On video | Van Damme: 60 years of life, martial arts and excesses

The image of the Belgian actor Jean-Claude Van Damme performing a split (lateral opening of the legs) on any surface became a great reference in action cinema and martial arts. Its elasticity allowed him to create fantastic blows such as the flying kick with 360 ° rotation or helicopter kick, in which he mixed techniques of karate and classical ballet, something that aroused the interest of fans of this type of martial choreography.

In order to achieve world recognition, he had to migrate to the United States in 1982 with the illusion of venturing into Hollywood cinema. While that was happening, he made a living as a taxi driver, pizza delivery man, carpet installer, security guard and sparring partner for Chuck Norris, another action movie great.

His first role was as an extra in the 1984 film Missing in Action (known in Colombia as Prisoner of War), thanks to a recommendation from Norris. Two years later he begins to emerge after becoming the antagonist of the film Never Back Down, Never Surrender.

His first leading role was in the film Bloody Contact (1988), a tribute to Frank Dux, the greatest exponent of martial arts in Canada and the United States.

That movie co-starred Bolo Yeung, a Chinese bodybuilder also skilled in karate-do and kung fu. Bolo was a great friend of Bruce Lee and his success in the cinema is also due to Jean Claude Vandamme, with whom he still maintains a good friendship.

Among his most remembered films are: Kickboxer, Lawless Fighting Lion, Double Impact, Universal Soldier and The Colony.

Jean-Claude Camille François Van Varenberg (his first name) celebrates 60 years of life today. He knows very well what it is like to reach the top, but also due to his excesses of liquor, hallucinogens and women, he headed towards a dark alley from which it is difficult to escape. “He spent up to $ 10,000 a week on cocaine,” said Steven De Souza, director of the film version of the video game Street Fighter, which Van Damme starred in in 1994.

For others, especially people of the new generations, the image of Van Damme is only referenced in their conversations on WhatsApp and social networks as a meme, a funny character who dances in a very peculiar way in a scene from Kickboxer, while drinking in a canteen.

Beyond that, in his film career he had to defeat great rivals like Tong Po in Kickboxer, but he also found great allies such as basketball star Dennis Rodman, his fellow adventurer in The Colony.

His name is still valid as an actor, producer and director. In this last aspect, he has stood out for films such as The Quest or Full love. Another successful film in which Jean Claude Van Damme starred is The Indestructibles 2 (2012), in which he is the main villain. A constellation of stars from the action movies led by Sylvester Stallone participates in this film. They are followed by: Jason Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Norris, Terry Crews, Randy Couture, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Liam Hemsworth.

Julio Lara, teacher, critic and public educator, pointed out that Van Dame is a reference of the great exponents of martial arts in the film industry, and although he is not at the height of Bruce Lee or Yuen Woo-Ping, he remains in the Top 10.

“The first reference I had of him was from the movie Bloody Contact, from there I began to notice that his career coincided with certain directors who suddenly sowed some kind of seed in Hollywood. A memorable film in his career is Universal Soldier, which marks the debut of German director Roland Emmerich, who later made Independence Day, Godzila, The Day After Tomorrow, among others ”.


‘Benito’ from ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’ is in serious health due to Covid-19

Giovanni Suárez, the actor who plays ‘Benito’ in ‘Pasión de Gavilanes’, let the program ‘I know everything’ know that he is “very ill” due to the coronavirus.

In short, the actor’s state of health is complicated and he reaffirmed it after videos published on his Instagram, where he let his followers know how he is.

Giovanni also pointed out that he felt “very weak” due to Covid-19 and that at that time he was going to be admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). For the same reason, ‘Benito’ asked that they pray for his health. “They are going to put me in the ICU, I am completely incommunicado; I ask my fans, my friends, those who love me to please put me in their prayer chains, so that the Lord can take me out of it ”, expressed Giovanni Suárez.

. Also, in the publication made, he added that: “I am not saturating anything.”

In the recordings, the ‘Pasión de gavilanes’ actor included a thank you to those who have been watching him.


Carmelo Valencia | The Herald

Due to my work as a commentator on Blu Radio, I have the opportunity to see all the Colombian professional soccer teams many times, not only when they face Junior. This, perhaps, helps me to form an idea closer to the true level of the players. To his current status, and not only to some antecedents, good or bad, or to the impression he caused the day he compared with the Barranquilla team.

