Iron Harvest: Story-centric Trailer & An Update on Esports Competitions

Our preview d’Iron Harvest was there to shed some light on the content of the game not too long ago. Since yesterday it is a whole new focus which benefited the studio’s uchronia King Art. Editor Deep Silver has indeed published a trailer which evokes a little longer the narrative aspect of the title. In particular, it features the main protagonists of the three factions present. For the record, the entire trailer is made from the cutscenes and the gameplay d’Iron Harvest.

The news of the game is not limited to a trailer. Deep Silver communicated his plans for the gamescom virtual event that will take place from August 27 to 30. Internet users will obviously be able to learn more about the game via the dedicated tab, but it is mainly a question ofeSports. The final of the very first Iron Harvest tournament will indeed take place on this occasion. It is in partnership with theESL and TakeTV that the two days of the group phase and the day of playoffs.

These three days of tournament will decide between the eight players involved in the event. The list of participants has not been released, but we already know that it contains the four winners of the different ESL Iron Harvest Pre-Season Cups as well as four professional players. No name for the commentators as well. Deep Silver however mentioned the presence of the developers ofIron Harvest alongside casters and the possibility to follow the matches on chain Twitch of TakeTV as well as on the page gamescom dedicated to the game.

You can consult the game schedule (in Bo3) below :

Hour Group A
Friday August 28
Group B
Saturday August 29
Sunday August 30
17h00 Match 1 Match 1 Semi 1
17h30 Match 2 Match 2
18h00 Winners Winners Semi 2
18h30 Losers Losers
19h00 2e place 2e place Finale

The release date ofIron Harvest is set for September 1, for those interested, the title is available at € 59.99 on Amazon.


eSports. Rodolfo Pizarro will represent Mexico in an official FIFA tournament

Mexico City /

The Mexican team will participate in the virtual event eNations StayAndPlay Cup, international tournament organized by FIFA which will develop from April 21-25. 43 member associations of FIFA will compete for the Cup.

Each match will be played twice: once between professional eSports players and once more between footballers or celebrities. For Mexico the representatives will be Rodolfo Pizarro and Luis Villanueva. It is worth mentioning that Tri is located in Group B along with Canada, the United States and Puerto Rico.

The two best teams in the group will advance to the semifinals to compete against the first two places in sector A, where Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru are located.

Match schedule

Tuesday April 21, 2020

  • Matchday 1
  • FIFA Player – Canada vs. Luis Villanueva (MEX) | 1:20 p.m.
  • Ma-Celebrity Canada vs. Rodolfo Pizarro (MEX) | 2:00 p.m.
  • Matchday 2
  • Luis Villanueva (MEX) vs. FIFA Player – United States | 14:40 hours
  • Rodolfo Pizarro (MEX) vs. Ma-Celebrity – United States | 15:20 hours

Wednesday April 22, 2020

  • Matchday 3
  • Luis Villanueva (MEX) vs. FIFA Player – Puerto Rico | 13:00 hours
  • Rodolfo Pizarro (MEX) vs. Ma-Celebrity – Puerto Rico | 1:40 p.m.

Friday April 24, 2020

  • Semifinal # 1
  • FIFA Player – First Place in Group A vs. Second Place in Group B | 12:00 hours
  • Ma-Celebrity – First Place in Group A vs. Second Place in Group B | 12:40 hours
  • Semifinal # 2
  • FIFA Player – First Place in Group B vs. Second Place in Group A | 13:35 hours
  • Ma-Celebrity – First Place in Group B vs. Second Place in Group A | 14:15 hours

Saturday April 25, 2020

  • FIFA Player – Semifinal Winner # 1 vs. Semifinal Winner # 2 | 11:15 hours
  • Ma-Celebrity – Semifinal Winner # 1 vs. Semifinal Winner # 2 | 11:55 hours


How eSports fill the gap in sports competitions




Without soccer, without basketball, without motorcycling. Neither do the Olympics. For more than one fan, enough to lose their minds. The pandemic of Covid-19 coronavirus it has suspended all international sports aspirations at a stroke. The confinement has forced the stadiums and courts to be closed until further notice. No mass facility, for health protection, must be open. And thousands of athletes, locked up; preparing mentally and physically for an uncertain return. In this situation, however, the «eSports»Or electronic sports resist the hurricane: they have managed to fill the competition gap with audiences that, in some cases, have tripled since the appearance of the coronavirus.

