CEC threatens Russian woman to vote in Israel with criminal case

The Russian woman, who managed to vote three times on amendments to the Constitution, will have “long contacts with the Investigative Committee” upon her return to Russia, court decisions will follow, Interfax reports the words of the deputy chairman of the Central Election Commission (CEC) Nikolai Bulaev. He saw in her actions signs of a criminal offense, as her minor daughter also received a ballot for voting. “As a result, we have, if everything is documented, a four-fold vote of a group of persons in a preliminary conspiracy,” said Bulaev.

The deputy chairman of the CEC clarified that this is an article 142 of the Criminal Code, its provisions establish a penalty for falsifying signatures, ballots or election documents. The part that prescribes the punishment for a group of persons provides for a fine of up to 300,000 rubles. or up to three years in prison.

The day before, a resident of Israel, Yael Ilyinsky, showed on Facebook photos of ballots received at the embassy in Tel Aviv and at the consulate in Haifa, as well as a screenshot of the electronic newsletter. “Neither one nor the other is asking if you are registered by electronic voting, and they are not checking it in any way,” she said. Ilyinsky clarified in a conversation with MBH Media that she voted on three ballots. Her daughter, who was not yet 18 years old, managed to vote in Haifa, in Tel Aviv her age was checked.

If no one checks the system for errors, “we will never get a transparent voting system and fair elections in general,” Ilinsky told Open Media after the CEC announced criminal penalties. She added that after the announcement of the vote, she began to receive threats from the embassy: “They threaten sanctions, they urgently demand to speak Hebrew.”

Statements of repeated voting, if they are made to improve the electoral system, are “probably not bad,” said presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov. At the same time, he clarified that the decision on whether to apply the punishment prescribed by law is not made by the Kremlin, “and we would not want to intervene in this.” Peskov assured that the CEC will take measures, make adjustments and improve work. Signals of imperfections “in no way can influence the general background of legitimacy,” he noted.


British drug 70% decreased the growth of aggressive tumors

Bertoneri in combination with chemotherapy affects the DNA of cancer cells, not allowing her to recover.

Photo: depositphotos.com

Specialists from the Institute of cancer research UK are looking for new ways to fight cancer. British scientists have focused on the ability of cancer cells to restore DNA. In the course of studies has identified the ATR protein, which is responsible for the repair of cells, which were exposed to the drug personaltab. Scientists did not expect so much positive effect, because the British drug in combination with chemotherapy 70% decreased the growth of aggressive tumors. Experts believe that made a breakthrough in the treatment of severe forms of cancer, because patients with such diagnoses have experienced a new drug.

The success of the operation personeria is that chemotherapy also affects the DNA of tumors makes them more sensitive to the ingredients of the new drug. To date, the side effects of the drug are mild and do not go to any comparison with the benefit from personaltime. Scientists are going to continue to create tools that act on the DNA of cancer tumors.

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“The messenger” enters the market of large household appliances

“The messenger” began to sell and deliver appliances, told “Vedomosti” a company representative. Previously, the retailer specialized in mobile devices and services to subscribers of Telecom operators, but about a year ago and started selling home appliances in the test mode. All this time the category was available in a limited range, now shipping any equipment will be available for Moscow and the Moscow region, said the representative of the company.

The expansion of new product categories was part of a strategy of “Coherent”, continues representative of the retailer: the delivery of orders to the customer’s door will allow “Them” to become a full player in the Russian market of large home appliances and electronics.


experts explain why obesity “helps” coronavirus

– Has long been known that overweight people have lowered immunity, says head of the Department of endocrinology of the medical faculty Russian national research medical University. N. And. Pirogov Tatiana Demidova. Research and practice show that in these patients increases the risk of atherosclerosis sharply increases the risk of heart attacks, strokes and heart failure. Increased risk of endocrinological, oncological diseases, joint diseases, psychological disorders.

Epidemic COVID has added another item to the list of high threats to people who are overweight. It turned out that when infected with coronavirus patients with obesity more often require hospitalization, fall into the ICU, on the ventilator (artificial lung ventilation). Alas, is growing and the risk of death.

– If the original messages from China on the most severe cases COVID it was mainly about the older people with severe chronic diseases, according to the latest data from Europe and USA the risk group includes people with obesity – says Tatiana Demidova.


In what diseases most often develop complications due to coronavirus

90% of patients admitted with severe COVID-19 US hospitals, were the following comorbidities:

– hypertension — 49.7%,and

– obesity or 48.3%,

– chronic lung disease — 34,6%,

– diabetes type 2 diabetes was 28.3%,

– cardiovascular disease — 27,8%.

Thus, obesity is second among the States in which CouId be severe.


Visceral adipose tissue, that is, one that is in the abdomen, is, in fact, highly individual body, experts explain. This body affects the immune, endocrine system and metabolism in the body as a whole.

