What is the Barre workout, and what are the benefits

Barre workout it is a new type of workout that draws inspiration from classical ballet.

This new sport allows you to train the entire body, going to tone and lengthen all the muscles, especially of the legs and buttocks.

The bars is perfect for those who want to streamline and tonewithout increase too much the muscles; in fact, all the exercises are held free body without the use of weights and barbells. So, to start this sport you only need a lot of willpower and sports clothing suitable and comfortable.

Barre workout: the benefits

Like all sports even the bar has many benefits, not only on a muscular level, but also on the posture.

With regard to the muscles, this type of workout is very effective because it allows you to simultaneously work different muscle groups, like legs, calves and abs, so going to increase the heart beats and, therefore, the calorie expenditure.

Practice bars consistently promotes an increase in lean body mass and, above all, makes the muscles more strong, thanks to the continuous repeats and isometric contractions that characterize each financial year.

This sport can be practiced by all, because it does not require experience in the field of classical dance.

For those who want to lose weight, however, bars is not exactly the best sport for your child, as not being a discipline, aerobics is quite intense for the heart; and then, unlike running or G. A. G., this sport is best suited for those who want to tone up and improve strength and muscle endurance.


Coronavirus, phase 2, gyms: how will they restart after closing? – The Gazzetta dello Sport

Almost 20 million Italians could return to indoor training from May 18, but the unknowns are many. The personal trainer: “Everything will change, even the way you exercise”

Tools sanitized immediately after the use of each individual customer, closed changing rooms as well as the common areas. In the smaller gyms you could only go by appointment and in the others on the basis of iron bands or in groups. It can only be followed at a distance of two meters from the instructor (in gloves and mask). We stop here because anyone who has ever been to a gym will have already understood that the rumors about the rules to follow for the possible reopening (expected by Saturday), which should take place in the coming weeks, would be difficult to apply in the field.


It is unthinkable that a small gym can only receive by appointment when already in the era before the virus was struggling to bear costs. A couple of customers per hour, when fifty customers first came in? The closure of the common areas? The gym is a common area par excellence, even if group courses should be prohibited in the first phase. Training for many is also a time of sociality: you struggle together, you have a chat and, why not, you attach a button with the cute girl or boy. The gym is sociability in all its forms, just what covid-19 took away from us.


We asked for it Christian Cervizzi, personal trainer in many gyms in Milan with twenty years of experience and who therefore knows this world in all its angles. “The problem is first of all cheap. The reopening must coincide with a positive balance between revenues and costs. More spacing means fewer entrances and less earnings for facilities that have important exits. Keep an eye out for smart-working too: many people choose the gym because it is close to the office, but if they don’t have to go to the office anymore … distance among the people inside the structures and today we cannot know how many people are ready to start training in a space at the closed and with the mask, which under stress is objectively annoying. And with the arrival of heat the doubts about‘air conditioning how to spread the virus will have to be clarified. ”


Many will not make it, it seems to understand. “But – continues Christian – the desire to take back one’s life and recover one’s own physical well-being they will not fade. For sure it will change the way of to train, both alone and for those who work with us trainers. Account should be taken of time that each user will have available within the structure, which may be less than before. It will be even more for us stimulant: each physicist has a different frame and engine, we professionals will have to make them perform at their best “.


The perception is that the world of gyms has been left alone: ​​many centers are closed from early March and await precise indications on how to leave. Many structures will rely on app to try to quota the entrances without letting their members wait outside, who would lose patience in 5 ‘. “Our category – admits Cervizzi, who via Instagram (_chry_pt) has worked virtually with some of the people he trains – has been literally brought to his knees by this pandemic. Revenue zeroed or almost, agendas to be restored. But we are ready to start again because we are sportsmen (Christian is a good level triathlete) and we are aware that in order to achieve the objectives we have to work hard and suffer. But I really hope that after this disaster there will be more caution by institutions towards our category. Sport and wellness should be considered as one pillar on which to build a society of people who are well, physically and mentally “.