Perhaps that is why I referred to Carmelo Valencia, right here, in this heap from where I look at football work, after the announcement of his arrival at Junior at the beginning of this year. “Very veteran and fast forward. Powerful, insistent. Surprisingly evolved the previous semester in defects that syndicated him: little fluidity with the ball and excessive wrong plays in the face of goal ”.

Later I described some of the virtues that he had displayed during the tournament: “He has had a formidable season in Cúcuta with goals, speed, imbalance, correct participation in the team game, physical energy, determination. Did you have any reservations for the Junior? We will know in time ”.

The question, surely, was due to the generalized prejudice that is installed around the players with the age of Valencia. Well, for now it seems that he still has physical and football reserves, and these days he has been the main actor for his goals in the series against América and in the Copa Libertadores in the win against Independiente del Valle. He is doing his part to be the starter. The other part depends on Amaranto Perea.


This is what the protagonists of Pedro el Escamoso look like, almost 20 years later | News from El Salvador

Nearly two decades have passed since this great Colombian production, and today we show you what some of its protagonists do.

In mid-April 2001, a singular gentleman with long curly hair, tight pants, a lover of boots and dancing, burst onto the Colombian television screens. It was Pedro Coral Tavera, better known as “Pedro El Escamoso”, who would soon set out to conquer Latin America with his particular style.

It was the actor Miguel Varoni who gave life to “Pedro”, a dreamer, liar and in love man, who came to the city fleeing from his town and conquered everyone with his unique dance “The lollipop”

On the way he came across Paula Dávila, Mayerli, Don César Luis Freydell and the fiery Mrs. Nidia Estela Pataquiva, characters played by mostly Colombian actors, who also won the hearts of the public. Almost 20 years after that great success, today we tell you what happened to some of them.

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Paula Davila was played by actress Sandra Reyes. She participated in different soap operas, the last being “Paraíso travel”, of 2018. At 45 years old, she is away from the screens, she has declared herself a hippie, she does not wear tight skirts, makeup or heels, she prefers to live surrounded by nature away from the noise of the city ​​according to lanacion.com.ar.

Doctor Paula Dávila conquered Pedro Coral. Instagram photo: @sandrareyesactrizoficial

Miguel Varoni has always claimed that the character of Pedro Coral it changed his life. Although his career began in the mid-1980s, it was the Scaly that catapulted him to fame. To date, he has continued to star in soap operas, but according to eltiempo.com he has also been an executive producer of projects, such as ‘Betty in New York’ (2019).

Miguel Varoni was part of the series “The Lord of the Skies.” Instagram: @soyvaroni

Argentine film and television actor Javier Gomez gave life to César Luis Freydell, Pedro’s opponent, who also wanted Dr. Paula. His most recent work was in the telenovela El Dragón, where he plays Carlos Duarte. In addition, he is very active in social networks and also promotes a neutral Spanish course taught by himself.

Javier Gómez, 59, has been active in soap operas. Instagram photo @javiergomezmorteo

The sexiest of the Pacheco, Yadira, was played by the theater, television and film actress Andrea Guzmán, who after Peter the Scaly she remained active in her profession. A lover of sports and a balanced diet, the actress now 42 years old has two daughters and it seems that time will not pass for her, because she remains as beautiful as 19 years ago.

Andrea Guzmán celebrated the broadcast of Pedro el Escamoso in Colombia. Instagram photo: @andreitaguz

Alina lozano She played Doña Nidia Estela Pataquiva, the main head of the Pacheco house. Actress of theater, television and cinema, at the age of 51 she has remained active in soap operas, but she is also an artistic director and offers workshops for film and television aimed at children and adolescents.

Actress Alina Lozano is also an artist manager. Instagram: @lozanoalina

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Marcela mar gave life to the balanced Mayerli Pacheco Pataquiva. Television, theater and film actress, she has also served as a model and presenter. She is 41 years old, she is very active in social networks, and according to eltiempo.com, this year she participated in the short film ‘Entre tú y milagros’, which was awarded as ‘Best short film’ in the Venice Film Festival.

Marcela Mar offers beauty and wellness tips on her Instagram account @Marhappytips. Instagram photo: @ marcelamar07


Charlie Sheen: What does the “Hollywood bully” do?

