10,000-guest wedding banned by New York authorities

Authorities have banned a wedding in New York state after learning it could have gathered more than 10,000 guests, in violation of measures to fight the coronavirus, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced on Saturday.

The Rockland County Sheriff’s Office has informed authorities of the huge wedding scheduled for Monday in Williamsburg, in a part of the county where the coronavirus outbreak is not circulating.

“We were told it was going to take place. We investigated and found that may be true. There was a big wedding planned that would have violated the rules on gatherings, ”Andrew Cuomo explained at a press conference.

According to Elizabeth Garvey, an advisor to Mr. Cuomo, “more than 10,000 people are planning to attend” the ceremony.

“Listen, you can get married, but you can’t invite a thousand people to your wedding. You get the same results at the end of the day. And it’s cheaper too! ”Joked the governor.

According to local press, it was an Orthodox Jewish wedding, a community that recently protested in New York against localized restrictions put in place to fight a new wave of the coronavirus.

Coronavirus cases are on the rise again in New York and its suburbs, especially in neighborhoods where Orthodox Jews are plentiful, and some of them accuse authorities of stigma.

Andrew Cuomo last week ordered the shutdown of non-essential businesses until the end of the month and limited attendance at places of worship in those neighborhoods to 10 people. Schools have also closed.

The governor said on Saturday that the measures were already working.

New York was the epicenter of the pandemic in the United States in the spring with more than 23,800 dead in the city, before succeeding in controlling the situation at the cost of severe restrictions.

Cuomo also announced the reopening on October 23 of theaters in areas where virus positivity is less than 2%, with a maximum capacity of 25%, or 50 people per theater.


Coronavirus | United States: a marriage with more than 10,000 guests canceled in New York

The authorities of New York ordered the cancellation of a wedding that could have brought together more than 10,000 people in Brooklyn, in violation of the rules on agglomerations applied due to the coronavirusGovernor Andrew Cuomo announced Saturday.

The Rockland County Sheriff’s Office notified authorities of the huge wedding planned for next Monday in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, outside the areas of this district where there are outbreaks of the virus.

They told us this was happening. We did an investigation and found that it was possibly true. There was a big planned wedding that would have violated the meeting rules, “Cuomo said at a news conference.

According to the local press, it was an important Orthodox Jewish wedding.

Phase four of the plan to reopen New York limit social gatherings to a maximum of 50 people. For religious events within temples the capacity must be limited to 33%.

Cuomo’s advisor Elizabeth Garvey told reporters that “more than 10,000 individuals were planning to attend” the wedding.

“Look, you can get married, but you just can’t invite a thousand people to your wedding. You get the same results at the end of the day. And it’s cheaper, too!” The governor joked.

New York It was the national epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the spring, which has left more than 23,800 dead in the city.

Then he managed to control the situation, but in recent weeks the rate of positive tests has risen in some neighborhoods of the city and the suburbs, especially in areas with a strong Orthodox Jewish population.

Last week, Cuomo decreed the closure of non-essential businesses for this month and limited attendance at religious temples in these neighborhoods to 10 people to try to prevent a second wave of the virus. Schools in these areas also closed their doors.

The governor said on Saturday that the measures applied are already giving good results.

He also announced that cinemas outside of New York City with a positive test rate of less than 2% will be able to reopen as of October 23, at 25% capacity, or a maximum of 50 people per theater.



‘Living space’: In this program, Dr. Elmer Huerta explains a study by British researchers, which indicates that 10% of the patients studied would have long-term sequelae of the disease.


No more business trips and dinners: the new office life of the Wolves of Wall Street

Daniel Alpert attended his first business lunch in October in over six months. An incongruity for this investment banker used to dinners and other banquets, but which reveals the “new life” of the office of brokers and financiers in New York since the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in the spring.

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It was “outside of course,” insists Mr. Alpert, partner at investment bank Westwood Capital.

He has been back to the office since the end of June and often finds himself there alone. Usually about fifteen people work in the premises, located on the famous 5th Avenue in Manhattan, but now everyone works from home.

