De Blasio presents “war” budget and demands urgent rescue from the Government – Telemundo New York (47)

NEW YORK – Ensuring health, safety, food and a roof for all are the priorities of the budget presented this Thursday by the city of New York, some accounts of “war” in the face of the coronavirus crisis, which come accompanied by an appeal to the American president Donald Trump to allow a “rescue” of the Big Apple.

With tax revenues slumping as a result of the slowdown in economic activity, the mayor, Bill de Blasio, announced “painful” cuts of more than $ 2 billion to try to balance the budget in the year that begins in June.

According to his calculations, New York is going to lose some 7,400 million dollars in income, a “horrible” number, according to admitted De Blasio, that requires a determined intervention of the federal Government.

The mayor urged Washington to cover this deficit in full and warned that without that money, the basic needs of New Yorkers cannot be guaranteed.

“If they can find 58,000 million to rescue the airlines, surely they can find 7,500 million for the largest city in the country,” stressed the mayor.

Democrat De Blasio appealed directly to Trump, whom he asked for a clear signal of support for his hometown for Senate Republicans to give the green light to necessary aid.

As he insisted, the city is already doing everything possible on its part, with a budget of $ 89.3 billion, $ 6 billion less than the proposal that the City Council had initially made in January, $ 3.4 billion less than last year’s accounts and using the reserves he had accumulated to have “balanced” accounts.

Among other things, the budget foresees that all public activities be drastically limited and, for example, this summer the swimming pools will not be opened.

De Blasio also warned New Yorkers not to hold out too much hope about beach opening, given the risk of contagion from the coronavirus posed by the huge crowds seen in places like Coney Island.

Public resources, he insisted, will be devoted to basic issues: health, safety, food and housing.

“These are four things that people are mostly thinking about and the government has to focus on those four things. Things that would have been a priority two or three months ago cannot be now. Things we would like to focus on in times of peace cannot be the priority in times of war and these are times of war, “said de Blasio.

The Democrat also warned Trump and Republicans that their desire to restart the economy as soon as possible will be ruined if the basic needs of the population are not met or if they precipitate and cause a resurgence of COVID-19. .

Trump, De Blasio insisted, has only one chance to do this well and, if he is wrong, he will regret it for a long time.

In addition, New York Police Commissioner Dermot Shea offered a video conference on Thursday to detail how the coronavirus has affected the city’s police forces to date.

Specifically, the New York police have registered 7,155 positive cases for COVID-19 among its members, about 20% of its staff and 27 officers have died from the virus.

Shea also detailed that it is estimated that between 1,400 and 1,500 of the sick police officers have returned to work.

“You start to see a little light at the end of the tunnel and it seems that the worst is over,” said Shea, who regretted the losses and asked for a moment of silence.


Japan extends the state of emergency to the entire country

The Prime Minister of Japan,Shinzo Abe, has announced this Thursdayexpansion to the entire country the state of emergencyIt initially decreed only in seven of the 47 prefectures – including those in Tokyo and Osaka – to contain the spread of the new coronavirus.

Parliament authorized Abe in March to declare a state of emergency, to which he was initially reluctant. With this exceptional measure, the governors of the affected prefectures have had their powers extended to take measures, for example to suspend classes or close companies.

The Japanese authorities have confirmed mmore than 9,000 infections of coronavirus, of which about 700 correspond to the ‘Diamond Princess’ cruise. At least178 people have lost their livesdue to Covid-19 disease, according to data collected by Johns Hopkins University.

The minister responsible for the emergency declaration, Yasutoshi Nishimura, had already assumed that the expansion of the state to the entire country was necessary given the upturn in cases in other regions and the proximity of the Golden Week at the end of the month, in which They chain several holidays, according to the Kiodo agency.

Abe, who has advocated reducing travel between prefectures, has also confirmed a modification of the budgets to deliver 100,000 yen (about 854 euros) in cash to all citizens, with a view to alleviating the economic consequences of the health emergency.


Iker Vicente: “From the feasts of the villages that were supposed to start now, everything is stationary”

Iker Vicente is one of those who has chinks in his ass (Otsagabia, 1997). He only touches the trunk with his foot. Once down, the current Basque champion is a fan of moving here and there. Forming a pair with Jesus Mari Mujika, he was third in March at the Gold Pair Championship. Since then it is at a stop.

