“We may have a drug against Covid-19” – Wel.nl

There is an American top scientist who claims to have found a drug against the coronavirus. His research team is working on a drug that builds on five antibodies that also helped against SARS at the time. “We have further developed them in our laboratory and they now also appear to block and stop the […]

Risk increases sharply from middle age – Wel.nl

The chance that you will become seriously ill or die of the coronavirus increases sharply from middle age. This is evident from the first major study of Chinese corona patients. The research points also that the mortality rate is probably lower than expected. According to trade journal, 1.38 percent of all confirmed corona patients die […]

You are especially at risk of being infected by your family – Wel.nl

The risk of corona infection is now greater within the family than on the street, the World Health Organization (WHO) warns. In many countries, including the Netherlands, there are measures that minimize the risk of contamination outside. You hardly ever come out and then keep your distance from strangers. In a way, the transfer from […]

“A meter and a half away is not enough” – Wel.nl

We have to keep a meter and a half away, but that is according to a new study by the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) actually too little. The researchers have discovered that the droplets released when we cough or sneeze are spread much further than one and a half meters. The virus droplets […]

The link between rabbits, Prozac and the female orgasm – Wel.nl

Why does the female orgasm exist? It is of no use biologically. It is fun, but nature is not about fun. Nature chooses functions that are useful for reproduction, not for the promotion of happiness. It is a mystery that science has long occupied. There now seems to be a possible answer found thanks to […]

especially man, elderly fat man – Wel.nl

Anyone can succumb to corona contamination. A few days ago, a 16-year-old Paris girl died average the victims are men, they are old and often too fat. How is that possible? Why does the virus hit one harder than the other? When it turned out in Wuhan that men were more often the fatalities than […]

The Staying Inside Guide: Discovering Classical Architecture

The confinement makes us more aware of architecture, if only of that small fragment of space in which we find ourselves written. But as long as we have the Internet we can be, like Hamlet, “king of infinite space” and contemplate all architecture as we please. Perhaps it’s a good time to reconsider the most […]

Israeli Democrats Problem – WSJ

Bernie Sanders would be the first Jewish president. He would also be the most hostile president in Israel. Two major events this week are focusing on this curious dynamic. The first is that the Senator from Vermont heads to the Super Tuesday primaries that lead to the richest states of delegates. The second is the […]

Munich: woman confronts Lamborghini drivers – she embarrasses herself

Munich: woman confronts Lamborghini drivers – and embarrasses herself completely on 02.03.2020 at 07:48 a.m. A Lamborghini on Maximilianstrasse, the luxury mile in Munich. (Icon) Photo: imago images / Joko Munich. Mad story Munich, We would all have loved to see the face of the Lamborghini driver involved. But what had happened? The story that […]