some motorists may be surprised!

The approved private body, which is in charge of technical inspections of vehicles and the organization of theoretical and practical driving license exams, has in fact decided to impose the obligation to pay by credit card.

A decision that surprised more than one. These people were offered alternative solutions. This is the case with Michaël, who does not usually pay by credit card and prefers payment in cash.

However, this measure is applicable in all centers, since their reopening in May. Since that date, customers’ attention has been drawn to this particularity. “The obligation to pay by card is mentioned on our website but also on the invitations”, explains AutoSecurity.

►► « I hate walking around with a bank card »: Michaël did not have his card when he passed the technical control.

►► Here is what we offered him.


Fake biker police to slow down motorists in Jurbise

The burgomaster does prevention: “Lift it up! ”

You may have seen them already. Our “fictitious police officers” are present in different places of our entity. The purpose of the maneuver is obviously to slow down the most reckless motorists. In addition to this, preventive radars were placed by our communal workers. For the more daring, beware! Real police officers are never far away Improving road safety in our town is one of our priorities! Other actions will be communicated very soon and the Road Safety Observatory will launch its call for applications during the month of September, ”Jacqueline Galant said on Facebook


TOP 5 reasons to pay attention to a used Volkswagen Passat B6

The car attracts with comfort, a presentable appearance, a galvanized body and good handling.

Photo: Volkswagen Passat B6, source: Volkswagen

At the word “business sedan”, many Russians immediately recall Toyota Camry or KIA Optima, but the list is not limited to them. As an alternative, among cars of this class it is worth recalling the Volkswagen Passat B6, produced from 2005 to 2010. The editors of the publication, having studied the reviews of motorists on Drom and Drive2, announced the TOP-5 reasons to pay attention to the German premium sedan with mileage.


Volkswagen Passat B6 is distinguished by a spacious interior, which is conveniently located even for drivers with passengers whose height exceeds 180 cm. Some drivers note that the seats in the German sedan are much more comfortable than in the 10-year-old Camry, and are endowed with popliteal support. The front row of seats is equipped with electric adjustments. Good noise insulation also adds comfort to the interior – no extraneous sounds are heard in the cabin while riding.


“Passat” in the back of the B6 looks relevant even now due to a presentable and stylish appearance. The Volkswagen Passat body is galvanized, which is why you can meet a copy without rust, but with small chips. However, the latter can sometimes lead to corrosion. As the experts of the portal “Wheels” noted, the appearance of red spots on the body of a German sedan is the result of a “lazy” attitude towards the car, so experts recommend looking at the specimens, the owners of which did not save on anti-corrosion treatment.

Excellent handling

A German sedan with mileage due to a downed, but moderately stiff suspension, demonstrates a comfortable ride – the car does not swing on the road and moves without banks. Even on poor road surfaces, the Passat delivers comfort to the owners, and due to the high ground clearance in winter, off-roading will not be a problem.

Technical component

Volkswagen Passat B6 is distinguished by an extensive motor range – there are gasoline engines in volumes of 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0, 3.2 and 3.6 liters and diesel engines in volumes of 1.6, 1.9 and 2.0 liters. As for diesel units, such engines are famous for their resourcefulness, high-torque and economy, despite some problems with the turbine and fuel equipment.

Among gasoline engines, you should pay attention to the 1.6-liter engine, which is characterized by ease of maintenance, but at the same time, low dynamics. Also, one should not discount the 1.8- and 2.0-liter units with a strong piston group and cylinder head, although they are sensitive to the quality of the oil and are “famous” for their high lubricant consumption.

V6 volumes of 3.2 and 3.6 liters are famous for their improved dynamics, but you should forget about the ease of maintenance of such units – you need to remove the engine to replace the timing drive. As motorists noted in the reviews, when buying a “Passat” with 6-cylinder engines, you should lay the future financial reserve for possible problems. The best option for Volkswagen Passat B6 will be the version with 1.6- and 2-liter engines.

In addition to the advantages, the Volkswagen Passat B6 with mileage, like any car, also has disadvantages, among which there is a problematic DSG box, which often fails after 50,000 – 70,000 km, problems with the electronics due to burnout of bulbs and fuses. Also, many motorists complain about mediocre headlights, because of which it is uncomfortable to drive at night. More silent blocks and stabilizer racks often change.