–How did the orders to stay at home catch you?

“Well, fortunately it has been a good year for me.” The two-way tournament is just over – the final played on March 7 – and the Gold Individual is about to start but I’m pretty much looking forward to the playoffs. From there, the biggest tournaments take place in the fall.

–How do you work out at home?

–Something good. I am very close to home, a great training place, an ax work pavilion. It weighs old and I use it there. On the other hand, a normal ax, as always. And I also have a roller at home for cycling.

– You say you are normal with the ax. Are you missing wood then?

– At the beginning of the stop. After finishing the pair, I ran out of wood, but we managed to bring it. Now I have enough.

«Here, in Otsagabia, I have come to a stop to paint and tidy up a farmhouse I am doing»

– How much do you train?

–I usually went to Pamplona a couple of days a week for a gym for two or three hours. In ax work, at home, I do the same, because it takes time to prepare axes, wood, etc. And another couple of hours of endurance work.

– And now?

– Less now. I try to stay fit, but I don’t know when the next session will be.

–What are your days like?

–Laias. Get up in the morning, have breakfast, light a fire, spend time … and train until lunch. Then I take a break and go back to the dogs.

– Walking?

–No. I need to get a car. I have them out of town.

–If you have an excuse to spend time then …

– Well, this is a house that I have been repairing for a long time. Here in Ochagavía, I took a farmhouse and painted and painted it. I have been good at this.

–Did you take any time in your mother’s kitchen or help?

– Really, he does everything for me.

– Best company to stay in!

– True, yes.

– I have no doubt that he will take good care of you, but it is not advisable to take good care of him.

–No, no. I take great care of myself when it comes to food. I’ve always looked at this. And now, the less I move, the more.

–You also like some other companies.

– Yes. I like socializing a lot. I have a lot to do with people. I also have a small gang here in town, and I’m not much at home, no.

«I have an ax next to the house and I have also adapted to get the wood for the work»

– How do you train alone?

– Sadly. I usually have a dad by the side, but he’s out of work. Another local man came to see us, and another member who had been on the mountain for a long time helped us clean the wooden sconces and clean them.

–You say that this is not the worst time to stop the season, but what could be the impact on your calendar?

–A bad effect. This will lead to major changes. Most of our revenue comes from village festival shows and is being canceled.

–Is the festival schedule already suspended?

– Well, I had some for May, and they canceled.

–But in summer, various sports have set their expectations.

–Now we do, but usually this week calls start with summer party invitations, and for now, everything is still. We don’t know what’s going to happen. And over 50% of our profits come from there.


–Here we have a house in Ochagavía with our mother.

– Make a getaway to the mountains, friends and Gipuzkoa.

–Watch movies and TV shows. The last one, ‘La casa de papel’, and I also go on YouTube.

–I saw an interview with the pilot Irujo. And, inhabited by it, as well as some games.

– A nice dinner with friends.


this is how Toyota hybrids are born




Related news

Everything learned in competition goes directly to street models. This is how the technology transfer between the hybrid prototype with which Toyota Gazoo Racing competes in the World Endurance Championship (WEC) and models of the Toyota electric hybrid range, from Yaris hybrid to RAV4 hybrid, passing through Corolla hybrid, Prius hybrid or Toyota C-HR hybrid, among many others around the world.

Everything learned in competition, all the experience accumulated in the creation, configuration and tuning of the Toyota Gazoo Racing TS050 Hybrid at the WEC, is directly transferred to the development of electric hybrids that circulate on the streets and roads around the world . This is one of the reasons why Toyota is present in the world of competition, as it frequently exposes Akio Toyoda, President and CEO of Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC), racing experience allows make better and better vehicles for Toyota customers.

However, the technology transfer started just the opposite, bringing electric hybrid technology from the model range available at any Toyota dealership to competition in 2007, with the Toyota Supra HV-R, which also achieved a historic 24-hour win of Tokachi: He was the first hybrid to win a race internationally. That victory was the seed of Toyota’s great project and its hybrid technology in competition, materialized from 2012 with participation in the WEC thereafter.

