Previous vaccines and masks may hold down COVID-19, some researchers say

ATLANTA (CNN) — As US leaders work to control the spread of coronavirus, researchers across the globe are working to answer the mysteries that remain around infections.

One of those mysteries: why the experience can be so different from person to person. One expert says the answer may involve looking at previous vaccines individuals have had.

“When we looked in the setting of COVID disease, we found that people who had prior vaccinations with a variety of vaccines — for pneumococcus, influenza, hepatitis and others — appeared to have a lower risk of getting COVID disease,” Dr. Andrew Badley, an infectious disease specialist at Mayo Clinic, told CNN’s Anderson Cooper on Monday night.

It’s what immunologists call immune training: how your immune system creates an effective response to fight off infections, Badley says.

“A good analogy is to think of your immune system as being a muscle,” he said. “The more you exercise that muscle, the stronger it will be when you need it.”

There’s been no definitive evidence of any other vaccines boosting immunity against COVID-19. But some researchers have suggested it’s possible.

In June, a team of researchers in the US proposed giving a booster dose of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine to people to see if it helps prevent the most severe effects of coronavirus infections. And last month, researchers found that countries where many people have been given the tuberculosis vaccine Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) had less mortality from coronavirus, a finding that fits with other research suggesting the vaccine can boost people’s immunity in general.

But once you’re infected, how much of the virus made it into your body could also have an impact on what your experience is, another expert told CNN on Monday.

Dr. Monica Gandhi, an infectious disease specialist at University of California, San Francisco, has been working with a team of researchers to understand how more people could go through their infections with minimal or no symptoms. About 40% of people infected with the virus don’t have symptoms, according to an estimate last month by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Gandhi’s team found masks make a difference.

“What the mask does is really reduce the amount of virus that you get in, if you do get infected,” she said. “And by reducing that … you have a lower dose, you’re able to manage it, you’re able to have a calm response and you have mild symptoms or no symptoms at all.”

‘We have nothing to celebrate’ about current case levels, physician says

So far, more than 5 million Americans have tested positive for the virus and at least 164,000 have died, according to Johns Hopkins University data.

The average number of daily new cases in the US is more than 54,000, down from more than 65,000 per day in mid- to late-July.

Average daily COVID-19 deaths, however, have hovered above 1,000 for more than two weeks. The country had been below that level for seven consecutive weeks before that.

“We have nothing to celebrate (just) because we’re going to 50,000 cases per day. We have a huge amount of morbidity and mortality at our feet right now and in the weeks ahead,” Dr. Rochelle Walensky, chief of infectious diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital, said Tuesday.

“Even at 18,000 cases per day (as the US had) in mid-May, we were unable to really squelch this,” Walensky said.

Study: Many Americans weren’t infected because of distancing orders

Up to 80% of Americans would have been infected with COVID-19 had states not implemented physical distancing policies, according to a recently published modeling study.

Researchers from Harvard University and University College London found that every state in the US passed at least one physical distancing measure in March to slow the spread of the pandemic.

The policies resulted in the reduction of more than 600,000 cases within just three weeks, according to the study published Tuesday in the journal PLOS.

“The results show the timing of government-issued orders correlated strongly with reductions in both cases and deaths. In short, these measures work, and policy makers should use them as an arrow in their quivers to get on top of local epidemics where they are not responding to containment measures,” said Dr. Mark J. Siedner, a co-author of the study from Harvard Medical School and an infectious diseases doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital.

The death rate decreased by 2% per day beginning a week after a physical distancing policy started, the study says.

Cases spiked in nursing homes due to community spread, group says

COVID-19 cases rose rapidly in US nursing homes in July after a steady decline in June — signaling a serious risk to an especially vulnerable group of people, a health organization said Tuesday.

The jump in nursing home cases was due to an overall jump in cases in the general population, and it should spur the US government to take steps to protect the homes, the American Health Care Association and National Center for Assisted Living said.

“We need public health officials to focus on reducing spread within the larger community and prioritizing long term care for resources,” including personal protective equipment, testing and staff support, Mark Parkinson, CEO of the AHCA/NCAL, wrote to CNN on Tuesday.

New weekly COVID-19 cases in nursing homes dropped from 9,072 at the end of May to 5,468 by June 21 — but then rose to 8,628 for the week of July 19, the last week for which data is available, the group said. The group cited data collected by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

The report said this confirmed fears the group had: That cases would rise in nursing homes as they spiked in the wider community across the country from June to July.

