Combating corona outbreaks: Medical officers see little use of the warning app

Many politicians praise the Corona warning app as a great success – German medical officers, on the other hand, see little benefit. As long as data is not automatically forwarded to the health authorities, the app is not of great help.

The medical officers in Germany estimate the use of the corona warning app in the national pandemic fight to be very low. Since the data of the app is not automatically forwarded to the health authorities, the application in its current form is not of great help in quickly fighting corona outbreaks, said the chairwoman of the Federal Association of Doctors in the Public Health Service, Ute Teichert, the newspapers the Funke media group.

Data protection over pandemic protection

The app plays “almost no role” in the daily work of the health authorities, said Teichert. It is extremely rare for an app user to report to the authorities about a warning. Politicians have decided to “put data protection above pandemic protection,” said the public health doctor. You have to accept this.

According to Teichert, it would be helpful if the app had a function with which users could at least voluntarily allow warnings to be passed on directly to the health department. This would mean that the responsible authorities would be informed much faster about cases of infection and could quickly take measures to contain a corona outbreak, she said.

18 million users in Germany

At the moment, however, it is up to the app users whether they report to the health authorities after a registered contact with an infected person. Whether they actually do it cannot be verified.

In view of the rising number of corona infections, the federal government appealed to German citizens on Wednesday to make greater use of the corona warning app. 100 days after the start, more than 18 million users have downloaded the app on their smartphone, it said.

Spahn and Braun: a “great success”

The responsible minister, Jens Spahn, admitted that only about half of the users with a positive corona test would actually report the result via their smartphone. Nevertheless: Chancellery chief Helge Braun and Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (both CDU) praised the application, which is intended to warn users when they come into contact with someone infected with corona, as a great success. With 18 million downloads, the application was downloaded as much as in all other EU countries combined.

The app communicates with other smartphones via Bluetooth. If a user tests positive for the coronavirus, the application issues an alarm to those users who have come so close to the infected person for a certain time that they could have become infected. After an alarm, users should contact the health department and do a test themselves. Use of the app is voluntary.

With information from Kai Küstner, ARD capital studio

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IPO of the mobile home manufacturer: Knaus Tabbert relies on the camping boom

Today the caravan and mobile home manufacturer Knaus Tabbert goes public. The timing seems well chosen, because camping has long been a trend topic – and not just since Corona. Families in particular appreciate the flexibility with the motorhome. The issue price is likely to be rather disappointing for the company.

By Thomas Spinnler,

The domestic camping industry is one of the beneficiaries of the Corona crisis – experts agree on that. After all, the pandemic ruined vacation plans for millions of people, trips abroad were only possible under difficult conditions, and global tourism was in a tailspin.

Imminent quarantine, mask requirements, distance rules on the beaches, a queasy feeling when flying: So why wander into the distance when the good is so close? In the motorhome you are largely your own boss, travelers can limit contacts to the bare minimum and they are completely flexible in their choice of destinations. You stay where you like and don’t get stuck in an interchangeable holiday bunker somewhere in the south.

Special boom thanks to Corona

“Camping has been a growth industry for years,” explains Wolfgang Donie, tourism expert at NordLB, in an interview with Because of Corona, there is currently a special economy. “A lot of people are trying out camping this year who otherwise wouldn’t have tried it. For some, it will be a once in a lifetime experience, others will stick with it and generate additional growth,” says Donie. “The positive trend should therefore continue in the coming year, especially since Corona, according to everything we know today, will not have disappeared.”

Corona has given the industry an extra boost, says the managing director of the caravanning association CIVD, Daniel Onggowinarso: “Caravanning is one of the safest forms of vacation in these times because you travel with a recreational vehicle individually and only with people in your own household and with your own Sleep, living, cooking and sanitary facilities are largely self-sufficient. “

Record number of registrations

This is also shown by the latest registration figures for motorhomes published by the association: in August they rose by 63.7 percent for motorhomes compared to the previous year. 7,542 vehicles were registered. In July, according to the CIVD, there was even a total increase of 85.6 percent for leisure vehicles. “The caravanning industry is heading for a record year,” announced the association.