Due to their flexibility to adapt to restrictions and by their very nature, these video game competitions take place in a digital environment, which is predisposed to face the current reality. From home, protected, and with all the technical equipment available, dozens of professional and semi-professional players continue to develop their activities. Tournaments and competitions are still active despite the difficulties. The public response is being, according to experts consulted by this newspaper, very optimistic.

Something to which various solidarity tournaments such as the one organized by Ibai Llanos, well-known commentator (“caster”, in the slang of the sector). An event in which about 180,000 euros were raised in the fight against the pandemic and in which 19 footballers like Marcos Llorente (Atlético de Madrid), Sergi Roberto (F.C.Barcelona) or Marco Asensio (Real Madrid), who was proclaimed winner at the controls of the console.

In the absence of domestic competition, these video game matches « Fifa 20 », which recreates football on a virtual level, generated an audience of one million spectators, who did not miss the plays and goals from the Twitch platform. But there have also been other important events that have attempted to “normalize” eSports as a leisure alternative. Because in the absence of races, several MotoGP riders have faced each other … virtually from the official game. And there, without distinction, they participated from the world champion Marc Márquez, his brother Alex, the veteran Valentino Rossi or the young man Maverick Viñales, among others. They replicated the idea of ​​Formula 1, which took off a virtual world championship with official drivers from the grid as Max Verstappen, as well as other elite athletes of the likes of the Real Madrid goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois.

And to show how elite professionals have become increasingly interested in generating multimedia content on the Internet, the example of Rubén García, player of the Osasuna F.C., who has even been making “streaming” broadcasts of his games. Contacted by ABC, the footballer makes it clear that due to the situation we are currently experiencing, I have approached the world of video games and social networks in a much more intense way. “In this last month of confinement, activities such as watching series and movies on digital platforms, creating content for social networks and, above all, playing electronic sports have intensified in my day to day. My customs have become, in a large majority, digital», He maintains.

«The opportunity to expand my personal brand through the world of eSports seems to me a great opportunity and at the same time a great challenge that surely with effort and work will have its great reward»

In your opinion, you have noticed that the world of technology and eSports is very close to how you communicate. “I like him a lot to be in a live show and to be able to interact with people, reply to messages and even play or compete against my followers. My direct contact with the fan and this continuous interaction creates positive synergies that motivate me daily to create new content or try new games.. The opportunity to expand my personal brand through the world of eSports It seems to me a great opportunity and at the same time a great challenge that surely with effort and work will have its great reward, this sector has tremendous growth and potential. ”

Competing in attention

The Professional Video Game League, one of the most important organizers, has had, despite the health crisis, an amazing development. Organizes, among other tournaments, the Orange Super League League of Legends, organized by the Mediapro group. The broadcast of the semifinals brought together more than 466,000 spectators, 51% more than the previous year. Scandalous figures that mark unprecedented success. The four matches of the playoff phase amassed almost 880,000 spectators. In the final, in which the professional club Vodafone Giants prevailed over Movistar Riders, other audience records were recorded with 238,000 viewers despite finishing after two in the morning. And the most interesting thing: it registered an average at 65 minutes per spectator, the highest average in its history. “From our three competitions, if we compare audiences, we have experienced a quite spectacular increase,” he explains by videoconference. Jordi Soler, CEO of the Professional Video Game League (LVP).

In strategy videogame tournaments «Clash Royale»Viewers increased 40% over last year, while that of«Counter-Strike: Global Offensive», Well-known title of war setting, 50%. “There is a good symbiosis, because it is something positive for everyone. It allows us to show that we are not weirdos, there are many people who like to watch electronic sports, “he adds.

Movistar Riders

“There have been days when the numbers are not to be believed. It is a very peculiar situation. There is a lot of offer that fragments the audience, but the figures are there. There is no other physical competition and eSports competitions continue thanks to the teams, which are involved, who suffer from the Covid-19 but are committed to a discipline of confinement that allows the sector to continue», Recognizes the director of the LVP. One of the doubts about the sector, which moved around a billion dollars last year, is if all the spectators who have come from rebound during the confinement will be added as a faithful public. “Honestly, I think part of the audience is going to stay because we have shown that it is part of their entertainment. The unknown is to know the percentage, “he values.