– People who are overweight fat cells are much larger. So, is synthesized in much more of various hormones and inflammatory cells. Among them, including interleukin-6, interleukin-1, tumor necrosis factor, and others, – says Tatiana Demidova. Often in the body, there is a creeping inflammation.

At the same time observed that many viral infections and especially COVID-19 amplify the effects cytokines and lead to the extension of the generalization of inflammation. “It was proved that adipose tissue serves as a reservoir for some viruses, such as influenza, HIV and cytomegalovirus. Also, according to the latest data, it can be activated and coronavirus,” adds Demidov.


Studies have shown one more feature of coronavirus. As it turned out, he is able to spread rapidly in adipose tissue surrounding internal organs – lungs, liver, kidneys, heart, etc. because Of this, developing severe damage to these vital organs and people with excess weight, excess amount of adipose tissue increases the risk of death from multiple organ failure.

There is evidence that such patients are also unable to stay longer carriers of the virus, require longer hospital stay and isolation, said Tatyana Demidova.


There is evidence and that not less than one-third of patients hospitalized with COVID-19 in China, European countries and the United States, the infection resulted in damage of the pancreas. This was confirmed by elevated enzymes amylase and lipase, and glucose levels in the blood plasma.

– This is a very disturbing circumstance. Since we talking about high risk of developing diabetes type 2 diabetes in people with the original obesity after recovery from infection, says Dr. Demidov.

It is not excluded that after the break the pace of the epidemic COVID, we will see a worldwide surge in the incidence of diabetes, experts say.

So now, when the opportunity walks, sports, seasonal ripe fruits and vegetables rich in fiber, doctors suggest the obese individuals to exert their maximum effort for getting rid of really dangerous extra pounds.

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The owners of “Children of the world” sold for a night 16% of the company 11 billion rubles

The owners of the “Children’s world” – AFK “System” Vladimir Yevtushenkov and the Russian-Chinese investment Fund (RCIF) – sold on the stock exchange of approximately 118 million shares, or about 16% of the company “Detsky Mir”, the message reads “the System” and RCIF.

Sellers bailed out of 10.95 billion rubles., including Sistema – RUB 8.9 bln Money will go including on repayment of debts “Systems”. On April 30, the total debt of the Corporation of 37.7 billion rubles, including loans and bonds.

The sale price of one action “Children’s world” was 93 RUB, this implies a discount of 3.9% to the price at the close of trading on the Moscow stock exchange on 16 June. In November 2019 AFK “System” together with Rkif also sold the shares of “Children’s world” (23,7%) – 91 RUB per 1 PC. Then the share of ownership of AFK “System” in the “Children’s world” for the first time fell below 50%.

Discount 3.9% – one of the most historically low for Russian companies in such transactions, especially for small and mid-cap, said the representative of “the System”. According to him, the demand far exceeded the supply, 63% came from foreign investors, 37% – in Russian.

The demand exceeded the supply by 5 times, said CEO of the Russian direct investment Fund General Director RCIF Kirill Dmitriev: “Placement shares “Children’s world” was the first successful placement of Russian securities this year <...> We see tremendous interest and opportunities for Russian companies going public and raising capital from leading international investors despite the global impact of the pandemic.”

Considerable interest in the stock reflects the investment attractiveness of the “Children’s world”, said the President of “Sistema” Vladimir Chirkov.

Global co-sponsors and bookrunners for the transaction were Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs, Sberbank CIB and “VTB capital”, a bookrunner is Alfa – Bank.

After the transaction, the shares of “Children’s world” in the free float will amount to approximately 75%, whereas the combined share of ownership of “the System” and RCIF – 25% plus 1 share (maximum of 20.4 and 4.6%, respectively). To do this, AFK “Sistema” was 33,4%, the RCIF is 7.6%, the rest is in free float.


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Vadim Naftali, head of industrial automation and Metrology of the it Department and head office management of the program “Technological breakthrough”, JSC “MMC “Norilsk Nickel”


Co-owner of the manufacturer of mayonnaise “Ryaba” is investing in innovation in food

Co-owner of Nizhny Novgorod oil and fat company (nmgk, the manufacturer of mayonnaise “Ryaba” and margarine “hostess”) Ivan Sidorak and its partners has created a venture capital Fund Aintrigud. It will invest in new technologies in food production, told “Vedomosti” of Sidorak. The Fund is registered in Cyprus in June 2019, from the data of the Cypriot registry.

Sidorko, he said, owns 50% of the share capital Aintrigud, the rest of the partners, their names he did not disclose. 25% – the Cypriot Ph&re Holdings, its beneficiary – the President of a pharmaceutical company “Nanolek” Vladimir Khristenko. Khristenko confirmed that “statements” and specified the amount of their investments – $1.25 million Khristenko, son of the former Minister of industry and trade Viktor Khristenko, who is married to Deputy Prime Minister Tatiana Golikova.


