Police identify perpetrators after knife attack in Glasgow

NAfter the knife attack in a hotel in Glasgow, Scotland, the police identified the perpetrator. The police said it was a 28-year-old man from Sudan. The man injured six people in the Friday attack and was shot by police officers. The authorities did not expect a terrorist attack.

The perpetrator, who himself lived in the hotel used as accommodation for asylum seekers, apparently had psychological problems. The British news channel Sky News reported on Sunday, citing a friend of the Sudanese. The acquaintance said that he suffered from the conditions of the accommodation. The family of the killed attacker was “shocked” by the events and wished the injured a quick recovery.

The police in Scotland announced that they would further investigate the exact circumstances of the incident. As is common in the UK, police use of firearms is also to be independently verified. Speculations are not appropriate until the investigation is completed, the statement said.

There are said to have been warnings of the perpetrator before the knife attack. This was reported, among others, by the British news channel Sky News and the “Guardian” on Saturday, citing unnamed sources. According to information from other residents of the hotel, a social worker turned to the employees there on Thursday. The BBC also reported that the perpetrator had announced the attack.

The incident happened at the Park Inn Hotel in the city center. Among the injured were three other residents of the hotel, two employees and a police officer. All are still being treated in the hospital, but in a stable condition, the police said on Saturday.

Another incident on Sunday in Glasgow, the police said was unrelated to the attack. The media had reported again about a knife attack. But it was a targeted attack, said the Scottish police via Twitter. There was no danger to the public.


Motif search after knife attack in Glasgow

NOh, the knife attack in a Hotel in Glasgow, Scotland with six injured, the search for the motive of the offender, the focus is on now. The investigation continued, but police said on Twitter. “It must now be necessarily carried out investigations to the whole circumstances of evidence, and any speculation must be avoided.” On Friday, a man in the Park Inn Hotel in the city centre, had injured six people and was subsequently killed by police. The authorities were the object of a terrorist attack.

The “Daily Mail” and “Telegraph” had reported that it should be the offender is an asylum from the Sudan search. He had already threatened previously, refugees, violence, and complained of great Hunger in the Hotel. The police had no further information to the suspect and his nationality.

The injured are 17 to 53 years of age. They all came to the hospital, including a police officer. The condition of the 42-Year-old is, according to official data is stable. In the Hotel were accommodated during the Corona-pandemic asylum-seekers.


Corona virus live: UN climate conference in Glasgow is postponed

UN organizations are demanding the release of refugees and migrants

In the face of the coronavirus pandemic, four UN organizations have jointly called for the release of all refugees and migrants who would be held in closed facilities or guarded camps. The situation for these people, who are often held in cramped and unsanitary conditions, is particularly worrying, a statement released on Tuesday evening by the UN refugee agency, the International Organization for Migration, the UN Office for Human Rights and the World Health Organization. “With regard to the fatal consequences that a Covid 19 outbreak could have, they should be released without delay.” Above all, children, their families, and those detained without adequate legal bases should be released immediately.

It is vital that everyone, including all refugees and migrants, have equal access to health care and is included in the national responses to the coronavirus, “including prevention, testing and treatment”. “Inclusion will not only protect the rights of refugees and migrants but also health systems and curb the global spread of Covid-19,” the release said.


At war with boredom: a cannibal, a metro and undesirable musicians

With blood on the walls

An FBI agent has been putting away cars since he was seriously injured by a cannibal psychopath returns to duty to track down a serial killer who murders families during full moon nights. Does history mean anything to you? Normal, it’s that of Red Dragon, first novel by Thomas Harris and first part of the famous Hannibal Lecter tetralogy. Does the film mean anything to you? Normal, the Sixth Sense ((Manhunter for the OV) was a huge commercial failure when it was released in 1986 and has not experienced a real renaissance since, despite its haunted characters, its incredible night scenes bathed in metallic blues and the presence behind the camera of Michael Mann, who made this stuffy thriller an impressive display of style. L.J.B.