“Honestly, I think part of the audience is going to stay because we have shown that it is part of their entertainment. The unknown is to know the percentage »

This “normalization” of the sector that has been sponsored by discovering that many elite athletes give him command of the console in his spare time will also have a new opportunity to demonstrate this weekend. It will be thanks to the so-called “Champlay solidarity”, an event of “Fifa 20” in which international soccer stars like Paulo Dybala (Juventus), James Rodriguez (Real Madrid) or Sergio «Kun» Agüero (Manchester City), among others. Of course: all the experts agree that “it will take its toll” on the sector due to the suspension of physical events that are an important source of income.

For Fernando Piquer, CEO of Movistar Riders, one of the most important professional clubs in Spain, the increase in “eSports” audiences is a consequence of the momentum that the sector has taken in recent years. “It has grown up in circumstances that nobody wants to have, which is not the best environment at all, but it is true that at the same time the issue of connectivity and the environment of video games shows that it is a sport that continues to be active right now. While all traditional sports are no longer celebrated, this continues because of the remote and digital nature of the competitions, “he added in a telephone interview with ABC. “There are people who are starting to use digital platforms that they did not know to replace physical competitions. And also people who had a certain prejudice and demonstrating that it was a healthy and fun leisure».

For Rubén GarcíaThe current situation prevents practicing traditional team sports and in many cases neither individual disciplines, sports that in their competitive aspect are highly consumed by fans. “Electronic sports are very equal to the population and open their doors to everyone who wants to try to compete, and why not, win and be a future” star “in one of the titles of the competitive eSports. Entertainment is twenty-four hours seven days a week and it always makes content offers available, something that in other sectors does not exist of the same magnitude », he values.

The footballer also gives a key: “If something differentiates traditional and digital sports, it is interaction, is direct and continuous Between all, everyone can play and communicate with anyone. Imagine a child who can play “League of Legends” against a professional soccer player or who can challenge FIFA! All this makes people get closer to this world every day and I will not be less, “he stresses.

Opportunity for brands

“Traditional sport has gone online,” he adds. Pedro Ollero, Senior PR Specialist of the brand of peripherals for video games Razer. “Now, the natural thing is in the videogame competition, which has always been on the ground online and has been further enhanced,” he points out, who also believes that from now on “gaming and video consumption habits of people will be maintained who discovered it ».


«The traditional sports fan who also enjoys gaming but who does not know eSports, through this confinement situation is discovering the digital way of his sports in digital competition. And not only because the game itself exists, but also because many of its favorite athletes are participating, “adds Ollero. However, another key slips in: «There is a transition from sport, the athlete and traditional audiences to the digital environment. Hence there will be a segment of the public that when the situation returns to normal will remain.

This increase in audience figures also represents a commercial opportunity for technology brands that develop accessories for the consumption of video games. “It is being a great opportunity through several channels: the first, there is more streaming and more products are sold such as webcams and microphones; the second, new audiences are also looking for these products to enjoy more of their new entertainment, ”he predicts.


Sponsors see e-sports as a growth market even in the crisis

Dusseldorf The state of emergency of the corona crisis is affecting the economy. The necessary containment measures, the shutdown, affect numerous companies. One industry that benefits from more available human time is that of computer game providers. The number of downloads and users is increasing.

E-sports, video and computer games are usually a part of the gaming world from the action and strategy area, in which several players compete against each other at the same time. The peculiarity is that in recent years, successful games like “League of Legends”, “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive” or “Starcraft 2” have successfully established worldwide tournament and league operations between professional teams.

A spectator sport, both with live presence in arenas and with millions of spectators online. With audience groups that are considered young, tech-savvy, educated and eager to consume, also as “nerds”. In the current situation, this has advantages, but also special challenges.

Although the scene in Germany does not receive the recognition of the DOSB as a sport, the competitions are often treated as such – especially by sponsors. Companies like IntelDHL Daimler, SAP and Vodafone are part of it, some with their own investments in teams.

Accordingly, there is also the potential to be further recommended as a sponsorship alternative in a crisis that brings classic sports to a standstill. In the middle of the global corona crisis, which also forces e-sports, which is characterized by live events and direct team contact, to be converted, the Munich-based carmaker is now also announcing BMW its comprehensive entry.

The group announced on Thursday a partnership with five top international teams, including the “G2” based in Germany. BMW provides team teams for all teams, but the focus should be on technology and knowledge transfer.

This is also a clear sign in the crisis. “Our commitment is motivated by our commitment to be a sustainable, global partner who supports the teams and the industry itself before, during and after these uncertain times,” says BMW brand boss Jens Thiemer.

