Cosmetic business Kim Kardashian was estimated at $ 1 billion :: Business :: RBC

Coty pledged to redeem 20% in the model-owned business for $ 200 million. As a result, Kim’s fortune may exceed the capital of her younger sister Kylie Jenner

Kim Kardashian

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The company Coty, which owns the brands Max Factor, Wella, Bourjois, Chloé, etc., has entered into an agreement with actress and model Kim Kardashian to acquire a stake in the cosmetics business KKW (Kim Kardashian West) Holdings that belongs to it. Under the terms of the deal, Coty will redeem 20% in KKW for $ 200 million, the deal said.

Thus, the total value of Kardashian’s business is $ 1 billion, the Financial Times notes, according to which Coty received the right to acquire a controlling stake in KKW in the future.

“Kim is truly a cult figure for the whole modern world. She is a visionary, entrepreneur, mother, philanthropist, and in addition, thanks to social networks, she has an unsurpassed ability to connect with people around the world. Its influence, combined with the experience of Coty, will enable us to fully realize the potential of its brands, ”commented Peter Harf, the head of Coty.

Lipstick and pencils, mascara, eye shadow, creams, powder, etc. are sold under the KKW Beauty brand, perfumes are sold under the KKW Fragrance brand. The volume of sales of goods under the KKW brands was not disclosed in the transaction message.

In 2019, Coty acquired 51% in Kylie Cosmetics, owned by Kim Kardashian’s younger sister Kylie Jenner. After that, Forbes magazine named 21-year-old Jenner the youngest billionaire in history, who managed not to inherit his fortune, but to earn capital on his own. Based on an estimate of 51% of Kylie Cosmetics at $ 590 million, the total cost of Kylie Cosmetics was more than $ 1.1 billion. In real time, the magazine estimates Jenner’s fortune at $ 900 million.


Russian Su-27 intercepted two American aircraft over the Black Sea :: Society :: RBC

Russian fighter Su-27

(Photo: Marina Lysceva / TASS)

The Russian Su-27 air defense fighter of the Southern Military District intercepted two American aircraft over the neutral waters of the Black Sea. This was reported to RBC at the National Center for Defense Management.

On June 29, a Poseidon patrol aircraft and an RC-135 strategic reconnaissance aircraft were discovered over the Black Sea. To escort two American aircraft, the Su-27 flew into the air. Russian fighters escorted the American Poseidon and reconnaissance aircraft throughout the flight. American planes did not violate the Russian border.

“Flights of Russian aircraft were carried out in strict accordance with the International Rules for the Use of Airspace over Neutral Waters, without violating the borders of other states,” the statement said.

USA and Norway raise fighter jets to escort Russian Tu-142

TU-142 airplane and F-22 fighter

The last time the Poseidon and RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft, as well as the KS-135 refueling aircraft flew near Russian borders on June 26. Then they were escorted by Su-30 fighters of the naval aviation of the Black Sea Fleet. The Department of Defense later posted a video of the interception on YouTube.


Russian Railways withdrew the order of the head of the Ryazan branch to vote :: Politics :: RBC

Russian Railways called the order “take measures to vote” a personal initiative of a top manager. Earlier, Golos announced the order of the head of the Ryazan branch of the Moscow Railway to mobilize employees for an all-Russian vote

Photo: Sofya Sandurskaya / AGN “Moscow”

Russian Railways responded to observers about an attempt to mobilize employees of the Ryazan branch of the Moscow Railway in order to convince them to vote on constitutional amendments.

“There is an agreement between Russian Railways and the Central Election Commission, according to which the company informs voters on the way about the upcoming voting,” the company’s press service told RBC. Under this agreement, Russian Railways broadcasts information messages provided by the CEC, and the company also informs employees about voting options through corporate media, emphasized in Russian Railways.

“With regard to this particular telegram, it is the initiative of the regional leader. The telegram has now been recalled. The necessary explanatory work was carried out with the manager, ”the representative of the railway company said.

How is the vote on amendments to the Constitution. the main thing

Photo: Dmitry Lovetsky / AP

Earlier, the Golos movement announced the order of the head of the Ryazan branch of the Moscow Railway to mobilize employees for an all-Russian vote. The document is entitled as an operational order, dated June 26 and signed by Sergei Dmitrov, head of the Ryazan region of the Moscow Railway. It says that “the results of the first day of the all-Russian vote on amendments to the Constitution showed unsatisfactory explanatory work with employees of structural divisions” of the regional branch of the company.


Dietrich: international rail service will open in 2020

The head of the Ministry of Transport, Eugene Dietrich, said that international rail services will open this year. According to him, the issue of resuming communications with Finland is currently being discussed.

“This year,” Mr. Dietrich answered the question of when the international railway service will open (quote from TASS). “We must clearly understand that we comply with safety standards within the country, that this does not entail any negative consequences, that people travel and do it safely, and then release them abroad. ”

On May 25, the head of the Ministry of Transport sent a letter with proposals to Finland. The country’s authorities should study it and give “some kind of creative suggestion,” Mr. Dietrich said.

On June 26, Mr. Dietrich expressed hope that international air traffic would be resumed in July. Recall that in Russia the borders remain closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On the support of transport in an epidemic – in the article “Kommersant” “Transport will receive support.”