This is how her boyfriend described the day Duygu died: I shot several times

Gaziantepon thursday Feeling (17) died from the window on the 4th floor of the 5-storey building in Batıkent District, where her boyfriend Mehmet Kaplan (20) lived. After the incident, he was taken into custody and taken out by the court, ‘sexual abuse Mehmet Kaplan, who was arrested on charges of ‘killing and deliberate killing’, said in his statement at the Police Department that he did not see the moment of the incident.

In Kaplan’s statement, “We broke up with Duygu 3.5 months ago. Then we made peace again. We went home, while he saw pictures of other women on my phone. Duygu got angry with this and we started to argue. Then he said during the argument that he also had other boyfriends. He wanted to marry me. And I asked him to leave the house, saying, ‘After this time, my relationship with you is over, if you are with other men, I will not marry you’.



Duygu did not want to leave the house, saying ‘I put all my hopes on you’. We argued, shot several times. I cut my hand by hitting the glass. I went to wash my hand. The incident happened. I did not see the moment of the event, ”he said. On the other hand, it was learned that Kaplan hit Zeynep Berna Atay, who was married to a car and caused her death in January last year. While it was determined that Kaplan was drinking 2.10 alcohol alcohol and was incompetent in the investigation conducted after the accident, it was learned that in the case filed in this accident, the court decided that the defendant should be tried and released pending trial on the condition that the defendant does not leave his residence.


This is how her boyfriend described the day the emotion died: I hit him a few times

A funeral ceremony was held for Duygu Delen yesterday in Asri Mezarlık. The family and friends of the young girl and many citizens attended the funeral. The funeral of the young girl was buried in tears after the funeral prayer held before noon. Speaking at his daughter’s funeral, father Bülent Delen said, “I want justice. A child’s death doesn’t get short like that. Please I want justice. I wrote to my president. It should be done for the sake of Allah ”.

‘Was obsessed’


Duygu Delen’s brother Harun Delen said, “My brother cannot commit suicide in any way. As my father said, someone who had a criminal record from last year died. “I knew that the villain was just an obsessive person.”

Emphasizing that Mehmet Kaplan had bothered them before, Sister Gözde Delen said, “That child was constantly disturbing us. He never left our house. He was constantly yelling and shouting in front of our door. We wanted to take it away. Emotion did not want him. He didn’t want it in any way. I am sure of that ”he said.


Nilüfer Hız, the aunt of Duygu Delen, said, “She did not leave our murderous daughter alone. He wouldn’t let him go. They did not leave our daughter alone, they did not live. That child was drinking and drinking and coming to the front of the house, making a disgrace. He was constantly chasing our daughter ”.

The painful grandmother Fatma Yüceler, who said that they were hurt by the death of her grandson, said, “My grandson was very good. He was very compassionate. What did they do, what did they do? They threw my daughter down from there. This child has been following my daughter for a year ”.

This is how her boyfriend described the day the emotion died: I hit him a few times

In his last images, Mehmet Kaplan moves ahead and enters the apartment. Then comes Duygu Delen. Shortly after these images, Duygu Delen falls from the window of Mehmet Kaplan’s house on the 4th floor of the apartment building. The investigation continues to determine whether Delen fell as a result of an accident, committed suicide or fell victim to murder.



This is how her boyfriend described the day the emotion died: I hit him a few times

The death of Duygu Delen brought to mind Gazi University student Şule Çet (23), who fell from the 20th floor of a plaza in Ankara on 29 May 2018 and died. Şule was raped and thrown from the 20th floor, posing as a suicide. Çağatay Aksu, one of the perpetrators of the Şule Çet murder, was sentenced to life and 12 years and 6 months in prison, and Berk Akand to 18 years and 9 months in prison.


“Many in Lombardy have been affected by a sense of fragility “

The Cross : the Lombardy region has registered the highest number of deaths from Covid-19 in the country : 16 575, out of a total of 34 657 and 23 June. How do the population react to this situation ?

Davide Lampugnani : neither the experts, the citizens do not know why the Lombardy, the Italian region with the richest and most modern, has been the most affected by the pandemic Covid-19. Some explain it by the network of global communication which runs through this territory, by the density and mobility very strong of its population, or the significant concentration of nursing homes and clinics for the elderly. Others talk about the pollution and the impact of respiratory diseases…

What is certain, is that the specific situation of our region has opened a permanent state of uncertainty and insecurity for the population, which is explained by the lack of scientific information clear and shared on the virus. Many questions were raised in families : what are the symptoms ? That is contagious ? How transmitted the virus ? How to protect ourselves and our families ? What a good distance to keep ? Should we use gloves ?