A track record that of Toyota in the maximum endurance competition in which two manufacturers ‘titles already stand out, in 2014 and the 2018-2019 season, and a drivers’ title, led by Fernando Alonso, Sébastien Buemi Y Kazuki Nakajima, also in 2018-2019. In addition, that season, when two editions of the 24 Hours of Le Mans were played, Toyota Gazoo Racing added two victories in the legendary Circuit of La Sarthe.

Great similarities

The models that are part of the Toyota electric hybrid range, up to nine currently on the Spanish market -Yaris hybrid, Corolla hybrid, Corolla Touring Sports hybrid, Corolla Sedan hybrid, Toyota C-HR hybrid, Prius hybrid, Prius + hybrid, Camry hybrid and RAV4 hybrid – are conceptually very similar to the two Toyota TS050 Hybrid prototypes with which Toyota Gazoo Racing competes in the WEC.

One of its main characteristics, be it a street hybrid or the competition prototype, is to obtain the maximum energy efficiency. This is a reality in both cases, making the electric hybrids available from Toyota dealerships efficient, environmentally friendly and highly comfortable to ride, and the TS050 Hybrid the fastest on the track. For this reason, the technology of the street and competition hybrids is very similar, since, in concept, the operation of the hybrid propulsion system, the management of electrical energy and regenerative braking, the aerodynamics the work carried out by the engineers to achieve maximum weight reduction is common.

Thus, the Toyota Hybrid System (THS) that they assemble, in different versions and powers, from the urban Yaris hybrid to the pioneer of SUVs, the RAV4 hybrid, through the Corolla hybrid or the revolutionary Toyota C-HR hybrid, has a Scheme identical to that of the WEC TS050 Hybrid: gasoline propeller associated with one or more electric motors, which are powered by the energy stored in a battery.

At that point another common technology comes into play, the electric power management system, key in the WEC to achieve being number 1 on the track and on the street in order to offer maximum efficiency, allowing Toyota electric hybrids to circulate up to 80% of the time in zero emissions mode.

Energy regeneration is another aspect shared by Toyota, street and competition electric hybrids, because they all recharge the electric battery in decelerations and braking, as well as aerodynamics, key to obtaining maximum efficiency thanks to the lower aerodynamic coefficient. (Cx).

The reduction of weight in all of them, very relevant to improve performance and benefits and increase efficiency, is achieved in any case thanks to the use of light materials in the manufacture of both the models of the Toyota hybrid electric range and the TS050 Hybrid. The competition also serves to test the resistance of components and parts for long periods of time in extreme conditions, applying improvements to models intended for the public.

In addition, the connection between the street and the competition is evident in the work teams, since part of the Toyota Gazoo Racing structure in the WEC is rotating, with engineers who, after accumulating extensive experience developing the TS050 Hybrid, carry everything learned in competition at Toyota research and development centers in Japan.


Corona breakthrough in the laboratory: head lice drug ivermectin kills Covid virus within 48 hours

Germany & World:

Researchers have apparently made a breakthrough in the fight against the Covid virus: ivermectin, a remedy for head lice, kills coronaviruses in a laboratory test within 48 hours. Read everything else here:

Corona virus

Scientists at the Australian Monash University have apparently made a breakthrough in the fight against the corona virus: in a laboratory test, the head lice drug ivermectin kills Covid-19 cell cultures within two days.

“We found that a single dose can remove all of the viral DNA in 24 hours,” quotes the Daily Mail Dr Kylie Wagstaff Biomedicine Discovery Institute at Monsah University “There was a significant reduction even after just 24 hours,” said Wagstaff.

The active ingredient ivermectin is widely available worldwide. Scientists are now conducting pre-clinical and human clinical trials to determine the correct dose of the drug for human use, but this will take at least another month.

Dr. Kylie Wagstaff expressly points this out on the homepage of your institutethat the drug ivermectin can only be used in humans against Covid-19 if the clinical tests have been carried out on humans and have been successfully completed.

In addition to head lice, ivermectin is also used against scabies and against river sickness. Ivermectin has also been shown to be effective against HIV, influenza, dengue and the Zika virus in in-vitro experiments.

The drug study was carried out as a joint project by the Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute and the Peter Doherty Institute of Infection and Immunity.

Dr. Wagstaff and Professor Jans began investigating the efficacy of ivermectin against the Covid-19 virus immediately after the pandemic became known.

