In New York, choirs stronger than the coronavirus

Singing is in the DNA of the United States. More than 42 million Americans are part of a choir, one-eighth of the population. The country has 270,000 of these sets, in schools, churches, universities, businesses … “Singing in choir is the performative art in which Americans participate the most”, notes Chorus America, the association behind […]

Italy records a record of patients cured in one day and a strong fall in infections

Italyhas registered this Monday a sharp drop in the number of new cases ofcoronavirus infectionas well as a figurerecord in the number of patients recoveredsince the pandemic was declared, although another 812 deaths have been added. According to the data offered by the head of Civil Protection, Angelo Borrelli, in the last 24 hours there […]

Coronavirus: Italy and Spain block European summit by calling for stronger measures

The two countries are the most affected by the coronavirus in Europe. L‘Italy and Spain blocked Thursday evening a joint commitment of the 27 EU heads of state and government on the response to the economic consequences of the coronavirus crisis, judging that the text on the table does not didn’t go far enough. Italian […]

Coronavirus: Healthy diet and strong immune system

It may interest you: Coronavirus and the importance of taking care of water “The feeding It is very important but there are no magic cures for these pathologies. When we talk about immunity, we are talking about a healthy body, with a positive lifestyle, “said Claudia Dagum, Bachelor of Nutrition (MP046). Stimulating healthy habits will […]

The network compared LADA Vesta SW Cross and KIA Soul

The opinions of users are divided. Domestic motorists on the network compared the station wagons LADA Vesta SW Cross and KIA Soul. It all started with the fact that one user wrote on the forum how he tested both cars on a test drive and expressed his opinion about them. For starters, he compared the […]

The reason that led Viviana Saccone to start a strong exercise routine

“I projected how I wanted to reach the eighties.” This is the overwhelming reason that led Viviana Saccone to start a strong exercise routine, which she shows on her Instagram account. “I never needed to take care of myself too much, but I began to think that time goes by very fast and I projected […]

Jihadism grows strong in the Sahel | International

Dozens of terrorists aboard pickups and motorcycles pounced last Thursday, around noon, on the Chineg√≥dar military camp in Niger. The skirmish ended with 166 dead, 89 Nigerian soldiers and 77 assailants, making it the worst jihadist attack suffered by this country in its entire history. This episode is but the bloody epilogue to the deadliest […]