According to calculations by the German Economic Institute for Tourism (dwif), last year the industry in Germany had a turnover of 14.8 billion euros, 17.6 percent more than in 2016. “Camping has long ceased to be a hobby for retirees, but is also interesting for families and active vacationers because it offers a high degree of flexibility and closeness to nature, “says Donie.

Trendthema Camping

The motorhome manufacturer Knaus Tabbert is focusing on exactly this trend: “The time for the IPO is well chosen against the background of the booming economy. Camping is a topic that many investors are currently concerned with,” is the assessment of the NordLB expert.

Knaus Tabbert also wants to convince investors with a growth story: In 2019, the group generated sales of 780.4 million euros. The Ebitda reached 64.3 million euros. According to the company, sales grew by an average of almost 15 percent per year from 2017 to 2019. The operating result increased by an average of around nine percent. “We have been producing at our capacity limit in recent years, and all signs point to further growth,” says Knaus-Tabbert boss Wolfgang Speck.

Cutbacks in the IPO

To the stock exchange, however, the plans seem too ambitious. In the absence of demand, the RV manufacturer had to abandon its original plan to place a total of 4.945 million shares. Now a maximum of four million shares are to be sold, Knaus Tabbert announced on Tuesday. The total proceeds will shrink from the hoped-for 366 million to a maximum of 232 million euros.

Most of the shares offered come from the holdings of the Dutch private equity company HTP Investments. The owners Wim de Pundert and Klaas Meertens hold around 97 percent of the company. HTP had saved the caravan manufacturer eleven years ago from bankruptcy and now wants to collect part of the harvest for the commitment, so to speak.

At the same time, shares from a capital increase will be offered, which should bring in around 20 million euros. Only these proceeds will be available to the company for investment. They are to be used to expand production.

The issue price was set at 58 euros and thus at the lower end of the range (58 to 74 euros), as the company announced on Wednesday morning.

Knaus Tabbert treads on the spot when it goes public

The shares of the newcomer Knaus Tabbert started trading at exactly the issue price and continue to lose ground over the course of the day. The owners had already reduced the number of papers offered for sale.


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Refugees on Lesbos: Just no Moria 2

Around 10,000 refugees have now arrived in the new camp on Lesbos. But the essentials are still missing: water, food, beds. Auxiliary workers are working at full speed – to prevent a second Moria.

By Thomas Bormann, ARD-Studio Istanbul

Everyday life is back on the island of Lesbos. The road north of the island’s capital Mytilini belongs to the cars again. Until last Friday, thousands of refugees had to sleep in the open air here. In the meantime, however, they are all quartered in the new, temporary tent camp.

Soldiers, construction workers and members of aid organizations set up a tent city for 10,000 people in record time. Help came from all over Europe. The technical relief organization from Germany, for example, sent 1,400 camp beds. But there are no beds in the tent of Omid Alizadah and his family:

“No, there are no beds. Only sheets and blankets. So many sleep on the bare floor. There are only tents here – the tents have no floor, no boards or anything – and no beds either.”

Much in the warehouse is still provisional

Omid Alizadeh reports from the camp via cell phone. He comes from Afghanistan, like most of the refugees on Lesbos. Much of the new camp is still very provisional, he says, the food supply is poor; There are still not enough washing facilities; Water pipes have not yet been laid. Then he adds:

“But I don’t just want to complain now, because the camp was set up extremely quickly. We were promised: Everything should be ready next week. The authorities, the aid organizations here are working really hard on it. So: We are counting on the promises and that this camp will really be better than Moria. ”

Not all of them are as understanding as Omid Alizadeh from Afghanistan. Most refugees just want to get away from the island. At the same time, the local population of Lesbos is strictly against the camp, which is still being expanded.

