WhatsApp, what the Room function is and what it is used for

A few weeks ago there is one new feature on WhatsApp, but few have seen it. The developers themselves did not want to sponsor it too much although it is very useful and allows you to do something that is not possible on WhatsApp: video calls for up to 50 people. We are talking about the Stanza function, released by WhatsApp for some time now and which is hidden inside the application menus.

To reach it you need to make at least a couple of clicks and this complicates users’ lives a little. But what is the Room function on WhatsApp for? To create “rooms” on Facebook Rooms, a platform of the Menlo Park company launched during the lockdown period and which allows you to make video calls and video conferences for up to a maximum of 50 people. In practice, thanks to the integration on WhatsApp, users can make group video calls by exceeding the 8-person limit imposed by the application, already increased a few months ago to shorten distances during the pandemic period. Here’s what it is for and how to use the Room function.

What is the Room function on WhatsApp for

The Room feature is designed to increase the limit of users who can join a group video call, which has so far been blocked by eight people. Using the tool, this limit increases up to 50 people, but it is necessary to use Facebook Rooms, the blue social platform created specifically for video conferences.

To access Facebook Rooms, in addition to having a link to access the video call, you must have the Messenger app or alternatively an account on Facebook.

How to use the Stanza function on WhatsApp

The operation of the Stanza tool is very simple, even if you need to know where the developers placed the feature. Here are the steps to follow for make video calls on WhatsApp up to 50 people.

There are two methods of using the Room function. The first is to open WhatsApp, press on the Calls tab and then click on the camera icon on the bottom right. Alternatively, you can open a conversation and touch the Attach icon (in the shape of a brace) and then on Room (to make room for this tool, the Camera has been deleted).

At this point, after selecting Stanza, a message will appear on the screen explaining what the tool is and how it works. You have to touch on you “Continue in Messenger” and from this moment on you will quit WhatsApp and log into Facebook Messenger and Facebook’s terms and practices will apply.

Once opened Facebook Messenger you will need to tap on “Create room as (your name)” and you will get a link to share with all the people you want to invite to the group video call.

How to get the Stanza function on WhatsApp

The new tool is already available in the application. In case you can’t find it, it is necessary update the app. You can do this from the Google Play Store or from the App Store.


WhatsApp returns a function that is deleted long time ago: what is

With the upgrade to the version of WhatsApp beta for Android back one of the features most loved by the users and that had been inexplicably deleted from the developers a few weeks ago: the shortcut to access the built-in camera in the app. The shortcut was present in the menu which appears when you press on the icon of the “paper clip” in the box where you enter messages.

The icon with written “Room” was deleted to make room for “the Room”, the new feature of WhatsApp that allows you to make video calls simultaneously up to 50 people. The “tool Room” she leans in to Facebook Rooms, the platform created specifically for video conferencing and webinars. The shortcut was very useful for sending images to friends, relatives and partners taken directly with the built-in camera of WhatsApp. The developers have listened to the complaints of the users and have decided to insert it once again to improve the user experience. The version WhatsApp betahowever, it also presents problems: some users reported not being able to see when a person reads or receives the messages sent. The malfunction is only present within groups.

WhatsApp, what will change with the new version

This is definitely a minor updatebut that is a testament of how WhatsApp is attentive to the requests of the users, even the most particular. The arrival of the new function Room has forced the developers to eliminate one of the icons in the menu that opens by pressing the “paper clip”. And to make the charges has been the “function Room” used to access the integrated camera of WhatsApp which allows you to take pictures and record videos.

With the version of WhatsApp beta for Androidthe Camera icon is back to characterize the application: to use it, just press on the “paper clip” and will appear on the screen, a menu which includes a variety of tools, including the camera.

WhatsApp, problems with the groups

Not all the donuts come with the hole, says an old proverb. And that is what is happening to WhatsApp with this latest beta version. Some users who have installed has problems with the notifications of receipt and reading of messages sent in groups. A bug which the developers are already working on and that will be fixed shortly.

When comes the new feature

For the moment it was added only in the version of WhatsApp Beta for Androidthe number When will be fixed all bugs, will be released for all.


Google Photos, farewell to the backup of the contents of WhatsApp

Google Photos may turn off the automatic backup content downloaded from messaging app such as WhatsApp. The discovery has been made by the developers of XdaDevelopers, who have analyzed the code of version 4.52 of Google Photos (only available in the beta) and have found parts of the code that would confirm the news. For the Google app would be a change that is really important: so far, in fact, has always pushed users to upload on their server all the images and videos you have downloaded on your smartphone.

