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Big disappointment with “Big Performance”: Nobody suspected him behind the mask

Updated on September 20, 2020, 9:19 a.m.

Big disappointment with “Big Performance”: The artist behind the “Elton John” mask had to air it. Elton, Chris Tall or Martin Klempnow were suspected to be among them – but the result was someone completely different: an RTL presenter.

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Who exactly again? Wolfram Kons’ Quality as a presenter and journalist in honor, but his face did not exactly provide the big aha moment when it was unveiled on “Big Performance” on RTL.

Rather made up Stunned at the panel wide, behind the glittering facade of the entertaining and pretty realistic performing “Elton John“more like comedians Martin Klempnow, Elton or Chris Tall suspected. He has traveled widely and his trips are well documented, they said “Elton John’s” notices In the interview, he had set records (RTL donation marathon) and a gong as a symbol for his beginnings at the radio station was still standing around.

That he at Quasi-tap dance quite well with a straw hat and walking stick and the mask was as realistic as usual (according to panel member Guido Maria Kretschmer “scary”), but did not help the entertainer: As soon as he arrived at the show, he had to shed his skin – and the stage was still left to the “legends”:

  • “Jennifer Lopez” (where you could still puzzle: Is it Beatrice Egli? Mandy Capristo? Sandy Mölling? Michelle or Jeannette Biedermann?)
  • “Adele Adkins” (anything from Maite and Patricia Kelly to Helene Fischer)
  • “Tom Jones”, the “incarnate platinum record” (Daniel Hartwich) – here the panel suspects a cast of actors from Moritz Bleibtreu to Uwe Ochsenknecht to Heiner Lauterbach

“Big Performance”: Grumbling demons in mask-like costumes

The mask team also had “Elton John” done a great job and Cons’ himself skilfully used a walking stick and piano keys for “I’m Still Standing” and “Your Song”. To the performance of the powerfully voiced, emotionallyAdele“and” Tom Jones “as well as the total glitter package” J.Lo “did not match the star imitation.

Besonders Jennifer Lopez’ Hits “Jenny From The Block” und “Get On The Floor” wurden zu urgently needed heaters sometimes in a somewhat sterile show mood.

Light-footed across the stage with a walking stick: Wolfram Kons.

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How are you supposed to freak out as a “star” when the Facial expressions stuck with kilos of silicone and the speaking voice is distorted? “No,” said about it Daniel Hartwich, turned to the audience. “You don’t have a grumbling demon on your television”. Or if you have to be recommended by the vocal and performance coach with a Darth Vader mask to “just relax”? The big performances in “Big Performance” are therefore above all one thing, and of course they are completely justified: masked.

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