Updated on September 3, 2020, 10:37 a.m.

Charlie Sheen kept making headlines for his drug and alcohol excesses. Previously, the sitcom “Two and a Half Men” made him the highest paid series actor in the world. Sheen will celebrate his 55th birthday on September 3, 2020. What is the scandal actor doing today? © 1&1 Mail & Media/spot on news

Even as a teenager, Sheen didn’t like to stick to rules. Shortly before his graduation from Santa Monica High School in California, he was kicked from school in 1983 because of poor grades and unexcused absenteeism.

© picture alliance / newscom / John Barrett/PHOTOlink

But that wasn’t a problem for the young rebel. At the age of 13 he accompanied his father to the set of “Apocalypse Now” (picture) and decided to become an actor too. He made Super 8 films with his school friends Rob Lowe, Sean and Chris Penn.

© imago images/United Artists AF Archive Mary Evans

He made his first appearance in front of the camera in 1974 at the side of his father Martin (right) in the television film “The Execution of the Soldier Slovik”.

© imago images/ZUMA Press

It wasn’t the only time Charlie Sheen was in a movie with his father. In “Wall Street” (1987) he played the stockbroker Bud Fox, who was involved in criminal insider trading. Martin Sheen also played his father, Carl Fox, in the film.

© imago images/20thCentFox/Courtesy Everett Collection

Charlie Sheen was very well received by audiences and critics with the lead role in the anti-war film “Platoon” from 1986. The film grossed more than 138 million US dollars, making it the third most successful film to focus on the Vietnam War. The strip also won four Academy Awards.

© imago images/Orion Pictures Corp/Courtesy Everett Collection

A short appearance remains unforgotten to this day: In “Ferris makes blue” (1986) Sheen can be seen as a drug addict in a police station. To make the withdrawal as credible as possible, he had not slept for 48 hours.

© imago images/Prod.DB

But Charlie Sheen’s real profession is comedies. In “The Indians of Cleveland” (1989) he played Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn (middle).

© imago images/United Archives

His best-known role up to now was that of topper Harley in the slapstick comedy “Hot Shots! – The mother of all films” (1991). In it, numerous action and war films such as “Top Gun” or “Rocky” are fooled.

© imago images/Mary Evans AF Archive 20th Century Fox

The successful sequel followed in 1993 with “Hot Shots! The second attempt”. There was also a lot of parody here – especially Sylvester Stallone in “Rambo 2 – The Order” served as a template.

© imago images / KPA/United Archives

Charlie Sheen also proved his love of slapstick in 2003, 2006 and 2013. In the years he worked in the third (picture), fourth and fifth installments of the “Scary Movie” series. Horror flicks are parodied in the films.

© imago images/Dimension Films/Courtesy Everett Collection

Charlie Sheen’s greatest coup came in 2003 when he landed the role of Charlie Harper on the CBS sitcom “Two and a Half Men”. Not only did the series become a huge hit, it made Sheen the highest-paid television star in the United States and even the highest-paid series actor in the world.

© imago images/Cinema Publishers Collection

The character of the womanizer Charlie Harper is tailor-made for the eccentric actor. His performance earned him four Emmy nominations and two Golden Globe nominations from 2006 to 2009.

© imago images/Cinema Publishers Collection

But the soaring came to a bitter end: After publicly insulting producer Chuck Lorre (3rd from left), Warner Bros. Television announced the dismissal of Charlie Sheen in March 2011. As a result, the production of the eighth season was stopped after 16 episodes – 24 were actually planned.

© imago images/UPI Photo

But not only the insult played a role in the termination. Charlie Sheen was also repeatedly conspicuous on the set for his substance abuse. What had to come came: Charlie Harper died a serial death, Ashton Kutcher (middle) then took his place in the new lead role, Walden Schmidt.

© imago images/CBS/Everett Collection

The next offer was not long in coming. Shortly thereafter, Sheen received the lead role in the television series “Anger Management,” which aired from 2012 to 2014. The series is about former baseball player Charlie Goodson.

© imago images/Everett Collection FX Networks/Courtesy Everett Collection

As successful as Charlie Sheen’s acting career is, his personal life is nowhere near as rosy. When Sheen was 19 years old, he and his high school girlfriend became parents to a daughter. Then he was engaged to actress Kelly Preston (picture). However, the relationship broke up after he shot her in the arm in 1990.

