After breaking up with Muceniece, Priluchny met with a man

Pasha and a friend cook dinner and breakfast for each other and live heart to heart, not like Agatha.

More recently, actress Agatha Muceniece in a touching poem of her own composition apologized to Pavel Priluchny. The star, even despite her earlier statements about alcoholism and tyranny by her husband, now confesses his love to him, hoping for reconciliation. At the same time, Priluchny himself behaves with dignity in this situation – he publishes videos and photos that show that without his wife he does not suffer and does not suffer. After breaking up with Muceniece, Priluchny met with a man, and with his close friend they cook dinner and breakfast for each other and live in perfect harmony, not like Agatha.

Paul seems absolutely happy now that he can live separately from his wife. He plays sports, sings guitar songs in the evenings and has a great time with his son. One gets the impression that it was Muceniece who prevented him from being happy, it was because of her that he began to drink too much and show aggression. How exactly Agatha could bring an adult male to white heat, however, is not known. However, now, seeing the Priluchny’s idyll in the company of a friend, at least two variants of the development of events are asking. First: the actor’s family and marriage are tired of him, he wants to be free and for a long time he will not bind himself to any serious relationship until the memory of life with Agatha is erased.

Second: Paul will eat with his friend. Who knows, perhaps a failed marriage made Priluchny completely disappointed in women and switch to men. With a friend, he is very sincere and fun, so much so that one can suspect two comrades in a romantic relationship. However, this is only an assumption; the real development of the situation is still unknown to anyone. Fans of Agatha and Paul still believe in their imminent reunion, and the couple can still make peace – at least for the sake of their children.


A picture of naked Alexander Tsekalo appeared on Instagram of his young wife

The new wife of Alexander Tsekalo is a creative nature: 29-Darina Erwin is an artist, and she paints only men. And exclusively without clothes. After the producer married a spectacular brunette, fans wondered: how soon would his “naked” portrait decorate the wall of their matrimonial bedroom? And now, it seems, this day has come. On her Instagram page, Darina posted a photo of naked Alexander. The artist captured the beloved in her creative workshop.

Although the 59-year-old Tsekalo physique is by no means Apollo, he nonetheless boldly poses for his chosen one without clothes. In the photo, the showman is halfway to the camera next to the canvas, on which Darina has already begun to paint a picture. The producer gently touches the wife’s creation, clearly enjoying her talent.

His wife Tsekalo posted his nude picture. Photo: Instagram.

Spouses now live in USA and, like everyone else, they observe self-isolation. Apparently, relaxing in quarantine, Tsekalo began to walk around the house without clothes. The other day, Darina shared a picture on Instagram demonstrating how her naked husband is preparing breakfast. By the way, the artist herself admitted that she is a mediocre cook. But, according to her, her mass of other advantages.

“I’m terribly cooking.” But I completely compensate for this in bed, ”she said once in the social network.

By the way, Darina also prefers to draw her paintings without clothes – she works topless. Apparently, in the Tzekalo house in LosAngeles the spirit of complete freedom and creativity reigns. Producer himself during quarantine in America busy writing scripts.

– I’m self-taught. And she received education in other specialties: acting and law … And I draw only a few years. Therefore, please do not judge me harshly, ”Darina Erwin told her subscribers.

Showman’s fourth wife hails from Of Kazakhstan (her real name Saparova), but she has been living in the States since childhood. Darina has a wealthy stepfather, who paid for her studies and a law degree. However, the girl was always attracted by Hollywood – and she decided to become an actress. Erwin completed acting classes and starred in extras. It was thanks to the movie party that she met Tsekalo.

The producer and his fiance live in the United States.

The producer and his fiance live in the United States.

Alexander and his bride quietly signed in the USA last spring. The wedding took place in Beverly Hills. After Tsekalo married Darin, he practically stopped visiting in Russia. His ex-wife Victoria Galushka and two children live in Moscow. With heirs – 7-year-old Misha and 11-year-old Sasha, the producer communicates only via video link.

After the divorce from Alexander Victoria, I had to abandon the surname Tsekalo and return my maiden name Galushka. They say that the producer himself insisted on this, wishing that only his new wife should bear his name. The showman’s entourage also says that Tsekalo forbade the children to speak about his mother in his presence. Victoria herself with the ex-spouse after the dissolution of the marriage does not communicate.


Are you breakfast in bed or laptop on the sofa? This is the most valued folding tray on Amazon | Showcase

Comfort is one of the maxims that we look for when we spend long moments at home. But it is not always easy, given the circumstances, to find elements that favor our rest. There are all kinds and for many situations such as those that help us achieve a restful sleep (using a memory foam topper), avoiding bad body postures (a change of pillow may be the most appropriate solution) or provide a more subdued atmosphere to the living room (with the help of insulating curtains). But if what we want is to relax on the sofa while enjoying the favorite series or in bed, accompanied by a good breakfast, the alternative that we propose may be very useful: Amazon’s Top-Rated Folding Tray.