With our best regrets

If you have to listen in a loop I’m New Here, the final album of Gil Scott-Heron, published in 2010 and reworked this year by jazz drummer Makaya McCraven in an exercise in breathtaking musical metempsychosis, we can not help but encourage you too repeat the splendid clip that English artist Chris Cunningham had made at the time on the title New York Is Killing Me. The junkie poet, ravaged by dope, suffering from AIDS, fresh out of jail, utters his broken glass voice an incantation for a return to the southern fold that will not take place – “Yeah I need to go home and take it slow in Jackson, Tennessee” – while the electric beat of a metro train with lightning effects on the inhuman city scrolls through the image, through the last window of the last wagon when you watch the rails disappear behind you in a frantic night crossing without return in rear: he died a year later. D.P.

With headphones and / or on drugs

Frankly, who has time to listen to a seven hour mix? Dixit ourselves, just a week ago, at the mention of these myriads of thematic mixes and other endless playlists that have swarmed on the networks since technology has made the broadband of everything and anything possible. At the end of just three days of confinement, we are less clever and we taste every minute or almost of this mix recorded by Laurent “Lolo” Garnier at the Tokyo Contact club in November, listened to on his Soundcloud to help us all keep going until tomorrow (after, we’ll see). On the program, a lot of ambient and electronic listening music rather laidback from Detroit, Paris or Glasgow, from Africa, the industrial and the handclaps by the thousands – in short, generous and inspired Lolo, ideal for keeping the child clogged or anxious, from early morning until end of the dark night backlit. O.L.

Marseille, October 3, 2017. Portrait of Laurent Garnier, French DJ.
ORDER N ° 2017-1351

Laurent Garnier, in October 2017. Photo Olivier Monge. MYOP for Liberation

With Pina and without moving

The slightly dusty dance floor, the poorly spread lipstick, the costumes not quite adjusted, the pumps of another era, and all these schoolyard bickering that became cruel and intertwined social games between men and women. so beautiful to choreograph… The crazy charm of Kontakthof, that Pina Bausch created in 1978, is just a click away on YouTube. An incongruity for the relentless who have been queuing for forty-two years in front of the Théâtre de la Ville de Paris in the hope of one day seeing this masterpiece. An incredible pleasure for all the others, discovering the inventiveness shown by the choreographer in the field of amorous sadism, this way of dissecting all the motives of the old-fashioned ballroom to make a great masquerade of the upset lovers. See also on YouTube: versions of Kontakthof for ladies and gentlemen over 65, and for teenagers over 14. È.B.

Mildas Films

With royalties

Music platform Bandcamp, the focal point of the independent scene across the globe, has announced that it will pay artists its share of sales revenue this Friday from midnight to midnight (Pacific time). A gesture more than welcome at a time when many independent artists, including a number of your favorites certainly (ours is the young doe belly), already extremely precarious in normal times, are very seriously undermined by the pandemic and the containment measures making concerts and tours impossible. M.K.

Lille, January 8, 2020. Luca Photo Aimée Thirion for Liberation

Didier Péron


Olivier Lamm


Marie Klock


Lelo Jimmy Batista

The Sixth Sense of Michael Mann visible on www.lacinetek.com.

New York is Killing Me of Gil Scott-Heron clip of Chris Cunningham visible on YouTube.

LG @ Contact Tokyo of Laurent Garnier available at soundcloud.com/ laurent-garnier.

Kontakthof of Pina Bausch visible on https://youtu.be/pA2WGonbkA8

III of Doe belly, available (like many others) on bandcamp.com.


FIVE new cases of deadly bugs in Scotland, including two in Sehtland as total hits 23

The total number of patients tested positive for coronavirus in Scotland has risen to 23.

The Scottish government said five new patients across the country were confirmed yesterday.

    Students in Glasgow's West End wear masks during the virus outbreak


Students in Glasgow’s West End wear masks during the virus outbreakCredit: Alamy Live News

And it comes as 2,078 people have been tested.

Nicola Sturgeon said last week that the country should expect “rapid increase” cases.

Almost 2,000 people have been tested for the virus since it hit Scotland last week.

It comes after a Tayside patient who had been traveling to Italy was the first to test positively on his return home last Sunday.