“The sun activates vitamin D and increases the immune system”

Closed gyms? The world of fitness at the time of covid-19 is renewed. No machines or dumbbells, more free body space. Waiting to understand when and how they will reopen, personal trainers are organizing themselves to offer outdoor lessons to customers. In fact, with the regional ordinance of May 6, sports can be played in parks and outdoor spaces also in co-presence, provided that all safety requirements are respected, starting with the spacing and the prohibition of contact between individual practitioners.

Cristian Laghi, biologist-nutritionist and owner with his father Enzo of the Record Gym in via Ravegnana, has chosen the course “Paul Harris” in via Bengasi as the location for the courses that will begin on May 18. “I would like to thank the municipal administration, which is very concerned about the sports sector, for its commitment. We have held several meetings on Skype with the representatives of the sports associations and private gyms, during which the deputy mayor Daniele Mezzacapo gave us explained well in advance what the intentions were. Then there is the novelty of giving the parks free of charge, without the need to pay the occupation of public land. Just send a simple question, indicating the days and times in which courses will be held, in order to avoid gatherings. Then the Sports Unit will coordinate the management of the spaces “.

How will you organize the activities?

The activity must be carried out individually, with respect for the distances. Two meters for those who are not with a mask and one meter with. For example, body building cannot be done with equipment provided by the gym. For example, the exchange of dumbbells will not be possible. Those who wish can bring for example bottles of water from home or what one will have for personal use only.

What will the courses be?

Pilates, yoga, zumba and functional training gag for legs, abs and buttocks with music. The location, which is located near our gym, is beautiful and befitting. There are many trees and therefore also shaded areas. I hope that those who are used to making tools only will also come.

Is there already a calendar?

We are developing it with teachers. We will inform through social media. It is a completely new experience. It will start on Monday 18 May.

Will they be free?

No, it’s a service we provide to subscribers. But those who are not enrolled can also participate in the course by paying a 5 euro attendance fee. I am a company with VAT and not a sports association. With a tablet I will then issue an electronic invoice, which will be sent by email.

Did this experience revolutionize the concept of the gym?

With the beginning of the emergency I immediately organized myself with Facebook direct and videos on Youtube. Especially those who were not used to coming to the gym have approached home fitness.

Will you continue with this system?

I will publish recorded lessons if it is not possible to take lessons in the park due to bad weather.

Did you miss your customers?

Yes, a lot. Numerous messages of support and affection were received. There is a great desire to leave. I feel discomfort especially among those used to doing weights.

With the lockdown, there are those who for various reasons have not had the opportunity to train and perhaps unload the stress on food. How should the return to normal be managed from a physical point of view?

It was a worse downtime than when there is partial inactivity due to an injury, because for better or worse you can walk or otherwise perform a certain workout. This block created true sedentary lifestyle. Smart working has led to zero travel. The restart must be gradual and without exceeding the desire to improvise an ironman. Being outdoors is a very positive thing. Also there is a consideration to be made.


Being in the sun activates vitamin D, which is a very powerful natural anti-inflammatory and helps fight infections. It also increases the power of the immune defenses.

How do you see a “Phase 3” with the gyms open?

I see it with quoted entrances or in relation to square meters. Surely cardio fitness will be seen in “phase 4”, also because it is impossible to do cardio with the mask. In Korea, for example, all cardio machines are turned off. You can only do physiotonic activity and weights. It is the most sensible thing, because this type of exercises are already equipped with gloves.

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And for the courses?

If you are lucky enough to have very large rooms, there may be spacing. But this is not new, only now there is more sensitivity to the topic. The Ausl already carries out checks regarding the number of people a room can host. Depending on the intended use, each room must have certain characteristics. For gyms, for example, there must be a number of windows as a percentage of the surfaces that can be walked on, this is because the ventilation must guarantee the healthiness of the premises, or they must be equipped with forced air systems that guarantee air circulation.


Elena Temnikova took up a figure on self-isolation

After a month of self-isolation, 35-year-old singer Elena Temnikova thought about the need for home training. On May 4, she posted on Instagram a photo in a tight-fitting tracksuit and drew subscribers’ attention to her “delicious creases on her hips.”

