidence of diabetes, experts say.

So now, when the opportunity walks, sports, seasonal ripe fruits and vegetables rich in fiber, doctors suggest the obese individuals to exert their maximum effort for getting rid of really dangerous extra pounds.

By the WAY

Experts do not exclude that people who are seriously ill with mers may become disabled for life

The disease leaves a dangerous reminder – blood clots (details)


Patients COVID-19 seems to destroy not only coronavirus, but the micro-plastic particles

American scientists believe the Earth has no more places, not infected with the smallest stuff (details)


Switzerland to a real normal – RSI Radiotelevisione svizzera

Switzerland, with the end of the extraordinary situation decided today to start towards a true return to normal, pre-pandemic. Given the encouraging data – still 0 infections and 0 deaths in Ticino and Grisons, 17 infections and 2 deaths at the national level – the federal Council has decided to withdraw nearly all of the measures in force starting from Monday 22 June.

In particular, they will be again possible events up to a maximum of 1’000 people, are revoked closing times for bars and clubs and also in the restaurant there will be no more obligation to eat in the seated position. With regard to the demonstrations and civil society, the maximum limit of people has been completely abolished, but will apply the requirement to wear a mask. Mask that remains “is only” strongly recommended on public transport.

Remain in full force and the distancing of society, even if reduced from 2 meters to 1.5 m, and the hygienic measures increased.

Managing the second wave assigned to the Cantons

In contrast to the first wave, the management of a new increase in cases of coronavirus “falls mainly in the responsibility of the Cantons” was explained by Bern. “The Cantons that they will see a new increase in the number of cases will need to take appropriate measures”, primarily those that have proved to be particularly effective against the spread of the infection. For the management of a possible second wave, the federal Council has conferred to the departments a series of assignments, with the objective, for example, to quickly obtain detailed data or to ensure the supply with medicines and the necessary protective equipment.

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