Older adults and people with certain underlying medical conditions increase the risk of severe illness, the CDC says.

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IMSS doctor fired who reported lack of equipment

Author: Omar Hernández / Correspondent


Two months after retiring, a neurosurgeon in Zacatecas was fired as a specialist doctor of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), on the instructions of the delegate in the entity, after the doctor repeatedly denounced the lack of equipment, infections and deaths to consequence of the coronavirus covid-19.

The neurosurgeon assured that the delegate fabricated an alleged case of medical malpractice to fire him.

I tell him that he must be operated on, he never says yes, he never tells me if he is not going to operate, on Monday the note remains in my own handwriting, something that the delegate disappeared deviously to look for the patient to operate on and the patient to At six o’clock in the afternoon on Friday he signs a voluntary discharge to go with that engineer who was going to cure his cancer, the patient returns to social security a week later and one of my colleagues operates him “

What had to be done was done, the patients simply looked for other non-surgical alternatives, magical medicine alternatives, they realized that it was not like that and they returned to the institute, like they think that if they came with me I would not treat them, because in In theory, a patient who signs a voluntary discharge from the Institute should no longer receive them, in theory, how good they received it, how good they operated on him, how good the man is fine and that is how it would have been from the beginning, “he added.

The first administrative battle where the case was reviewed was already resolved by his superiors, the doctor reported.

My boss, Dr. Esaú Lozano Prado, where he answers to the director, regarding this case, we cannot give the names; and he says at the end: We did not find omissions and there is no lack of regulation for medical benefits by the working personnel because the complaint filed is not considered appropriate, “he said.

The delegate has not issued a response regarding the dismissal of the doctor; weeks ago, she downplayed complaints to her administration for the lack of protective equipment.

What is not valid is that people take advantage to make a situation of protagonism “, said Saandra Durán, IMSS delegate in Zacatecas.

Due to this dismissal, several unions of teachers, miners and government workers are already preparing demonstrations to demand the reinstatement of the doctor.

We cannot allow these practices to continue and stop in their tracks and demand that the Social Security Delegate here in Zacatecas immediately reinstate Dr. Armando Rosales Torres, “said Alejandro Rivera, general secretary of the Zacatecas Independent Workers Union.

And we publicly denounce that if what is not done is done, we as a bloc will have to support the comrade… the comrades in the health sector, “said Sandra Zúñiga, spokeswoman for section 24 of the SNTE.

Dr. Rosales assures that once he resolves the lawsuit for unjustified dismissal, he will begin a tour throughout the country to give support to his colleagues who suffer from lack of equipment or working conditions in the face of the pandemic.

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Weather: the weather forecast for this Tuesday, August 11

In that sense, the winds for today will be from the southwest rotating to the northwest and the temperature will go from 4 to 14 degrees.

Clear skies and northwesterly winds are expected on Wednesday shifting to the north, with thermal marks ranging between 3 and 15 degrees.

For Thursday, clear to somewhat cloudy skies are announced, northwest winds rotating to the north, with a minimum temperature of 5 degrees and a maximum of 17.

Meanwhile, the National Meteorological Service (SMN) issued three alerts for strong and intense winds in various areas of the country during the early hours of Tuesday.

The first of the alerts is for “intense winds” and covers the provinces of Chubut, Santa Cruz and northern Tierra del Fuego.

“The coverage area will be affected by intense winds from the western sector with speeds between 50 and 70 km / h with gusts,” reported the SMN.

The second of the alerts is for “intense winds in the mountains” and is for the mountain areas of Catamarca, Jujuy, La Rioja and Salta.

“It is expected that as of the afternoon of Tuesday 11, the winds from the west sector will begin to increase over the mountain areas of the provinces of La Rioja, Catamarca, Salta and Jujuy, reaching speeds between 60 and 75 km / h with gusts. winds will intensify more during the afternoon of Wednesday 12 “, announces the National Meteorological Service.

The last of the alerts is for “intense winds with gusts” and is for the southeast of the province of Buenos Aires, Chaco, Corrientes, Formosa, South of Misiones, east of Salta, north of Santa Fe, north of Santiago del Estero and Rio de la Plata exterior.

“The entry of cold air over the coverage area will cause intense winds from the southern sector until the morning of Tuesday 11th, with speeds between 45 and 60 km / h, with gusts of up to 75 km / h,” said the SMN.