Productivity has not suffered, however, assures the financier. However, the firm recently had to bring several people back to the office to conclude an important deal. They had lunch in the meeting room.

“In certain circumstances, we need to be able to communicate very quickly,” explains Daniel Alpert, adding that the lunch with the team took place internally because “we felt at ease because we all knew each other well; we all know that we are careful ”.

For the few Wall Street financiers who have turned their backs, office life has taken on a new turn.

Some brokers returned to the famous New York Stock Exchange floor at the end of May, while others were encouraged by their employer to reoccupy the offices towards the end of the summer.

JPMorgan Chase has asked heads of its brokerage and sales divisions still teleworking to return to the office in mid-September, with exceptions for medical or childcare reasons. But only 20% of employees on average travel every day, often on a rotational basis.

At Goldman Sachs, nearly a third of employees have returned.

The streets around major financial institutions, near Grand Central Station or in the Wall Street neighborhood, are no longer teeming with brokers wearing a quilted sleeveless jacket – a popular item among New York financiers.

In one of the trading rooms of the French bank BNP Paribas a few minutes walk from Times Square, calm reigns on this sunny day in October. Sitting in front of their computer or standing, a handful of employees are discussing in the middle of a row; the others are scattered over long lines of offices, all separated by plexiglass partitions.

Markings on the ground recall the distances to be respected, observed an AFP journalist by interposed video – visitors being prohibited in the building. The company faced a few cases of Covid as early as March. She tries to take every precaution.

The bank receives only 10% to 15% of staff on average each day in these premises, and in particular those whose presence is considered necessary. The watchword here is flexibility.

“In the longer term, we are trying to establish a new corporate culture in which working from home will be present,” Kevin Abraszek, from the human resources department, told AFP. “The question remains to know to what extent.”

If brokers continue to converse with their clients by phone, email or through secure internal messaging systems, in this case the specialized terminals of the financial information agency Bloomberg, the primer for trading rooms, travel has almost disappeared. .

The financiers who help companies raise money from the markets, via bond issues, or to carry out mergers or acquisitions of other companies no longer come to court their clients.

“They used to travel a lot to meet clients who only granted them a mandate if they came in person,” says Karl Haeling, himself a financier at LBBW bank.

According to Mr. Haeling, who teleworks, customers have adapted and are no longer reluctant to engage the services of a banker without having met him physically.

New exchanges have developed, explains Karl Haeling. He says he shares a lot more information with his colleagues because telework has forced them to set up two daily meetings in which different types of topics are discussed ranging from markets to politics to the virus.

The financial sector, one of the main economic lungs of the never-sleeping-city, employed 460,000 people directly in New York before the pandemic, according to the organization NYCEDC.


The future of filming | VAT News

Competing with cities like Toronto, New York and Vancouver to attract foreign shoots, Montreal now has a new asset to face the competition: a virtual production set set up by the company MELS.

Designed in collaboration with Solotech and powered by Unreal Engine, a technology from Epic Games, this new state-of-the-art set offers producers a “turnkey” service that allows them to design virtual sets in real time during filming.

“We wanted to create a different offer that would allow Montreal to stand out from other cities with which we compete,” explained Martin Carrier, president of MELS, during a visit to the new studio last month.

Martin Carrier, president of MELS.

Photo QMI Agency, Joël Lemay

Martin Carrier, president of MELS.

“The luck we have is that we already had all the ingredients here to create this new business card. The idea is to make the world of video games, special effects, cinema and television work together. Thanks to this technological shift, Montreal will have a head start on how to shoot. We are even already pioneers at this level in Canada. “

Recently used for series production Star Wars : The Mandalorian, this new filming technique consists of replacing the green screens with large LED panels (designed by Solotech) on which the environment in which the characters evolve appears. So, during our visit to the set, two actors were filming a scene that allowed them to go from a New York apartment to the rooftops of Paris in a fraction of a second.

“Until now, we were shooting on a green background and the set was then added by computer in post-production,” explains Martin Carrier. With this new technique, we integrate visual effects upstream during production. This allows us to better control our shoots, but also to seek better quality.