In the Face of a widespread insecurity and insecurity unprecedented, the population has reacted differently. Some are enabled to care for the most vulnerable. Others have preferred to deny the reality, by refusing to adopt basic safety measures (use of masks, distancing, isolation in cases of infection) or by challenging the political and the scientific in the name of individual freedom.

The population makes its leaders responsible for this situation ?

D. L : We saw strong divisions between the regional government of Lombardy and the central government in Rome. From the first day, there has been a lack of co-ordination and co-operation, of mutual attacks explicit. From a political point of view, the leaders have often adopted the crisis as a means to pursue a campaign personal to promote their ambition. From a cyclical point of view, this time, the crisis has exposed the fragility of the government of Rome, which has acted differently in different territories, for example by taking a limited action in time, in certain specific situations. The example of Bergamo is obvious.

In general the central government is considering the Italian territory as a global entity. Many governors have criticized this approach, calling for specific measures at the regional level. This has divided the population between those who felt proud of their region or of their territory, and those who felt proud of Italy. On one side, those who thought that the regional government had responded well and that the central government had abandoned a lot of regions, such as Lombardy. On the other, those who have seen this crisis as a “test of truth” for the region and its institutions, in the political, economic, education and health.

The public prosecutor of Bergamo has been seized, individuals have organized themselves into associations to demand accountability. Many want to understand how so many people died…

D. L : families have seen loved ones from the ambulance, and they have never been reviewed. Others have seen or heard for the last time, a mother, a father, a grandfather or a grand-mother on the phone, or by video. This opens up the issue of loss, of death.

We don’t know what really happened in the hospitals or clinics. But it is clear that health institutions historical and reputed, especially in Lombardy, have lost their aura by saving hundreds of death, both among patients and among health-care providers.

The pandemic has she changed the relation of the population to death ? Does she feel more vulnerable ?

D. L : At the societal level and institutional level, I do not believe that this crisis will change our vision of the death and our vulnerability. Because we lack time to reflect on what happened. We are caught in a frantic race as producers and consumers. Capitalism, flexible, you know, knows how to adapt quickly after a crisis – such as the September 11 attacks, or the fall of Wall Street in 2008. The overall machine needs to move ahead without leaving room for the loss or the grief. This is a problem…

This crisis may have changed the perception that individuals or society have of death. Much of Lombardy have been affected by a sense of fragility. The many messages and letters of doctors and nurses working in intensive care units show as they were faced with their inability to save human lives by seeing hundreds of people die under their eyes. They have hit the limits of science and medicine in the face of the unpredictable, the unmanageable.

I think that communities, associations or groups, secular or religious (in Italy, these are the parishes, oratories, catholic movements) can represent these small public opinion to initiate a joint work of reflection about what we have experienced for weeks. Their role is fundamental to exchange with others, as human beings with their frailties, and not as producers and consumers.


Stella is no more, the friends make maturity for you – Chronicle

‘Died too soon Star Tatangelo, died the first of the many stages that life young reserve. Among these are maturity, that examination, which marks the abandonment of the carefree years of high school. Today, his classmates of the Liceo Classico Vincenzo Simoncelli, Sora (Frosinone), have wished, however, to celebrate this rite of youth in the name of the Star by claiming for her the graduation exam. A elaborated on the friendship, and could not be otherwise for a girl who for four years was sitting with them in the classroom, sharing lessons, but especially a trait of life.
Stella was much loved in his school who also dedicated the sports field. The story of this friendship indissoluble is told today by the local press. The seven students, six girls and a boy V A, wearing t-shirts fuchsia reminiscent of Star, wanted to discuss with the professors about friendship, and about what were the characteristics of their classmate and friend, who died in a road accident in Arpino, on August 14, 2019. So, after getting the ok from the ministry of education to take the exam-remember, they wanted to speak not only of friendship but also of what was the Star, his eccentricity, his love for dance, his joy, resourcefulness, empathy, and curiosity. To follow the examination taken by seven friends with the parents of high-school, my mum Irene and dad Gabriel. They listened with attention and emotion the exposure of the topics with a lot of slide. In the end the parents have also wanted the pictures of the end of the year: why the V A del Liceo Vincenzo Simoncelli Year 2019-2020 has not forgotten the Star Tatangelo, today graduated.