Team partnership logos

BMW joins five teams; together, synergies are to be leveraged.

(Photo: BMW)

As is customary in e-sports, no concrete sums are mentioned. However, it is clear that total sales in the sponsoring market still represent a niche, especially in comparison to football. However, market participants report in unison, double-digit growth rates. “We consider e-sports to be a promising and growing addition to our marketing activities,” explains Thiemer.

More viewers online

The Achilles heel of the industry in crisis is the live events. They have become more important in recent years and have been expanded into tournaments with tens of thousands of spectators. These events are now being canceled or are taking place without an audience, such as the Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice, to which tens of thousands of fans traveled and were no longer allowed to enter the arena at short notice.

Important industry meetings such as the Cologne Gamescom must be canceled, at least in physical presence. The follow-up costs are likely to result in the cancellation and compensation clauses being examined in various insurance policies and contracts.

The US company Riot Games, which organizes the league operation of its hit game “League of Legends” in Europe from its Berlin production studio, had to wait several game days before the game operations could be completely shifted to online platforms.

“Having fans close to the action is what makes e-sports so special,” explains Alberto Guerrero, head of the e-sports division at Riot Games Europe. “Keeping our community connected, even though they can’t physically be there and celebrate, is a task that concerns us every day.” Riot recently recorded a ten percent digital audience increase in league operations. “People want and need entertainment, new content and a feeling of connectedness more than ever before,” said Guerrero.

57 percent of gamers play more than before

In fact, there had been technical challenges, such as the implementation of several livestreams simultaneously from different locations or simply making the same computer set-up available to the team members as in the studio. Due to the nature of e-sports, the joint efforts of the production team put it in a unique position to maintain the entertainment program and digital community experiences in this situation as well.

The world’s largest independent league operator ESL also relies on this. “We can also hold the tournaments online without anyone having to travel. We are currently doing this and are achieving record numbers of viewers, ”said the Cologne-based company on request. The product does not suffer as a result: “It comes very close to what we do otherwise – without on-site spectators, but in the same quality of sport that can be followed online.”

In fact, several game manufacturers and competition organizers recently announced record audience numbers. This affects gaming in general, reported Valve, provider of the gaming platform Steam, recently almost 25 million users who were online at the same time, of which eight million also played at the same time.

But this also applies to e-sports in particular, where, for example, “CS: GO” recorded more than one million players online at the weekend for the first time since the title was released in 2012. “Surveys by the Nielsen subsidiary SuperData not only show that the number of downloads for game apps is increasing,” explains Michael Heina, Head of E-Sports Europe at the research and consulting company Nielsen. “57 percent of German video gamers state that they spend significantly more time playing video games than they did before Corona.”

And more: “Current SuperData data show that the purchase of digital items and objects as well as further in-game purchases have increased,” says Heina. People use the time that is currently available to them more, i.e. for games as a pastime – and the willingness to spend increases.

“Virtual sports” are catching up in the crisis

The winners of the development are currently difficult to identify. According to Nielsen, it is clear that video platforms such as Twitch and Youtube are benefiting from increasing user numbers. The former reported 1.1 billion hours of viewed material on their service on a monthly basis. TV broadcasts hardly play a role. “In the current situation, it would be possible that there is a kind of ‘baby boom’ in e-sports, as the group of gamers is currently growing,” explains Heina.

That means: People interested in video games are increasingly interested in watching video games as live entertainment in competition format as a spectator. A corresponding development can already be seen in the “virtual sports”, the sports simulations. The US racing series “Nascar” achieved great audience success with virtual races – demographically identical to the regular motorsport fans.

This also raises hopes for football, which is represented as a niche in e-sports. “E-sport is currently enjoying a completely new level of attention and is being noticed by large sections of the population,” said Alexander Jobst, Marketing Director of FC Schalke 04. The Bundesliga team maintains alongside the “League of Legends” team, which is part of the LEC Europaliga Riot Games, like many other football clubs, also participates in a “Fifa” team.

Jobst is certain that the current increase in the number of viewers will also be borne by people who have not had any contact with electronic sports before. The “Bundesliga Home Challenge” is the “perfect example”, says Jobst: “The showcase initiated by the DFL was able to entertain more than two million viewers on the first weekend.” Football professionals and even referees play the sports simulation “FIFA 20 “.

However, there is no shift of viewers from classic sports towards e-sports. According to Nielsen, even with sponsorship deals, a look at the approximately 300,000 transaction-wide database “Sponsorglobe” shows no increased activity, either with inflows or outflows. It could be different behind the scenes.