“Starting today, I’ll start downloading the press and the ass. Right now, ”the artist wrote. – Of course, I am normal about my new kilograms, but it’s time to cheer up my muscles. I pray, tell me the secret how to love sports? ”

A few hours later, however, Elena published a comedic video in which she promised that she would begin to engage in herself “from tomorrow.” At the same time, the singer noted that she still withstood the first 15 minutes of training.

“Even three squats is better than zero,” Temnikova shared her personal motivation.

The star frankly admitted to subscribers that she was tired of postponing her occupation for tomorrow and cultivate laziness in herself. However, she does not know whether she will have the willpower for daily training. Fans of the singer support her in the comments and offer their advice on how to overcome laziness.

Is it just as difficult for you to set yourself up for daily fitness as Temnikova?


Fitness and hitting fire … exercises for Amir Karara before the start of filming “Choice”

Only 3 episodes of the series “The Choice” about the life of the hero of the thunderbolt martyr Ahmed Al-Mansi passed, except that the series became the most searched, and circulated through social media, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, where the audience praised the beginning of the series, its strong launch, and performance Amir Karara and Ahmed Al-Awadi, as well as stars, guests of honor.

During workouts

Amir Karara is training to shoot
Amir Karara is training to shoot

Amir Karara
Amir Karara

One of the accounts on “YouTube”, published a video of the training of the star Amir Karara, arriving for more than 8 minutes of different exercises, in preparation for the role he plays in the “Choice” series, where the exercises came violent, between fitness and shooting with precision, as well as exercises from Swimming pool, and other powerful exercises.

From the shooting training
From the shooting training


The series “The Choice” starring Amir Karara, Ahmed Al-Awadi, Dina Fouad, Sarah Adel, Dhiaa Abdel-Khaleq and a large number of guests of honor, including Muhammad Imam Asir Yassin, Muhammad Rajab, Iyad Nassar, Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Majed Al-Masry, Salah Abdullah, Rams Amir, Hazem Samir, Mohamed Ezz, and Maha Nassar And others, written by Bahir Dowidar, directed by Peter Mimi, and produced by Synergy.

The series “The Choice” deals with the life of Ahmed Saber Al-Mansi – Commander of the 103th Brigade Battalion – who was martyred in an ambush in the “Square of Perth”, in the Egyptian city of Rafah in 2017, during the response to a terrorist attack in the Sinai, provided that the work shows many social and humanitarian aspects In the life of the late hero.


The Japanese exercise to tone the body at home with only four minutes a day

To japanese Kenichi Sakuma the ‘top models’ and celebrities consider him a guru of the sport. Thanks to your method simple and cash, has become a ‘coach’ of the ‘fitness’ international. With his tips and exercises, anyone may be able to keep your figure no need to perform training exhausting physics or impossible diets.

In his new book that will go on sale this January, ‘The Sakuma Full Body method’, the Japanese personal trainer helps us to work in just four minutes those parts that need our attention the most: the rebellious areas. These exercises are designed so that anyone, Regardless of your age or physical condition, you can perform them and get results quickly and effectively. The key is to strengthen the muscles and balance them so that our metabolism stays active at all times, which translates into a constant burning of fat throughout the day, which takes place without us realizing it.

Japanese secrets

One of the secrets of the Sakuma method is increase the energy that our body consumes without extra effort: the most efficient way to consume energy without changing your Lifestyle.

Since each person cares about specific areas, Kenichi told us offers series of exercises made for different parts of our body. Be they arms, the hips, the buttocks or the thighs what we are interested in reducing, it will only take a few specific workouts to obtain the body we want.

One of the secrets is to increase the energy that our body consumes without having to make an extra effort

On the one hand, Sakuma presents a series of exercises with which we can downsize any area in an instant. If we have an important event or if we simply want to put on a clothing of a smaller size one day, we will only have to do some simple one-minute exercises that will make us lose size for a whole day. This effect, unlike the training series, is temporaryBut it can be very useful in specific situations.

On the other hand, Sakuma offers us exercises for different parts of the body with a prolonged effect over time. In these cases, the procedure is always the same, regardless of the area involved: stretch, stimulate, establish and fix. With these simple steps, of just one minute each, we will be able to correct the bad muscular habits and reduce the grease and therefore the volume of the arms, hips, buttocks, calves, or legs. Consequently, our posture will be corrected and the body will be stylized.