Refugee Agency appeals

Philippe Leclerc from the United Nations Refugee Agency appeals during his visit to Lesbos:

“We ask everyone: the refugees, the communities in the neighborhood, the authorities: be patient and efficient.”

An appeal to everyone to stay calm, but to lend a hand – in order to make life in the camp bearable for the refugees.

Arsonists all in custody

Migration Minister Mitarakis emphasizes that the six alleged arsonists of Moria are now all in custody – young men who had lived in the camp themselves. They will serve their sentence and then expelled, the minister said. His message: Those who become criminals cannot count on mercy. However, the minister promises the around 10,000 refugees in the new camp that their asylum procedures will now be completed quickly – within a few months.

Meanwhile, around 250 refugees have tested positive for the corona virus. They will be isolated in a separate area of ​​the new camp. The other refugees are now allowed to leave the camp during the day to run errands or for a walk, says Omid, and adds:

“It is still too early to say: This camp is bad. We will see very soon whether you keep your promises and this camp gets better.”

And it won’t be a Moria 2. 14 days after the fire in Moria, it seems that the situation on the island of Lesbos has eased somewhat.

Tagesschau reported on this topic on September 23, 2020 at 9:00 a.m.


The leader of the “Time Machine” Andrei Makarevich revealed the size of his pension :: Society :: RBC

Andrey Makarevich

(Photo: Dmitry Korobeinikov / TASS)

Musician and leader of the Mashina Vremeni group, Andrei Makarevich, said that with all the additional payments, his pension was 26 thousand rubles. About this he himself stated the newspaper “Look”.

“Now I don’t remember exactly the figure, but, in my opinion, I get 26 thousand. This is with all additional payments, ”said Makarevich.

He also added that he receives a “rather large” pension, unlike other people, since in addition to the title of People’s Artist, he is a labor veteran.

According to Makarevich, there are no non-working pensioners in his social circle and among his peers. “That is, all my friends are practically my age and should be retired, but they are not there, because they are simply not interested,” the musician said.

Pension Fund denied reports about the threat of suspension of pension payments

Photo: Vladislav Shatilo / RBC


According to Covid-19: immunity card – ethics council advises against

Not at this point in time: The Ethics Council rejects a Covid-19 immunity card. However, when it comes to looking to the future, the 24-person committee is divided.

By Birgit Schmeitzner, ARD capital studio

The Ethics Council has justified its position on Covid-19 immunity cards on around 50 pages. Whether they are sensible, ethically justifiable, fair and safe to implement. Result: At this point in time, the members of the advisory board unanimously advise against such certificates.

You justify it like this: It cannot be reliably proven that and for how long a recovered person is immune. The addition: “at the present time” is decisive. Because it is to be expected that the medical situation will change and at some point it will be possible to prove that someone is immune and cannot infect others. In this case, at least some of the council members would give up his rejection.

A “yes and no” as a future scenario

Looking to the future, twelve of the 24 members of the ethics council would consider immunity certificates to be useful under certain conditions. However, not all-inclusive, but in stages, limited in time and only for certain areas. For example, so that professional groups can work that get together a lot with other people. The experts argue “in case of doubt in favor of individual freedom”; they believe that people must be given the opportunity to exercise their basic rights without restriction. That could also help to mitigate negative economic consequences.

All of this is connected with many requirements: A simple entry in the vaccination book is not enough, the certificate must be forgery-proof. And: An immunity card should not release you from the obligation to wear an everyday mask in local public transport.

Warning of over-the-counter corona tests

The other part of the committee, however, says: No, the practical, ethical and legal concerns about an immunity card are simply too great. Such certificates would bring the rights of a few to the fore and put the general public at risk. Another concern is that badge holders may become negligent in dealing with the epidemic in general and become bad role models for those who are not immune.