Sponsors get creative – and demand solutions

“Basically, with the lockdown, you can focus on what made the industry grow in the first place,” explains Carl Kuhn, who is responsible for e-sports at the JvM / Sports advertising agency. The industry is now adjusting to the situation accordingly well. “For e-sports, I can say that we are seeing more interest,” says Kuhn.

Many stakeholders considered how and where they could spend the sponsorship budget for activations. “It’s less about shifting budgets,” he continues. Rather, it is about considering which concrete measures can be taken in the current situation.

Because they want to remain visible to the public, even if the production circumstances change. “For some sponsors, the logo presence on the jersey is in the foreground,” says Anna Baumann, managing director of the “Rogue” e-sports team from Berlin. “Due to the changed production situation, we currently have hardly any cameras on our shirts, there is no livestream just for the players,” she explains. This is also due to the lack of bandwidth for transmission, that is: the bad Internet.

Baumann does not assume that deals will be canceled now, but delays in the specific fulfillment of the contracts are possible. Rogue itself recently launched a large advertising campaign with its new partner, the Korean automotive group Kia. “Successful”, as Baumann says, because of the corona virus, the only thing you can’t do now is turn further. Overall, it can be heard in all areas of the industry, companies have now shown themselves to be very open and understanding – and loyal.

Not everything can be done online. And there is a lack of audience revenue, which is a pillar, but not load-bearing: “Ticketing is not yet so important for sales in e-sports that it now leaves the economy with dangerous gaps for the players,” explains Kuhn. It was a blow anyway.

The German computer game industry association Game had recently expressed fears that the loss of viewer revenue would result in economic burdens for the organizers. In fact, the Swedish does the math Modern Times Group (MTG), now majority owner of the German ESL, with a decline in sales of up to 45 percent in the first half of 2020.

Event arena in the middle of Berlin opens

However, MTG would like to continue to switch the portfolio completely to e-sports. The traditional gaming division, which also includes the Hamburg game manufacturer Innogames, is to be sold to investors or to be listed on the stock exchange. All in all, the failures in live events are to be compensated for by ticketing as well as savings in the use of goods and fixed costs. MTG has high cash reserves; overall, the division has been in deficit for a long time with increasing sales.

The corona crisis was also a blow for a prestige project in the heart of Berlin. The “LVL World of Gaming” should open directly at Checkpoint Charlie at the end of March, a 2500 square meter event location around the subject of gaming, including an arena with 200 seats, cinema, café and exhibition space.

The “G2” team should also find a new home in the technically well-equipped building. With the LVL, you want to “move away from small cellars, bars or oversized arenas, towards community spaces in the heart of large metropolises that are effective for the public,” explains Dorian Gorr, managing director of the operator Veritas Entertainment.

Entrance area of ​​the LVL

The gaming location at Mauerpark is supposed to shape the standard for this new type of event center.

(Photo: LVL Berlin / Veritas Entertainment)

Berlin is a blueprint for other locations of this kind. Even before the lockdown, the decision was made to postpone the opening with due regard to the health of the guests, teams and employees. “At the moment we are all in the starting blocks and are waiting to finally open, but we are aware that it may take some time until then,” says Gorr.

As a company, you now have to react flexibly, the focus is on the digital production of content: “More than ever, there is currently a strong interest in e-sports content – and we have the opportunity to deliver this content.”

Here, too, partners and sponsors were understanding, and now there is a concrete discussion of what can be done without physically opening the LVL. The federal government’s comprehensive economic programs have not yet reached this point in the industry. “The ‘unlimited credit programs’ announced by Federal Minister of Economics Altmaier are unfortunately not applicable to us and all other start-ups, which have invested a lot of capital and have a resilient business plan in place,” states Gorr. “We currently have to wait for politicians to readjust it and in particular to design programs for start-ups, which are now a significant economic factor in Berlin.” Gorr expects this very soon.

More: First IPO in e-sports – Astralis goes public.


eLiga MX. Diego Rolán denounces theft in the duel against Chivas

Mexico City /

Although the eLiga MX depends entirely on technology and not on a referee like conventional football, the controversy was immediate in the duel between Chivas and Juárez, in which they faced Dieter Villalpando and Diego Rolán, which ended in a tie with five goals.

In social networks the Uruguayan forward stated that the tie of the Sacred Flock should not have counted because it happened when the clock had already passed the two minutes that were added.

