I do not see, like Christiane Singer, in what “evil contains something divine”

I started, for ease, to go to your sidebar ” What you must remember “ and I read the extract from Christiane Singer’s book: “Even evil contains something divine. … by recognizing, in order to combat it, the part of divine which is in it. “ I understand that, in your article, you were quoting these sentences but from there to make one ” What you must remember “ strikes me as a shame!

For my part, I don’t see how “Evil contains something divine” : and this statement by Christiane Singer is so “huge” that it would seem good and necessary to take advantage of the Church people you interviewed to ask them how they understand this sentence. This would have helped “ordinary Christians” like me to understand!

I keep the sentence of Jesus in the Gospel of April 23: “He who refuses to believe the son … the wrath of God remains on him. “ It is well written ” anger “ and not revenge or punishment… (like a father and a mother can be angry with their child, without necessarily punishing him). Also read the chapter “The spiritual fight” in Michel Rondet sj’s book: Let yourself be guided by the spirit.

Olivier Castanié


Putin instructed to transfer the provision of certain banking services to the remote mode

The Russian government, together with the Central Bank (CB), should develop and approve a plan to accelerate the introduction of online technologies in the financial sector, which will allow banks to provide a number of services remotely. The corresponding order was given by Vladimir Putin following the meeting held on April 23. It was devoted to plans for the implementation of measures to support the economy in terms of bank lending.

In addition, the president instructed:

  • to the government – consider changing the criteria that organizations must meet in order to receive state support due to coronavirus (in particular, this is a criterion such as revenue reduction);
  • to improve the procedure for determining the types of activities actually carried out by organizations applying for state support;
  • increase the limit of the VEB.RF state corporation on guarantees for loans granted to organizations for urgent needs;
  • to increase the maximum loan amount issued to system-forming organizations for working capital replenishment (provide a report on these items by May 20, responsible is Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin);
  • make a decision on postponement of the annual meetings of bank shareholders with a participation share of the Russian Federation to the third quarter of 2020 (the deadline is June 1, the responsible is Mikhail Mishustin);
  • the government, together with the Central Bank, to allow banks, when determining the tax base for income tax, to recognize income in the form of interest accrued on restructured loans in the reporting period in which these interests were paid;
  • to develop and approve an action plan for the accelerated introduction of online technologies in the financial sector so that banks can remotely provide services related to the conclusion of loan agreements, mortgages, as well as customer identification using state information systems (deadline is June 1, responsible – Michael Mishustin, head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina);
  • to develop measures to maintain stable dynamics of lending to the population and organizations after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic (report – until June 1, responsible – Elvira Nabiullina, Mikhail Mishustin).

The head of Sberbank German Gref said earlier that the credit holidays introduced due to the coronavirus will cost Russian banks 160 billion rubles. The Central Bank chairman said that by May Russian banks restructured loans of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to 343 billion rubles. According to a survey conducted by Kommersant, the largest banks provide most of the borrowers who apply to them with credit vacations or their own restructuring programs. Moreover, many citizens, having received the approval of the bank, are in no hurry to use the benefits.

Details are in the material “Kommersant” “Just in case, borrowed case”.


“I believed that I did not see it in my childhood” – The unique GAZ-3111 Volga was remembered on the network

Some consider the design of this car disgusting, some – original.

GAZ-3111 “Volga” – This is a Russian middle class passenger car, which was produced by the Gorky Automobile Plant in experimental mode. The car was developed from 1996 to 1998, and presented it at the Moscow Motor Show in 1998.

In total, about 500 copies of the GAZ-3111 Volga were produced. The car got on the conveyor in 1998 and left it in 2002. The design of the unusual “Volga” causes a lot of controversy and to this day – it is so original and original.

On the eve of the network remembered this unique car. “I believed that I did not see it in childhood,” wrote one user with a reference to the design of the model.

Under the hood GAZ-3111 “Volga” housed one of three engines: ZMZ-406.20, ZMZ 405.20 or GAZ-560. A pair of motors was a 5-speed manual fully synchronized gearbox.

