Face: an impending release date for the survival horror in a haunted house

Since 2018, Visage has been shaking gamers on PC, even if he is still in Early Access. The title of SadSquare Studio has been in development for a long time, from time to time it welcomes new chapters to discover a little more about the scenario, but very soon, the story will be complete.

Eh yes, the release date of the final version of Visage is set for October 30, pile before Halloween, so this will mark the end of theEarly Access, but also the release of the horror game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you already have the title on Steam, you will be entitled to a free update, but for others it is better to hurry and buy it, because its price of $ 24.99 (€ 20.99) will drop to $ 34.99 as of October 28, two days before launch.

In total, Visage players will be able to discover four chapters, two new compared to theEarly Access, with approximately 15h lifespan according to the developers. Be careful, however, on PC, the saves will be deleted when the game is released, you will have to start all over. You can find a map PSN from 40 € on Amazon.fr.

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Le Matin – Golf: The women’s US Open behind closed doors because of the coronavirus

There will be no spectators at the US Open Women’s Golf, next December in Houston, due to security concerns related to Covid-19, the American Golf Association has announced. Ph: AFP

The US Women’s Golf Open, scheduled for Houston next December, will be played behind closed doors due to the coronavirus pandemic, the American Golf Federation announced on Wednesday.

The “safety of everyone involved,” especially the golfers, prompted the US Golf Association to make “the right decision,” said John Bodenhamer, director of competitions at the USGA.

The defending champion is South Korean Lee Jeong-eun, who won last year in Charleston, South Carolina. She only played two tournaments this year on the international circuit (LPGA), in February in Australia, before the start of the pandemic.

The Houston Open, counting for the men’s circuit, will be held next month, with a limited number of spectators.


They serenade a child who gave his savings to mariachis for a song for mom

The little boy won the hearts of many for his noble action. Photo: screenshot


Yesterday we told you the story of a little Colombian boy who won the hearts of many people for having given his savings and toys to serenade her mom.

In Ciudad Bolívar, in Bogotá, Colombia, little Santiago gave them 1000 pesos (equivalent to 5.5 Mexican pesos) and her marbles for the musicians to dedicate a song to her, a situation that made the woman burst into tears with emotion.

Today something very special happened to us, a boy looked for us and offered us $ 1,000 pesos (5.5 Mexican pesos) to sing a song to his mother, who did not want to come to where we were. Our partner from the guitarrón convinced her to come and it was so exciting to see how this boy wanted to show his love with his little money that he carried in his pocket along with some marbles. Mommy burst into tears and we were filled with emotion. These moments make our profession more beautiful ”, they said.

The mariachis sang ‘Songs to the mother’, made famous by Pedro Fernández, while the mother hugged her two children.

But the story does not end there. Santi has a birthday and to celebrate it, thanks to his noble action, he ‘Mariachi Palenque ‘prepared a big surprise for him.

Through social networks they shared a video where all the musicians are seen dedicating a few words to him while they go home to now serenade him.

Many people who have sent you many greetings, from Colombia, from all over the world. They want to congratulate you on that wonderful act because you taught us that for love you don’t need to have a lot of money but a very big heart ”, they told him as they handed him a cake and a bicycle.

To little sister also got a giftWell, they brought him some dolls.

To end they sang the classic mañanitas.

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The design of the Banyumas Grand Mosque, Ridwan Kamil has an eco-friendly house made from used bottles

ZONAJAKARTA.COM – Recently Ridwan Kamil show the design results for Masjid Akbar Banyumas.

Yes, apart from being known as Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil work as a person architect.

Even House belong Ridwan Kamil got an award made of used bottles that environmentally friendly.

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Previously, the man who was familiarly called Kang Emil showed his work as architect who designs Masjid Akbar Banyumas.

Through his personal Instagram page, Kang Emil tells the meaning behind the design Masjid Akbar Banyumas which has a unique shape.

Ridwan Kamil said if the shape of the mosque was inspired by the crescent moon.

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“Received the visit of the Regent Banyumas @ir_achmadhusein regarding my design donation for a grand mosque in Kab Banyumas. The theme: A Thousand Crescent, “wrote @ridwankamil in the photo caption.


Laura Aucuña showed her Halloween decoration, but what caught the eye was her house

After showing the amazing room that has his daughter Helena, the host Laura Acuna shared in his stories of Instagram how had your decoration of Halloween at home.

However, this was not exactly what caught the attention of his followers, but the luxurious house where he lives that for many is like a mansion.

Although she wanted to focus on the pumpkins with which she adorns her house this October, the truth is that several users on the social network were delighted with the space where she lives.

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It wasn’t much that it showed, but apparently enough for them to imagine the rest. He only focused on the door of his house from which a hat hangs with flowers in the colors of this time, and some pumpkins that he has on the floor, all created by his mother, whom he even labeled highlighting his skills.

In his dining room, three pumpkins filled with flowers of different colors appear, giving a special and very elegant touch to the table.

