Port goods that donate thousands of masks, gloves to health workers – NBC 7 San Diego

There are serious concerns among frontline health professionals on the availability of masks, gloves, clothes and other personal protective equipment equipment (PPE) on offer nationwide, but help is on the way to Sharp Rees-Stealy medical center. If gloves, masks and visors are weapons to fight the war on the coronavirus, a San Diego nurse who […]

2K also withdraws their games from the NVIDIA GeForce Now streaming service

NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW game streaming service has come under pressure lately. Big names like them Activision Blizzard and Bethesda have separated from the streaming service and now added to that list is another game editor, 2K games. Similar to a story we heard at the beginning of last week, Activision Blizzard mentions that they never […]

What to buy in case of quarantine? – Telemundo New York (47)

NEW YORK – The concern on the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19, has dominated the headlines of the news as the outbreak continues to increase worldwide. The confirmed cases in the United States continue to increase and many are already preparing for the possibility of school and business closures, greater restrictions on trip and even […]

The top ten female footballers with whom women want to sleep have been revealed

David Beckham has passed a list of footballers that wives would like to sleep with. The former England captain tops the list compiled by Ticketgum.com with a whopping 21.25% of over 1000 voters. That’s 6% more than Tottenham Hotspur goalkeeper Paulo Gazzaniga who got 15% of the vote. Image Credit: PA Check out the full […]

Should you get travel insurance amid Coronavirus concerns? – NBC Chicago

Many travelers remain in doubt as to whether or not they should travel after fears of the hijacked coronavirus titles. On Tuesday, in the lively O’Hare International terminal, some travelers said they considered canceling their travels, while others said they didn’t think twice. Many of the travelers who went out of town on Tuesday booked […]