The counsel of the county behind drives the transport selection around … – Oxford Mail

A wider transport selection should be encouraged to reduce the isolation of some rural people in Oxfordshire, the county council agreed. More options for people to move around must be backed up by residents, including community bus services and potentially new taxi operators, the counselors said. A move initially presented by the conservative cabinet member […]

Aston Martin showed a photo of Hypercar in Valkyrie series

The machine will be launched in a limited edition of 150 copies, which are already sold at 100%. The Aston Martin company unveiled new photos of the pre-production version of the new Hypercar de Valkyrie of 1,000. About this Autocar report. The first road public road tests will begin in December and the official start […]

Scientists: the flu vaccine makes people more vulnerable to ARVI

Hong Kong scientists report that the flu vaccine makes people more vulnerable to ARVI. However, it is not recommended to neglect the vaccines.The researchers conducted an experiment with volunteers, which were divided into two groups. In the first they were those who effectively did the influenza vaccine, and the second was injected with the usual […]

Syrian Cycling Success for East Yorkshire – The Press, York

A CYCLING scheme for 40 Syrian refugees in East Yorkshire has won a national award.   The 40 were given training in cycling skills and road safety by East Riding of Yorkshire council's road safety team with support from Humberside Police and the Refugee Council.   The scheme's aim was to help them navigate road safety under […]

The smartphone Flagship Galaxy S10 will be presented in February

Samsung will present the new smartphone model Galaxy S10 next month in the international exhibition Mobile World Congress 2019. The new product will be released in three versions, occupying three price niches. The basic version of the gadget will receive a flat screen.The South Korean manufacturer often chooses events that take place in Barcelona, ​​experts […]

The Neanderthals “rewarded” the human being with the HPV virus

Researchers recently asked who the papilloma virus has proven? And after a while the answer was found. The culprits of this disease were Neanderthals. The course of the investigation in its pages described the publication of the PLOS pathogens. It is reported that, to find the truth, the researchers did a lot of work. Of […]

Controverted film wins the grand prize

At the DOK Leipzig film festival, the controversial Lord of the Toys film won the main prize in the German competition. The film by director Pablo Ben Yakov on a group of Dresdner Youtubers who repeatedly expressed himself in his anti-Semitic, racist and sexist channel, was honored on Saturday night by the jury one of […]

Doctors are signing 236 notes per day in Oxfordshire – Oxford Mail

The DOCTORS in Oxfordshire sign 236 apt grades, on average, every day according to the latest SNS figures. Doctors working at the NHS Oxfordshire CCG issued a total of 86,318 notes between July 2017 and June this year. But the rules must be modified to allow other health workers to sign sick people, reducing the […]

DOOR POINTS: The latest hygiene inspections from Oxfordshire – Oxford Mail

These are the latest inspections of Hygiene toiletries in the Oxfordshire councils. What do the numbers mean? The valuation of 0 means that an urgent improvement is necessary. The rating of 1 means that important improvements are needed. The rating of 2 means that improvements are needed. The rating of 3 means that the business […]

In the United States, they will treat depression with hallucinogens.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the Department of Health of the United States has assigned the status of "advanced therapy" to the use of hallucinogenic fungi, psilocybin, for the treatment of depression of the active substance. This means that now this psychedelic can be used legally for future research into the treatment of […]