Controversial as in all parties, to have fun“Said the Uruguayan jokingly, who prior to the start of the duel said he had a long time without playing and despite this he managed to score five goals for the Guadalajara.

Until now the meeting between Villalpando and Roldan He has the most goals with 10, followed by Tigers vs. St. Louis and the Necaxa before Scratched where there were six annotations.


Bundesliga Home Challenge: console, mode, game rules

The ball is currently at rest in the Bundesliga, but it is a virtual matter between the pros at the Bundesliga Home Challenge. Here you can find out everything about the console that is used for gaming, the mode and the rules of the game.

Bundesliga Home Challenge: Which console does it play on?

For the Bundesliga Home Challenge, the DFL used FIFA20 from EA Sports.

Played on the PlayStation 4 from Sony.

Bundesliga Home Challenge: mode, rules of the game

Two players compete for each team. A FIFA professional is usually at the side of a football professional. However, there is no act as a duo.

Instead, two games are played individually. The two results are then added together.

A single game lasts 25 minutes, the entire game about 50 minutes.

In order to maintain equal opportunities, the soccer simulation FIFA 20 is played in the so-called 85 mode. In this, all teams have a skill level of 85.


Liga MX launches the eLiga, the virtual tournament of Clausura 2020

Mexican soccer is back! Yes, while Mexico still faces coronavirus under the measures of Health Emergency arranged since last March 30, the Liga MX is back virtually in esports and this Tuesday the first virtual tournament in history was announced under the name eLiga MX.

This tournament will have the Participation of players from each of the 18 First Division clubs, such as Santiago Giménez, Lucas Passerini and Jonathan Borja of Cruz Azul, Miguel Ponce and Fernando Beltrán de Chivas; Monarcas has contemplated his third with the goalkeeper Luis Malagón, Paolo Medina and César “Chino” Huerta.

It is worth mentioning that the Spanish League and Italian Serie A were the pioneers in organizing tournaments esports with professional club players before the COVID-19 pandemic, with Marco Asensio as the winner of the Spanish tournament, who as a prize received a cooking pot, same as him Real Madrid put in the trophy room.

What are esports?

The esports or electronic sports are a novelty in the field of video game. This concept is used to name the corganized events at a professional level. They are competitions multiplayer from different disciplines. Its operation is very simple: each esport it has own rules and they have access to different devices and platforms so on-line u offline.

What does a video game need to be considered e Sports?

Currently just one ten video games are considered electronic sports: League of Legends, StarCraft, Dota 2, Call of Duty, FIFA, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Smash Bros, among others. All of them have a series of common characteristics to be considered esport, the following stand out:

  • He game allows the confrontation between two or more players and they will compete on equal terms.
  • They must exist leagues and official competitions with professionalized rules, teams and players.
  • He videogame it must have reached thousands of fans that they play or follow the competitions. In this way, an information demand is born and the media broadcast and report on these official competitions.

When does the eLiga MX start?

From this one Friday, April 10 The official esports tournament of Liga MX will begin, with Date 1 having games at 2:00 p.m., 3:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. There will also be duels on Saturdays and Sundays.

Where will the eLiga MX be broadcast?

Televisa, TV Azteca, Imagen Televisión and Chivas TV will be the four platforms through which the Liga MX. Of the 18 First Division clubs, Guadalajara will be seen on Chivas TV and the White Roosters in Image, while Televisa and TV Azteca will be divided into the remaining 16.

For a few weeks now, the League’s marketing department has met – via videoconferences – with the clubs to organize the tournament. At the beginning they had to overcome difficulties such as logistics and the issue of television rights, for which Both Fox Sports and ESPN gave up their teams’ broadcasts, since they decided not to send production teams to the places where the soccer players are as a preventive measure for the pandemic.


Video. Liga MX almost has its FIFA 20 tournament ready

Mexico City /

After two weeks paused, and after the organization of a tournament of FIFA 20 between the Liga MX clubs, the agency launched a video on their social networks giving a preview of what the eLiga MX will be, a virtual tournament in which the 18 First Division clubs will participate

@LigaBBVAMX Passion is lived in many ways … Are you ready?”, They published on their Twitter account with a 28-second video, in which they are observed plays and goals of the national teams in FIFA 20.

The launch was delayed a few days due to the talks with the television stations that normally broadcast the games of the maximum circuit were delayed, since both Fox Sports how ESPN, they did not want to move their production team due to the health emergency, and decided to get off the project, yielding its rights to Televisa, TV Azteca, Imagen and Chivas TV.