So when it comes to looking to the future, the ethics council members are divided. However, they have formulated joint recommendations for the current situation: They think that more needs to be clarified about how careless behavior in the corona epidemic affects oneself and others. They call for more research, more information about the power of antibody tests. And: stricter regulation of over-the-counter tests that are supposed to prove immunity. The council members’ judgment of such tests is harsh: they are of “dubious reliability” and this results in a potential hazard.

Tagesschau24 reported on this topic on September 22, 2020 at 11:00 a.m.


Pompeo on Iran Sanctions: A Warning to the Europeans

The US is sticking with it: UN sanctions against Iran that were once suspended are back in force. Foreign Minister Pompeo warned that European countries like Germany would also have to adhere to it. The US sanctions would also be tightened.

By Antje Passenheim, ARD-Studio Washington

It is a warning that should be heard around the world, said US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: “No matter who you are, if you violate the arms embargo against Iran, you risk sanctions.” US President Trump had previously signed an order to this effect in Washington. It is a new instrument to enforce the arms embargo against Iran, said Pompeo.

Now the Iranian Ministry of Defense is in focus. Other institutions and people connected with the Tehran’s nuclear, weapons and missile programs are also affected. The punitive measures would also be imposed on Venezuela’s head of state Nicolás Maduro. “Corrupt government officials in Tehran have worked with the illegal government in Venezuela for more than two years to undermine the UN arms embargo,” said the US Secretary of State.

Single-handed sanctions

This arms embargo expires in October under the nuclear treaty with Iran. The US had tried in vain to extend the sanctions imposed by the UN Security Council. Because they didn’t get away with it, they are now pulling through the new sanctions single-handedly.

Washington is referring to a mechanism in the nuclear treaty with Iran. The Trump administration unilaterally terminated this international agreement in 2018. Great Britain, France and Germany are also involved in it.

Appeal to Europeans

Pompeo made a targeted appeal to the Europeans: “We have made it very clear that every member state of the United Nations has an obligation to enforce the sanctions. This includes Great Britain, France and Germany. We expect these countries to enforce the sanctions.”

But the parties to the nuclear deal reject it. They fear that the agreement with Tehran would then have failed completely and that they would no longer have any control over the nuclear program. The so-called E3 – Germany, France and Great Britain – together with the majority in the Security Council have rejected the US initiative as illegal. It remains unclear which sanctions the US government is now threatening with.

Deutschlandfunk reported on this topic on September 21, 2020 at 11:31 p.m.


Concern about the spread of corona: Dax loses more than 400 points

Most recently, the stock exchange largely ignored the corona numbers despite high increases in Europe, now the pandemic is coming back with force. There is also no good news from the banking sector. The ominous mix ensures prices fall significantly.

The German benchmark index is still very deep in the afternoon and gives over 400 points or 3.3 percent. The index still lives up to its seasonal pattern, as September is considered the weakest month on the stock market.

Further course information on Dax

All 30 DAX shares are in the red, the losses go across all industries. The engine manufacturer MTU Aero and the Bauwert HeidelbergCement were hit particularly hard, while stock exchange operator Deutsche Börse only lost less than average. Deutsche Bank are at the bottom after a devastating money laundering report, which, however, pillories the entire industry and pulls down. The European banking index is falling significantly.

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Corona is back

As if the problems of the banks weren’t enough – the weak development is also fueled by the rising Corona numbers in Europe, which make the fears of the “lockdown bad word” more present. With corona cases rising rapidly, the UK is at a “turning point”, Health Secretary Matt Hancock said.

When asked whether the country should expect another lockdown, he told the BBC: “I’m not ruling it out, I don’t want it.” According to market analyst Milan Cutkovic from the trading house AxiTrader, a lockdown could have catastrophic effects on the country’s economy, plus the Brexit disaster. In France and Spain, too, the development of new infections remains disastrous; in Madrid, individual districts have been closed today. Israel is currently experiencing a complete second lockdown.

