Coronavirus destroyed show business: only stars with millions of dollars will survive

Members of well-known groups left without livelihoods Almost all of Russia went into quarantine mode, of course, concerts and performances were canceled. While the most popular artists are having a rather fun unplanned holiday at home, with friends and relatives, their assistants, musicians, dancers, PR specialists, and other staff members are trying to understand in […]

Sobchak called the place where Leshchenko could repetition of all coronavirus

TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak told in her Telegram where the singer Lev Leshchenko, who was diagnosed with a coronavirus, could infect many show business stars. Sobchak noted that on March 13, Leshchenko attended a party in honor of the anniversary of the composer’s sister Igor Krutoy. ‚ÄúThere was a stir in the showbiz party: everyone […]

Clip Little Big with 10 million views ahead of all Eurovision participants

The video clip of the Russian group Little Big for the song Uno, with which the musicians will represent Russia at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2020, has gained more than 10 million views on the YouTube platform. The music video was published on the competition page on March 12 and became the most popular […]

Dr. Myasnikov talked about the relationship of viruses and cancer

According to him, about 20 percent of oncological diseases are viral in nature. According to Myasnikov, about 20 percent of cancers are viral in nature. “The human papilloma virus causes 100 percent of cases of cancer of the cervix, penis; Epstein virus – Barr (herpes) – oncology of the head and neck, and possibly esophagus, […]