The complete paper can be found here:

The Australian Monash University claims to be one of the top 100 universities worldwide. The Monash Biopmedicine Discovery Institute was only recently launched. According to its own statements, the institute at Monash University brings together over 120 international research teams that are supported with “world’s best technology and infrastructure”.

Sources: Daily Mail / PM Monash University / Science Direct

First published: 05.04.2020-23: 01

Latest update: 04/05/2020 – 23:18

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The UAB finishes the classroom lessons this course and all the pending activity will be done in a virtual way

The UAB complete the classroom sessions this course and all the activity pending will be done in a virtual way. The decision is taken before “the great possibility” that the situation of confinement extends beyond Easter and that the resumption of activity has to be done progressively when the alarm status is raised .

In the other hand, we work on the possibility of maintaining a face-to-face evaluation period between June and July, but a virtual assessment plan will also be developed if the evolution of the health crisis does not allow it. In fact, in order to guarantee the students, a guide is being drawn up so that each center can adapt to the new reality with regard to the academic calendar, teaching and evaluation.

These measures include creating mechanisms for all students to complete the course in a virtual format, as “there are people who may have difficulty completing their studies in virtual mode”.

The UAB Rector, Margarita Arboix, has already transferred the agreements to the university community, thanking “the solidarity, commitment and effort to make the university continue to function in teaching, research and administrative and management activities, virtually and remotely. “


More than 30,000 people have died from coronavirus worldwide

The pandemic of the new coronavirus originating in the city of Wuhan, in the province of Hubei, in central China, leaves665,000 infections and more than 30,000 deathsthroughout the world as it has progressively spread to 177 countries worldwide.

According to the global balance updated this Saturday at 08:30 hours by theJohns Hopkins University, the new coronavirus pandemic has left a total of 665,164 people infected and 30,852 fatalities. The number of people who have managed to be cured of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, amounts to 140,225, most of them in China (75,098).

The four countries most affected by the pandemic (United States, Italy, China and Spain) number about 350,000 cases, which represents more than half of the total number of people infected with the virus worldwide.

The growth rate of thepandemicof the new coronavirus has accelerated sharply in recent weeks. The 400,000 cases were exceeded on Tuesday, three days after the 300,000 positive number were reached worldwide on Saturday, and this Thursday the pandemic exceeded 500,000 cases, largely driven by the growth of infections in the United States. . The 600,000 total infections were slated for Saturday.

U.SSince Thursday, it is the country most affected by the number of cases, with a total of 124,665 infected people and 2,191 fatalities. The North American country has experienced exponential growth in the last week, with eight consecutive days marking daily growth of more than 5,000 cases, the last two exceeding the figure of 12,000 infections in each of them.

The situation inNYIt is critical, with a total of 672 deaths as cases progress from both coasts to the center of the country, so far relatively unscathed, and the disease is expected to hatch in Detroit, San Antonio or New Orleans over the next week.

Italy has become the first country in the world toexceed 10,000 deaths. He did this Saturday, after a balance in which he found a total of 92,472 cases, ahead of China, which found 82,057 positive for coronavirus and their deaths in 3,304. The Asian giant keeps the outbreak practically controlled and counts more than 75,000 cured people.

In fourth position isSpain, with 73,235 positives, 5,982 fatalities and 21,285 people recovered, according to updated data. Spain surpassed China on Tuesday in the number of deaths from the coronavirus and is the second country with the most fatalities after Italy.

GermanyIt is the fifth most affected country, with 57,871 cases, 325 deaths and 8,481 healed people. France is already the sixth country by number of cases, with 38,105, and has already crossed the threshold of 2,000 deaths (2,317), and the highs are at 5,724. It is followed by Iran, with 35,408 people with coronaviruses, 2,517 deaths and 11,679 people cured.

UKscales to the eighth country in the world with the most cases, with 17,312, and more than a thousand fatalities (1,021), with 151 patients recovered in a balance characterized by the inclusion of the first world leader ill with COVID-19: the Prime Minister of the country, Boris Johnson.