Wirtualna Polska – Everything important

The Ministry of Health announced the latest balance of people infected with coronavirus in Poland. In the last 24 hours 619 new cases were confirmed. The largest focus is currently the province. Lesser. Two people died due to COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health announced 619 new cases of coronavirus in Poland in a statement on Monday. The infections concern the following voivodeships: Małopolskie (175), Śląskie (98), Wielkopolskie (64), Mazowieckie (53), Pomorskie (48), Podkarpackie (37), Łódzkie (31), Lubuskie (26), Dolnośląskie (18), Lubelskie (17), Kuyavian-Pomeranian (12), West Pomeranian (11), Podlasie (8), Świętokrzyskie (8), Opole (7) and Warmian-Masurian (6).

Coronavirus. Poland. The Ministry of Health issues a report. New cases of infection. There are victims

The ministry also informed about the death of 2 people: an 84-year-old woman from Łańcut and an 80-year-old man from Racibórz. One of them had comorbidities. In total, 52,410 people have been infected in Poland since the beginning of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, including 1,809 who died.

Read: Coronavirus in Poland. Łukasz Szumowski on conspiracy theories: offensive to those who died


Heavy thunderstorms over NRW – A13 flooded

It’s hot, very hot. Heat thunderstorms with heavy rain and strong winds have discharged over North Rhine-Westphalia. Parts of the A13 near Bochum were flooded. All information about the heat wave in the news blog.

Heat wave: this is how Germany enjoys midsummer

The heat wave is driving people in Germany outside, especially to the water. High temperatures can also be expected in the coming days. (Source: Reuters)

Full of sun: This is how Germany is currently enjoying midsummer. (Source: Reuters)

Full bathing lakes, crowds of people on the North and Baltic Seas: Summer 2020 is here, and it is really. Hoch Detlef brings temperatures of up to 38 degrees Celsius to the Federal Republic. In the forests there is sometimes the highest risk of forest fires. In some places, drinking water is becoming scarce.

Thunderstorms move across NRW – A13 flooded

Strong thunderstorms with plenty of rain and strong winds crossed NRW on Tuesday. As the German Weather Service (DWD) reported, the thunderstorms moved from the Sauerland through the southern Ruhr area and further towards the Lower Rhine since noon.

Radar images from the DWD showed rain amounts of more than 40 liters per square meter in places, as meteorologist Ines Wiegand said. The Bochum fire brigade warned on Twitter in the afternoon of a current thunderstorm front with gusts of wind. The first fallen trees have already been reported there. The “WDR Verkehrstudio” also reported flooded lanes on the A43 between Sprockhövel and Bochum on Twitter.

It stays hot – there is also a risk of thunderstorms

In the coming days too, sweating will be the order of the day in Germany. The reason is the summer high “Emil”, as the German Weather Service (DWD) said on Tuesday in Offenbach. In bright sunshine, up to 34 degrees are possible even in the north. After all, according to the DWD, the nights are cooler in the north and east.

The risk of thunderstorms remains high in the south and west – on Wednesday between North Rhine-Westphalia and the Alps. At the same time, tropical nights are possible here when it stays warmer than 20 degrees. During the day, the values ​​rise to up to 36 degrees. Even on Thursday and Friday there can be strong lightning and thunder in the southwest.

The DWD predicts only a slight cooling towards the weekend – 25 to 32 degrees are still possible, explained meteorologist Lars Kirchhübel. The risk of thunderstorms also remains.

New annual heat record: 38.6 degrees in Trier

At 38.6 degrees, the nationwide highest temperature of the year so far was measured in Trier on Sunday. As it was said in the evening at the German Weather Service (DWD) in Offenbach, the record was reached at the DWD station Trier-Petrisberg. Second place went to the city in Rhineland-Palatinate: it was up to 38.2 degrees in Trier-Zewen. Third place was shared by the weather stations in Kahl am Main in Bavaria and at Frankfurt Airport, with a maximum temperature of 37.5 degrees each.

Previously, the maximum value for this year was 38.5 degrees – measured on July 31 in Rheinfelden in southern Baden. The nationwide maximum temperature on Saturday had already been registered at 38.2 degrees on the Trier Petrisberg.

The community in the Hunsrück is threatened with water shortages

Because of the threat of water shortage, the residents of the Simmern-Rheinböllen community in Rhineland-Palatinate have to use water more sparingly. This was announced by the integrated control center Bad Kreuznach on Sunday evening.

In order to ensure the basic supply of drinking water during the persistent drought, the following activities have been prohibited in the community in the Hunsrück since Sunday: filling paddling pools and swimming pools, watering lawns and garden areas, washing vehicles on private property, cleaning and hosing down courtyards as well as the irrigation of public green spaces and sports fields. Violations of the restrictions are therefore monitored by the public order office.