The Covid-19 and the explosion of the use of the messaging app, however, has changed the cards on the table. Too much multimedia content shared by users over the last few months and probably the server went under stress. Before the situation becomes irreversible, Google has decided to put a brake on all this content and disable the default backup for video and pictures can be downloaded from the messaging app. The function, however, will not disappear: it will remain available and must be users to activate it.

Google Photos, stop the backup of the images in WhatsApp: what will change for users

Many users are not even aware of the function, but when you download a photo or video from WhatsApp and you have the active sync on Google Photosthe content is saved on the servers of the Big G. In this way, the image and the video can be deleted from the memory of the smartphone, but are always accessible via the cloud.

A very useful tool, but that is in danger of disappearing. As I said earlier, Google has decided to remove from app Google Photos the automatic backup of the downloaded content from the messaging app, including WhatsApp and Telegram. The reason is simple: the Covid-19 led users to exchange a quantity of multimedia content that has flooded the servers of Google Photos. And before the situation becomes unmanageable, the developers are in attendance.

For users this is a major change. If so far they had used cloud space free Google Photos to keep the memory of your smartphone free from version 4.52 of the app won’t be able to do more. Or, at least, the synchronization will not be automatic. In fact, the function will still be available, but the user will need to enable it from the settings of the app.

Google Photos, other news coming

The latest news from the Google app do not end here. In the next few releases should get an option that will allow you to disable the autoplay of the video. In addition, it will be possible to use an image present in albums Google’s Photo as the profile of the account Google.


The sudden disappearance of the most important features of the application “WhatsApp” from your phones.. new feature or technical malfunction of?

Stated thousands of application users instant messaging WhatsApp, for the disappearance of many advantages linked to the chat on the app like Typing وOnline last seen, which clarified the status of other users.

It is not yet known whether it was just a technical glitch, temporary, or WhatsApp is testing new features to chat.

He explained the location of calcalistechK technical, i sites to monitor web applications such as Down Detector, which monitors unusual activities on the platforms of digital, reported a sharp rise in complaints from WhatsApp.

Scored Down Detector more than 4000 report concerning the conflict of the users of WhatsApp, where 70% of them watch the disappearance of characteristic of Typing and Online and Last seen.

But the report also drew that 24% of users are experiencing a problem in communication, because the premise of artistic creation.

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WhatsApp, not notifications arrive: 7 tricks to solve the problem

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Why don’t notifications work on WhatsApp

WhatsApp it is one of the messaging apps most used in the world. In February 2020 has reached 2 billion users, recording a further increase on the occasion of the forced isolation for the Covid-19. From march to may 2020, we used to get in touch with family and friends, with messages and video calls. Not only that, it is now also used by companies to retain customers. Unfortunately, even this application can give problems and this is the case for example if the notifications of WhatsApp arriving late or not working at all. This problem can arise both in the devices Android in those iOS. Fortunately, there are several tricks and solutions in order to get notifications immediately.

Photo source: Sulastri Sulastri / Shutterstock.com

2 8

Update WhatsApp

The first council to make run Whatsapp correctly download updates that are released both for iOS for Android. The problems related to the notifications could be related to a bug present in the previous version in the app. To understand if you have the latest version available you need to log in toThe App Store or Google Play and search for the application: if the card appears the word “Update” then you have not yet downloaded the last update, if, instead, appears to “Open” thethe application is updated.

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3 8

Activate the notifications of WhatsApp on iPhone and Android

The notifications don’t appear? Perhaps during the last configuration you have forgotten to activate it or you have denied permission to WhatsApp without wanting. That is why it is important to control the settings related to notifications. If you have a iPhone you just need to launch the messaging app and then go to Settings and to Notifications. Here you can check if the notifications for messages are active. Just tap the voice “Allow Notifications” to receive them properly. On Android just go to the main menu in the main screen (the three dots vertical above right). In this screen there is an entry Notifications. From here, you should check if you are activated alerts correctly. If you have Android you can also select the voice “Use notifications to high-priority” that shows the preview of messages in the upper part of the screen, without having to open the application.

Photo source: Sulastri Sulastri / Shutterstock.com

4 8

Manage the notifications in WhatsApp on Android

If the smartphone Android, 8.0 or later, you can easily manage even more detailed notifications WhatsApp. For example, you can customize the tone, the vibration, choose to receive notifications for some contacts and not for others. For to customize notifications on Android 8.0 just log on to Settings > Notifications. In this screen, you can set the preferences. For example, you can choose a ringtone to different groups, and private chats, to choose the way in which to see the notifications pop-up on the screen: only with screen on, with screen off, always, or never. You may also choose the color of the led light each time there is a notification of WhatsApp, and so on.