© imago images/ZUMA Press

A little later he entered into a relationship with the former porn actress Ginger Lynn. In 1995 he married the model Donna Peele (picture), only to get divorced just five months later.

© imago images/ZUMA Press

In 1996, Sheen beat his girlfriend and porn actress Brittany Ashland unconscious. The result: The actor was sentenced to probation and community hours. His next wife Denise Richards (picture) also left him in 2006 after four years of marriage because of threats of violence.

© imago images/J. Cummings/Cinema Publishers Collection

More scandals with women followed. But Sheen was also repeatedly troubled by drug abuse. An alleged overdose in 1998 opened his eyes. He had to interrupt his career again and again for rehab and stays in drug clinics.

© imago images/UPI Photo


A fan gave a pipe to Arnold Schwarzenegger. And I got a reply

The redditor congratulated Arnold Schwarzenegger on his birthday with a smoking pipe in the form of a Terminator and received a pleasant reply. After such gratitude, the fans are sure: Arnie is a simple person. And they cannot take their eyes off the presentation itself.

American actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, known to millions of moviegoers for his role in the Terminator film series, turned 73 on July 30. Despite his age, the star continues to delight fans with videos on which demonstrates perfect stretch (well, almost), and shares favorite tracks (sometimes unexpected), which are great for working out in the gym.

For Arnie’s birthday, a fan registered on the entertainment site Reddit under the nickname RadonLab, sent the idol a smoking pipe. But he published the good news about this only on September 2.

The reason for the joy was the response in the form of a photo of the Terminator himself with a gift, which is made in the form of his own head. The pipe’s creator explained to the redditors that he was honored to receive a positive reaction from the celeba.

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Fast RadonLab in a few hours I collected more than 500 comments, in which the redditors appreciated the user’s work. Many people have commented that the pipe looks amazing and is almost perfect.

And the expression on Schwarzenegger’s face and the caption “For Radon. Thank you for the great pipe. Arnold Schwarzenegger “once again confirmed – the actor is sincerely pleased with the gift.

Many commentators thought that giving something to an idol was simply unrealistic. But the redditor not only became an exception, but also received a response from Arnie.

Now people are absolutely sure that the famous bodybuilder has an amazing character and an open mind. And neither popularity nor money could spoil Arnie.

In October 2019, Arnold Schwarzenegger shared with fans photo with colleague Jackie Chan… The whole Instagram exploded from such content, but the absurdity really went off scale when Russian fans burst into the replies.

AND photograph of Terminator surrounded by pets seriously excited the followers. The actor often posts the furry ones on the social network, but people were seriously worried about the dog, the little horse and the llama from the picture.


Robert Pattinson’s Batman hit Twilight in fan memes

The teaser trailer for “Batman” by Matt Reeves starring Robert Pattinson still made many social media users think of “Twilight.” Movie fans sculpt memes about how the British vampire actor became a superhero – and it’s a bit damn but popular crossover.

“Batman” directed by Matt Reeves, promising to show viewers a young Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson), is due out in 2021, and on August 22, moviegoers finally received a teaser trailer for the film. An atmospheric video showing the murder, a cryptic message to the superhero (which, however, the audience quickly deciphered) and his meeting with Catwoman, instantly broke into memes.

Besides beating a gang member hard, users of social networks, for example, made a joke on a frame in which a Gotham man has black circles under his eyes.

Another reason for the memes was the fact that the promo came out very, very dark – literally.

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Found in the memes and the pathetic scene in which Pattinson’s hero answers the bully’s question.

But among all the abundance of various jokes on the trailer, a separate layer of memes stands out with the “Twilight” films, in which Pattinson played one of the main characters of Edward Cullen (a total of four films were published based on the books of Stephenie Meyer).

Twitter users love to joke about how Robert Pattinson hates his vampire past. and cannot get rid of it. I wonder what he would have said after seeing how Batman got a crossover with Twilight?

It even went as far as a fancam with trailer footage and a soundtrack from Twilight.

At the same time, the scene in which Bruce Wayne rescues a man from a racing car seemed very familiar to the fans of the saga – and was also reflected in memes.

Expect Robert Pattinson to save people from crashes anytime, anywhere: Twilight (2008) and Batman (2021).

