Toyota RAV4 on LPG after 200 000 km of mileage: a car Enthusiast has shared his ownership experience

Regular oil change and a relaxed style of riding without fear allow you to put gas in the “Japanese”.

Photo: 2013 Toyota RAV4 source: Toyota

Japanese brand in the minds of Russian drivers has long been a standard of reliability, but how realistic is it to drive a gas Toyota RAV4 200 000 km little or no investment? Such a car is shown leading the “Technical channel club service” on YouTube, which talked to the owner.

The subject of discussion was the most common in Russia version of the model – front-wheel-drive Toyota RAV4 in 40-m body with 2.0-liter engine and a CVT. Crossover, purchased in 2013, only had one owner who installed the LPG for another 22 000 km. The choice was made in favor of Italian equipment.

For all time of operation has never had to change any suspension components except struts of the rear stabilizer. To date, “Rapchik” only needs to be replaced longitudinal ragachow two bushes and one lower control arm. The rest of the car has not had a problem with suspension.

Photo: engine compartment Toyota RAV4, source: “Technical club of the service channel” on YouTube

Thanks regular replacement motor oil is 7 500-8 000 km the engine is not presented with unpleasant surprises. According to the motorist, to top up the oil between servicing Toyota RAV4 he does not have.

The driver prefers a relaxed style of ridingso CVT also showed itself as a reliable unit. 98 000 km were made by partial replacement of the transmission oil, and after 200 000 km – full replacement with a new gasket and filter.

Benefits from gas owner to call difficult, but the savings on Toyota RAV4 the money he was able to purchase 19-inch wheels and tires to make noise insulation and shading, set a new multimedia system with 10-inch display.

“Japanese” is known weak head opticsbut the motorist has corrected this deficiency by replacing the factory halogen lenses on the Bi-LED.

Photo: 2013 Toyota RAV4 source: Toyota

Though reflex area is left untouched, the light was much better. In the future, the owner plans to do the polishing headlights and stick them on the protective film.

For example, the Toyota RAV4, the ownership experience shared by the motorist, you can see that when caring for Japanese cars can’t hurt installing LPG.


In the case of bankruptcy “the Opening of the Holding” there was a Ukrainian lender :: Finance :: RBC

VTB demanded that “the Opening of the Holding” RUB 13.6 billion.

In RCT are concerned that the decision by a Belarusian court will “Cascade” “claim in the bankruptcy proceedings holding the candidacy of the liquidator to control bankruptcy,” said RBC senior associate RKT Alex Maystrenko. By law, a Trustee approved by the court, but creditors may offer their candidacy.

“Trust” supports the actions of RKT, told RBC press service of the Bank: “Indeed, there is reason to believe that the actions of the “Cascade” aimed at giving legal force fictitious debt for the subsequent unfair acts in the bankruptcy case”.

“Power of attorney “Discovery Holding” in Belarus were issued before the claim is submitted, the holding company knew in advance that there will be a trial. Correspondence all the defendants in response to the claim about collecting of the debt was made promptly and received in his arms. It all looked too coordinated” — lists Maystrenko.

He believes that “Cascade”, “most likely, has an actual affiliation to “the Opening of the Holding”. RKT will challenge the transaction, pursuant to which Cascade purchased the promissory note of the holding, added Maystrenko.

The court has not examined none of the statements on bankruptcy, like the lawyer Forward Legal Daniel Bukharin. The first will be considered the statement of the holding company, the debtor can not to choose a particular liquidator, he said. If the court finds that the application of the holding unfounded, the following will be considered the statement of the Bank “trust”. According to Bukharin, “Cascade”, most likely, will not be able to influence the process of choosing the liquidator in the near future.

“The opening of the holding” has asked the court to declare itself bankrupt

Photo: Maxim Stulov / Vedomosti / TASS

Phone and email listed on the website “the Opening of the Holding”, on Wednesday, June 10, was not available. Represent the company’s interests, the lawyer is not able to provide comment. Contacts “Cascade” in the public domain.


Molotov against CC, arrested 18 year old – Last Hour

(ANSA) – AREZZO, MAY 2 – An eighteen year old has been arrested
this morning by the carabinieri in execution of a custodial measure
precaution for the attack on the Arma station in
Pergine Valdarno, in the province of Arezzo, in the night between 6 and
last January 7: the launch of a Molotov cocktail caused the fire
of a service car and damage to the facade of the barracks. From
as explained by the same carabinieri who led the
investigations, the reasons for the action are attributable to
“strong resentment” that the young man would have had towards him
of the Arma, in particular the military of Pergine Valdarno,
because they would report him several times for hooliganism
committed since he was a minor.

The crimes of
fire, manufacture, detention and port in public place
of weapons of war and detonation in order to strike
public fear and to attack public safety.