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5 8

To correctly run WhatsApp in the background

A malfunction of the notifications of WhatsApp can be attributed to the activity in the background. On iPhone the problem can be solved by accessing the The settings of the phoneby selecting the messaging app and then activate the entry “Update the app in the background”. This will allow notifications to work at all times. If you use WhatsApp on Android you need to access the phone Settings and then select the item Biometric data and security > Check application permissions. Within this space, you can manage the notifications of the applications running in the background. You can activate only those deemed important.

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6 8

Enable the mobile data on WhatsApp for iPhone

iOS offers users the ability to limit thethe use of mobile datain this way you avoid to consume the jig available before the scheduled time. Often this option saving mobile data it is also enabled for the applications (and not only for the Internet), and then might not get them to work properly. If saving mobile data is active WhatsAppthe application will not allow for notifications to play or be visible to the user. Then you need to disable the function for the application. To do this you need access to your iPhone’s Settings and scroll down until you find Whatsapp and open the screen. Here you can enable mobile data for the app and then allow the app to function properly.

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7 8

Disable “do Not disturb”

Often we decide to mute the phonemaybe because we have a meeting, a visit or simply do not want to be disturbed for a few hours. This feature exists both on Android and on iOS. Of course, when it is active it prevents the app to send any type of notification. To receive alerts of WhatsApp on iPhone you need to access the Control Center and disable the icon’s “do Not disturb” from the Settings. While on Androidjust slide your finger from top to bottom on the main screen. Also in this case, you access the control panel quick Settings. Tapping the icon will return to the alerts of the individual app.

Photo source: Siraj Ahmad / Shutterstock.com

8 8

Disable the power saving

The Android smartphones and the iPhone allow you to last longer than the battery by turning the energy saving. In this case, however, many applications in the background will stop working and send notifications, among these stands also WhatsApp. So, if you want to receive the alerts you need turn off battery saving (accepting the fact that the battery may wear out earlier than expected). To do so, both on Android on iPhone, you need to go to the Settings and disable the power saving mode. The function you can select quickly from the Control Center.


A technical glitch in the “WhatsApp” cause the wrath of the users

07:58 pm

Friday 19 June 2020

Books – Asim Al-Ansari:

Triggered a technical glitch in the application “WhatsApp” to import the users, representing the disappearance of the advantage of “Online”, which show the highest safety conversation.

As the bug seems to impact on the options for amending the privacy, when the user tries to check whether the settings for sound in the settings of the “last Seen” or change any other setting, a message appears indicating the failure of the process and try another time.

As the cause in hiding the sentence “write a letter” when the user sends a message to a friend.

The majority of the users of the app of a problem in all countries of the world, where many of the users about the problem via social media and in particular Twitter.

For its part, did not know WhatsApp after the problem until now, as it is unknown what the reason behind this problem, or if the product penetrate new properties or that the cell is likely the problem in its servers.


WhatsApp, calls come on the PC

The developers of WhatsApp are working to improve not only the app but also the desktop version of the messaging platform. Those who use every day WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp on the Desktop (the app that you can download from the Windows Store and from the Mac App Store), knows very well that the two programs have something in less than application. The dark theme still not been implemented and, above all, it is not possible to make calls and video calls.

Especially this last lack is one of the most serious: how to implement the calls from the desktop would turn WhatsApp into an effective competitor of various Skype, Google Meet, Teams and Zoom. But, above all, should be to fill a gap very large. On this front come the good news: as they discovered the boys of WaBetaInfo, the function is in development and could soon land on WhatsApp Web. From the computer it will be possible to do both called “one to one”, is group video calling for up to eight people. For the moment the tool is not yet available, but it could become one soon.

WhatsApp Web, video-calls up to eight people

During the period of lockdown, WhatsApp has increased the maximum limit for group video calls of up to eight people. An important choice to give to friends, relatives and family remain close even if far away. After having focused on the application, now the engineers of WhatsApp are gone on the desktop version, where voice and video are not yet available. Those who want to use your PC to call to WhatsApp is forced to install an Android emulator: a practice very inconvenient and complicated.

In short, the situation should normalize: on WhatsApp Web is expected the arrival of the call and group video calling. It will be possible to answer or make calls to your contacts directly from your PC. This will add an icon in the shape of a handset or camera in the top right corner, exactly as on the application.