Below areSwitzerland, with 14,076 cases and 264 deaths, and the Netherlands accumulates 9,819 positives and 640 fatalities. South Korea, the country that for weeks was the second most affected after China, which now accounts for 9,583 cases, 152 deaths and 5,033 people recovered, after several weeks with the epidemic situation practically controlled, although as China maintains its high guard after a rebound in recent days due to the appearance of cases from abroad.


The coronavirus leaves 380,000 infected and more than 16,500 dead worldwide

Thenew coronavirus pandemicoriginated in the city of Wuhan, in the province of Hubei, in central China, has already causedmore than 380,000 infections and more than 16,500 deaths, with the United States located as the third most affected country, with more than 46,000 cases, and withSpain in fourth position, with more than 35,000 positives.

According to the global balance updated this Tuesday at 8.45 am by Johns Hopkins University, the pandemic of the new coronavirusIt has spread over 168 countries and territories, with a total of 382,108 infected people and 16,574 fatalities.. The number of people who have managed to be cured of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, amounts to 101,857, most of them in China (more than 73,000).

The four countries most affected by the pandemic (China, Italy, the United States and Spain) total more than 227,000cases, which represents more than half of the total number of people infected with the virus worldwide.

China continues to be the most affected country, with 81,553 infected people, 3,281 fatalitiesand 73,277 people cured. Italy continues in second position, with 63,927 infections, 6,077 fatalities and 7,432 people recovered.

The United States has become the third most affected country since this weekenddue to the pandemic, with a total of 46,450 cases and 593 fatalities. Spain is in fourth position, with 35,136 positives, 2,311 deaths and 3,355 people recovered, according to data updated at 8.45 am on Tuesday.

Germany is the fifthmost affected country, with 29,056 cases, 123 deaths and 453 people discharged. Iran follows next, with 23,049 positives, 1,812 deaths and 8,376 people recovered.

France accumulates atotal of 20,128 coronavirus cases, with 862 fatalitiesand 2,207 people recovered, followed by South Korea, which for several weeks became the country with the most infections in the world after China and which now has an almost controlled outbreak, with 9,037 positives, 120 deaths and 3,507 people cured.

Switzerland has 8,795 positive cases and 120 deaths, followed by the United Kingdom, with 6,726 cases and 336 deaths. The Netherlands, for its part, accumulates 4,767 positive cases, with 214 fatalities, followed by Austria, with 4,477 infected people and 21 fatalities.

Belgium, with 3,743 positives and 88 deaths; Norway, with 2,625 infections and ten fatalities; Canada, with 2,088 positives and 25 deaths; Portugal, with 2,060 cases and 23 deaths; Sweden, with 2,059 infected people and 33 deaths; Australia, with 2,044 cases and eight fatalities; Brazil, Denmark, Turkey, Malaysia, Israel, the Czech Republic, Japan and Ireland complete the list of countries with more than a thousand infected people.


Port goods that donate thousands of masks, gloves to health workers – NBC 7 San Diego

There are serious concerns among frontline health professionals
on the availability of masks, gloves, clothes and other personal protective equipment
equipment (PPE) on offer nationwide, but help is on the way to Sharp
Rees-Stealy medical center.

If gloves, masks and visors are weapons to fight
the war on the coronavirus, a San Diego nurse who says her PPE is now under lock and key
the key feels unarmed.

“It’s really frustrating because sometimes you wonder
there will be an N95 mask there, is there a visor? “Nurse
Shannon Cotton wondered.

Cotton and other nurses, doctors and EMT are taking the
coronavirus has reported help and local residents and businesses
they are answering their call. At the request of community members, Sharp Healthcare
is coordinating a PPE donation campaign.

“They want to help, especially when people are in this state of residence. They want to feel like they’re doing something, ”said Sharp spokesman John Cihomsky.

But healthcare professionals are receiving help from more than just a simple one
people at home.

The famous tool dealer Harbor Freight is donating all the gloves, masks and face shields to the shelves of its over 1,000 stores, and everything in its warehouse, to the cause.

“Right now we understand that the best thing we could do is
provide our frontline staff in hospitals, ”Harbor Freight
said spokesman Craig Hoffman.

The company has 45 million pairs of gloves, hundreds of thousands
of N95 masks and tens of thousands of visors to give.

Their generosity resonates with San Diego shoppers

“Rubber gloves were one of the things on our list and I saw the
sign up and think it’s really cool, “said customer Adam Prange.