Wall Street keeps licking the wounds

It currently does not look as if the situation on the stock market will ease. Because prices are also on the decline in America. However, investors on Wall Street are less worried about their banks, and the corona numbers tend to be falling in the country (and are hardly noticed by President Trump anyway).

Further price information on Dow Jones (indication)

Further price information on S&P 500 (indication)

More price information on Nasdaq 100

Rather, the street is still hungover after the Federal Reserve posted the previous week has not pumped new trillions into the marketswhich had almost become a matter of course in the end. The futures on the major US indices signal a weak opening. The massive profit-taking continues on the Nasdaq technology exchange.

Among the individual values, however, the papers of the software company Oracle and the retailer Walmart buck the trend. This after President Trump brought the two companies on board for the Chinese app Tiktok over the weekend. Shares in the electric truck manufacturer Nikola lose significantly, after the boss resigned.

More course information on Oracle

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The dollar shines

The relative strength of the greenback continues on the foreign exchange market. It had revalued after the Fed’s rate decision the previous week and has so far defended these advances. However, the bad end could still come, as the Fed has so far failed to provide the answer, such as full employment and one Inflation will reach the target level of 2.00 percent (it had already missed this rate before Corona).

The US currency is currently trading at $ 1.1770 against the euro, although it is also sought after as a world reserve currency in view of the weak stock markets. The euro is also coming under pressure due to the worsening of the European corona situation.

Further exchange rate information for euros in US dollars

The pound comes under fire

An impending tightening of the pandemic restrictions in Great Britain and reports of alleged money laundering by major London banks are causing problems for the pound sterling. The currency falls 0.5 percent to $ 1.2850. A second lockdown would jeopardize the economic recovery, warns investment strategist Jeremy Stretch of the CIBC bank.

In addition, the looming “no-deal Brexit” hovers over the British economy. “After more than three years of political uncertainty, a ‘no-deal exit’ from the EU, which is being talked about more and more, would be the last nail in the coffin for many companies,” said Stephen Phipson of the industry association Make UK, who together with the auditor Network BDO regularly examines the state of the UK economy, polling several hundred manufacturing companies in Great Britain for the survey published on Monday.

Further exchange rate information for British pounds to US dollars

Further exchange rate information for US dollars in Turkish lira

Turkish lira at record low

A few days before the interest rate decision by the Turkish central bank, investors are withdrawing further from the country’s currency. In return, the dollar rose by 0.6 percent to a record high of 7.5997 lira and is heading for the seventh day in a row. It would be the longest series in a year and a half. At 8.9915 lira, one euro also costs more than ever before. Investors expected that the central bank would not touch the key interest rate on Thursday to support economic growth, says analyst Ehsan Khoman of the Mitsubishi UFJ bank.

Lose oil prices

Concerns about the economic consequences of a possible tightening of lockdowns are also burdening the raw material markets. The oil prices drop significantly at the beginning of the week. The gold price also expanded its losses in the afternoon and lost a good 1.2 percent.

Further price information on oil (Brent)

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Further price information on gold in US dollars

Copper at two-year high

Rising demand from China has pushed the price for copper to its highest level in a good two years. “Dr. Copper” is sending a positive signal for the state of the world economy. The industrial metal rose on Monday by one percent to $ 6,878 per ton. The world’s second largest economy is recovering quickly from the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, write analysts at ANZ Bank.

More price information on copper

Money laundering reports attack Deutsche Bank

Media reports about money laundering at several major international banks hit Deutsche Bank. The shares were at the bottom of the Dax with a minus of over eight percent. According to data from the US Treasury Department, evaluated by several media, banks are said to have moved large sums of suspicious money in recent years despite signs of money laundering.

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VW warns of major job cuts

Volkswagen boss Herbert Diess warns of major job cuts in the auto industry if the EU Commission tightened the CO2 guidelines. “A faster transformation also means that more jobs and entire companies come under pressure or are lost in certain areas,” said the manager of “Welt am Sonntag”.