Later he shared a publication showing the happiness that his children feel with this new decoration in their house, thanking his mother again for having made the decorations.

“Our happy pumpkins made by the best hands of the cute nonita @ yolita1509 Mamita are divine THANK YOU !!”, wrote the santandereana in the description of the post that already has more than 16 thousand ‘likes’.

Several of his followers applauded his mother’s talent and highlighted the good style she has when decorating her home on special dates.

“God bless your mother’s hands and protect the little angels Helena and Nicolás”, “wow Laura, the lady works very beautifully, she has creative hands, congratulations”, “I love that idea of ​​decorating the pumpkins”, “everything is very cute”, are some comments of the publication in Instagram.

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Linda Hernández • Colombia.com • Thu, 15 / Oct / 2020 10:41 am


Rainy Season Soon, Here’s How to Stay Healthy during a Pandemic

KOMPAS.com – The rainy season in Indonesia is coming. Several cities in Indonesia, such as Jakarta, have started to experience rain in recent times.

When the rainy season arrives, the body is usually more susceptible to diseases, such as flu, coughs and dengue hemorrhagic fever. This is due to temperature changes and the easy spread of the virus in the rainy season.

In addition, during the season that comes in October-April, usually physical activity tends to be minimal so that the body’s endurance also decreases.

This year’s rainy season deserves more serious attention. The reason is, the season arrived at a time when the Covid-19 pandemic was still hitting Indonesia.

Apart from this seasonal disease, Covid-19 is still a serious threat. Moreover, the growth of positive cases per day in Indonesia is still high.

Kompas.com reported, Saturday (26/9/2020), the addition of Covid-19 cases in the last 24 hours was 4,494 people. With this addition, the cumulative total of Covid-19 cases in Indonesia reached 271,339 people.

With such situations, maintaining endurance is a must. If immunity is strong, at least the body can avoid the risk of seasonal diseases and Covid-19.

So how do you maintain your health ahead of the rainy season during the pandemic? Here’s the review.

  1. Maintain a healthy diet

One of the important factors in maintaining the immune system is nutritional intake. You can start by maintaining a healthy diet so that nutritional intake is met. Start increasing the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits. You can process it into a salad or juice.

Cut down on foods that contain fat, sugar and salt. Limit consumption of these foods according to the daily diet that has been determined.

Don’t forget to keep your body hydrated. Consume 6-8 glasses of water per day to keep your immune system optimal.

  1. Take short breaks during the day

When you work from home or work from home (WFH), try to rest briefly during the day. This activity can reduce burnout due to WFH.

When boredom decreases, your mental health will be better maintained. In order to maximize its benefits, fill the break time with some positive activities, such as watering plants, cleaning the bathroom, and other activities.

This activity will keep your body moving so that the body will be more fit. Quoted from the US Centers for Disease and Prevention (CDC) website, being active can stimulate the immune system and prevent various diseases, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and so on.

  1. Enough sleep

During a pandemic, sleep may be a problem for some people. How many people may find it difficult to regulate sleep patterns because of anxiety due to Covid-19 news. Some others lack sleep due to irregular working hours of the WFH system, which disrupt existing sleep patterns.

As a result, the quality of sleep is reduced and can cause stress. Therefore, try to provide enough sleep. Set a daily schedule during WFH so that sleep patterns return to normal as before working from home.

According to research published in journals Sleep Health: The Journal of the National Sleep Foundation, the recommended sleep duration for adults aged 18-64 years is 7-9 hours per day.

With such sleep duration, the body and mind can stay fresh in carrying out activities at home.

  1. Exercise regularly

Being at home during a pandemic is no excuse for not exercising. The reason is, even though light exercise can increase endurance and reduce stress.

Quoting from Healthline.com Thursday (26/3/2020), physical activity while exercising can increase the body’s ability to circulate oxygen to the bloodstream, so that it has a direct impact on your brain.

In addition, during exercise, the brain increases the production of endorphins, which are substances that regulate a person’s feelings of pleasure.

You can take advantage of your time at home with light exercise that you can do at home, such as yoga, push up, plank, back up, and others.

You can also look for exercise classes online on social media and YouTube. Class online they are also generally accessible for free.

If you choose to exercise on your own, make sure you know the basic techniques for the sport you are going to do. This is to avoid injuries that can occur due to wrong techniques.

  1. Keep it clean

When carrying out daily activities at home, make sure you always keep yourself and your home clean.

For personal hygiene, you can routinely take a shower after leaving the house or have activities all day long. Then, wash your hands regularly soap for 20 seconds to kill germs and viruses attached.

In addition, prepare as well hand sanitizer so that your hands can be clean from viruses at all times. Because hand sanitizer contains alcohol, the skin of the hands will feel dry when used frequently. You can choose hand sanitizer which does not cause dry skin.

Next, wash clothes regularly so that viruses and bacteria that stick to clothes can be cleaned.

For home cleanliness, you can frequently sweep and mop the floors of the house. Clean the dust on the table or furniture so as not to cause sneezing or allergies.

