Tourists in Peru stranded because of Corona want to go back

Beached tourists in Peru: In this hostel in Cusco, young guests make the best of the situation. Image: private Around 3000 vacationers are stuck in Peru – in party hostels, lonely in the jungle or under strict room arrest. Some have the time of their lives. Others pray for salvation. DThe nerves are blank in […]

Hacking newspapers and magazines through social networks or WhatsApp is a crime

In recent days, the contents of newspapers and magazines have been hacked and disseminated through social networks or WhatsApp, which is a criminal offense that can be prosecuted and punished. In particular, this is a crime against intellectual and industrial property, according to legal sources, which carries associated sentences of between six months and four […]

WhatsApp | Trick | how to read your messages without opening the application | How to read messages without open app | Applications | Smartphone | Viral | Tutorial | Wasap | Widgets | Android | NNDA | NNRT Technology

Updated on 03/29/2020 at 23:10 One of the most curious things that exist on your smartphone. WhatsApp It is the application that many are using during quarantine in order not to leave home and avoid the spread of the coronavirus. Through video calls, anyone can communicate with their friends, coworkers, family, etc. Definitely, WhatsApp It […]

There is not enough advertising for everyone

Dusseldorf, San Francisco The jogging pants for “cozy home outfits” are an example of many: Companies have adapted their marketing to the corona crisis. In times of exit restrictions, discounter Kik advertises on Instagram, Facebook and Messenger for trousers that many don’t wear on the street. Customers find Kik and other retailers especially in digital […]

Corona puts German sailors at risk – convoy from the Caribbean?

I.There is always a lot going on in the Caribbean in spring. The sailing season is in full swing. Thousands of Europeans sail through the paradisiacal waters at this time of year, with their palm-fringed beaches and lonely bays. For a few days now, relaxed sailing tourism has given way to purposeful activity. A lot […]

How a German couple experienced the return trip from Morocco

Berlin Carina Müller and her boyfriend Stefan * started their Morocco tour from Agadir to the Sahara at the end of February, the drama of the corona crisis was not yet foreseeable. But two weeks later the trip turned into a horror trip. Morocco, like many other countries at the time, canceled all international flights. […]

WhatsApp: Trick to know which contact you talk to the most

The main communication tool in modern times is WhatsApp, as shown by the download rankigs in the Google Play and App Store stores. That is why it is important to know all the tricks available within the application. As part of the discoveries that a user can have within the ‘app’, there is the possibility […]

Now these messages are sent to you by WhatsApp to fraud, do not fall

In WhatsApp Apocryphal leagues began to circulate, presumably offering home grocery service, however, it is infected links who seek to steal sensitive information of the users. Read Huawei launches its new P40, this will cost in Mexico The cybersecurity firm Eset, revealed that they have also detected other phishing campaigns, which are apocryphal pages that […]

Spain, the country where WhatsApp use grows the most during the coronavirus pandemic

EUROPE PRESS MADRID Updated:03/27/2020 14: 58h save WhatsApp is the messaging application that is growing the most in use during the new coronavirus pandemic, with an increase of 76% in Spain, compared to 40% general growth. Applications and messaging services allow you to maintain remote contact with family and friends, so the time spent on […]

WhatsApp improves the function to block contacts – Televisa News

In the latest updates for iOS and Android, WhatsApp made slight changes to notifications related to blocking and unblocking contacts. We recommend you: How long do you have to delete a message sent on WhatsApp? In case of blocking someone, WhatsApp notifies you in the chat with a notice that also gives you the option […]