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Price dispute with Telefonica: United Internet crashes

The Internet and mobile communications provider United Internet, like its subsidiary 1 & 1 Drillisch, has reduced its forecast for 2020. The two companies accuse Telefonica Deutschland of having increased the costs for the use of the mobile network considerably from July before the conclusion of the ongoing negotiations. Telefoncia Germany in turn sees the price increase covered by contracts.

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Grenke stocks are whirling around wildly

The leasing specialist Grenke is examining the integration of its much-criticized franchise system into the group following the allegations of fraud by the Viceroy investor group. Wolfgang Grenke, company founder and deputy chairman of the supervisory board of the group, will suspend his supervisory mandate with immediate effect due to possible conflicts of interest until the allegations have been dispelled, according to the group.

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Second hand at Zalando

Europe’s largest online fashion retailer is launching its “pre-owned” second-hand offer in Germany and Spain. With immediate effect, customers can use the platform to buy new, used fashion and exchange their own second-hand clothing for a credit. From October this should also be possible in Belgium, France, Poland and the Netherlands. “The interest in pre-owned fashion is high and rising continuously,” said Zalando manager Torben Hansen, explaining the entry into this business.

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New in the MDax and SDax

The shares of the Internet pharmacy Shop Apotheke and the specialty chemicals manufacturer Wacker Chemie rise today in the MDax. There they replace the shares of the television company RTL Group and the investment group Rocket Internet, which are migrating to the SDax.

In the SDax there are also three changes according to the fast exit rule: the fashion retailer Global Fashion Group is replacing the retail giant Steinhoff International Holdings, the holding company Medios is moving in for the engineering service provider Bertrandt, and the IT security specialist Secunet Security Networks is replacing the provider of HR management software Atoss Software.

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Nikola: That too!

The US manufacturer of electric trucks Nikola loses its boss amid the dispute with the short seller Hindenburg. Company founder and chairman Trevor Milton approached the board and offered to leave office voluntarily, the company said. Stephen Girsky had been appointed as his successor with immediate effect. The short seller Hindenburg accuses the company of fraud and nepotism. It lures other automakers like General Motors into partnerships with false promises.

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UBS wants to take over a large European bank

According to various media reports, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Swiss bank, Axel Weber, is planning to take over a large European bank. According to research by the Swiss Sunday newspaper, Weber’s potential merger targets include Deutsche Bank and the British Barclays. According to the Bloomberg news agency, French BNP Paribas is also on the “wish list”.

Further course information on Deutsche Bank

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Rolls-Royce needs fresh billions

The engine manufacturer Rolls-Royce, which has come under pressure in the corona pandemic, is considering raising capital worth billions. To strengthen its balance sheet, the British company says it could get up to £ 2.5 billion. A capital increase or the issue of bonds are conceivable.

The “Financial Times” had previously reported that the company was in talks with foreign sovereign wealth funds in order to raise funds. In August, the company announced that it would improve its liquidity and therefore want to break loose parts of the company. Rolls-Royce posted a record loss of 5.4 billion pounds in the first half of the year due to the flight bans to contain the corona pandemic.

More price information on Rolls Royce Holdings



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Suárez’s emotional farewell message to Vidal: “You’re still bigger”

“Having you as a rival was unbearable because of how great you are as a player, but having you as a partner, friend and knowing you as a person is even greater. A pleasure to have shared with a star player like you. I wish you all the best in this new stage , crack “. Thus, on his Twitter account, Luis Suárez fired Arturo Vidal who will continue his career at Inter Milan.

The Chilean was one of the players that the new Barcelona coach, Roland Koeman, did not want to continue on the squad, like Luis Suárez, Ivan Rakitic or Samuel Umtiti.