Televisa and TV Azteca will divide 16 clubs, while Imagen will stay with Gallo Blancos and Chivas TV with the Sacred Flock.

These types of tournaments have already been organized in Spain and Serie A of Italy, countries where their respective leagues were the first to stop, since it was in those latitudes where the pandemic hit with more force Coronavirus.

It is expected that this Tuesday the official announcement is made of Liga MX tournament.

I mean

I mean

I mean


FIFA 20 vs Pro Evolution Soccer 2020: which one should I buy?

The two biggest soccer games have many unique features and modes. What are the differences between them?

Football fans love to argue between two things, whether it’s Messi vs Ronaldo or pro-VAR vs anti-VAR, there will always be people going down one way or the other.

The debate between FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer has lasted decades and, despite FIFA’s dominance over the number of sales categories, many hardcore PES fans believe that their game is the best.

Both FIFA 20 is PES 2020 are great games in their own right, but what are the differences between the two?

The article continues below


  1. FIFA 20 vs PES 2020: licenses
  2. FIFA 20 vs PES 2020: career mode and Master League
  3. FIFA 20 vs PES 2020: Ultimate Team and My Club
  4. FIFA 20 vs PES 2020: the best players
  5. FIFA 20 vs PES 2020: icons and legends
  6. FIFA 20 vs PES 2020: graphics
  7. FIFA 20 vs PES 2020: gameplay

The main criticism that FIFA fans have for any version of Pro Evolution Soccer is the lack of authorized teams in the game.

EA Sports has long had the rights to use the real names of the vast majority of the teams, but Konami has recently acquired exclusive rights for Juventus, which means that the most successful team in Italy is called Piemonte Calcio in FIFA 20. From beyond 700 teams in 37 leagues in the game, only Juventus are without a license. Every other team has the correct name, kits and club crest.

In PES 2020, 19 of the 24 leagues have been fully licensed, including Ligue 1 and Serie A, but only Premier League Arsenal and Manchester United use their real names. Manchester City is called Manchester Blue in PES 2020 and while Barcelona is licensed, Real Madrid is not. The Los Blancos are called Madrid Chamartin B, with the rest of the La Liga having false names.

PES 2020 allows you to edit club names, badges and kits. These changes can also be saved as options files that can be exported and imported. Fan sites like PES World have made them available for download, which means you can download and transfer them to your console via a USB device.

FIFA 20 also has exclusive rights to the Champions League and the Europa League, and recently added both CONMEBOL club competitions, the Copa Libertadores and the Copa Sudamericana, complete with logos, stadiums and broadcast packages.

For most players, Career mode is Master League they are very similar game modes when you take control of a club, managing key aspects such as transfers, contracts, scouting and games themselves. In PES 2020, Master League added new scenes such as FIFA 20 for player signing and contract negotiation.

Master League offers the chance to play as a legendary manager like Diego Maradona or Johan Cruyff rather than using your own custom avatar. In addition to taking on the position of manager, the Career mode also allows you to start as a specific player, seeing your career progress by playing games, improving your score and earning moves towards better clubs.

FIFA 20 Mbappe

The most popular modes in both games are Ultimate team is My club.

These game modes allow you to build the teams of your dreams, with FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) focused on opening packages and trading on the transfer market and My Club which gives you easier access to super players, but the challenge it’s about making sure you can earn enough GPs to keep them active on your team.

My club is much simpler than FUT, as it doesn’t have mechanics that you need to learn like chemistry and the players aren’t set to a single assigned position. As a result, it’s much easier to build a team with Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo in PES 2020 than in FIFA 20.

With Barcelona and Juventus licensed in PES 2020, the best players in the game are both Messi and Ronaldo, with the pair each getting an overall score of 94.

FIFA 20 places Barcelona’s Messi as the best player in the game with a score of 94 and Ronaldo of Piedmont Calcio at the second with a score of 93.

These are the top 10 players in the world using the combined ratings of both games:

Player FIFA 20 rating PES 2020 classification
Lionel Messi 94 94
Cristiano Ronaldo 93 94
Neymar ninety two ninety two
Eden Hazard 91 91
Kevin De Bruyne 91 90
Jan Oblak 91 90
Virgil van Dijk 90 91
Mohamed Salah 90 90
Sergio Aguero 89 91
Luis Suarez 89 91

Both FIFA 20 and PES 2020 contain important ex-players, known as ICON in FIFA 20 e Legends in PES 2020.