Harbor Freight plans to begin shipping supplies within the week,
and Sharp’s donation unit officially starts on Wednesday at several drive-up drop-offs
sites. You don’t even have to get out of your car to donate.

Sharp will update these release sites here.

While it is appreciated, the use of homemade masks is, however
now prohibited.

Sharp is asking that if you are not feeling well, for the sake of volunteers, please send your donation with a friend.

Anyone looking to help supplies donated by Harbor Freight to where they are needed can contact the company.

Cihomsky said his hospitals have adequate supplies, but for
how long it has not been known.


Chandra deals a blow to the theory of everything




One of the most cherished (and disputed) ideas in physics is the possibility that all known forces, particles, and interactions can be connected in the same theoretical framework. It is called “Theory of everything” and it would unify our understanding of the universe. The string theory, in its different versions, it is possibly the best known proposal. Roughly, it comes to say that subatomic particles, generally represented as points, consist of the vibration of even smaller objects that look like strings or filaments in a multi-dimensional spacetime. However, so far it has had very little experimental evidence.

In an attempt to test the famous theory, astronomers who use the Chandra X-ray Observatory from NASA have observed the Perseus cluster, a gigantic structure (550,000 light years in diameter) joined by gravity in the constellation of the same name, about 240 million light years from Earth. The researchers considered that this was the ideal place to look for a particle called axion that many models of string theory predict that it should exist. However, they have failed to detect it. Although the results do not completely rule out these theories, they do hit some ways of understanding it.

Dark matter

According to the researchers, these undetected particles should have extraordinarily low masses, from one millionth of the mass of an electron to zero mass. In this sense, some scientists believe that axions could explain the mystery of dark matter, a mysterious substance that no one has ever seen but is believed to represent the vast majority of matter in the universe.

An unusual property of these ultra-low-mass particles would be that they could sometimes become photons (i.e. packets of light) as they pass through magnetic fields. The reverse may also be true: photons can also become axions under certain conditions. The frequency with which this change occurs depends on the ease with which they perform this conversion, which is called their “convertibility.”

Some scientists have proposed the existence of a broader class of ultra-low-mass particles with properties similar to axions. Axions would have a single convertibility value in each mass, but “axion-like particles” would have a range of convertibility in the same mass.

“While it may seem like a long shot to look for tiny particles like axions in giant structures like galaxy clusters, they’re actually great places to look,” says David Marsh of Stockholm University in Sweden and co-author of the study. “Galaxy clusters contain magnetic fields at gigantic distances, and they also often contain bright X-ray sources. Taken together, these properties increase the chances that the conversion of axion-like particles will be detectable. ”

To look for signs of axion-like particles, the team of astronomers examined Chandra’s X-ray observations of material falling into the supermassive black hole at the center of the Perseus galaxy cluster for five days. The long observation and the brilliant X-ray source gave a spectrum with enough sensitivity to show the distortions that scientists expected if there were axion-like particles.

Failure to detect such distortions allowed the researchers to rule out the presence of most types of axion-like particles in the range of mass to which their observations were sensitive, below about one millionth of one billionth of the mass of an electron.

“Our research does not rule out the existence of these particles, but it definitely does not help your case,” acknowledges co-author Helen Russell of the British University of Nottingham. “These constraints delve into the range of properties suggested by string theory and can help string theorists hone their theories.”

Powerful results

The latest result was approximately three to four times more sensitive than the previous best search for axion-like particles, which came from Chandra’s observations of the supermassive black hole at M87. This Perseus study is also approximately one hundred times more powerful than the current measurements that can be made in laboratories here on Earth for the considered mass range.

The authors conclude that a possible interpretation of their work is that there are no axion-like particles. But another explanation, they indicate, is that the particles have convertibility values ​​even lower than the detection limit of this observation, and lower than some particle physicists expected. They could also have higher masses than those tested with Chandra’s data.

“Until recently I had no idea how much X-ray astronomers contribute to string theory, but we could play an important role,” reflects Christopher Reynolds, from the University of Cambridge, also in the United Kingdom, and head of the study published in “The Astrophisical Journal” and available at “If these particles are finally detected, it would change physics forever.” But apparently, to know if the supporters of fantastic string theory are right, you still have to wait a little longer.