Not surprisingly, Vidal and Suárez were Lionel Messi’s closest friends, and the Dutch coach pointed to that direction to renew the club: cut off the Messi clan.

Vidal inherited the void left by Neymar when he went to Paris Saint-Germain in 2016. The three were inseparable on and off the court.

But now the Chilean will play at Inter, at the request of Antonio Conte, who already directed him at Juventus.

“I only knew you from facing each other and you always seemed like a phenomenon to me, but then I was lucky enough to meet you personally and you surprised me even more. It was two years sharing many things and you made yourself notice a lot, the costumes will miss you, @ kingarturo23oficial I wish you all the best in this new stage at your new club. We will meet again, for sure, “Messi dedicated to the Chilean.

To go to Inter, the player had to resign a one-year contract with Barcelona, ​​around € 6.5 million and as a symbolic payment Inter paid Barcelona around € 500 thousand, agreeing on some variables.

The player asked for number 22 but in case Matías Vecino leaves the club, something very likely, he will use number 8 of the Uruguayan.

The arrival of Vidal to Inter confirms that Diego Godín will not continue at the club and that he will go to Cagliari where he will undergo a medical examination this Monday and then sign a three-season contract.


Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan infected with coronavirus dies :: Politics :: RBC

Uktam Barnoev

(Photo: Ўktam Barnoev / Facebook)

Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan for the development of agrarian and food spheres Uktam Barnoev died from coronavirus infection at the age of 57. About it reported on the official website of the khokimiyat (government) of the Bukhara region.

According to message, Barnoev was diagnosed with COVID-19 at the end of July. He began to receive treatment at the Akfa Medline private clinic.

Source of the portal clarifiedthat the Deputy Prime Minister died during treatment in Germany.

RBC sent a request to the press service of the government of Uzbekistan.

Barnoev from December 2016 to February 2020 was the khokim (governor) of the Bukhara region. Since February, he has served as Deputy Prime Minister of Uzbekistan for the development of the agrarian and food sectors. Since July, he was also appointed chairman of the Federation of Horse Breeding and Equestrian Sports of Uzbekistan.


Traces of poison on Navalny’s water bottle: Kremlin doubts new evidence

According to German laboratories, traces on a water bottle in Navalny’s hotel room should prove that the Kremlin critic was poisoned in Tomsk. The Russian government doubts that. The story contains “too much absurdity,” a spokesman said.

The Kremlin has doubts about new evidence of the poisoning of the opposition leader Alexei Navalny. His team reported yesterday that traces of the neurotoxin Novichok had been found on a water bottle in Navalny’s hotel room in the Siberian city of Tomsk. “The story contains too much absurdity to take anyone’s word,” said Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, according to Interfax.

“We cannot explain that because the bottle, if it was, was brought abroad – to Germany or elsewhere,” Peskow continued. What was supposed to be evidence of poisoning was taken away. “Toxicologists say that a bottle with traces of a chemical warfare agent cannot just be brought anywhere,” said the Kremlin spokesman. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert did not want to give any information about the whereabouts of the water bottle.

Russia demands the results of the investigation

Navalny’s supporters announced in an Instagram video on Thursday that bottles and other items had been seized from the hotel in Tomsk after Navalny collapsed on a domestic flight to Moscow. A German laboratory detected the Novitschok traces on the water bottle, it said.

The government in Moscow has recently claimed that Navalny may have been poisoned after his departure and not in Russia.

According to their own account, Russian doctors had found no evidence of poisoning. Kremlin spokesman Peskov said that information could only be obtained if Germany made the results of the investigation available to Russia.

Navalny has been treated at the Berlin Charité since August 22nd. He was in an artificial coma for weeks. He’s doing better now. According to information from special laboratories, he was poisoned with an internationally banned nerve agent from the Novichok group. Russia denies allegations of having anything to do with the case.

Inforadio reported on this topic on September 18, 2020 at 10:10 a.m., 3:24 p.m. and 4:05 p.m.