Forgive bankruptcy student loans

Former Vice President Joe Biden (photo by Mario Tama / Getty Images) Getty Images Joe Biden says that if he is elected president, student loans are forgiven in the event of bankruptcy. Here’s what you need to know. Student loans Former Vice President Biden has said he will support Senator Elizabeth Warren’s plan to grant […]

FORUM 1: if you take out a student loan, you should repay it | Opinion

Take a student loan, pay off the student loan. This should be the obvious basic understanding of how student loan works. There may be times when this should not apply, but against Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders, such times should be rare and dependent on specific circumstances. Federal loans made up about 88% of the total […]

OAA rating for pitching players who switch teams (deep leagues)

Before this preseason, I delved into Statcast’s new Outs Above Average (OAA) ranking, which identifies the league’s best defensive defenders. I used the 2019 OAA to see how a pitcher’s new defense will affect its value in the 2020 season. The first article evaluated the pitchers drafted within the top 300 choices, so this article […]

That “Fast Cash” loan could have hidden costs – NBC 7 San Diego

Just like your family budget, cash flow can be a problem for small businesses. And there is no shortage of lenders who offer quick and temporary financial benefits. Rick Hagen has joined with one to help with cash flow in his local auto sales business. But Hagen told NBC 7 that the transaction quickly became […]

They discover that Google makes private WhatsApp groups visible in their searches

Related news A Twitter user discovered that the Google search engine shows links to private WhatsApp groups, admitting that anyone can join them or take their phone numbers. Journalist Jordan Wildon was the one who discovered and published on his Twitter account that a simple Google search can generate thousands of results from private WhatsApp […]

Zion Williamson stars in a portentous NBA premiere | sports

Zion Williamson He left the stamp of the biggest stars in his premiere in the NBA. The 19-year-old, the one with the most expectations since LeBron James broke out in 2003, marveled in the blink of an eye, in just six and a half minutes from the last quarter. In that short interval he validated […]

France and G5 Sahel leaders close ranks to curb jihadism | International

France and the five countries of the Sahel strip closed ranks on Monday before the jihadist push in the region and the outbreaks of anti-French sentiment after seven years of uncertain anti-terrorism mission. At a summit in Pau (department of the Atlantic Pyrenees), President Emmanuel Macron and his so-called G5 counterparts: Mali, Chad, Niger, Burkina […]