Sturgeon said this week that 250,000 Scots could be hospitalized with the deadly insect.

And he urged the country to prepare for a “significant hotbed”.

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Three more cases confirmed in Scotland with a total increase to six

The first death in the UK from coronavirus has been confirmed – after the number of positive cases in Scotland has risen to six earlier today.

The Scottish government confirmed that the northern total of the border had doubled overnight.

    Coronavirus information at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee


Coronavirus information at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee

And health officials said all three new patients are known case contacts.

Nicola Sturgeon said the country should expect “rapid increase” cases.

It comes after a Tayside patient who had been traveling to Italy tested positive on returning home on Sunday.

Sturgeon said this week that 250,000 Scots could be hospitalized with the deadly insect.

And he urged the country to prepare for a “significant hotbed”.

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Pole vault: Duplantis, so young and already so high

[Mise à jour : Duplantis a franchi les 6,18 m le samedi 15 février à Glasgow]

Renaud Lavillenie is no longer a record holder in the world of pole vault. The French athletics star, who had the best world performance of all time since February 2014, when he jumped 6.16 m in Donetsk under the eyes of former record holder Sergei Bubka, passes his hand to the star rising specialty: Armand Duplantis, 20 years old. The latter, although born and raised in the United States (in Lafayette, Louisiana), competes under the colors of Sweden, his mother’s country. Duplantis, nicknamed “Mondo” in the narrow circle of athletics, passed the 6.18m mark in Glasgow on Saturday. He had already crossed the 6.17 m barrier at the indoor meeting in Torun, Poland, a week earlier. The performance of the young man with “normal” physique – 68 kilos for 1.81 m – is not really a surprise. Tuesday, in a meeting in Germany, he attacked the Lavillenie record and failed by nothing.

In the garden of the house

Armand Duplantis presents the typical CV of the prodigy of his discipline, to which he was initiated by his father and coach since his earliest childhood. He indeed started to panic the counters of the specialty at 10 years old. The son of Greg Duplantis and Helena Hedlund, a former volleyball player and heptathlete, and now her fitness trainer, began his jumping career in the garden of the family home. At 10, he crossed 3.86m, the world record for this age category. Passionate about the specialty are beginning to scrutinize the gestures of the child acrobat on YouTube. The father himself is a former American pole vaulter, capable of jumping 5.80m from the top of his 1.68m. It is perhaps thanks to the size of his father that the son drew his greatest strength: technique. When you don’t have a Superman physique, you have to bet everything on it, essential on the acrobatic part and speed. Qualities probably worked to nausea by Greg Duplantis and his son.

Duplantis displays perfect mastery of the different parts of which a pole vault consists. For the average viewer, this very complex exercise may seem easy and almost natural: but it is the mark of the virtuoso to give this impression. From this point of view, Duplantis has a lot in common with Renaud Lavillenie, his young idol, with whom he shared a few jumping sessions and long discussions about their sport.

Provider, athlete, tightrope walker

Just watch his jumps, for example at the European Championships in Berlin in August 2018, where at just 18 years old (still a junior then), he won one of the most distinguished contests in the history of this championship. At an Olympic stadium in Berlin, during an interminable summer evening, Duplantis had to pull from his hat of conjurer-athlete-tightrope walker a jump to 6.05 m, while the final seemed to end at 5.95 m. This measurement represented at the time his personal best and also the junior world record. Second place was for the young Russian Timur Morgunov (6.00 m), meteor of the discipline, while the bronze medal went to an always combative Renaud Lavillenie at the beautiful altitude of 5.95 m, which in most old editions would have given right to the highest step of the podium.

At the world championships in Doha, at the beginning of October 2019, Duplantis wins “only” the money behind another ace in the discipline, the American Sam Kendricks, in a competition not frankly high-flying: 5.97 m for Kendricks and Duplantis , the American winning the number of tries at 5.92 m. In Qatar, the Swede had appeared a bit sprained, perhaps because of the string of meetings which had made up his season. Saturday in Torun, on the second attempt at 6.17 m, Duplantis agreed with all of their opponents: he is now the boss of the discipline.

Luca Endrizzi