In 2020, all IT segments will collapse. In addition to cloud services

, Text: Vladimir Bahur

According to the results of 2020, Gartner analysts forecast a serious reduction in global IT spending. At the same time, the coronavirus pandemic, which brought down the entire industry, caused the rise of the cloud services sector due to the massive transition to удал udalenka ’.

The world will not be the same

According to the results of 2020, the global economic recession caused by the coronavirus pandemic will cause a drop in global IT spending to $ 3.4 trillion, which is 8% less than in 2019, such data was voiced by analysts at Gartner, Inc. in his updated forecast for the development of the global IT industry.

For comparison: at the beginning of January, even before the global spread of COVID-19, Gartner predicted an increase of 3.4% to $ 3.9 trillion by the end of 2020. The new forecast throws the global IT industry virtually to the level of 2016, according to which global IT spending amounted to $ 3.414 trillion.

Almost all of the key segments of the IT industry globally will show a recession – with the exception of the public cloud services sector and its associated segments, which Gartner directly associates with the mass transfer of employees to remote work mode.

According to analysts, the current economic situation is forcing IT managers to switch to a strategy of redistributing costs in favor of technologies and services critical for the survival of the company, instead of the previous benchmarks for transformation and growth.

“CIOs have moved to optimizing unforeseen expenses, which means minimizing investments and setting a priority for operations to support the functioning of the business, this will be the main priority for most companies in 2020,” he said John David Lovelock (John-David Lovelock), vice president of research, Gartner.

Ups and downs

According to an updated May forecast by Gartner, the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic will affect almost all IT sectors. However, most of all – by 15.5%, the segment of devices will be reduced. The second largest reduction – by 9.7%, will be the segment of solutions for data centers. For comparison: in January, for these segments, according to the results of 2020, growth was predicted by 0.8% and 1.9%, respectively.

Consequences of COVID-19 will affect all IT segments except clouds

In January, before the start of the coronavirus pandemic, Gartner predicted maximum growth in the corporate software segment – up to 10.5% in 2020. Now, a reduction of 6.9% is expected for this sector. Communication and IT services segments are also expected to decline, although moderate growth was projected here before the start of COVID-19 exposure.

Updated forecast for the development of the global IT industry

IT industry 2019, $ billion % year to year, 2019 2020, $ billion (new May forecast) % year-on-year, 2020 (new May forecast) 2020, $ billion (old January forecast) % year-on-year, 2020 (old January forecast)
Data centers $ 211.63 0.7% $ 191.12 -9.7% $ 208.00 1.9%
Enterprise software $ 458.13 8.8% $ 426.26 -6.9% $ 503.00 10.5%
Devices $ 698.09 -2.2% $ 589.88 -15.5% $ 688.00 0.8%
IT services $ 1,031.58 3.8% $ 952.46 -7.7% $ 1,081.00 5.0%
Communication services $ 1357,43 -1.6% $ 1296.63 -4.5% $ 1364.00 1.5%
IT industry total $ 3,756.86 1,0% $ 3,456.34 -8.0% $ 3,865.00 3.4%

Source: Gartner (May 2020)

The only IT sector on a global scale that will show growth – with an impressive 19% – will be the public cloud services sector and its associated sub-segments. So, for the segment of cloud-based video conferencing and cloud telephony – messaging, Gartner forecast an annual increase of 24.3% and 8.9%, respectively.

Life after a pandemic

“The industry recovery process will also not follow the old patterns, because the forces that caused this recession, as the medical, social and commercial restrictions are lifted, will create shocks both on the supply side and on the demand side,” said John-David Lovelock.

Gartner considers the scenario in which the development of a number of long-term cloud-based transformational projects to be suspended during 2020 to be quite acceptable. Nevertheless, already in 2022, the costs of cloud projects can reach the level that was previously forecasted for 2023-2024.

“The recovery of the industry in 2020 will be slow, and industries such as the entertainment industry, air transport and heavy industry will suffer the most. It will take more than three years to return to the 2019 IT spending levels. Most companies will need to change their minds to recover. There will not be a simple return to the past, a reboot will be required to move forward, ”said John-David Lovelock.



Bill Skarsgård will play the role of criminal Clark Olofsson

Actor Bill Skarsgård, who played the role of a creepy clown in the horror film “It”, got the role of the Swedish criminal Clark Olofsson in the new six-episode series from Netflix

Skarsgård starred in Clark, Olofsson’s autobiography, in which a convicted drug dealer and bank robber reflected on his criminal acts. It was Olofsson who laid the foundations for the term Stockholm Syndrome, in which hostages are often attached to their captors.

As Skarsgård himself explained, Clark Olofsson is, at the same time, fortunately and unfortunately, one of the most colorful people in Sweden. According to the actor, the film crew will be able to tell this story at a pace and madness that television has not seen before.

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