Despite the fact that the last film in the saga was released eight years ago, fans continue to find interesting details in the pictures. For example, in the summer, social media users realized that one of the Cullen family carried with him to school rather strange (for both a vampire and a human) dinner.

Discoveries are found in the books of Stephenie Meyer. The TikTok user re-read the works and realized which word could be the favorite of the writer. He makes Edward giggle and the fans laugh.


Actor Rafael Amaya viralizes video on the social network TikTok

“What’s up, Jaime? What’s up, buddy. I’m here with your wife. Why do you leave her alone? If I were you, I wouldn’t leave her alone because what passion? Look, here we go together. Shrimp that falls asleep… ”, the actor is heard saying, while hugging one of his followers.


Rafael Amaya’s video went viral in a few hours and caused a stir among the followers of the series, as several nostalgically remembered the character he played for more than five years on Telemundo’s El Señor de los Cielos.

On Rafael Amaya

Rafael Amaya He was born in Hermosillo, Mexico, but when he was five years old, his family moved to Tecate, Baja California, where he grew up. In her teens, she took drama and music classes. Upon entering college, she moved to San Diego, California to study, but dropped out of school before graduating.

After leaving university, he returned to Mexico to try his luck with a music group, the Palapa Band, which did not prosper. Rafael Amaya He decided to enroll in the Televisa Art Education Center, trying to enter the world of music with another group, Garibaldi, with whom he recorded two albums.

After leaving his short musical career, in 2000, the first acting role of Rafael Amaya it was in the telenovela La casa en la playa, where he played Romualdo; After drawing attention to the role, he received offers for roles in other productions.


The court postponed the hearing in the case of Efremov until August 31

The Presnensky Court of Moscow has postponed the hearing in the case of the actor Mikhail Efremov until August 31. The artist was given a week to find a lawyer, reports RIA Novosti.

“Postpone until August 31, at 11:00,” said judge Elena Abramova.

Efremov came to the meeting today alone and asked for a biological examination of the passenger seat airbag while he is looking for new defenders. The judge said that she could not consider the request made without the participation of lawyers. After the meeting, Efremov was brought home.

Earlier, Efremov decided to abandon his lawyers Elman Pashayev and Elizaveta Shargorodskaya. Efremov explained that he intends to hire other defenders who will be “stronger”, and the acting, according to him, will remain as consultants.

Efremov is accused of committing an accident in a state of alcoholic and drug intoxication, as a result of which a person died. The accident occurred on June 8 at Smolenskaya Square in Moscow. According to the investigation, Efremov, driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee, drove into the oncoming lane on Smolenskaya Square in Moscow and collided with a Lada van. Sergey Zakharov, who was driving the van, died in the hospital.


Efremov read a speech at the trial

Efremov said that he went to court for the truth, but met witnesses who change their testimony, and ridicule his expert

Photo: Ivan MAKEEV

During a court hearing in the case of a fatal traffic accident with the participation of Mikhail Efremov, the actor explained why he appeared without a lawyer. This was reported by the correspondent of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” Alyona Martynova from the courtroom.

– Dear court, I still remember almost nothing from that day. I know that I took a taxi.

Efremov said that he went to court for the truth, and met witnesses who change their testimony, and ridicule of his expert.

– I went to court for the truth, so that they explained to me where I really was. What did I see? Witnesses who hearsay said that I was driving, who changed their testimony, like Don Juan women. Medical examiner with toys – Barbie dolls and cars. She said that the car with the victim was turned clockwise, so Zakharov could not get worse. Although the video shows that the car was turned against. In addition, every 10 minutes from my phone there was a call to a certain number (read out the number), – said Efremov.

He also stated that the examination of the electronics in his car had not been carried out, and that Efremov himself could have been in the passenger seat, since an airbag had fired on him upon impact.

– The testimony of expert Fialko was ridiculed. Although not checking the electronics in an American car is at least strange. The passenger’s airbag went off, perhaps I was there, – noted Efremov.

The actor also said that he continues to search for a new lawyer.

– Over the weekend, my wife received a lot of calls and messages from lawyers, 2/3 of them were useless. Tomorrow we will decide who will represent my interests. Why not spend this day and a half on a biological examination?

The court sessions were postponed until August 31, so that Efremov could find a new lawyer.