The first step is learn to stretch muscles. Then, we must activate the ones we want to work on. Once prepared, we will slim down the rebellious areas thanks to stretches with loads. In this way, we not only help the muscle deformed by fat to recover its natural state, but we will also gain flexibility. The last step is as simple as performing exercises of muscle memory so that the muscles do not accumulate fat again and remain as we want during our day to day.

Some exercises

For the arms: When the shoulder blades are higher than normal, the movements of the shoulders are limited and this causes an accumulation of fat in the upper arms. This exercise helps lower the position of the shoulder blades and burn fat.

The first step is to learn to stretch your muscles. Then, we must activate the ones we want to work on

Lie on your back and bend your knees. Place a folded towel twice below the waist. Put your hands under your head and lie on your back. Spread your legs hip-width apart and bend your knees. Turn the waist until you stop touching the towel. Hold this position. While you breathe, tuck your belly in. Hold the position for 20 seconds. Exhale for the first 10 seconds. Inhale once and exhale another 10 seconds. Inhale again. Repeat three times.

Exercise for thighs: With this exercise you will work the gluteus maximus. In doing so, the thigh muscles will relocate properly and regain their shape. Put a towel under your knees to keep your hips from curving too far, so you can correct your pelvic tilt.

Initial pose: put your hands and knees on the floor. Have a towel nearby. Put the towel behind a knee. Hold the towel with the inside of one knee. Keep your ankles flexed and align hands with shoulders. Bring your leg up as you hold the towel. Slowly raise the leg that holds the towel as far as you can. Don’t raise your chin. Lower your leg slowly. Bring your knee slightly forward from the starting position. Repeat ten times.


Anne Haug: If necessary, she swims on a piano chair to the Ironman

SSwimming without water is difficult. The in-house bathtub is at best suitable for splashing and relaxing, the pool in the garden is a distant dream for most, and the temperatures of the lakes in this country only attract the really tough, even in a wetsuit. All that remains is dry swimming. At least for all the ambitious hobby athletes and professionals who do not currently have a special permit to train in a hall, but want to keep the damage within limits.

That’s how Anne Haug is doing right now. Germany’s top triathlete does pull rope training in a swimming position at home: she has wrapped thick rubber bands with loops for hands around the banister in the hallway, lies on her stomach on a piano stool – and swims. So to say.

The somewhat different swimming training: Anne Haug does dry exercises

The somewhat different swimming training: Anne Haug does dry exercises

Source: private: Anne Haug

The 37-year-old finally wants to keep fit and at least maintain the swim-specific muscles by imitating the underwater arm pull. Just in need. Because their triathlon means the world and because at the moment nobody can estimate when the first races will be held again. In any case, the prestigious Ironman Hawaii, which she became the first German woman to win in October 2019, is one of the few highlights of this sporting year that has not yet been canceled.

Whether the competition can actually be held on October 10, 2020 is another matter. An uncertainty that unsettled or demotivated many athletes. Not Anne Haug.

A moment of quiet satisfaction

Her sensational triumph from last year still has an impact on her. Started at most as a secret favorite and with the uncertainty factor of a run-up preparation that was screwed up due to injury, she achieved something historic. After swimming 3.8 kilometers and cycling 180 kilometers, she later took the lead in the marathon and was able to show off her strength thanks to years of hard training.

Anne Haug overjoyed after historical triumph

Anne Haug is the first German to win the Ironman in Hawaii. The Pegnitz woman can hardly believe her luck after the triathlon and is modest despite the historic triumph.

When she thinks back today, Haug doesn’t even have the congestion of victory at first, not this indescribable chaos of feelings between bliss, total exhaustion, emptiness on the one hand and confusion of thoughts on the other. But a quiet moment a little later.

The picture in her mind’s eye? “When I ate the best and largest ice cream in the world the day after with my physiotherapist Sabrina Hoppe and my trainer Dan Lorang in our ‘After Kona’ ice cream parlor,” she says. “It was awesome to share this moment of quiet satisfaction with them. You and my small team worked so hard to make this dream come true with me. ”She lives on the fulfillment of this dream – especially on the physically or mentally hard days. Or in difficult times like now.