The TaoTronics brand article exceeds 100 ratings and is highly rated on the US e-commerce platform: 4.8 out of 5 stars; an item that is in a very affordable price range given its benefits: it is below 45 euros. It is also one of the best-selling products on Amazon in the category of Lap Stands for Laptops and Netbooks, and users who have already purchased it, highlight, in particular, five key aspects: its comfort, versatility, durability, ease of folding and, of course, stability.

“Just what i was looking for. It’s great. The laptop does not slip. It is strong and stable. Color is very beautiful. It is very comfortable to study or eat with it ”, indicates a user. Another of its virtues that also stand out is its usefulness to alleviate muscular or other physical problems: “I use it on the sofa or on the work table and thus I have the computer or documents at eye level and I do not have than bowing my head, thus avoiding much pain “, another buyer comments.

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Relieve back pain with the best selling lumbar cushion on Amazon

Five elevation levels and tilt angles

Its versatility is proven when adapting to the task that we carry out at all times: we can vary the height of the support at our whim through five different levels: from 24 to 32 centimeters. And its surface has several tilt modes to make life easier in the case of sitting, slightly reclined or lying down. “It has a great variety of heights and degrees of inclination, it is difficult not to find a configuration that is comfortable”, comments a buyer.

The materials with which the product is made are mainly two, and are designed to give stability while providing a feeling of lightness. The tray is made of wood fiber and the entire surface is covered with a thin PVC plastic film, protecting it from possible scratches: “I give it a high score because the quality of the wood is very good”, argues a user.

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Multipurpose, stable, compact and foldable design

A mini desk that serves us for breakfast, reading a book, enjoying a family snack or our favorite movies and series alone. If we focus on the small details, we will be able to observe several features that do not go unnoticed: such as its lower bezel with stops to prevent slipping of the mouse or the laptop, as well as its practical and soft palm rest: “Thanks to the rubber it has, the recline the table, the computer does not move “, explains a user. “To read in bed or on the sofa is very comfortable”, another congratulates himself.

Its weight does not reach 2.5 kilograms and, instead, it supports up to 10 kg of weight without problems. With a simple and functional design – its dimensions are 60 x 33 x 5.5 cm – it equips anti-slip feet, and it will become an indispensable product not only when it comes to teleworking but in our leisure time. Without forgetting that, being foldable, it will greatly facilitate its storage: “It is a very comfortable and easy to handle table”, claims a buyer. Also, remember that if you prefer it in another color, you can also buy it at a lower price.

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First meal of the day: “Breakfast like an emperor” – or would you prefer asceticism in the morning?

“Breakfast like an emperor, lunch like a king and dinner like a beggar.” Who does not remember this advice from previous generations. Most of the time they gave it to get the muffle at the table down, at least a few bites. But does your tip also make nutritional sense? Current studies show: Yes, he does. However, it should not be interpreted as a free ticket for an uninhibited English breakfast. Perhaps it is better to do it like an Italian: in Tuscany there are a few dry cantuccini in the morning – if you have breakfast at all – and local fruit such as oranges, melons and bananas in the Antilles. In Japan too, low-fat and low-calorie foods such as fish, algae and soy are on the menu in the morning.

That all sounds pretty healthy, at least in comparison to the typical German breakfast made from sausage and cheese sandwiches, maybe even spread from chocolate cream or jam.


New South Park restaurant to donate profits to help children – NBC 7 San Diego

There is a new one
restaurant in San Diego that aims to do more than just serve great food, but
to help even needy children.

The founder of the famous restaurants Buona Forchetta is opening a new restaurant in South Park called Matteo. The owner Matteo Cattaneo has opened his latest restaurant with the mission of donating all his profits to charitable causes in order to help schools and students in underprivileged areas.

Got the
idea to open Matteo after making a previous donation to the artistic program of
McKinley primary school.

“I remember this parent who came and said ‘thank you
for what you are doing for my children. ‘This is what got me started thinking
what can I do, and how can I do it, and I know how to make restaurants ”, Cattaneo
She said.

Since then, Cattaneo has donated nearly $ 19,000 to McKinley to purchase audio equipment for his theatrical arts program.

“We are all in this together,” he said. “We all
I hope for a better future. If you want a better future, we have to start from

Right now,
Matteo serves breakfast and lunch, but Cattaneo hopes to expand the menu to
include dinner services in summer. The restaurant recently held a soft opening,
but the official inauguration is scheduled for March 7.