The deficiency was not yet acute, but threatened, said the head of operations at the control center on Sunday evening. The residents took more water because of the drought. How long the bans will apply could not be foreseen on Sunday evening, according to the control center.

Alarming ozone levels in Frankfurt am Main

In Frankfurt am Main, the ozone level rose above the information threshold on Sunday. At the Frankfurt-Ost measuring station, the one-hour average at 1 p.m. was 181 micrograms per cubic meter of air, announced the Hessian State Office for Nature Conservation, Environment and Geology.

The limit of the information threshold is 180 micrograms of ozone in the air. The authorities advise children and adolescents and people who are sensitive to increased ozone concentrations to avoid strenuous physical activity outdoors. Due to the weather, it was expected that the ozone concentration at other measuring stations would rise above the limit value.

At the Schwartenberg measuring station in central Saxony, the threshold of 204 milligrams per cubic meter was exceeded even more. The State Office for the Environment warned against exertion in the open air and advised against endurance sports.

It’s that hot in Germany right now

On Sunday too, people in Germany work up a sweat again. Temperatures of up to 38 degrees Celsius are expected. In most places, the thermometer should level off at 32 to 36 degrees. However, according to the German Weather Service (DWD) more sultry than in the days before.

Only on the coasts it should be cooler with a little wind and on the Alps. In the east and in the middle of Germany, individual heat thunderstorms can form, especially over the mountains. In Thuringia, warnings were issued for the Nordhausen district and the Kyffhäuserkreis in the north of the state. In Saxony-Anhalt the Harz and the Mansfelder Land were affected.

The end of the summer heat is hardly in sight. It will also be hot at the start of the week: there are only a few heat thunderstorms. On Monday and Tuesday, meteorologists again expect maximum values ​​between 30 to 38 degrees. Not until Thursday Weather become more volatile with more showers and thunderstorms.

Severe weather warning for the Eifel district

The German Weather Service (DWD) warned of thunderstorms in the Eifel district of Bitburg-Prüm on Sunday morning. Heavy thunderstorms with extremely heavy rain and hail are possible, according to the DWD. The official storm warning spoke of extreme thunderstorms of level four – this is the highest warning level. Occasionally trees could be uprooted and roofs damaged. Flooding of cellars and streets as well as local flooding of streams and small rivers are possible. Staying outdoors should be avoided as much as possible and kept away from trees, scaffolding and high-voltage lines. In addition, as almost everywhere in Germany, warnings were issued against intense heat.

Berlin bathing lakes are bursting at the seams

The bathing lakes in Berlin are also overcrowded on Sunday. On Saturday, the police asked people not to come to Treptow-Köpenick to the Großer Müggelsee. Now she tweeted that the same was true for Sunday. The pools and lakes are already fully occupied by noon.

Too many bathers: the public order office closes the lake in Duisburg

In Duisburg, the public order office has cordoned off the popular Masurensee. According to information from the “Bild” newspaper, the reason is that too many people came to the swimming area on Saturday. The people grilled and smoked shisha. Distances were not kept and masks were not worn. Because the visitors refused to leave the lake at the request of the authorities, the city decided to cordon off the facility.

Highest value measured in Trier

According to the German Weather Service, the highest value was measured at the Trier-Petrisberg weather station (Rhineland-Palatinate) at 38.2 degrees. But that was not a new high for this year – it was on July 31st with 38.5 degrees in Rheinfelden in southern Baden.

In Trier-Petrisberg, too, the maximum value that day was slightly higher at 38.4.

DLRG is doing dozens of missions in Berlin

Water rescuer of the German Life Saving Society (DLRG) have been deployed to more than 80 missions on Berlin’s waters in the past few days. The rescue workers were on duty five times between Thursday and Saturday, as people threatened to drown, as the DLRG announced in a balance sheet on Sunday night.

In three cases, people were actually sunk in the water: On Saturday morning, a man drowned at Teufelssee in Berlin-Grunewald. He was rescued by divers, but died a little later, according to the fire department. Another man had an accident at the Wilhelm-Borgmann-Brücke in the Britz district. He could be reanimated. On Saturday evening, a person from the DLRG also had to be reanimated after a swimming accident at Plötzensee in Wedding.