The overall length of the GAZ-3111 Volga was 4,920 mm, the width was 1,850 mm, the height was 1,450 mm, and the wheelbase was 2,820 mm. It is noteworthy that the sedan’s clearance was 155 mm.

Julianna Koshechkina


Shnivy story is revealed with a log instead of a wheel

A photo of this Chevrolet Niva appeared on the network 4 years ago, and only today was the secret of its origin revealed.

So, it was November 24, 2015. The owner of the Shniva, having not reached a few kilometers to the destination, broke the fourth or fifth swingarm. Moreover, this has already happened before – it took 10 minutes to replace him, and he served for several days while driving in the city.

This time, the driver of the Chevrolet Niva in the middle of the night drove into a deep puddle – there was another 10 km of off-road to the asphalt. Water fell into the first and fourth cylinders, and the hot engine, once immersed in ice water, once again “caught the wedge”. With the help of a winch, the motorist tried to “disrupt the piston”, but the clay was too slippery, after which it was decided to call for reinforcements from the city.

At first, Mitsubishi Pajero tried to pull the Shniva out of the ambush, but it didn’t work. Next came the turn of the Mitsubishi L200 pickup. Having pulled the “Shniva” onto the track, the driver felt something was amiss – the bearing went into the wedge and seemed to “halve” the axis with a welding torch. It was not possible to quickly stick a stick, but I did not want to wait until a new one was brought up, so the driver decided to act.

Instead of the rear left wheel, craftsmen installed a birch log in the Chevrolet Niva. Interestingly, the car owner managed to get home in this way. During the trip, a legendary photo was taken, which at one time caused a lot of questions among network users. Such a story – one less secret.


Italy could reopen some nurseries and kindergartens

Small groups of 3 to 6 children aged 0 to 6, controlled temperature at the entrance … According to the daily Corriere della Sera, the Italian Ministry of Education is studying the possibility of reopening nurseries and kindergartens before summer. In such a configuration, children would not wear masks but the teaching staff would be forced to do so.

As the closure of schools until September becomes very detrimental, especially for working women, Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has regularly stressed the potential for contagion that children may have and the risk of seeing the pandemic resume and of infect the teachers. It should be noted that Italy has the oldest faculty in the OECD countries, with almost 60% of the teachers being over the age of 50.

8.5 million young people without school

More than 8.5 million young Italians have been out of school since the country’s containment began on March 10. And, due to the lack of computers at home, many were unable to follow school programs remotely. Is this observation that prompted Patrizio Bianchi, the head of the committee responsible for preparing the start of the September school year, said in the daily La Repubblica, that the teaching should be ” revolutionized “?

According to him, three billion euros will have to be invested each year, and this for five years, to restructure an education system out of breath and develop distance education. Patrizio Bianchi advocates the establishment of “ a large digital platform entirely dedicated to school education. It will be the basis of a new teaching style

Rethinking the education system and methods

The manager also intends to develop the school outdoors, capitalizing on the specific advantages of the various regions of the peninsula: “ Trentino (North) will have to take advantage of its woods, Milan of its museums, Rome of its parks “, He suggested …

As for the arrangement of the classes, it will also have to be redesigned, with far fewer children, a semicircle arrangement and no longer in rows … while the teaching profession calls for a necessary ” revaluation


What does the Chernobyl tehnika look like on the territory of a radioactive dump today?

The network published exclusive pictures.

AT exclusion zone everything remains – at home, cars, motorcycles, buses. The network showed how the equipment looks on the territory radioactive landfill these days. The author of the photos is Maxim Mayorov.

Seems to be, looters already dragged everything that is possible. In the landfill, cars, buses, tractors, trucks and fire engines, covered from head to toe with rust, stand and roll.

Among them, you can consider old ZILs, and LAZ-695, and even a tank. Looking at all this, I want to cry – how mercilessly time is.

In the comments below the photo heated debate whether radiation remained in the metal that the looters carried out of the exclusion zone. Some are sure that today we drive radioactive cars, because radiation does not disappear when the metal is remelted. Others write that quite a few years have passed since then, and that everything is safe.

Recall that the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant occurred April 26, 1986. The reactor of the fourth power unit was destroyed, and a large amount of radioactive substances was thrown into the environment.