Use disinfectant products when cleaning the house to create a sense of security and comfort when doing activities at home. You can find items to keep clean, such as disinfectants, hand sanitizer, to hand soap and shower, at Tokopedia.

Of marketplace the largest in Indonesia, you can enjoy free postage promos (postage) through the program Proud to be Made in Indonesia, Tokopedia. In this program, apart from providing free postage promos, you can find various domestically made products at low prices.

You can buy daily necessities, soft lens, glasses, shoes, and much more.

So what are you waiting for? Come on, have a shopping experience online save money with the Tokopedia promo!


Paternal: they arrest a musician who sold drugs at home and delivered by taxi

Personnel from the Contraventions and Misconduct Department, belonging to the Criminal Investigations Division, carried out in recent days a raid on a home on Avenida Donato Álvarez at 2200 by order of the Criminal Misdemeanor and Misdemeanor Court number 13, in charge of María Lorena Tula del Moral for drug marketing.

Musician raid

Ministry of Security of the City of Buenos Aires

The police officers carried out an investigation to find the whereabouts of a musician who sold narcotics and distributed them aboard a taxi with an arrangement of prior appointments.


Once the suspect’s address had been determined, it was observed that he also marketed the substances from his home and for this reason the operation was organized with the participation of observers from the Judicial Investigation Corps and staff from the DOEM special group.

Musician raid

Ministry of Security of the City of Buenos Aires

After a buyer left the home, the police entered the home and detained him.

Musician raid

Ministry of Security of the City of Buenos Aires

At the scene, officers seized a precision scale, bags of cocaine, a brick block of cocaine, and a box of money.

Musician raid

Ministry of Security of the City of Buenos Aires

Upon consultation with the magistrate in charge of the case, the kidnapping of the material and the arrest of the accused and their transfer to the mayor of the City Police of the area were ordered.


the option of retirees to have liquidity in old age

It’s about a loan The amount of which is paid at once or in several installments and which is guaranteed with a mortgage on a property (which may or may not be the Habitual housing borrower). It is awarded to a person over 65 years of age or younger but with a certain degree of disability or dependency.

The loan is generally not repaid until after your death and for the heirs. If they don’t, the bank forecloses the home.

Like is logic, the bank will take care to make a very prudent valuation of the property and the life expectancy of its client, so the amount that can be obtained by this formula will not be analogous to the one that the purchaser of a home can obtain in a mortgage for the purchase.

Although the origin of this figure is Anglo-Saxon, it is well received in Spain because it is common for the elderly to own their home, which becomes a mechanism to make up for the lack of income in the last stage of life without having to abandon your home or even being able to rent it.

* The answer has been prepared by the law firm Echeandia & Alevito: www.echeandia-alevito.com


Weather forecast for Tuesday 22 September: yellow warning for rain in six regions of the Center-North

The rapid descent of a cyclonic vortex from the British Isles will also bring bad weather to the Mediterranean areas. The depression will bring southern winds to Italy which will push perturbations over our country, fueled by the fresh North Atlantic air. The phenomena will be distributed in an irregular way, but may be of strong intensity at the local level. Civil protection: yellow alert in Lombardy, Veneto, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio.

IlMeteo.it forecasts


Rains and scattered thunderstorms will affect all regions, moderate / heavy rainfall is expected in Lombardy, Friuli-Venezia Giulia and in the Veneto between the plain and the coast. Temperature in calo with maximums not exceeding 25 degrees. The Civil Protection has issued a yellow alert for Lombardy, Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Center and Sardinia

Unstable weather with rains and local thunderstorms on all central regions. Temperatures of 24 degrees in Rome and Florence, 21 in Perugia. Yellow alert of the Civil Protection for southern Tuscany, Lazio and Umbria.

South and Sicily

More unstable weather on Sicily where clouds can cause some rain. Compact clouds in the Tyrrhenian area, sun elsewhere. Temperatures below 30 degrees.

21 September 2020 (modified on 21 September 2020 | 16:58)



Verandas and other minor abuses in condominium apartments, what to do to access the Superbonus?

For all interventions for which it is intended to request tax benefits for which the certification of a technician is required, it is mandatory to have the cadastral regularity of the property itself. Therefore, if abusive interventions have been carried out in the condominium, i.e. renovations for which the necessary municipal authorizations have not been requested at the time, and therefore the individual apartments have a different plan than the one deposited in the land registry, it is not possible to proceed with work until the abuse is remedied. In this case it will not be possible to obtain the deduction not only for the single non-compliant property but not even for the other apartments. For the amnesty, in all the cases described, it is necessary to present a Scia and pay the related regularization charges when it is possible to simply align the cadastral plan to the new state of the property. Otherwise it will also be necessary to carry out the work necessary to bring it up to standard, or to take down the illegal work, which cannot be remedied for problems of discrepancy with the original project of the building. However, since these are abuses of private property, the condominium does not have the power to impose the necessary work on the various owners. In any case, the yes of the majority of those present at the meeting and at least one third of the thousandths is sufficient to approve the work.