Don Omar would return to music after expiring his record label contract

William Omar Landrón Rivera, better known as Don Omar, would be back in music according to his Instagram posts after the tour “Forever King. The Last Tour” marked his retirement of the scenarios.

According to a statement issued Mr. & Mrs. Entertainment the reggaeton player announced his official return to music after years due to his problems with the Universal label where for every song he got every 10 dollars of profit, nine belonged to them.

I decided to take everything backWell, I can’t deny that it’s the only thing that makes me feel alive. It no longer has to do with money or fame but with feeling alive and making those around me enjoy living too“Said Don Omar for the statement issued by Mr. & Mrs. Entertainment.

“The evolution of the living is marked by changing those who surround us in life, starting with my millions of fans, and for this I have a musical banquet for them for this next year that I assure you, with God ahead of us, it will mark our lives, “he added.

See this post on Instagram

F. R. E. E. D. O. M

A post shared by DON OMAR (@donomar) the

Also the reggaeton shared in his Instagram a photograph where he wrote “Freedom” in reference to the end of the contract, as well as announced his collaboration with Jowell & Randi in a new song.


This is happening today | ABC News

Solberg visits Northern Norway

From Friday 7 August to Sunday 9 August, Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H) will visit Nordland and Troms and Finnmark. On Saturday, she will visit Bø Museum, Kobbervågen crushing plant in Bø, Sortland shopping center and Fri Energi in Harstad. In the evening, she attends dinner with local businesses in the region.

Raja visits the Al-Noor Mosque

Al-Noor Islamic Center will inform Minister of Culture and Gender Equality Abid Raja (V) about his work after the terrorist attack in August last year. The mosque will also provide input to the forthcoming action plan against discrimination and hatred against Muslims.

Health worker demonstration in the UK

Employees of the UK Public Health Service will demonstrate in several places for better pay.

Large demonstrations in Beirut

Major protests have been announced against the Lebanese authorities in Beirut. At the same time, the President of the European Council, Charles Michel.

Protests after governor imprisonment in Russia

Several protests have been announced in Khabarovsk, Russia, where a popular governor has been jailed for a 2000s murder.

Mouthpiece injunction in France

Mouthpieces are mandated in Saint-Tropez, France, as a measure against the coronary pandemic.


RYANAIR May Not Fly to ITALY anymore. That’s WHY REASON »


Rayanair riskRyanair must enforce as soon as possible the anti-contagion rules or risk not being able to fly to Italy. The National Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) admonishes the Irish low cost company for repeatedly violating health regulations anti-Covid ordered by the Italian government. The recall, explains the body in a note, was sent in recent days to the same airline and to the homologous Irish authority.

If Ryanair does not comply, warn there’Enac, you will be asked to operate at reduced capacity (allowing only half of the passengers to board) or you will be forced to suspend all air transport activities in national airports.

The airport directionsi found that Ryanair systematically does not comply with the provisions envisaged in Italy to limit the health risk deriving from the coronavirus on board aircraft departing and arriving at national airports, the body accuses in the statement. For example: “Not only is the obligation of distancing between passengers not being observed, but also the conditions that allow the derogation from this distancing are not met”.

In Italy, according to the regulations, airplanes can fly with 100% of their capacity provided that the air on board is renewed every three minutes, the flows are vertical and Hepa filters are adopted, in addition to all the other conditions provided for in the annexes technicians of the Dpcm in force.


The African heat is about to return with temperatures over 38 degrees

AGI – During the upcoming weekend, the storm instability will be just a memory of Italy; except for a few showers in the far south, sun and heat will once again be the protagonists of the weather in our country; but it will be with the arrival of next week that the high pressure will further consolidate on Italy.

The team of the site announces that a return in style of the infamous African anticyclone which will extend well over the Mediterranean basin, consequently also incorporating Italy.

For this reason, the sun will shine on all regions except the classic afternoon heat storms over the Alps. Temperatures are also expected to rise sharply with values ​​widely above 32 C in the main cities and peaks of up to 38 C in Tuscany. The heat will be a constant also in the following days: on Tuesday 11th there will be no significant news, with lots of sun from North to South and afternoon thunderstorms confined along the Alpine sectors.

It will therefore be a fully summer parenthesis throughout Italy. From Wednesday 12 thunderstorms will become more frequent on the mountainous areas of the Alps and Apennines, with probable trespassing towards the areas of plains especially during the afternoon and local hailstones risk, in an always very hot thermal context. On Friday 14 th thunderstorm instability will still be the protagonist of the weather on the mountainous areas of the North and Center, with phenomena also of high intensity.