“It is certain that we count on it to attract big American players and large-scale shoots. But we also want this tool to be accessible to local producers who wish to shoot commercials, short films or television series. “

This virtual production set offers more flexibility and creative freedom to film crews. Director Mathieu Ratté, who helped develop the project, believes that this new way of working is perfectly suited to the filming constraints linked to the pandemic.

Mathieu Ratté, director.

Photo QMI Agency, Joël Lemay

Mathieu Ratté, director.

“With this new way of shooting, you can choose and control the environment in which you work,” he observes. For example, I can have a sunset as a backdrop for a whole day. And if I want to shoot a scene that takes place at the Louvre, I don’t have to cross the Atlantic to do it. I think this is the future of filming. “


World: United States | Meet Stan, the tyrannosaurus rex who destroyed a

The fossil remains of a tyrannosaurus rex that is among the most complete in the world were auctioned for $ 31.8 million in a sale organized by the house of Christie’s in , quadrupling the record for a dinosaur in a similar sale.

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The initial estimate proposed by Christie’s was between six and eight million dollars, and the final valuation showed, once again, the attractiveness of this type of dinosaur.

The auction broke the all-time record, set by Sue, another tyrannosaurus rex sold in October 1997 at Sotheby’s for $ 8.4 million to the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. Only about fifty tyrannosaurs rex have been discovered since the first one, in 1902.

The nine million dollars were reached in less than two minutes, but it took almost 14 in total for the sale to be decided between three collectors, for a final blow to 27.5 million dollars, to which were added fees and commissions additional.

Photograph provided by Christie’s showing Stan, with scientific name BHI 3033, a Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton almost four meters high and another twelve from the head to the last vertebra of the tail, from the Black Hills Geological Research Institute in Dakota del South. (Image: EFE)

The sale was organized in New York, where the auctioneer was located, but with participation at the Hong Kong and London headquarters, where Christie’s specialists took calls from collectors.

It was two potential buyers in London who encouraged the sale, with a collector in New York eventually breaking the $ 20 million and $ 25 million threshold.

Stan, as the four-meter-high and 12-meter-long specimen was christened, weighed seven to eight tons during its life, according to specialists. It lived 67 million years ago, it is estimated, and was discovered in 1987 near Buffalo, South Dakota.

Paleontologists at the Geological Research Institute in Black Hills, South Dakota, spent more than 30,000 hours of work unearthing it and reconstructing its 188-bone skeleton.

Since then, it has been used in molds destined for dozens of museums around the world, eager to acquire a copy of this exceptional specimen that died at age 20, the researchers estimate.

The law authorizes the sale when the specimen has been discovered on private land, as in this case.


At least 18 killed in collision between a train and a bus east of Bangkok



Immigrant in NYC survives kidney transplant and COVID-19 “miraculously”

He was one of the first patients hospitalized for coronavirus in the Big Apple, and today he values ​​the medical care he received being undocumented and without resources

On two occasions the Dominican Miguel Salazar, 45, of the Bronx, he has been on the border between life and death. First, in his country he faced kidney disease that led to a complicated kidney transplant operation. Years later, while he followed the path of his dreams in the Big Apple, was one of the thousands of patients who almost “does not live to tell about it”: he was infected with COVID-19 with the threat of a very delicate pre-existing situation.

I was 21 days in the Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital Bellevue en Manhattan, it was miraculous how I can be fully recovered after I was close to death. My lungs were very affected by the virus, but after one month and 27 days intern, I managed to get out. The doctors did not faint, ”says Miguel excitedly.

He Quisqueyan born in Santiago He was probably one of the first infected that swelled the emergencies and required to be intubated due to acute respiratory complications, when the pandemic began to gain strength in New York early March. At that time, hospitals were starting to be almost a scene of “war” before the increasing number of infected.