Some of these players are specific to one game or another, but some like Diego Maradona, Paolo Maldini and Lothar Matthaus are included in both games.

The Brazilian duo Pele and Ronaldo are only FIFA 20 ICONS, while the German goalkeeper Oliver Kahn and David Beckham in England are exclusively for PES 2020.

Here is the complete list of each icon and legend in FIFA 20 and PES 2020.

PES 2020 Pjanic at stake

One of the biggest projects of PES 2020 has been their attention to detail regarding graphics. The players look realistic and the animations are smooth, which increases the game’s real-life feel.

The broad FIFA 20 license means that they have broadcast packages for all the best leagues and competitions in Europe, which means that playing a game between two Premier League teams looks and feels like a real Premier League game.

Both games use 3D scanning to add real faces, each of which adds new player scans during the season to update their database and make their games more realistic.

Gameplay is a big difference between FIFA 20 and PES 2020.

Some players like the more arcade feel of FIFA, which is easier for newcomers to pick up and play. The games are fast and exciting, but sometimes they can end up as high-score matches, unlike the more patient approach of PES.

PES 2020 aims to reflect football in real life with its gameplay, which means that you will try many more unscored shots during the game than you would in FIFA 20.

Both games have their critics, who prefer one style to the other, so it’s best to try both to see which style of play suits you best.


The pandemic transfers the emotion of sport to the console



Countries that still host sports competitions in the world can be counted on the fingers of one hand. A void that has removed the emotion from the hearts of the fans, forced these days to seek entertainment to pass the quarantine. Many of them have found it in eSports, a refuge for followers, but also for athletes, who have managed to transfer the emotion from the field to the console and do it, in addition, in a beneficial way through a FIFA tournament promoted by the commentator Ibai Llanos and supported by LaLiga.

It all came about by chance. Llanos launched the proposal on his social networks and the offers from the footballers rained down on him. The next day, the draw was made in the purest “Champions” style … but with a pot and some pieces of paper. Less glamor. More authentic. «I was more nervous than in a real game. I had a lot of pressure, because all my colleagues were watching me. The coach, I don’t know, but I played as he likes, so he was happy ». The words of the Leganés player Aitor Ruibal As soon as they finish their premiere at the tournament, they explain well the importance of video games for this generation of athletes.

The championship, which had the presence of 18 of the 20 First Division teams – Mallorca and Barcelona were left out due to an incompatibility of sponsorships -, had a player from each LaLiga locker room at the controls. Such was the interest that aroused among the squads, that Real Madrid had to make a prior triangular to decide their representative. Asensio beat Carvajal and Courtois in that battle, and also ended up proclaiming himself champion.

Boost to eSports

Beyond individual success, the tournament has been a boom for eSports, where sports games usually do not have as much pull. «This tournament has caused a lot of noise, but not so much for FIFA20, but for the stars behind it. Keep in mind that current athletes have grown with the console. Neymar is a paradigmatic case, whenever he is injured he spends many hours playing on his channel with his followers and he is not the only one. André Gomes, Reguilón, Arbeloa, Bale, Morata … all are involved in one way or another in eSports where even Fernando Alonso has his own electronic sports team, “explains Nuno Alves, professor of eSports at the European University, told ABC.

The tournament of FIFA – the most popular football video game – organized last weekend has attracted the attention of the most traditional fans of the world of sports like never before, hooked on the monitor by the possibility of seeing their team win a title in times of drought of emotions. «The crisis caused by the coronavirus can be a very good boost for eSports, especially for sports games that were a little out of the community», Alves points out. Because in addition to the FIFA tournament – which raised more than 250,000 euros between the individual contributions of the fans and the one made by LaLiga – they have also organized other Formula 1 championships with World Cup drivers –Lando Norris and Max Verstappen among them–, and from «NBA 2K» with basketball players. Causeur, Campazzo or Álex Abrines They have taken advantage of the quarantine to play games with their followers on social networks. Everything, with the fight against the virus as a goal.

When the crisis is over, it will be time to analyze whether the approach that many fans have had to eSports these days remains faithful. For the players, it will not be, since most of them on Sunday they asked Iba Llanos to repeat the experience. “Since the quarantine is going to be extended, we could have another tournament … We want revenge,” they cried, waiting for the ball to roll regularly in soccer stadiums throughout Spain.