Lavrov: Europe is not going to open borders for Russians yet

European countries have not yet considered the possibility of opening borders for Russians, based on the number of detected cases of coronavirus infection in the country, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said in an interview with RT.

“Europe is now being opened, but, given the number of detected cases of infection, Russia, like the USA and Brazil, at this stage is considered as a country for which Europe has not yet opened,” the minister said. According to him, now Russia is assessing the epidemiological situation for the resumption of air traffic. When asked when the borders would be opened, Lavrov replied that he did not know.

On March 20, Russia, due to the coronavirus pandemic, stopped foreign rail traffic, a week later passenger air service with other countries was limited. On June 8, part of the restrictions was lifted – the Russians were allowed to leave the country to work and study, as well as to take care of sick relatives living in other states. Since June 15, the European Union has opened almost all internal borders. The European Commission previously recommended the launch of a phased opening of external borders on July 1.


Foreigners canceling a visit to Russia will be reissued for free visa :: Society :: RBC

Foreign citizens who in March this year issued a visa to visit Russia, but canceled the visit due to the coronavirus pandemic, will be able to reissue it for free. This was stated in an interview to Kommersant by the Deputy Foreign Minister, State Secretary Yevgeny Ivanov.

According to him, Russian laws do not allow to extend a visa if it is issued. but not used because the visa is a document with a limited validity period. But ignoring the issue of canceling visits and expiring visas would be wrong.

“The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers it possible to offer foreign citizens who have canceled their trips to Russia, despite previously issued single or double entry visas, the validity of which began in mid-March, to apply for new visas of the same multiplicity for free,” Ivanov said.

Russia and Belarus signed an agreement on mutual recognition of visas

The deputy minister noted that it would be possible to draw up documents for entry into Russia free of charge within six months from the date of lifting restrictions on entry in the country. To do this, foreigners will need to provide documents confirming their right to obtain a visa for a new term.


Ukrainian Foreign Ministry announced the renaming of Kiev on Facebook :: Society :: RBC

Dmitry Kuleba

(Photo: Valentin Ogirenko / Reuters)

The social network Facebook has changed the rules for writing the capital of Ukraine, now it will be called “Kyiv” and not “Kiev” in order to avoid harmony with the Russian language. This was written on Facebook by Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba.

“Today I am pleased to report: the movement for the correct transliteration of the capital won an important victory. <...> Facebook officially switched to using Kyiv, ”the minister said. Now the addresses and places in which the capital of Ukraine is mentioned will use the new spelling of the city.

Verkhovna Rada renamed Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky

View of Pereyaslavl

Kuleba compared the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry with water that sharpens a stone, as the Foreign Ministry “sharpens” everyone, “who still writes Kiev instead of Kyiv.” According to the minister, in order to achieve a result from Facebook, Ukraine sent “tens and hundreds of letters”, called all the offices “from European to the western coast of the USA”.

In the summer of 2019, the United States renamed the capital of Ukraine in the international base the capital of Ukraine from Kiev to Kyiv at the request of the Ukrainian embassy. The diplomatic mission claimed that after this, foreign organizations that focus on the American base will begin to change the spelling.


The state Department said about the presence of Russian project “the separation” NATO :: Policy :: RBC

The United States believes that Russia has a project to split NATO. This idea is representative of the country’s arms control expressed in response to a tweet with the words Maria Zakharova on the destabilizing activity of NATO in the EU

Marshall Billingsley

(Photo: Hussein Malla / AP)

Russia is a “parallel project”, trying to divide NATO. About this in his Twitter wrote to the special representative of the U.S. arms control Marshall Billingsley.

This message he added to reticu post of the Russian foreign Ministry with the words of his official spokesman Maria Zakharova. “At the meeting in Vienna, Russia participated in the discussion of the destabilizing effects of military activity of NATO in Europe, emphasizing the end “mission on the exchange of nuclear weapons” and the withdrawal of US nuclear weapons from European countries,” — said in a tweet the Ministry of foreign Affairs.