“When I felt that I could no longer handle the pain in my body and the fever, I went to Lincoln Hospital in The Bronx. Then from there they referred me to Bellevue, where they saved me. My friends from Santo Domingo transplanted who caught the virus there on the island, all died. They did not count it. It is very difficult to face a transplant and COVID-19 at the same time”Shared the immigrant who today walks the streets feeling healthy.

Miguel Salazar, the Santiago-born Quisqueyano is ready to resume his life. (Photo: F. Martínez)

According to a study by Montefiore Medical Center of New York City which reveals the results of 36 patients with transplanted kidneys who were diagnosed with the new viral disease, between March 16 and April 1, it is highlighted that the total registered very complicated pictures. And a third of them died, reports the New England Journal.

“In fear I shut myself up”

The experience of Venezuelan Luis Marcó, 46 years old and Also a Bronx resident, who fled the South American nation’s growing drug shortage five years ago, is different. Likewise, he contracted COVID-19 in mid-March, but with an aggravation: is HIV positive.

“When I started to feel bad, I immediately sensed that it was the coronavirus and at that moment all this was very new and confusing. The tests were not accessible. I didn’t know what to do and it was already a week with a fever and a discomfort that I felt was killing me. I treat my condition and receive my treatment through a non-profit organization in Queens. In this case, she did not know what to do. I don’t have insurance, ”he said.

Luis decided not to go to any hospital and like thousands of New York immigrants with the symptoms of the new virus, he waited, as he himself describes, “To the grace of God.”

“I locked myself up. I took several boxes of painkillers for those three weeks. I had hot lemonades, home remedies. By having a condition that compromises my defenses, I thought this was the end But it was not like that. It didn’t touch me. I had no respiratory problems, “he said.

The Quisqueyano shares his experience so that immigrants do not fear going to a hospital. (Photo: F. Martínez)

Access to the undocumented

Behind each of his stories, the Dominican Miguel Salazar and Venezuelan Luis Matías They share several interwoven threads. Today they are survivors of coronavirus, face chronic health conditions, are immigrants and Due to their legal status, they do not apply to medical insurance.

“I can attest, based on my experience, that not having papers in this city does not keep you from being treated in a city health center with all considerations and without fear of any kind. I was hospitalized for weeks and treated with a lot of dignity ”, emphasizes Miguel.

Last November, when the pandemic did not even appear in the world, the Dominican by chance saw announcements of the programa ‘NYC Care’ an initiative of Health+Hospitals (H+H), the agency that administers the 11 Public Hospitals of the City. It is a health care access plan for New Yorkers who cannot afford or are not eligible for health insurance. Including the undocumented.

“I must take immunosuppressive medications for life and this program guaranteed me access to them, since last year. And finally somehow saved my life. I know of many people who, due to all the rumors that exist, are terrified of going to be treated. So they are dying ”, he commented.

Since the launch of ‘NYC Care’ in August 2019 in the Bronx and its expansion to Brooklyn and Staten Island in January 2020, nearly 30,000 New Yorkers have signed up and obtained access to medical care.

Stephanie Gutiérrez, H + H spokesperson, details that this plan was expanded throughout the city on September 1, four months ahead of schedule.

“It is the largest and most comprehensive initiative in the country to guarantee medical care, regardless of immigration status or ability to pay,” said the official.

Some 19 community organizations will enroll more beneficiaries in the five boroughs as of September 1. (Photo: Courtesy)

Palanca post COVID-19

He doctor Mitchell Katz, Executive Director of H + H, clarified that the vision of this program is to strengthen primary care.

“With our determination, NYC Care will be a lever to help overcome the historic health disparities brought to light by the pandemic. This will be key during the period of post-COVID-19 recovery ″, razona Katz.

Many immigrants from New York City, such as Venezuelan Luis Matías, are afraid of having interaction with hospitals for fear of thousands of dollars ‘biles’ and also by the new norm of ‘public charge‘approved by the federal government that would affect those who have been beneficiaries of social assistance programs.

“I receive my antiretroviral drugs through a non-profit organization, there are supposed to be no records. I am afraid of receiving another type of help that in the future will complicate the possibility of legalizing me more. It’s a complicated circle, ”Luis thinks.