Photo: Volkswagen Passat B6 exterior and interior, source: Volkswagen
LADA XRay and Largus are in short supply in Russia

On this topic

LADA XRay and Largus are in short supply in Russia

2020-06-28 16:18:48

Volkswagen Passat B6 with mileage should be considered for purchase because of reliable engines, a comfortable interior, good handling, a presentable appearance and good corrosion resistance. As noted by experts of the publication “Wheels”, for 500 000 rubles in the market you can buy “Passat” in good condition and without serious problems.


Fresh Antikor on the LADA Vesta with a run — a reason to abandon the purchase, says auto expert

Motorists do not consider the problem of rust is critical, it’s not going to go to “the West” forever.

Photo: LADA Vesta SW source

LADA brand holds a leading position in sales b/y car and “secondary” allows motorists to save money. However, in our latitudes, one of the main problems of all cars is rust. Moreover, even the presence of fresh “Antikor” cannot guarantee the absence of rust in the coming years, as stated by the auto YouTube channel “Lada Club BY”.

In humid climates with drastic temperature changes the appearance of the “Ryzhikov”, then full of rust spots, and after Frank “rot”, destroying the body — a matter of time, the expert believes. The only question is the resource of metal, so that during the selection of the “Vesta” to “secondary housing” can be easily and abandon the purchase, paying attention to some nuances.

For example, one-year-old LADA Vesta Cross, imported for maintenance, the blogger talked about the most pronounced problem areas family car “Vesta”. Rust here makes itself felt after a few months of operation of the car after the first fall and winter. The expert noted that those wishing to buy a 2-3 year old “news” with mileage should alert to the existence of fresh anti-corrosion treatment of elements of the bottom and even become a reason to abandon the purchase: perhaps the “ANTICOR” spent masking have appeared obvious defectsto quickly get rid of the car.

“Early” rust on the car of a family of Vesta appears on the following elements:

  1. Side edges of the so-called “TV” — of the cooler, and the area of the welds.
  2. All joints on heat shields on the bottom of the car.
  3. Space behind the rear beam.

Here, in the opinion of autoexpert, problems are detected in 80% of the cars LADA Vesta not only, but also popular cars, including B – and C-class, as well as affecting the D-class.

Motorists in the comments noted that the problem of the rapid appearance of rust is not critical:

“Nothing critical and will be in 5 years”, “This will last for 10 years. Like the priors, they are also 10-year-old begin to rot, and so will the holes. Hyundai and Kia are rotting. In 10 years will disappear — you can brew to be. It’s the little things,” “When she rots, engine and khodovki will be gone. Ever want to drive it?”.

Those who buys a new car, especially the “avtobazovskaya” products, motorists are recommended immediately to spend money on “ANTICOR” for peace of mind. But when buying a used car is to assess vulnerabilities.

Photo: the onset of rusting LADA Vesta SW 2019 source YouTube channel “Lada Club BY”

We will remind, the share of the secondary market in Russia in 2020 at the end of April rose to 77%, according to statistics AutoVerCity and reports “RIA Novosti” with reference to the Agency “AUTOSTAT”.


How to get a discount when making car insurance

Drivers who have not violated traffic rules and was not involved in an accident, you can count on preferential terms.

Photo: the insurance policy, source:

The introduction in Russia of a regime of self-isolation, which significantly impact on people’s lives, has led to a drop in demand for new and used vehicles. In turn, this phenomenon has led to lower demand for CTP policies and hull, which in the foreseeable future, may decrease the cost of the insurance certificate for motorists, annually insuring their vehicles.

Experts portal Naavtotrasse told how to get a discount when applying for insurance on the car. According to analysts, in case of extension of validity of the insurance policy motorist benefits in the amount of from 5 to 15% of the cost of the hull. The discount is provided only for those drivers that do not violate the regime of isolation and did not commit an accident in this period of time. Such measures will allow insurance companies to retain customer loyalty.

As noted by the experts Naavttotrasse, other countries invented different approach to addressing this question. Foreign authorities suggested motorists to get the money back that they spent on the issue of insurance. But the representatives of the Central Bank emphasize that the Russians can not wait for such benefits, as the country does not exist the necessary conditions, so motorists will have to settle for the discounts offered by insurance companies.