Arguing about Moscow’s attempt to split NATO, Billingsley said that “this will not happen”. “Russia should concentrate on real things: secret extensions [оружия] China,” added the special representative of the United States.

The United States proposed to include in the new Treaty, the nuclear arsenals of Russia and China

Marshall Billingsley

Negotiations between Russia and USA on strategic stability and arms control was held in Vienna on 22 June. The Russian delegation was represented by Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov.


The Ministry has decided to resume production “aircraft taxi” Il-103 :: Business :: RBC

According to Cherenkov radiation, the company was ready to offer to the market an updated Il-103 at a price of $150 thousand to $200 thousand “This is the bomb price”, — he noted, adding that “the prospects for the Il-103 is good.”

Il-103 — four (pilot and three passengers) single-engine piston passenger “aircraft-air taxi”. The dimensions of the Il-103 is small even for its class. Its length is 8 m and a height of 3,135 m. Without load the plane weighs 765 kg, and maximum takeoff weight is limited to 1460 kg. the Total weight of passengers or cargo must not exceed 395 pounds.

Modernization of the Il-114 will be engaged in United aircraft Corporation

The Il-103 was putting in the engines of American manufacturing IO-36ES, with a capacity of 210 HP, the Aircraft can accelerate to 250 km/h, but cruising speed is limited at around 225 km/h During takeoff the necessary run not less than 405 m, for planting you will need about 575 m to full braking. The service ceiling for the Il-103 is 4000 m and the flight distance can reach 1070 km.

The production of Il-103 was conducted in Russia from 1997 to 2007. During this decade, it produced 66 aircraft. The main operator of the machine was Russia. Just purchased 30 aircraft of different variations. They are used for work in forestry and intelligence activities in the border areas. From foreign countries of interest to the aircraft showed Belarus, Laos, Peru and South Korea. If the first three States in total bought a total of 13 cars, South Korea has acquired 23 aircraft for the air force.


The foreign Ministry of Ukraine has promised to continue breaking contracts with Russia :: Policy :: RBC

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine will continue to reduce the number of agreements with Russia. This was stated by Deputy head of the Ukrainian foreign Ministry Vasyl Bodnar in an interview with “UKRINFORM”.

“We had 453 signed bilateral agreements. Now remain in force of about 300 documents, but still continue to audit what we can give,” said Bodnar.

The media learned about plans of Ukraine to allocate $170 million for the “wall” with Russia

At the same time said that Kiev does not go on radical steps: do not terminate diplomatic relations with Moscow and does not cease its diplomatic presence in Russia. According to the diplomat, the two countries partially acts as a contractual framework within the CIS and bilateral.

In April 2019, at the initiative of the Ukrainian side stopped the action of the Treaty on friendship, cooperation and partnership between Ukraine and Russia. This document was signed in 1997. It said that Moscow and Kiev have to build relations on the basis of the principles of inviolability of borders, mutual respect and peaceful settlement of disputes.


Trump has imposed restrictions on the issuance of work visas :: Policy :: RBC

Due to the economic downturn caused by the coronavirus pandemic, the number of temporary work visas “are an extraordinary threat to employment” of Americans, said trump. In this regard, their results will be withheld until the end of the year

The United States has suspended until the end of 2020, the issuance of a number of temporary work visas. The corresponding decree was signed by President Donald trump, the document published on the White house website.

“Temporary workers often accompany their spouses and children, many of whom also compete with American workers. Under normal conditions, a properly organized program of temporary employment can benefit the economy. But in an emergency the economic downturn caused by the outbreak COVID-19, some nonimmigrant visa program to allow such employment, present an extraordinary threat to the employment of American workers,” said trump.

Under restriction were the following visas:

  • H-1B visa that allow to work in USA for foreign qualified professionals, mainly in the field of technology;
  • visa H-4 family members of holders of H-1B visa;
  • seasonal workers visa H-2B;
  • visa L-1 for official intra-company transfer for executives, managers and professionals. These visas allow you to move from a foreign company to its subsidiary or branch in the United States to work on a temporary basis;
  • some J-1 visa for cultural and professional exchange.

