Cairo Governorate plan to confront Corona virus in all departments x 14 points

Cairo Governorate has developed a plan to confront the Corona virus and intensify the spread of awareness of prevention and its symptoms, where Major General Khaled Abdel-Al, the Governor of Cairo, held a meeting that included all the relevant agencies on precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus, during which he affirmed […]

Bernard Pingaud, death at the end of the writing

Writing, he said, is “a lonely, difficult job, which you can never be sure you did well. Basically, I could have written better, I could have gone further. Every writer at the end of his life must ask himself the same question ”. Bernard Pingaud spoke like this in 2009, on the show A book, […]

Lovers’ time lasts a long time

What could be more exciting for a bibliophile than finding traces of an intimate story outside the text between the pages of a book: a personalized bookmark, a dried hellebore, a note scribbled in the moment. One of these blessed is Emmett Leigh, a bookstore in bedroom in London. In the liquidation piles of a […]

Egypt: Vacation in Siwa Oasis is an adventure

Wif he wants to go to an oasis, he has to go through the desert beforehand. It once took a camel caravan the shortest route from Cairo to Siwa 19 days. Today the bus is driving: 800 kilometers in eleven hours. The last 300 kilometers through a sea of ​​sand and stones. Through a landscape […]