Photo: Hyundai, source: Hyundai

The police said that in the first days of the regime of self-isolation decreased significantly the number of accidents, but after the lifting of restrictive measures the drivers again began to violate traffic rules. This in turn can cause failure to discount the issue of insurance to individuals who are guilty of committing a traffic accident or other traffic violations.


Has the hunt begun? Why “snatch” the base Hyundai Solaris or Creta will be an incredible success

The cheapest of the popular “Koreans” are now “not for everyone”? Hyundai has taken a “nimble move” to promote more expensive versions, leaving virtually no chance for motorists.

Statistics of sales of new foreign cars in Russia suggests that leadership position firmly occupied by such Korean “state employees” as Hyundai Solaris and Hyundai Creta. However, against the backdrop of the unfolding unfavorable economic situation and the rise in price of automobiles, sales and, accordingly, brand profitability fell. If before the buyer was eager to buy a “Creta” or “Solaris” with a wide range of options, then gradually such configurations have become for many too expensive.

The view of motorists, knowledgeable on the “ability” of the manufacturer and dealers to earn on the “special stages”, turned to more affordable, albeit Naked versions. Given the fact that sales of new cars were already “sagging”, revenue was even less. However, Hyundai decided on the Russian market try out the tricky move, which will simultaneously stimulate sales of more expensive versions of “Solaris” and “Cret”, and increase the loyalty of the public in the brand.

So the Russian representative office of the Hyundai brand decided raise the price Solaris and Creta models on average by 6 and 12 thousand rubles, respectively, but the cost basic options leave the same – 765 and 975 thousand rubles, respectively. While everything is getting more expensive, the starting price of the popular “Koreans” remains the same, and it looks like an “appetizing bait” for potential buyers on advertising banners and in dealers’ mailings.

However, the question of what may be covered trick, skeptical car enthusiasts already have an answer. You won’t find “Bases” in salons anyway, dealers “impose” either expensive equipment or a ton of “special stages” at inflated prices. Now, cheap basic variations will become “Red Book” at all, and a hunt will begin among motorists.

“Snatch” the cheapest Hyundai Solaris or Creta will be an achievement, and not all “hunters” can boast of such a “trophy”. Other fans of the brand nothing left, how to agree to an expensive car, also with paid additional options.


Owners dispelled myths about Renault Arkana

Despite the “dampness”, “Arkana” is not such a “terrible trait”, motorists are sure.

When you want a foreign car with a stylish look and cross-performance “not for all the money in the world”, Renault Arkana will certainly come into view at a price of 1.015 million rubles for a “base” with a 1.6-liter “atmosphere”, manual transmission and front-wheel drive . For the year of its presence in the market Arkana “overgrown” claims.

At the same time, not all deficiencies identified will “come out” in the purchased car. Confirmation of this can be considered a video review of the semi-annual ownership of the “base” Renault Arkana from the owner on the YouTube channel. “Arkanovod”, having passed the stage of “zero” TO, shared a comparative review on the network at the most common “sores” “Arcana” in the format of “complaints from the network and facts” on the example of his car. It turned out that “the devil is not so terrible,” although there are certain drawbacks.

Lack of staff sealant under the hood cover will turn into a quick and severe pollution of the “engine compartment”. Renault saved on the rubber band, but you can install it yourself. Noise release bearing present, however, the motorist called this problem “floating” – “that is, that is not.” Although netizens insist that this is a problem for all Renaults, as well as the hum mechanical “box” “Cold”, which itself passes after warming up.

Breakdowns front suspension – not a myth. Especially “hits” in the front “glasses” on strong bumps and at speed. Nevertheless, motorists do not consider the problem of mass – to whom as lucky. “Whistling” generator right “from the passenger compartment”, contrary to the opinions on the network, the car owner has not had a chance to listen yet, but splashing out of the coolant from the tank through leaks in the lid and “Stink” in the cabin – truth. “Treatment” with sealant “from the dealer” does not fix the problem.