At the same time, those workers who are already in the United States, under the restrictions imposed do not fall.

Trump has signed a decree on the suspension of immigration to the United States

The unemployment rate in the United States on the background of the pandemic coronavirus reached in April to 14.7%, which was the worst result since the great depression, reported the labor Department. Without work then was 20.5 million people. In may the figure fell to 13.3%.

To protect Americans who have lost their jobs due to the effects of coronavirus, trump in late April signed a decree on the suspension of immigration to the United States. The restriction will be in effect at least 60 days and a decision on its withdrawal or extension will be made based on the situation on the labor market, noted in the White house. Medical and other employees whose assistance is needed to combat the outbreak of coronavirus, the restriction does not affect.

According to the Johns Hopkins University, in the United States since the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus has infected 2.3 million people, victims of the disease become 120,3 thousand inhabitants. According to both indicators, the country is in the world in the first place.

The spread of the coronavirus Covid-19 in the world

The number of confirmed cases of infection

Source: JHU

Data for the world i

Victoria Polyakova


Representatives of Germany will not be at the Victory parade in Moscow :: Policy :: RBC

Geza Andreas von Geir

(Photo: Mikhail Tereshchenko / TASS)

Representatives of Germany will not be at the Victory parade in Moscow on 24 June, said German Ambassador to Russia géza Andreas von Geir in an interview

“If I understand correctly, in this special the pandemic year, the parade will be a special circle of foreign guests. While the exact information we received, but I currently assume that Germany will not” — said von Geir.

Putin called the inevitable visit of the leadership of Ukraine in Moscow

The President Of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky

The Victory parade will not be able to visit the President of Turkmenistan Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, Prime Ministers of Armenia Nikol Pashinian and Japan Shinzo Abe, President of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman.

In mid-April Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the postponement of the parade, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic war, because of the situation with the spread of the coronavirus in the country. In late may, the President called a new date — June 24. This day will be inoperative.


What happened during the night. Breaking news RBC :: Society :: RBC

The arrest of chief rival Lukashenko, a new low in the number of deaths from COVID-19 in Moscow, the Durov has promised to provide a job Telegram to China and Iran, foreign stocks will leave on the Russian stock exchanges — main news in review RBC

In Belarus arrested the head of Babariko and his son

One of the potential participants in the presidential elections in Belarus Victor Babariko arrested. Previously he was charged. What it accused the former head of the BGB, is unknown.

  • As reported in the election headquarters of Babariko, the prosecution also presented his son Edward, he is arrested. As reported his girlfriend, a young man has been accused of tax evasion.
  • Both Babariko detained on 18 June. Prior to this, Belgazprombank (owned by “Gazprom” and Gazprombank), which Victor Babariko headed until may 2020, were searched. The businessman called the raids raiding and claimed that it is a campaign directed against him. Presidential elections in Belarus scheduled for 9 August.

In Moscow for the day revealed at least deaths from the virus since April

Over the past day in the capital died and another 20 people infected with the coronavirus, said operational headquarters. This is the lowest since April 16.


Media reported about the sale of the house Elon musk for $29 million :: Society :: RBC

The founder of companies SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk sold for $29 million one of his houses in Los Angeles (California). According to The Wall Street Journal.

According to the newspaper, Musk bought the house for $17 million from one of the founders of hedge Fund Canyon Capital Mitchell Julis in 2012. In may 2020, he put the mansion for sale. The founder of SpaceX, owned five houses this area, one of which he uses as schools for their children, the newspaper said.

That Musk sold his house for $29 million, writes the New York Post.

Elon Musk named the baby in honor of the spy plane

As previously reported by The Wall Street Journal, in early may, Musk promised to sell almost all his property. Your decision the entrepreneur explained that he wants to simplify his life. He added that he will retain only what makes him sentimental.