We gather our favorite products to facilitate teleworking | Showcase

The wireless charger with over 24,000 Amazon ratings Publication date: 02/07/2020 One of the most demanded devices during teleworking days will be the mobile, both for consulting messages and answering calls. Therefore, it will be essential to always keep it on battery and, at the same time, have it available for use at any time. […]

These are the best articles we’ve tried to simplify life at home | Showcase

Cecotec Mambo 7090: a food processor for less than 200 euros Publication date: 08/14/2019 From the same brand that makes the popular Conga robot vacuum cleaner, this food processor can chop, grind, pulverize, assemble, emulsify, steam and cook at low temperatures, knead, ferment or confit. So with the Cecotec Mambo 7090 you can create almost […]

15 products (and 3 tricks) to better care for your curly hair | Showcase

In Europe, 45% of the population has straight hair, 40% wavy and the remaining 15% what is called “closed curl”, as our colleagues from Buena Vida explained. And yes, this type of hair needs special care. Not necessarily older, but oriented to protect and keep that special curl beautiful. That is why hair product brands […]

The Ministry announced! The consumer will not be misled in tomato paste

Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, tomato paste It will both set criteria for these products and prohibit the use of additives in order to prevent misleading and unfair competition due to products such as similar cooking sauce. According to the information obtained by the AA correspondent, the Ministry is preparing to make two separate legislative […]