“Know when goals dissolve into nothing”

Because it’s just not easy for anyone. Even if Haug is far from complaining. “My health is very good,” she reports, “and mentally I try to make the best of the situation.” After all, that’s what she’s used to in her sport. Because basically a long distance in triathlon often means nothing other than the best possible crisis management.

It is almost impossible that everything will run perfectly in the more than eight hours from start to finish. Physically and mentally, the athletes often experience a roller coaster ride between euphoria and despair, physical pain and the feeling of intoxication, between doubt and hope. Haug’s Hawaii victory in her fourth long distance after switching from the shorter Olympic route says a lot about her crisis management and her ability to suffer. Nothing works without perseverance, irrepressible will and patience.

Haug knows this not only from the races, but also from her career full of extreme ups and downs. “I know the situation very well, that from one day to the next – due to injuries – everything can change, all goals can not be resolved, and you don’t know when and if it can ever go on,” she says. “But as long as I have dreams for which I am passionate, I firmly believe that everything is possible, no matter how bad the current situation is.” Her guiding principle: crises shape character and willpower. The year 2019, which ended in a happy ending in Hawaii for her, is the best proof.

Bunker? Doesn’t know Anne Haug

The time in top sport made her humble and grateful. And pretty tough. The fact that the majority of triathletes are lone fighters is also helping her. Haug is used to training alone for hours and getting on with himself. “Training is my life, it has dominated my everyday life for years,” she says. “I do not know anything like a storage bug. After all, it’s part of my sport to spend a lot of time alone with myself and my thoughts. ”And she is doing that now.

Two athletes that caused a sensation in 2019: Anne Haug and Jan Frodeno at “Menschen 2019 – der ZDF Jahresrückblick”

Credit: Getty Images / Christian Augustin

Usually, however, Haug prepares either at “Club La Santa” on Lanzarote or in Saarbrücken. However, since she cannot fly away and the training facilities at the Olympic base in Saarland including physiotherapy are closed, she temporarily moved to Bayreuth with her parents and is building a small, independent training base there. Not much has changed in running and cycling training, after all, there is no curfew in Bavaria. Haug trains indoors and outdoors, it was never different.

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Only the thing about swimming gives her a headache. Pull rope training maintains the swimming-specific muscles, but “water is irreplaceable”. So Haug was looking for a pool that was big and deep enough to swim on a rubber band on the spot. And then opted for dry swimming and waiting for warmer lakes and special permits for swimming pools. Because training in the private pool would not be sustainable – “after all, you can’t simulate a 5.5 km unit in a paddling pool”.

Competitions are not the reason …

However, with all zeal for training, one big question remains: what is it preparing for? Basically, the moment when she knows exactly that she can tear off the kilometers again with a clear goal in mind. Until then, she has to keep her level and immune system stable. She tries to hide the uncertainty surrounding Ironman Hawaii.

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Patrick Lange wins Ironman World Championship in Hawaii

Since February, several qualification races have been canceled until summer, the organizers should – if the race can be carried out safely – come up with something. “I try not to waste my brain batteries on things that are not in my hand,” says Haug. “I am still passionate about becoming a better athlete and I love my sport. Competitions are a good way to push yourself to the absolute limit of your performance, but not the reason why I do triathlon. ”It is this motivation from within that drives her every day. If necessary also on the piano chair.

Frodeno makes Ironman in the home office

Triathlete Jan Frodeno completed a complete Ironman triathlon in his own four walls. The athlete used it to raise money for the fight against the corona virus. Boris Becker couldn’t believe it.

Source: WELT / Christoph Hipp


Fitness: Do more sport now – but with the right strategy!

Klug planned, fixed training times work best for the implementation of your projects. You shouldn’t constantly ask yourself if you feel like it right now. Just get started. The time is planned, do not think too much, what should happen. If you have taken the first step, half is almost done. For many, it works best when training is on the weekend, then more, smaller workouts in the middle of the week. Keep this up for a month and you will soon see that you can no longer let it go. Your training routine will run smoothly.