The authorities of New York City during the pandemic responded several times to the concern of this immigrant, who like thousands, prefer not to have interaction with health centers. In some cases because They assume they will ask for documentation.

In the midst of this public health crisis, which although controlled is far from over, Bitta Mostofi, Commissioner for Migration Affairs of the Mayor’s Office (MOIA) has reiterated and given guarantees that none of the data of the beneficiaries of the social and health plans managed by the local administration, they are shared with no other state or federal agency.

What is NYC Care?

  • It is a health care access program that guarantees low-cost and no-cost services offered by NYC Health + Hospitals to New Yorkers who do not qualify or cannot afford health insurance according to federal guidelines. Those who are eligible for health insurance will be directed to the MetroPlus health plan.

Who apply?

  • You must have been living in New York City for six months or more.
  • You should not qualify for any health insurance plan available in New York State.
  • If you do not qualify for NYC Care or any health insurance plan, you may be eligible for services under the NYC Health + Hospitals Options program.

What are the services?

  • You can choose your own primary care provider.
  • Preventive care like shots, routine exams, and mammograms to stay healthy.
  • Mental health support and substance abuse services.
  • Access to low-cost prescription drugs.
  • Support from a primary care team that includes nurses, medical assistants, social workers, pharmacists, and nutritionists.

How much?

  • There are no membership fees, monthly fees, or premiums. Your cost for health care is based on your family size and income.

More information?

If you require more information in Spanish call 646-6922273 visit the web site: Nyccare.nyc


Found secret room under Grand Central in New York: – Shocking

It was Thursday that a secret room was discovered under New York’s busiest train station, Grand Central. The small room was simply furnished with a TV, a sofa, air mattress, refrigerator and microwave, printer CNN.

According to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), it was easy to find out who the cave belonged to. It must have been designed and used by an electrician, a carpenter and a foreman in the electrical industry.

“Many people dream of a place in central New York, but few are daring enough to build a secret room under Grand Central, and create their own” manhole “, writes Inspector Carolyn Pokorny at MTA in a press release.

(The case continues below the picture)

The fridge and microwave were found in the secret room under the train station. Foto: MTA

The refrigerator room was equipped with turned out to belong to the Metro-North Railroad, and beer and food were found in the refrigerator.

It was last summer that the MTA received an anonymous tip that three men often met and partyed together at the station. When another complaint came in, they chose to take action and discovered the room.

– The complaints we received described shocking and inappropriate behavior that the Railroad Security Department considers completely unacceptable, says RSD’s president Catherine Rinaldi.

It is uncertain when the room was built and how diligently it has been in use. All three employees were suspended with immediate effect.


Student hit by chair gets deformed skull and serious brain injuries – World

A young American student was left with a permanently deformed skull and severe brain damage after being hit by a chair that fell from a building in New York, USA.

Annabel Sen, 24, was on the street and was going to her boyfriend to have lunch together when a solid wooden chaise lounge, fallen from the 12th floor, fell over his head.

According to the New York Post, the young woman from Midtown now wants to be compensated, since, according to her lawyer, there was negligence in the way the chairs were arranged in the penthouse suite of the building where the fall occurred.

Benedict Morelli, Annabel’s lawyer, says that “it was a miracle” that the young woman survived and that her brain injuries were “severe, permanent, serious and traumatic”. The young woman is recovering after having undergone several surgeries.

The sequels are permanent, but Annabel’s family believes she can regain her full mental abilities. He had recently moved to New York with the aim of obtaining a Master’s degree.

“We are all hopeful of her recovery. She fears a lot of injuries and serious damage, but she is not dead,” says the young woman’s lawyer, representing the family.

According to the civil lawsuit presented, on the day of the tragedy there was a lot of wind and rain in the city and the chairs should have been packed, tidy and secured, which will not have happened. The owner of the penthouse, who is also one of the owners of the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils clubs, Michael Rubin, has already come to ensure that the space was rented and discarded any responsibility.