Does “pop up” glass on the driver’s door when closing? If the glass “sits” tightly and does not “walk” by hand, then there is no marriage and there is no problem. A common complaint is “blunts” multimedia system at Renault Arkana. At the same time, its simplest version of the “calculator” works flawlessly, but to the operation and accuracy fuel level sensor there are complaints.

“None” sound insulation – also true. And here is a clanking hand floor in the back row – rather, a case of marriage. In the car in question, such a “jamb” was not found. How accurately and efficiently the air conditioner works can be judged with the onset of summer, and by the stove no questions.

It turned out that Arkana is not “alone” in its “jambs”: “All the jambs are like in my Audi 80 of 1988 onwards,” the network user states.


Why is Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 3 so loved by drivers?

He has not been fashionable for a long time, and he can’t be called handsome, but Russian motorists do not appreciate Padzherik for that.

For the third generation Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, motorists in Russia have been getting used to it for the fifth year already. At the time the frame SUV entered our market, even fans of the Japanese brand took the Pajero with hostility, criticizing its ambiguous exterior, especially the “leaking” rear optics. “Bloody tears” is one of the most censored designations that drivers have endowed with the taillights of the legendary “Japanese”.

However, contrary to skepticism, those who wanted to buy a Mitsubishi Pajero Sport 3 were found. And already after the first few months of operation, it turned out that the controversial design was almost the only thing for which I would like to scold the Padzherik, whereas by really important criteria this car is almost the best in its segment. For the totality of reasons, the same Pradik did not stand next to this Japanese frame.

From what immediately catches your eye – a huge trunk, perhaps the most spacious in its class, as well as an “honest” ground clearance of 218 millimeters. The combination of these two criteria directly hints: the car is universal “indecently.” “Pajero” is good as a family car, and as the ultimate “killer” off-road of any severity. From the subjective claims to the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport in this regard, we can distinguish a spare tire under the bottom, because changing it in the mud is a dubious pleasure.

The driving performance of the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is one of the most important reasons why SUVs are so loved by drivers. And it doesn’t matter whether a 3-liter gasoline engine for 209 “horses” or an 181-horsepower diesel unit of 2.4 liters – the car is anyway good even in the basic configuration, both in terms of dynamics, cross-country ability, and the same thing about competitors will fail.

Take the same Toyota Land Cruiser Prado 150, the price of which is comparable to the “Padzherik”. The owners of the base “Prado” unanimously reiterate that they “lack the engine”, and the “Japanese” is not as confident on the road as we would like. Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is already “tired” – its cycle in the Russian and world markets is coming to an end, but at the same time, the car is able to “fight” further. Stability and indestructibility are the reasons why Padzherik is still of interest to motorists.


The new GAC GS8 “steps” on the heels »Toyota Land Cruiser

Soon in the SUV segment on the Russian market, a change of leader is expected and the new Chinese crossover is the most suitable contender.

Since incomes are falling due to the crisis in the country, even the used Toyota Land Cruiser will not be affordable for the Russians, and the maintenance will be especially costly. It follows that it is more profitable to purchase a new GAC GS8, which is no worse than Japanese SUVs in terms of cross-country ability, manufacturability and quality – motorists who have already purchased a new “HAK” have already seen this and are happy with their purchase.

In this case, cheapness plays into the hands of the Chinese crossover – it will be taken en masse. Another important factor is the nuance that Toyota Land Cruiser is already pretty fed up and while the Russians are promising the release of a new generation of Kruzak, motorists will devastate car dealerships that sell the GAC GS8 – because the next generation of the Japanese SUV promises to be not so powerful and luxurious that it’s already disappointed drivers. This, in turn, indicates that the future in Russia lies with the Chinese auto industry, you only need to choose high-quality cars, and this HAK is not one of the last – no Khaveils and Atlases near this Chinese are taking off.

In addition, the massive popularity of the GAC GS8 may contribute to the future localization of Chinese crossover production, which will lead to lower prices and an even greater increase in demand. GAK’s leadership position is only a matter of time.

Thus, the new GAC GS8 is already stepping on the heels of Toyota Land Cruiser, and in the foreseeable future will pick up buyers of the famous Kruzak. Consequently, the Chinese crossover will be the “nightmare” of the Japanese SUV.

Dmitry Pavlichko