We get the dark theme on WhatsApp Web

In addition to the phone calls and video calls on the desktop app, will the dark theme. Already a long time WhatsApp is working on this feature, but she also never released. The guys WaBetaInfo inform us that the novelty is still in testing phase and the developers are experimenting with new colors to make the user interface more pleasant as possible.

When they arrive the new features of WhatsApp Web

There is a release date been set yetfor the moment the two new features are in development phase and in the next few months will come up on the beta version. Only after you have passed the test, will be released for all users. Estimated time: the summer of 2020.


WhatsApp, now you can send money and make purchases: how it works

WhatsApp releases in Brazil function to make payments or send money to friends from directly within the application. It is a function which has been discussed for a long time, and that Mark Zuckerberg himself had announced at the beginning of the year. For the messaging app, this is an important step towards a new phase of its history that will always be more than one application at 360 degrees.

The new tool will allow people to exchanging money with a simple click the app (very useful, for example, if you need to give money to friends after leaving out to dinner) and to small and medium businesses to accept digital payments. After you have added in previous months with the possibility of create a catalog on WhatsApp Businessnow with this new feature, the app turns into a real e-commerce free online. The function is also very safe: before you complete the money transfer on WhatsApp you need to enter a six-digit code, the digital fingerprint, or use the face-recognition (only enabled on the iPhone with FaceID).

How to send money on WhatsApp

The new function is based on the platform Facebook Pay submitted by Mark Zuckerberg in the previous months. The objective of the company’s Menlo Park is to use this platform all the apps owned by Facebook (as well as WhatsApp and social blue, there are also Messenger and Instagram), so that the user does not have to every time you enter your own personal data.

Use WhatsApp Pay it is very simple: if you need to send money to a friend just enter into the conversation, and press on the icon of payments. You should open a tab where you can enter the amount of money and then the money is transferred as if it were a simple message. All very easy and fast. To use the function, it is necessary enter the details of your credit cardcompatible with the platform Facebook Pay (the types of cards change from country to Country).

In addition to sending money to friends, WhatsApp Pay you can also make purchases on e-commerce sites that support the platform and on WhatsApp Business. Also in this case with a few taps on the screen to make the payment. The platform can be very useful for SMES that have difficulties in providing a digital solution for your customers ‘ payments.

How much it costs to send money on WhatsApp

Facebook Pay is free for users: to transfer money to your friends do not have to pay any commission. Different speech for the companies: the transactions have small costs for processing payments received from customers.

WhatsApp Pay is safe?

The issue of privacy. In a post published on their official blog, WhatsApp he assured that the function is very secure. Before completing the payment you will be prompted for users to enter a six-digit code,or confirming the purchase with the fingerprint or facial recognition.

When you arrive in Italy

For the moment, the feature has been released only in Brazil, but WhatsApp has already ensured that in the next few months will come all over the World, also in Italy. We will only have a little patience and soon it will be possible to send and transfer money directly on WhatsApp


WhatsApp, incoming new features never seen before: here are

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WhatsApp works in new features

WhatsApp is an application that is in continuous change: staying on the top in a market that is super-competitive, you need to release new features and improve existing ones. The explosion of the pandemic has slowed down the development, but now the engineers have resumed at full pace. There are many projects on which WhatsApp is working, starting with the possibility of use the same account on multiple devices: it is a tool that will revolutionize the application, but that requires a lot of time so that everything functions better. But the news does not end here: the boys of WaBetaInfo in the last days we have updated a couple of new features which no one knew the existence, and that change in a profound way the app. Here what are.

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2 9

WhatsApp, comes the research to date

The first major change concerns the search function inside of the conversations. The developers are working to strengthen this tool and make it really useful. The iPhone is in testing a function that allows to search by date: if we do not remember exactly what we said in a chat, but we remember the day we wrote it, simply enter the date and start the search. The tool is currently only present on the iPhone, but is not excluded to be added on the Android version.

Photo source: Sulastri Sulastri / Shutterstock.com

3 9

The inverse function for the images

During the period of lockdown, WhatsApp has released in beta a feature that allows you to do a quick search on Google to verify if a story is true. This applies only for messages that are submitted frequently, and which usually convey fake-news. The tool is very useful especially in particular periods such as those we just experienced where the false information to complicate even more the situation. Now this tool is also available for the images submitted too many times: next to these photos has been added a magnifying glass that allows you to directly search on the Google search engine.