Alexander Emelyanenko “leaked” information about doping in Pride FC

Taktarov is ready to provide evidence on all the “steroid” stars of the Japanese promotion.

During online communication with subscribers, Oleg Nikolayevich was stunned by an unexpected statement. According to the former fighter and film actor, the champions of the famous fighting organization almost completely sat on anabolic steroids. Taktarov did not directly indicate the sources, but it is possible that Alexander Emelyanenko could “merge” information on doping in Pride FC.
The reasons for this act are obvious – the protracted hostility provokes the brothers to mutual slander, which transcends all borders. At one time, Alexander got into the promotion with the patronage of Fedor and, for sure, he knows the organization’s internal cuisine.
Wanting to hurt her older brother – Pride 3-time triumphant – more painfully, Sanya is trying to prove that his next of kin is a puffy champion and his victories were obtained thanks to the forbidden “chemistry”.
To avert his eyes, Alexander had previously started a fake squabble with Taktarov, allegedly “fitting in” with the family of the Nurmagomedovs, Dagestanis and the Caucasus. Also, Emelianenko-ml firmly “ran over” Shlemenko, and then admitted that he was joking.

Fedor’s non-prodigal brother, in the guise of a scandal, leaked incriminating evidence to Oleg Nikolayevich, who is somewhat jealous of the “Last Emperor” about who left a more vivid mark on Russian MMA.
Taktarov compared the information received with the confessions of other fighters of the Japanese promotion about the massive fascination with steroids, which allowed him to be prohibitively categorical in the charges.
It is not known whether the former Hollywood actor will venture to publish scandalous information, but this will finally clarify why Fyodor Emelianenko appeared in the same UFC, where tight doping control is practiced.


we must mention the difficulties of some parents

Thanks for your article on the thorny subject of home schooling (The cross April 2). Certainly the situations are very diverse or even unequal, nevertheless it seems to me that the difficulties of parents must be mentioned. Without being unstructured or not warned about school content, and full of good will, they face the refusal, at least partially, of their child who is not yet sufficiently independent at school (our oldest child is in CP) to comply with the constraints of home school in the strict form of the requested exercises.

If the usual educational principles allow to get out of this kind of conflicts, it is different in the current context or confinement in an apartment, without “real” social life and without outside activities, does not offer to both the usual sources of healing and adaptation, and where it seems vital to limit the subjects of crisis.

When in addition the master or mistress is absent subscribers when we tell him about our difficulties and ask him for support or even some help, we feel very helpless. Maintaining a pleasant and joyful family climate in an anxiety-provoking context seems to us a priority to the strict achievement of the instructions sent, we distance ourselves from them, by offering other constructive activities and responding to the learning required while hoping that our child will not be stigmatized on the return for not having done every day with accuracy all the work required…

Claire S.


Alonso: “I spent a few days a little chubby, with discomfort and fever”

The Asturian pilot of Fernando Alonso, double Formula 1 world champion, feels “renewed energy” to face his next sports projects. Alonso yesterday had a meeting through Instagram with the ex-cyclist and technical director of the Vuelta a España, Kiko García, in which he revealed that he has spent a few days “a little chubby, with discomfort and something with fever. But now I am fine” .

The talk between Kiko and Alonso took place on the Instagram profile “La Bicicleta Café Castellón” and in it he said that, despite not being clear about his future, he still “wants to be active” and “in the short term”, if he can , “get the idea clear”. Alonso recalled his time on the Dakar, “a very beautiful experience”. He considered it “a challenge” and “a somewhat risky adventure”, and acknowledged that “it is very stressful to find yourself every ten seconds with a new adventure” because it is not known what the desert dunes may bring.

The double world champion stated that karting is his preferred form of motor sport. “It is like your first love” and “it is very marked for you,” he assured. Regarding the automobile season, he stated that he sees it “very much in the air” due to the coronavirus pandemic. “It is a very difficult situation for everyone,” he stressed. “The important thing now is health. It is time to prioritize health and then come out strengthened and united. It is also the time for this to teach us things,” he added.