Sex in the light of the moon in ‘Survivors’

The night started rough. Jordi González got stuck in the door where he said to access the set. He came out on the side and the matter was solved. And after the anecdote, it was time to explain why the expelled ‘Robinsons’ did not attend the program. “Alejandro Reyes and Vicky Larraz are fine, but […]

NASA gives up the Gateway space station to go to the Moon in 2024

ABC Science Madrid Updated:03/18/2020 21: 46h save Related news Last year the US space agency announced its ambitious project to land two astronauts, a man and a woman, in the Luna in 2024, through the Artemis program, successor to the mythical Apollo project. This time it is intended that missions to the Moon are more […]

NASA needs your help building a moon-digging robot – BGR

NASA’s RASSOR robot is headed for the moon and is designed for surface digging. The robot uses a drum to collect lunar material and transport it to new locations, but NASA has not decided on a project for the drum. The space agency accepts 3D models as submissions for a more efficient excavation tool. Visit […]

Myths and truths of tonight’s “supermoon” – Viva la radio

A “Super moon“, famous for being recognized worldwide as the brightest in 2020, this Monday night, curious and astronomy lovers love it. Jorge Coghlan, Professor of CODE (Space Observer Center), explained in dialogue with String 3 which is a “Moon full in perigee, which would be the shortest distance you will have with the Earth. […]

A larger and brighter full moon will illuminate the sky on Monday

The second moon of the perigee of the year, popularly known as Super moon, illuminate this Monday night the sky from 18.48 hours, according to the National Astronomical Observatory (OAN), with a slightly larger appearance – up to 14% – than usual and a brighter 30% more intense. The fact that the Moon’s orbit is […]

Chinese lunar mission publishes results of radar surveys

AIn early 2019, China managed to land a mission on the back of the moon for the first time. The Chang’e 4 spacecraft, consisting of a lander and a rover, has since examined the moon crater “Von Kármán” in the northwest of the South Pole-Aitken Basin, the oldest and largest impact structure on the moon. […]

Yutu-2 made a new discovery on the far side of the Moon

Chang’e 4 probe from China wrote his name in history by becoming the first aircraft to successfully land softly on the far side of the Moon. It landed on the surface of Earth’s natural satellite on January 2, 2019, at the Von Karman crater, which has a diameter of 186 km. After arriving, the spacecraft […]