Photo source: sdx15 / Shutterstock.com

4 9

WhatsApp, you can use the same account on four

Every week that passes, you add new tiles to a mosaic that are now nearing completion: the multi-device to use WhatsApp on most smartphones at the same time. The tool is going to revolutionize the daily use of the app and allow you to separate the account from the phone number. The latest indiscretion came from the skillful hands of WaBetaInfo respect to the number of devices on which it will be possible to use the WhatsApp accounts at the same time: the limit was set to four.

Photo source: PixieMe / Shutterstock.com

5 9

WhatsApp revolutionizes “data Usage and storage”

Occasionally WhatsApp brings new features to the section “Data usage and storage“: the objective is to simplify the users life when they need to delete the files that consume the device memory. As reported by WaBetaInfo, are in the testing phase of the new filters added to the item “Storage use“. In addition to the chat “heavy”, users can use the new advanced filters is “Large Filed” and “Forwarded files” to easily find the documents that occupy the most space and delete them quickly.

Photo source: Adao / Shutterstock.com

6 9

WhatsApp, how to delete all messages except the favorites

One of the tools for reduce the weight of the WhatsApp on your smartphone’s memory is to delete all the messages in a conversation, especially those of the groups where they are exchanged many multimedia content (video, images, and voice notes). This function, however, it also eliminates the messages that were placed in the favorites, losing in this way the images or video to which you hold very. WhatsApp he understood the error committed so far and is developing a new tool that you can delete all the messages except the ones entered in the favorites.

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7 9

WhatsApp, it changes the color of the dark mode

One of the many innovations in the processing also affects the dark theme. WhatsApp want to change the color of the bubble of messages sent by us, which at the moment is a very dark green. The messaging application wants to change it green a bit more clear. A change of style did not change much, but that shows how much our technicians are always working to improve the app.

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8 9

WhatsApp supports ShareSheet

In just a few know the platform ShareSheet, but it is one of the app for sharing videos no longer used in India. Developers are at work to support you on WhatsApp all the videos of ShareSheet: when you share a movie in a conversation through the link, you will see a video player that will allow you to play it without leaving the messaging app.

Photo source: Sulastri Sulastri / Shutterstock.com

9 9

When they arrive the new tools of WhatsApp

For the moment, all new features are still in testing phase and are not available even in the beta version of WhatsApp. Before you see them arrive we must wait some weeks, if not months. In addition, the release will be staggered in a way to test them with care.


WhatsApp is updated, incoming search by date: how it works

After a period of pause caused by the lockdown, the the developers of WhatsApp have picked up many projects that were temporarily blocked. In the next few months, the messaging application is ready to accept the many small innovations that will revolutionize a little the use of WhatsApp. One of the most interesting concerns a new way of search for messages received and sent in a conversation.

One of the most major limitations of the messaging app is the search feature which WhatsApp has multiple times tried to put his hand in, without success. Now comes a new and rather interesting: users will be able to search for a message received or sent directly to date. For the moment the function is still in phase alpha, that is, in development and in test between the employees, but they could soon make his debut in the beta version of WhatsApp. The guys WaBetaInfo, the first to spread the news, have ensured that the new instrument will come both on Android and both iOS, even if in this first phase is testing only on the iPhone. Here how it works.

How to search for messages by date on WhatsApp

The “search” function is already this on WhatsAppbut for the moment, it lets you find a message by date. You can only search for “words” and you can understand that it is rather complicated to go to find a specific message sent to two or three months ago. With the the research to date this simplifies much the thing.

WaBetaInfo has published images that show how to work the tool. Recall that for the moment it is only available on the iPhone and only in the version alphathat is not accessible to the public. When a user presses the button “Search”, it will appear on the toolbar of the text to a calendar icon: touching it will open a mini-calendar with month, day and date. Choosing an exact day, it will be possible to see all the messages exchanged on that date. Very convenient if you don’t remember exactly what we said, but only the period in which we have written the message.

WhatsApp, get the reverse search for images

Another novelty, for the moment available is always on iPhoneconcerns fight against fake news. During the period of lockdown, WhatsApp has partnered with Google to offer users a tool for fact-checking. Next to the messages that have been forwarded too often (and that can be recognized by a double arrow at the top), there is a magnifying glass that allows you to do a search on Google on the subject of the message.

Now the magnifier also comes to the images that are sent too frequently. In this way, users can perform a reverse lookup and figure out if it is a meme, a fake news, or a true story.

When they arrive the new features on WhatsApp

For both cases, these functions are still in development and available only for developers that are testing. If all goes well, in the coming weeks will arrive in the beta version and then in the official one.