Vladimir Putin was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

Top events

Awards for Putin

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021. The nomination was made by the writer Sergei Komkov. According to Komkov, Putin deserves a prestigious award for providing humanitarian aid to 27 countries during the coronavirus pandemic. Putin was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014 to address the crisis in Syria. Next year, his American counterpart Donald Trump will compete for a significant award with him. This was recommended by Norwegian MEP Christian Tybring-Gjedde for a peace treaty between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

Navalnyj will return to Russia

Russia’s opposition leader Alexei Navalny is successfully recovering from an alleged poisoning attempt and wants to return to his homeland. However, it will still be treated for at least a month. Slovenian film producer Jaka Bizilj, who organized Navalny’s transport from Russia to Germany, told reporters in Berlin yesterday. Navalnyj has been in an unknown place in home treatment since Tuesday and is recovering faster than expected. He reportedly refused offers to stay permanently in Germany or emigrate to Canada.

From markets and stock exchanges

US stocks strengthened

Oceanic stock markets strengthened slightly yesterday. They were mainly driven by interest in technology titles such as Apple, Facebook and Nvidia. The value of Amazon’s online retailer has also increased. The Dow Jones index rose 0.2 percent overall. The broader S&P 500 gained 0.3 percent and the Nasdaq Composite ended trading at 0.37 percent. Markets in Western Europe, on the other hand, were falling. The pan-European STOXX Europe 600 index even reached its lowest value in three months, after falling by 1.02 percent.

Premiere for Palantir

The American software company Palantir Technologies, which specializes in data analysis, is preparing for the stock exchange for the first time since its establishment in 2003. Its shares will be able to be traded from Wednesday, September 30. The Dow Jones Index expects it to be valued at almost $ 22 billion, or approximately 510.3 billion crowns. Shares in the company will start selling from ten dollars apiece. Palantiru is doing extremely well this year. In the third quarter of 2020, it expects its profits to increase by 47 percent to $ 280 million, or 6.5 billion crowns.

Tweet of the day

“Two weeks ago, now one month. Many of you have asked for it. Paternity leave will be extended. “

The French government has approved a twofold extension of paternity leave from 14 to 28 days. The first seven days will be mandatory. Companies that refuse to give their new fathers time off will face a fine. In this respect, France will compare with other European states in this respect after many years. According to critics, however, it will cost French employers 300 million euros, ie an additional 8.1 billion crowns.

It will happen today

  • The case of the financial records of US President Donald Trump will begin at the Federal Court of Appeals in New York. Their release is requested by the New York prosecutor’s office, but the head of the United States is resisting the transfer of documents.
  • The UK government will address the economic implications of coronavirus proliferation.
  • The general debate at the 75th session of the UN General Assembly continues. The leaders of the member states do not speak in person, but send videos, which are broadcast in the New York Chamber. Prime Minister Andrej Babiš will speak for the Czechia as the tenth in a row.


New York Metropolitan Opera cancels 2020-2021 season due to Covid-19 – Culture – Apollo.lv – Entertainment

Performances at the opera could resume in September 2021 at the earliest.

The decision to cancel the season is based on recommendations from health services, the opera said.

The resumption of the trial will be safe once extensive vaccination is in place, crowd immunity is established, and the wearing of masks and social distancing will no longer be a medical requirement.

“Health officials have indicated that it will take five to six months for the vaccines to become available,” the opera said.

The loss of revenue due to the cancellation of the new season, as well as the performances of the last eight weeks of the previous season, amounts to 154 million dollars, said Peter Gelb, the director of the Metropolitan Opera.

The American Music Arts Guild, which represents opera staff, criticized the management’s decision to cancel the season, notifying members in an email that the initial contract negotiations had not been fruitful.

Opera has been operating on a precarious financial footing for several years. Audiences are shrinking, but young viewers are failing to engage. The necessary repairs to the opera house have been expensive.

Precautions will be taken when performances resume. Performances will start earlier, but the volume of some productions will be reduced over time.

The 2021-2022 season will be opened with a production of Terence Blanchard’s opera “Fire Shut Up in My Bones”.